Fay Visits a Special Clinic

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Note to readers: This is my most recent story and is in a similar vein to other works of mine, in that it involves performance of bodily functions in a medical setting. Please be aware that it includes descriptions of the elimination waste. If the subject matter is not to your taste then you may prefer not to read further.

I am grateful to my wonderful friend and mentor, lesliejones, for encouraging me to publish the story on Literotica. All participants are over 18 years.


She looked again at the letter, the one that had arrived seven days ago, as though by reading it yet again it would say something different. “…your appointment is for 2 pm, Thursday. Get up at the normal time, and go to the bathroom and shower as usual. To help the procedure go more easily, please check to make sure your pubic hair is neatly trimmed, similarly any hair around your anus. You might prefer to shave the area completely, though it is not essential.

Eat normally at breakfast, and a light lunch at noon, when you also take the contents of the sachet dissolved in half a pint of water. Drink sufficient but do not visit the bathroom again after lunch. If you are worried about being taken short you might like to wear the waterproof padded briefs (enclosed) under your skirt. In any case bring a spare pair of knickers. The need for this will become clear to you when the time comes.” That’s today. She checked the directions provided for travelling by bus since she was currently without a car.

* * * * * * *

Fay Walters was 37 years old. She had dark, medium length wavy hair, as yet no signs of grey, and still attractive in a quiet sort of way. At a svelte and elegant 5’8″, she kept her figure quite well, though the constipation she frequently experienced was beginning to result in a slight abdominal bulge. She was cultured and intelligent, and while she held down a professional job in the publishing business, she had sufficient spare time for leisure and social life. Rather surprisingly she never married, nor had she had any serious relationship with a man, or a woman for that matter, and this was a major source of unhappiness. Fay suffered from a particular phobia – she was highly self-conscious about her bodily functions. As a girl her strict upbringing has impressed on her the importance of cleanliness (next to godliness) and chastity. But her sensitive mind had over-responded and could not bear that anyone would see, hear (or smell) the evidence of her using the toilet, particularly someone she knew. At work and also socially this was difficult to manage, but she was able to schedule and control her functions better than most people and it was more or less possible to live a normal life. As long as she never became really close in a relationship. Her sexual needs were dealt with privately, since she could not accept that anybody else would become aware that she had any. But as long as she was alone in her own flat and her own bed, she was able to indulge in whatever perverted fantasies and masturbation practices her mind could invent.

But recently the problem had become more acute. An increasing work load, more interaction at meetings, and some new friends meant that she was finding it harder to schedule her day to accommodate her body functions, and, feeling unable to break off and visit the loo, she was suppressing this vital part of her daily life. She was beginning to suffer from digestive problems, loss of energy and appetite.

By chance magazine left carelessly in the office common room caught her eye and she noticed in the ads section many offers of counselling and therapies for a variety of personal problems, especially the more embarrassing ones. Some of them specifically mentioned phobias and disorders such as incontinence, elimination of waste. It was a few days before she plucked up the courage to make even an initial phone call to ask for details, but when the information pack arrived within a couple of days she was reassured by the sympathetic wording and careful explanations given. There was a short questionnaire in which the multiple choice boxes made it very easy (emotionally) to fill in her personal details and indicate what was troubling her. She was glad she didn’t have to find words explain her problem. Under the question “Would you like us to arrange an initial appointment for counselling/therapy within the next few weeks?” she crossed the box marked “YES”.

It was some days before any reply arrived, and when it did she was beginning to have second thoughts. But the letter accompanying the package was reassuring and she resolved to go through with her decision. The part about wearing incontinence briefs worried her slightly, but she supposed that in the circumstances it was not so unusual. Inquisitively, she opened the packet and examined the briefs. They were well padded, and she stroked the soft fabric. On impulse, she tried them on and found they were more comfortable than she expected; the padding was soft and the elasticated waist and leg-openings casino siteleri were not too tight. She felt a bit like a naughty child again, feeling the padding against her crotch and pushing her gently apart. She wondered what it would feel like to pee into them.

* * * * * * *

Fay took care with her routine on the day in question. She knew that her pubic and anal areas could do with a trim, and for the first time in several years decided the shave completely. She quite enjoyed giving the area some attention, and appreciated the increased sensitivity as she ran her fingers over her new smoothness. “Whatever happens today, I’ll enjoy this in bed tonight”.

She took her lunch, with several cups of tea, remembering the tablets. She realised she must choose carefully what she would wear since she did not want anyone to notice the padded briefs she had on underneath, and decided on a generously cut, navy blue skirt. A pale yellow blouse she wore on top, over her lacy cream-coloured bra. The matching panties she would take with her. She did not expect to have to wet her briefs, and could never have brought herself to do it voluntarily, but she almost hoped her bladder would become full and she would be forced to go in them. “OMG,” she thought “what if it happened on the bus.”

In fact, while still on the ride she felt the pressure building up in her bladder and was unable to completely hold it in as she got up from her seat. Despite her earlier musings, the last thing she wanted was to wet herself with all the people around, and she was blushing deeply as she made her way of the bus, with the urine still trickling into the padding of her briefs. She was terrified that everybody else would hear what she was doing, but it seemed there was enough noise to kill the sound of her going. “Perhaps it happened because I’m nervous” she thought, “I was scared I might mess them, how could I face the doctor then.” As there was no public toilet near the stop and she had to walk carefully, avoiding eye-contact, to the clinic.

The bus had stopped in a part of town Fay never visited before, and she needed a minute or so to get her bearings. The buildings mainly had shopfronts or were small businesses, somewhat old fashioned but not too dirty or run-down. The street was moderately busy that Thursday afternoon. She realised this was the old Main Street of what was once a separate village, so Calder Road should be another 50 yards past the Post Office, as described on the note. Yes, there it was, quite narrow and inconspicuous. Naturally she was nervous, about the forthcoming examination apart from having to face the doctor with wet knickers. Fay was glad that the area had a quiet anonymity where she would not be recognised.

The house she was looking for is number 15. In her mind she counted the houses now …”That’s 5, no number there but it must be 7, then 9, 11 … yes the white building, no its 13A. Number 15 is a small dark red brick building with a narrow path going round to the side. There is the sign, “Dr J M Steiner, Holistic Therapy Clinic.” With relief she realised she had successfully found the location on time. She made a mental check that she had done everything as instructed.

Fay walked up to the blue painted wooden door, slightly ajar, and entered. It led into a small reception area; at a desk sat an attractive lady with dark chestnut hair gathered simply in a ponytail. She looked to be in her early forties and was wearing a white lab coat, unbuttoned to reveal pale yellow cotton blouse and dark blue skirt. As she stood up Fay saw how tall and elegant she was, nearly 6′. Smiling warmly, she introduced herself.

“Hallo Miss Walters, Fay isn’t that right? Good, I hope you’ll be comfortable and enjoy your visit here. I’m Dr Steiner – please call me Margaret. I hope you had no difficulty finding the clinic, I see from your address it was quite a long ride by bus.”

Fay was hoping she would be able to go to the toilet and get out of her wet briefs, but before she could speak they were interrupted by the entry of a young and attractive blond girl looking very smart in a short-sleeved nurse’s uniform, newly starched, blue with a white cotton apron. She was shorter than the doctor, perhaps 5’6″, and though fairly slim she definitely had a few more curves. “Ah, perfect timing. I want you to meet Fay, who is with us today. Fay, this is Jenny, my excellent assistant. She will be pleased to assist you in any way you wish. Please would show Fay into the examination room, and help her get ready. Oh yes, and take her measurements as well. I’ll be there in a bit.”

“Margaret said you should undress completely for the measurements. After that you can put on the robe hanging there. But just ask if there is anything you need help with. Do you want me to look away while you undress?”

She felt it was unreasonable to ask the girl to look away, even though she was shy about being seen undressing. But as she pulled the blouse out from the waistband of her skirt slot oyna and started to unbutton, she was surprised to be feeling a little thrill of excitement at disrobing in front of the pretty young nurse. She took off her blouse and put it on a hanger, then removed her skirt which Jenny attached to the hanger via its fasteners. Fay felt incongruous to be wearing a lacy, cream-coloured front fastening bra that matched her own knickers but not the briefs she wore now. Standing just a couple of feet away, Jenny admired the smooth globes that tumbled from the garment.

Fay was also anxious about telling the young nurse that she had on sopping wet briefs designed for incontinence sufferers, and she did not want to say that she needed to visit the toilet. Sensing her awkwardness, Jenny thoughtfully broached the matter. “This must be your first visit to us, and I see Doctor Steiner gave you a pair of incontinence-briefs to wear. Did you already wet them?”

Realising that the nurse knew, she blushed again and nodded to confirm. “OK, that’s alright, it normally happens so we expect it. I’ll help you off with your skirt so it does not get wet from any leakage, and then I’ll take your briefs and dispose of them. I expect it was rather uncomfortable, but I hope not too embarrassing.”

She carefully helped Fay take down the skirt and folded it over a hanger. “Now let’s get rid of these.” Jenny undid the ties at each side to release sodden garment, and carefully removed it so as to avoid spilling too much of the urine. Fay felt a bit nervous about showing her recently shaven sex, yet strangely exciting to have the attractive young nurse attending to her in this way.

Jenny used a towel to carefully dry the skin around her buttocks, her crotch, and between her legs. The towel was warm and deliciously soft, and Fay enjoyed the ministration. “I’ll use some talc to dry you properly, if you like” she suggested. Jenny seemed quite unfazed as she knelt with her face just a few inches from the older woman’s shaven pudenda. She had very gentle hands, and smoothed the powder so close to her intimate places that Fay became aware of her arousal. All too soon the gentle pampering finished and the nurse helped her into a soft towelling robe. “There, I am sure you feel better for that.”

It took just a few minutes more to measure height, weight and vital statistics. Fay saw that she has gained a few pounds and a few inches round the waist. “It must be the constipation I keep getting,” she thought, “it’s as well I decided to arrange this examination.”

Fay was calmed by the girl’s caring manner and the way she helped her on with a light cotton robe that wrapped around and held together with a belt round her waist. She looked very young, early twenties perhaps, and everything about her conveyed a sense of freshness and eagerness. “How long have you been working with Margaret?” she asked.

“Only three months. I have not quite completed my nursing qualification, and for part of my training I am doing this work here – I chose to do this part at a special clinic like this, as it is quite different from general practice or hospital, much more personal and really interesting. Often the people who come for treatment have guilt feelings and are embarrassed, so we concentrate very much on relaxing them and making them feel good so we can work on removing these problems.”

“It doesn’t bother you if someone has wet themselves and you have to deal with that?”

“Not at all. Sometimes they are messy as well, but I never mind that.”

Just then Margaret entered the room. She had changed from office clothes into typical doctor’s attire of light blue cotton scrubs. “I’m glad you two are getting to know each other. Jenny, you will need to change into your special duty uniform today, and while you do that I’ll explain the treatment. You can come back in 30 minutes.”

“Fay, I want to explain that your treatment here has two aspects – physical and mental. Physically we must deal with the accumulated fecal waste in your bowels. That is simple; the preparation you took will make it easier to pass your waste through to your rectum and to void. Today’s treatment session will make a good start on clearing it out. After another week of taking the prep you will have lost the extra pounds and inches. You’ll also feel much better. But first let me do a quick examination of your abdomen. Please go to the couch and lie on your back. You need to open your gown but you can use the towel to cover your modesty if you wish, I don’t need to see you down there at the moment.”

She went to the exam couch, lay back, and was about the cover herself from the hips down by holding the towel. But she then decided she might as well leave herself undraped. Doctor Margaret said nothing but was pleased at Fay’s was showing signs of overcoming her inhibitions. She also enjoyed the unhindered view of her entire pelvic area, giving her a chance to appreciate the delicate contours of her shaven pudenda, her labia and the slightly canlı casino siteleri glistening valley. She walked around the couch, looking carefully at the abdominal bulge, before placing her hands flat on either side of her belly button and gently pressing. As she moved her hands up and down, across and round she noticed the bounciness which testified to a slight overfilling and a buildup of gas. “OK, that clearly confirms you have accumulated waste as was already indicated by your irregular bowel movements. The good news is we can fix that easily.”

“Dealing with the mental side is more challenging. We shall begin an interactive therapy. It requires you to participate, and for that you have to release your inner self and let it express itself. As it has been hiding for so long it will be nervous and uncertain, so we need to coax it out. We will work together on this. We will help but you need to play a big part as well.”

“We want you to feel good about everything here. Today we will help you confront the problems you have with some aspects of your personal routine, ones that I know have been bothering you. There will be an element of interaction with us in the form of gentle physical contact and counselling. Please know that there are no taboos or limits about how you respond, or what you say and do. There is absolutely no need for you to feel ashamed or guilty about anything. Just be relaxed about everything that happens and I hope enjoy it. That way you will be able to accept and embrace your inner self. Jenny will be the one working most closely with you. I want you to understand that, within the prescribed schedule of the session, she will be at your disposable in every way. You mustn’t be embarrassed about anything at all.”

“Let us look now at the answers from your questionnaire. Your life is clearly very controlled. I would say you are exercising too much control and this is affecting your personal routine and your physical health, potentially your emotional health as well. So we are going to help you let go of a little bit of that control. Your control is also suppressing a lot of your natural desires and aspirations. I think that is probably because you feel guilty about them. Do you think that might be true?”

Fay thought for a moment “Yes, I believe that is so. I’d like to change that but I don’t know how. I get embarrassed about people seeing me go to the ladies loo, and about talking to men, except about work.”

“OK, it is good that you are recognising it. I realise this is not easy for you and you have done well in being able to speak about it. I am going to ask you about yourself, starting with ordinary routine questions, but getting more personal and intimate. If you can be open about these things then we can build up a better picture of you. In order for you to become more relaxed I shall ask Jenny to first give you some light massage. You are already naked from the waist down, but it will be best if you remove robe so she can massage you properly.”


She led Fay through a door to a large wet area with showers, white tiled walls and blue ceramic floor. In the middle was an examination table underneath which was a hole for water to drain away. She took Fay by the hand and helped her lie on her back with her arms along the armrests at the side and her head resting on the pillow. The table was comfortably padded and there was a large white towel over the white vinyl covering.

When the nurse returned Fay was surprised to see that she was wearing a uniform made entirely of rubber and fitting snugly. It was in the same light blue as the cotton tunic with a white panel in the form of a bib apron and came just about down to her knees when standing up. It didn’t look as if she wore anything underneath as it showed her body’s smooth contours and her nipples pushing against the thin fabric.

Seeing her, Margaret remarked “As always you look very nice in your uniform, Jenny. I’m sure you’re wearing protection underneath, but I do need to check.”

In answer the nurse raised the hem of her tunic to her waist to display her tight rubber panties matching the blue of her tunic, and did a slow turn. They encased and showed off her deliciously rounded buttocks and mound.

Fay couldn’t help but admire the way the rubber moulded itself to her contours, and hinted at the dark valley between her cheeks and emphasising her prominent camel toe.

“Perfect Jenny! Now I’d like you to help Fay relax with some gentle massage while I ask some questions.”

“Fay, in order for you to become more relaxed I shall ask Jenny to first give you some light massage. You can wear a one-use slip if you like but I suggest you take the opportunity to being nude with us. You don’t need to feel any shame about how you might react.”

Fay recalled the beautiful sensation of Jenny’s gentle hands on her body after her shower but did not feel she could let herself be massaged completely nude. She no longer felt embarrassed about her whole body being seen, but was scared that if Jenny touched her intimately she would be unable to hide her arousal. She might even climax and completely disgrace herself – she’d be so ashamed. So she asked if it was OK to wear my knickers.

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