Favorite Camper

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Sleep away camp was the best. Playing with friends, swimming, color war were all the bomb. Like many campers, I was always looking for the attention of the most popular counselors, secretly wanting to be their favorite.

I went to the same camp for ten years, so long that when I turned 18, I got to be a counselor myself. Joining the ranks of counselorhood was great, especially because I was now technically a peer of some of the counselors I idolized.

Particularly Mark.

Mark was now in his early 40s, over six feet, some meat on his bones but not fat. Just a solid guy. As a camper I idolized him, so I was particularly surprised and excited when I found out that he and I were going to be co-counselors.

As a camper, he would sneak into my bunk and give me treats–candy, hamburgers from the canteen, and my favorite part, was he would tickle and scratch my back until I fell asleep.

The first few weeks of camp were great. We worked really well together and developed a great friendship. Our beds were next to each other, and we would often talk in hushed tones about the day and what we would do the following day.

After one particularly long day, I couldn’t fall asleep and was restless, moving about in my bed. He asked if I was okay, and I just replied my mind won’t quiet down.

I heard his bed creak as he got up and sat on the edge of my bed. I scooted over so he could sit comfortably, and he pulled the blankets down to my waist and told me to casino oyna turn over on my stomach.

I was shirtless, wearing my boxers and I complied. He started scratching and tickling my back the way he used to and I immediately started to relax. He worked his way up and down my back, my arms, my head, my sides, all over. I was getting the chills the way I used to and I relaxed and pretty much turned to mush.

He whispered to me to turn over and I did. My stomach is much more ticklish and I jumped when he started in on my front. He just kept his hand on my chest until I calmed, slowly starting back up to a slow rub. Before long, he was gently scratching my stomach with just a couple of fingers which send shivers down my spine. He drifted over my navel, my chest, my face, my neck and back down again.

Being 18, and being touched like this, I inevitably starting getting quite hard. No sooner was I fully erect than he began to pay a lot attention to the area around my waistband of my boxers which by now were fully tenting upwards. My heartbeat was now fully pounding and he must have sensed this as he stilled his palm on my heart till I took some deep breaths and tried relaxing. He again began to work his way down to the waistband, and began to run his fingers over my boxers down to my legs, avoiding my bulge.

Needless to say, at this point I was aching from my now rock hard cock. Mark would occasionally switch hands, and when doing so the last time, he slot oyna gently grazed the shaft of my cock. He did this a couple of times i think just seeing if it was okay if he went there.

Well it was more than okay, it’s what I wanted more than anything at this point. His grazing turn more purposeful, as he began to gently trace the length of my cock with his fingers. I would twitch each time he came to my mushroom head, and if he just gently slid my boxers, I knew my cock would slide through the hole in the front of them.

To help him achieve this, I unconsciously began to gently thrust my hips upward, showing him tacitly want I wanted… …and at last, I was free! My cock twitched through the hole, fully exposing my naked cock to his hand. This was the first time another guy had touched me there, and I was beserk with desire.

He traced the now formidable amount of precum around my head, gently squeezing my cock from the base releasing even more onto his fingers. But what came next, and the way I responded, I could hardly believe. He stopped rubbing me, taking his now precum soaked fingers and quietly brought them to my lips. He didn’t need to gently rub them with my man juices before I opened my mouth inviting him to have clean his fingers with my mouth and tongue!

He went back and repeated the process, squeezing the base of my cock, gathering up my precum, and inserted them into my eagerly awaiting mouth, only with each time he began to bob his fingers canlı casino siteleri up and down into my mouth as though I was blowing his fingers. I nearly lost my whole load doing this as it was driving me absolutely insane with desire. By the third time he did this, just to show who was in control and how badly I wanted to clean him, he just let his fingers dangle 3 or 4 inches above my mouth, forcing me to lift my head off the pillow to make me prove how badly I wanted to taste myself and eagerly clean his fingers, again bobbing them as though it was his cock.

With his hand now fully lubed with my saliva and precum, he firmly gripped my cock and began to stroke me. In less than a minute, I was unleashing jet after jet of cum into his hand and onto my chest, arching my back with each pulse. I felt like I came the most I’d ever cum, as with each rope I felt as though my insides were pouring out of me. Once I was done, he kept his hand on my cock as I gradually began to lose my erection.

I was completely spent, totally relaxed. Mark took his clean hand and began to rub my hair. Gradually, he released his now cum soaked hand and began to trace the load of cum I shot up to my nipples. I was so slick, he had no problem gliding all over my nipples and chest. I began to tickle his forearm of the hand that was tracing up my chest, when finally I held his forearm and guided his fingers to my mouth. Following suit, again he let me gently suck his fingers, occasionally removing them to gather more and more cum to feed me.

After repeating this several times, I had cleaned his fingers, and my chest clean of the load I had released. And with that, Marck whispered to me, “Sleep well my favorite counselor.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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