Father Ben and Sister Holly Pt. 02

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“Hell’s bells Holly, why would your supreme commander call us all the way out here to see her?”

A pothole taken at high speed sent a jolt through the car. “Watch the road, dummy. I don’t know, Ben. Several things come to mind, but this is the first time she’s asked me to bring you. Probably shouldn’t jump to conclusions.”

Father Ben and Sister Holly were driving through the rolling hills of northwestern Iowa to the world headquarters of Holly’s monastic confederation. It was a warm July day: sunny, with wispy clouds overhead, and a gentle breeze from the South. They passed several pastures on the way, where cows lazily grazed. Ben looked at his clock: “Four thirty in the afternoon. At least coming to the country is easier than going our way. Every time we drive back to the monastery I have Chicago rush hour to cope with. One advantage of working at a mausoleum in the middle of nowhere: no traffic worries.”

Sister Holly looked blithely out the window at the passing grassland. “Yeah, that’s what I hate about long journeys to Chicago. I spent my novitiate out here, so it brings back pleasant memories.”

“What about the Mother General? I’ve never met her.”

“Stacy’s unlike a lot of superiors: she worked for a living before taking the vow. Has a reputation for shooting from the hip and getting what she wants. If she’s mad at you, you’re in trouble and if she’s nice, you’re in more trouble. I think she wants something from you, so she’ll be gracious, at least from the beginning.”

“OK. We seem to be here.”

They pulled down a long drive ending with a massive school building from the 1920s. Trees lined their route, and a few cars were parked in the lot nearby. “Infirmary staff,” Holly interjected, “here to take care of the invalids. A couple of groundskeepers, a couple of cooks, housekeepers.”

“Just like my abbey. Used to do it all ourselves back in the day.”

“As did we all, I’ve heard the stories. Don’t know how soon we’ll see Stacy, they’ll be starting Evening Prayer right about now, then Happy Hour before dinner. We’ll have time to get settled and pick up the gossip before she gets to us, probably.”

After climbing a wide stairway to the front door, they were greeted by an elderly nun in a mechanized wheel chair. “Mother Immaculata, Abbot Johnson, a pleasure to see you both. We are honored by your presence. The Mother General has been anxious to see you, so please go to her office after dropping your bags off in your rooms. You’re in the Perpetua and Felicity suites.”

Ben and Holly gave each other a double take, then turned back to the guestmaster. Holly smiled and said, “Thank you, Sister Mary Martha. See you at supper.”

“Oh, I think not tonight. You’ll be dining in her quarters, or going out. Until tomorrow.”

As they walked down the wide hallway, their shoes clanging with every step, Holly caught Ben’s eye and whispered in his ear. “They’re giving us the VIP rooms right next to Stacy’s. She rarely shares a meal in her quarters with anyone less than a bishop. I’m worried.”

He patted her shoulder. “Don’t be. If nothing else, we can run away to Canada tomorrow if we’re in too much trouble.” She punched him in the arm and they continued their errand. The high, thin reedy voices of elderly nuns singing Evening Prayer wafted through the halls, and a bird call occasionally floated by from outside.

Mother General Stacy was a tall woman built like a linebacker, and she towered over both of them. Her habit was simple, like Sister Mary Martha’s and Holly’s, with a huge rosary circling her ample waist. She greeted them in the hallway with a smile, giving Father Ben a firm handshake and Sister Holly a hug. “Holly, wonderful to see you again, thanks for coming so quickly. I apologize for calling you here so urgently. Abbot Benjamin Johnson, OSB, a pleasure to meet you. I’ve heard great things about you, and look forward to our discussion.” Coming to her door, she turned over a DO NOT DISTURB sign, and ushered them in.

Her office was huge, dominated by a massive desk in front of an alcove with three gigantic stained glass windows depicting the Trinity. A small area to the side held a couch, small table and a lounger, next to a sizable bar. The opposite wall was full of filing cabinets beneath an oversized portrait of Jesus walking on the water. Overhead was a crystal chandelier, and around the ceiling was a series of empty hooks. Beckoning to the couch, she invited them to sit and offered them drinks.

As they settled back with martinis, Stacy’s face grew very grim. “I’ve heard a report about you, Holly, very serious. It says you’re having an affair.”

Holly looked at Ben and then back to her superior. “No, I don’t think so. Abbot Johnson will witness to that when I release him from the seal of Confession. Apart from him, the only men I see on a regular basis are our groundskeepers, who are both happily married. There’s no one I can have an affair with.”

“How about a woman?”

“No thank, you, I’m not like that. Nothing wrong with lesbians, and there are some casino siteleri in my convent, but I give them the same respect and compassion I give everyone. But never been my cup of tea.”

Mother Stacy turned to the priest. “What about you, Abbot? You’re the one named as her lover.”

“I’ll admit I was Holly’s lover before we came to religious life, but my visits to the convent on Saturday evenings are only about pastoral care.”

“And your interaction is purely spiritual? What about going to her quarters after confessions?”

“We are old friends, and we chat. It’s not like we have a lot of secrets from each other.”

“I should imagine not. Since you were lovers, I imagine you know what each other looks like naked, so it’s not curiosity. Did you ever spank each other?”

Ben started to squirm a little and Stacy got more interested. Holly interjected, “I practice mortification, Mother General. I’m sure if there were any slapping sounds coming from my quarters, it would come from that.”

“Mortification? Sounds interesting, tell me more.” The expression on the older woman’s face became more animated.

“I apply the discipline,” Ben said, “taking care that it is not extreme and only for spiritual benefit.”

A little saliva escaped from Stacy’s mouth, her hands went to her waistline. “Bare handed, or do you use a flogger?” The other two looked at each other surprised at the old woman’s reaction. “You use some kind of flogger or instrument of discipline. That’s the tradition. Is it butt spanking, or something more?”

“Really, Stacy. That’s none of your business.”

The older nun relaxed and leaned back. “Of course it isn’t, but I know enough. Someone planted a camera in your rooms, Holly. The video was most delightful. Don’t worry about the little girl who put it there, I’m moving her out here next week where she can’t cause trouble. In the meantime there’s something I’m interested in getting from you, Ben. Would you like to know what that is?”

Ben gulped. “Yes, I would.”

Stacy stood up. “Now Holly, I’m interested in living and letting live; you’re not doing anything truly awful and you’re generally discreet. You’re the sincere type, so even though you and Ben have probably theologized around what you’re doing, you’re not letting this affect the rest of your life. I doubt if anyone besides little Elizabeth knows what’s going on. But I’m a little different, as you know, Holly.” She stood up and walked around her desk, sitting close to them with one foot on the floor. With a matter of face voice she stated, “I want you deal me into some of this action.”

“What?” Holly looked around confused.

“I want you share this big beautiful cock with me. It’s been a decade and half since I’ve had a good fucking.” Holding up a tablet, she started the stolen video, where Ben was whipping Holly’s breasts, then leaning over to suck them. “I was a legal secretary before coming here, I know all the tricks. I know how to gather evidence and use influence. In another year or two, Bishop Bertie’s going to be retirement age, and I can get your name on the terna of bishop candidates going to Rome, and make sure the other two are unacceptable. I’ve been looked for a successor for a while, and I think you’re the girl for it, Holly. It’s simple, give me what I want and you move up the ladder.”

There was a long silence, broken by a grand old clock ticking away from a corner. “And if not?” Holly whispered.

“Oh, I don’t think there’ll be much. You’ll have to deal with me for a while, then someone else as Mother General, perhaps someone you have a quarrelsome history with. Don’t think I can do much to the Abbot, although I’ve got contacts in Rome. Maybe the next visitation from the Congregation of Religious will be at an hour you do not expect, and someone less than friendly will be at your door. All I want is some extreme, discreet, dirty fun and I want you to help me get it. Is that too much to ask?”

Ben and Holly looked at each other and shrugged. “Guess not,” Ben said. “What can I do for you?”

Stacy broke into a huge grin and took a hop step to her feet. “Oh I want you to do what you do to Holly, and a little bit more. My mind has so many ideas.” Her hands untied the rosary around her waist and she unbuttoned her habit. “I’ve got some jacks in my drawer, a bungee cord, a pair of handcuffs…but first Holly, I’d like to see your weekly penance. Let me watch him in action, only don’t suck him when you’re done.”

Undressed, the Mother General had enormous breasts that hung below her waist, almost grotesque in shape and size. Otherwise she wasn’t terribly heavy for her height, and her porcelain skin was a bit wrinkled. Ben gasped as she got naked so casually, his jaw dropping. Holly was looking away, with her hand under her mouth, trying to control herself. “My goodness. I’ve never seen anything like this.”

The older woman cupped her huge churns and wiggled them at him with a cheesy smile on her face. “They’ve gotten me everything I ever wanted from the Magisterium. Cardinal Tommasso slot oyna had a heart attack when he first saw them; he gave us a great report on our visitation. Luigi will give me anything I want for another look, thanks to Skype, so don’t worry: I can deliver. Why don’t you kneel on the kneeler, Holly, and pull your dress up? Yeah, tuck it under your belt. Nice butt, Sister, I can see where your magic comes from. Pity you’ve been such a naughty girl, hasn’t she Reverend Abbot?”

“Definitely,” Ben said. “We might have to do something about that.” He shrugged his shoulders at his friend, who gave him a wan smile before stepping over to do what they wanted. “Here we go.”

The first whack on Holly’s butt made her wince and her superior’s eyes glow. Ben’s practiced hand went up and down, turning the white flesh from pink to red evenly. He went through 3 sets of 12 without effort. Stacy moved over to get a good angle to watch, and as Ben worked her right hand snuck down to her snatch where it started rubbing her bud.

Two little clear streams ran down the sides of Holly’s face, while Ben was rather impassive as he dealt the discipline. His hand went to his crotch, but the old nun’s voice growled, “No, don’t take your dick out yet. Let him wait, let him burst his chamber on his own. I want him to be nice and juicy for his entrance.” Looking over at the older woman, he grimaced and stung her half-dollar sized left nipple with his leather. “Who said you could do that?” she warbled.

“Ouch, didn’t expect that one, did you? There may be more surprises.” He held the flogger in his palm, waiting, looking at her as his prime targe.

Her mouth pouted for a moment, a quick smile sneaking in for a moment, then turned to indignation. “Hey dummy, I’m like you: I’m a superior and I’m not used to asking anybody’s permission to do anything. If I want to finger myself while you do that, I will. This is my house and my party.”

He whacked her mounds twice, making her mew with pain. “All right, but there’ll be a price to pay. I’m tempted to give you Holly’s penance right now unless you give me something else.”

“All right. Left me stroke myself while you whip her tits and you can tie up my boobs while you flog my butt.”

“I think you need to pay homage to my manly staff of authority first.”

A wicked smirk creased her face. “I thought you’d never ask.” Bending over at the waist, she undid the front of his cassock and coaxed his serpent out of its lair. “Hello, my friend. You look delicious.” Slipping her dentures out, she engulfed his meat slowly, working her way down the shaft until it disappeared completely in her eager mouth. Ben wobbled on his feet, and Holly smiled a little, letting her skirt return to cover her tortured backside.

After a moment, he started pumping his cock hard in and out of her mouth, and she murmured with delight. Experimentally, he reached over to whack her ass with his whip, and got a moan of approval.

Holly stayed at her position, kneeling, opening her white blouse to reveal her breasts. Reaching around, she undid the clasp and let the bra fall down inside her garment. After a couple of moments, she cleared her throat. “I think we need to proceed to something else, Ben. I know you’re having fun right now, but you’ve still got to fuck her and it’ll probably be a miracle for you to cum twice in one night.”

Ben signed and pulled his dick out of the older nun’s mouth.

Putting the whip down, he pulled Holly’s long woolen belt out and started trying it around her breasts. “You would be right about this. Sorry I can’t do you for old time’s sake, but you’re still having periods and we shouldn’t get you pregnant. I think Stacy needs to do a little penance while we’re doing this. Got any ideas?”

“She mentioned jacks,” Holly said with a devilish grin on her face. “Maybe spread a few out on the desk and let her park her boobs on them while you flog mine. Maybe give her another shot or two if she mouths off again.”

The drawer opened, and the toys came out on the blotter. Stacy was smiling, “Great minds, Holly. No reason you should have all the fun. No, keep your cassock on and take you cock out while you do this, Ben. I like the way that looks. Pop a couple under her little boobies, too, let her feel what I’m feeling”

Ben rewarded the old sister with a couple of whacks on the nipples after he put the jacks in place for both women. Then he turned to his friend and methodically started to turn her white tits pink. Stacy’s tongue was hanging out of her mouth as she watched, her eyes aglow. “Oh that’s nice, Benny boy, nice. How sweet, that practiced look of indifference, Holly dear. Make it hurt a little more. Make those boobies jump.”

He turned around and laid a few red marks on Stacy’s boobs, making them jiggle on the desk. She blew him a kiss, which he returned with another irritated grimace. As he finished her work, he heard a lighter snap on and off behind him. Turning, he saw Stacy holding a medium sized white candle. “I think you need to put this in her mouth, Benny. The canlı casino siteleri wax will drip and she’ll move it around. The effect will be beautiful.

Doing as the superior asked, he gave his friend a look which startled her. Holly almost forgot to bit down hard enough to hold the waxy intruder between her lips. He turned and said, “I hate being called Benny, my aunt Mavis used to call me that and she was the worst bitch I ever knew. It’s fine playing these games with you, Stacy, but ‘Benny’ has to stop.”

The wrinkled face gave him a saucy wink. “Sure, Benny. Anything you say. Look how that wax is dripping down on her skin, it’s it lovely?”

Throwing down the whip, he bounded over beside the old woman to grab her nipples down to the areolas tightly between his thumbs and the knuckle for his first fingers. Pulling her to her feet, he started into her eyes manically. She looked back in defiance, welcoming the stare down, her eyes looking down her nose at him, commanding his submission. His grip stayed firm as he started twisting her nubs, and she resisted showing any pain at all.

This went on for several long moments as the old clock in the corner ticked in the silent room. Ben’s yellow flecked brown eyes glared into Stacy’s impassive greys as they contended. Sweat started appearing on his brow, while the crow’s feet on her face started to intensify and grow. Pain began to creep in and tears oozed gently from the corners. He twisted the captive flesh again, suddenly, which brought out a muffled yelp. Holly hummed in approval around the candle, moving it from side to side so the wax dripped in different places on her pink breasts, leaving dots of white. A low growling came from Stacy’s throat, and she took a step to the side for a moment.

He was impassive, keeping his iron grasp, and the brown flesh was turning from angry red to light purple as they continued in captivity. She stomped again twice, and her head went down for a moment as she whimpered with her mouth closed. The look in his eyes was cold in contrast to the sweat beginning to stream down his face. A jack fell on the floor, letting go of the underside of her melon after being imprinted into it, then another. Holly started moving back and forth quicker and quicker as the heat built on her tormented skin and the wax was starting to reach her nipples: she gave a short, high shriek as the hot liquid reached that goal for the first time.

The old woman’s breathing got faster and faster, until she let out a huge scream and fell to her knees, painfully pulling her tits free from her master, and her head sank down, sobbing. Ben let her for a moment before turning to take the candle out of Holly’s mouth. “You all right?”

“Yeah,” she whispered.

They stood in tableau a few moments, Stacy still sobbing and cradling her nipples. Ben untied Holly’s breasts, making her cry out as the blood returned to them. His cock was at firm attention, and Holly stroked it a little in gratitude. “What now?” the younger woman said.

“I think it’s time we gave Stacy what she wants. Now that we have our relationships in right order.”

“Any ideas?”

Ben looked around the office, picking through the old woman’s discarded habit, and examined the rosary she wore around her waist. “Are these gemstones? They seem a little rough.”

Stacy murmured, “They’re birthstones of all the Mothers General from the beginning up to me. The white ones halfway through will be replaced as more women serve in this office. Does it give you ideas?”

Holly looked at him, and he looked back at her. “I think so,” he said.”What if I tied your breasts up with it?”

Stacy sighed. “You might break it. I couldn’t bear that.”

“I’ll be careful. Your turn to kneel.”

The superior got on the kneeler, putting her hands behind her back timidly. Holly took her belt and tied her superior’s wrists together, discarding her own habit to let her abused skin breathe. A touch, and the fat thighs spread apart, with the nun’s steel grey pubic hair glistening with her lower lips. Ben spread them a little bit, poking the tip of a finger in, then gathered up the long strand. “These little stones should dig into your skin nicely, just like the jacks. Any ideas how I should do this Holly?”

“Don’t break it, I may need it someday. But it needs to be tight. Make it as tight as you can.”

Ben went about his work, wrapping the metal cord around Stacy’s churns as tightly as possible, after getting the full length around, he fished out a rosary from his pocket and one from Holly’s bag. Winding them into the larger one, he encircled each breast all the way out to the nipple. Standing back from his work, he put his hand to his chin, thinking. “We need a little more, I’m not sure they’re going to stay there. Do you have any big paper clips in your desk drawer?”

Silently, she nodded; Holly pulled out two large ones. He took them used them to pin the ends to her nipples, pulling as much brown flesh into their grasp as he could fit. Stacy hooted with agony as he affixed them, then pulled out her phone to take a selfie. Ben got a picture as well, which made Stacy look at him with disdain. “All right, big boy, you’ve taken away my edge. I guess to keep you quiet I need to do whatever you tell me. What’s first?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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