Family Values Pt. 03

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A few weeks had passed since the awkward sexual encounter with my mom, and there had not been any mention of what took place. It was as if it never happened. Overall, things were pretty calm around the house. My mom was busy with work, and my sister, Vicky, was on a trip with some friends. It gave me some time to relax as there weren’t a ton of chores, and I didn’t have to worry about Vicky finding some random reason to torment me. All of that relaxation soon came to an end though.

Vicky had just gotten back from her trip. She was tired and cranky. Which meant the chances of her getting frustrated with me were pretty high. In fact, the very first thing she said when she walked in was, “Jeffery, get down here!”

I immediately came down to greet her, “Welcome back Princess, is there anything I can do for you?” I asked looking down at her luggage.

“You can start by giving me a proper greeting. Get on your knees and kiss my feet,” she ordered. So I kneeled down to kiss the tops of her feet in her open toe heels. “Now, take my shoes off, and then you can carry my bags upstairs to my bedroom. You’re gonna help me unpack.”

After I removed her shoes, I picked up both of her bags and took them upstairs. I already knew that when she said “help,” she meant I would be doing all of the work as she kicked back and told me where to put everything, occasionally getting annoyed that I didn’t already know.

After I finished putting away her toiletries and accessories, she instructed me to bring the bag of clothes over to my room. When we got to my room, she removed the pillows from my bed and threw them on the floor. Then she took the bag from me, unzipped it, and dumped the entire contents out on my bed, right where the pillows were. A week’s worth of dirty Laundry. “There you go, a nice aromatic cushion to rest your head tonight. After you get back from school tomorrow though, you will take them down to the laundry room and wash them for me.”

“Yes Princess, I responded.”

“Well then, that is all I need from you today, but tomorrow I’m having a get together with my friends. Once you’re finished with my laundry, I want you to join up with us. You’re going to be our servant for the day.”

“Yes Princess, whatever you wish.”

That night I slept with a chaotic mix of smells lingering. Every time I rolled over, there was something else. Dirty socks and underwear, even odor from her shirts. The first thing I did the next morning was shower. I had a strong fear that someone at school would smell her funk on me.

The next day, as I was doing her laundry, I could hear the sounds of her friends chatting and laughing upstairs. I couldn’t make out much of it, but I assumed she was filling them in on her trip. Once I was finished, I went upstairs to the living room where they were gathered.

“Speaking of my brother, here he is,” I heard my sister say as I turned the corner into the living room. “Let’s take this upstairs to my room,” she suggested.

Vicky, her four friends and I walked up to her bedroom. Her and her friends sat down and pulled out a bottle of wine from a paper bag. It was already half empty so clearly they had been drinking a bit.

For about an hour I sat on the floor listening to them gossip. Just laughing and carrying on. They. Actually gave me a couple sips of wine though, which was pretty cool of them. The odd thing was that my sister still hadn’t asked me to do anything for them. Which of course made me question why she wanted me there in the first place. It certainly caused me to think that something bad was coming eventually, and as usual, my suspicions were correct.

One of her friends had just finished telling a funny story and after the laughter had calmed down, there was an awkward silence. I saw my sister nudge her friend, Sandra. A beautiful curly haired Dominican girl who had been one of her best friends for years.

“Hey Jeffery,” Sandra called out, and the attention in the room quickly turned to me. “There’s a rumor going around that you were caught jerkin it a couple weeks ago is that true?”

Everyone laughed at Sandra’s question. My cheeks immediately flushed red, and my sister gave me a look that implied I better tell the truth.

“Ya…” I replied hesitantly.

“Oh my God really?” Her friend Stacy asked.

“Yup.” my sister responded. “I walked into his room and he was watching porn on the computer. Then I made the mistake of looking down and sure enough, his hand was latched on tight to his little pecker.

“Wow, what a perv,” Stacy replied.

“I imagine you got in trouble didn’t you?” Sandra asked. “Vicky’s mom use to whoop his ass all the time back in the day.”

“Used to?” My sister laughed, then looked to me to respond.

“Ummm Yes, Vicky actually gave me a spanking for it,” I told them.

“Wow, Vicky you spanked your brother?” Stacy asked. Clearly she wasn’t in the loop as much as her other friends, as I was certain that Sandra knew Vicky gave me spankings too.

“So nothing from your mom Vicky? casino siteleri That’s surprising.” Her friend Robin asked. Robin was another friend that grew up with her. Quite the opposite in looks compared to Sandra, she was skinny and pale, with bright red hair, and lots of freckles. One thing I always liked about her though was her sense of humor. However, she was always kind of mean to me, and always went along with Vicky when she felt like bullying me.

“Oh my mom punished him too,” my sister replied. “Just not with a spanking.”

“How so then?” Robin asked.

“Go ahead and tell them,” my sister ordered.

I gave my sister a look, to stop it there. I couldn’t possibly tell them about the chastity device. They would surely tell everyone they knew.

“Jeffery, I said tell them,” she demanded.

I tried to word it carefully but there really wasn’t a way to make it seem like less of a big deal. “I was put in chastity,” I replied quietly.

“Chastity?” Stacy questioned.

“Yes,” I responded. It’s a device that goes around my private’s to prevent me from touching it.

“Wait,” Robin interrupted. “So you have a cage or something over your dick?” She chuckled.

“Ya, it’s like a plastic piece that fits around it with a lock,” I informed them.

“How about instead of trying to explain it, you show us?” Sandra requested with a curious smile.

“I don’t think you all would want to see that, It would show too much,” I told them.

“Guess again,” Sandra said, bringing the conversation back to a serious vibe. “Pull your shorts down and show us.”

Once again I looked to my sister to save me, but it did no good. She started getting hostile. “I don’t know why you keep looking at me. These are my guests, and you’re here to entertain. So If they tell you to do something, you do it.”

I stood up and grabbed the elastic on my shorts. Hoping and waiting for someone to stop me. I inched them down slowly, but they only watched in anticipation. So I pulled my shorts and underwear down past my privates, completely exposing them.”

“Are you serious?” Stacy asked while covering her mouth from the surprise. “How long does he have to wear that for?”

My sister quickly answered, “as long as he lives in this house, he’s keeping that thing on. Only my mom and I have the key.”

“Am I the only one here noticing the size?” Sandra asked.

“Oh I’m seeing it,” Robin replied. “I mean that is sad.”

“Ya, if it’s tiny enough to fit in that, I think it should be put away permanently,” Her friend Amanda chimed in after swigging the bottle.”

“Wait you guys, look at him, he’s so red right now. Awww, are you embarrassed? Robin asked in a babying manor. Then everyone in the room laughed at me as she continued “Honestly, I’m embarrassed for you Jeffery, that’s pathetic. At least now that you’re locked up you can’t disappoint anyone.”

My sister went into further explanation. “Ya, that’s the plan. We figure that if he can keep his mind off of his own pleasure, he can focus on ours. Isn’t that right Jeffery?”

“Yes Princess.”

“Did he just call you Princess?” Her friend Aisha asked?

“Of course he did, because I’m his princess and he serves me. Watch.”

Vicky crossed one leg over the other elevating her right foot. She pointed to the top of her foot, signaling for me to kiss. I was reluctant at first, but then again, she already had me pull out my penis in front of everyone to make a statement. I was certain she wouldn’t have any objections to spanking me in front of everyone either. So I walked over to her and got on my knees. I bent my head down and kissed the top of her foot. She switched legs and I kissed the other as well.

All of her friends begin clapping and cheering. They were impressed with her ability to control me.

“Damn Vicky, how’d you get him to do that?” Amanda asked.

“It’s not difficult. Deep down, men know their only real purpose is to please. They just need lots of discipline and denial. Of course, when you take away their freedom to think with their penis, that helps too.”

“I need to find a man who can do that. All these lame ass guys these days just want what they want, and never do anything to satisfy a woman. Although, that’s your brother, so not quite the same. I certainly wouldn’t mind having a little brother to boss around,” said Sandra. Then everyone chuckled at her idea,

Vicky responded “well until you do, feel free to borrow Jeffery. Whether he admits it or not, he’s always had a crush on you. I’m sure he’d be happy to please.

“Hmmm, I might have to take you up on that offer,” Sandra replied, “but would he obey me as well as he does you?”

“If I say he has to, and if he knows what’s good for him, he will,” Vicky replied while looking directly at me. Then she turned her head back to Sandra, “go ahead and see for yourself.”

“Okay then… I guess I’ll make him kiss my feet too, but they’re probably so stinky right now. At least, my socks are.”

“Jeffery!” slot oyna My sister shouted at me. “Get on your knees in front Sandra and smell her feet!”

She was direct in her demand and expected nothing less of me. I didn’t hesitate for a second. I crawled over to Sandra with her obviously dirty socks on, and bent over sticking my nose between her feet as they were tucked together on the floor.

“How do they smell Jeffery?” My sister asked.

“Perfect Princess,” I replied.

“Tell HER how they smell, not me.”

I looked up at Sandra, “your feet smell wonderful Sandra.” Which was obviously a total lie. She was definitely right, they stunk. It was as if she had been wearing the same socks for days.

“Why thank you, Jeffery,” she said in a demeaning tone. “Now why don’t you take off my socks and kiss them like you did Vicky’s.”

“Yes ma’am,” I replied, then removed her socks. Her feet were no different from her socks. They looked like they were rarely taken care of. No pedicure or anything special. It didn’t surprise me though. Sandra had always been somewhat of a tomboy. She was the type to wear sweatpants over a dress most days. I think the reason I always liked her though was because she was always interested in stuff that I was into. Sometimes Vicky would have to pull her away from me when we were kids. Smelling her feet though, had just made me question my attraction to her.

After kissing both of her feet, my sister suggested, “why don’t you show Sandra how well you really worship feet. That is If she wants you to of course.”

“Oh I would definitely like to see that. He can worship my feet. Go ahead Jeffery,” Sandra said.

With a full audience, I gave in and did for Sandra what my sister had been making me do. I massaged her feet for a few minutes, then began sucking her toes with the enthusiasm I knew was expected of me. Other than her feet smelling, I found it easier to do it for Sandra than Vicky. At least she was someone I was attracted to, but mostly, I think it was just the fact that she wasn’t my sister…

The girls had gone back to talking about other stuff for a little while, but at one point I heard Robin call out, “Hey slave boy, don’t throw all of your energy into one set of feet. You’ve got a lot more toes to suck over here too.”

Stacy laughed “haha, slave boy. I love it.”

“That’s right Jeffery,” Vicky said. “Start working your way down the line. Make sure everybody else’s feet get some attention too.”

Sandra then lifted her foot to my face and pushed my head away towards Stacy who was sitting next to her. Slowly I worked my way down the line. Most of the others’ feet were not as bad as Sandra’s. Stacy was much more of a girly girl and was very well kept. Long blonde hair, slim and petite. Basically the social standard of what pretty was in the 80’s. Aisha’s feet had surprised me. She was much shorter and very thick, but her feet were tiny. I could fit all five toes into my mouth without needing to open wide. At least that made her an easy one for me.

Once I got to Robin though, the situation started to escalate. Although well kept, her pale white feet were huge. I tried sucking on the toes individually, but she kept insisting I open wider. After a few failed attempts on my end, she started forcefully shoving them in and her tone became slightly irritated. “Open wide damn it!”

I opened my mouth as wide as I possibly could and just barely managed to squeeze them all in, but it still wasn’t enough to satisfy her. “All the way in, I said!” Her shouting started to bring the attention of the room back to me.

“Sorry,” I cried out muffled by her foot in my mouth. She pulled her foot out for a moment to let me speak. “I’m trying to but I can’t get past the knuckles.”

She replied “Well that’s unacceptable Jeffery. Perhaps you need some lubricant? Here, Let me help you out with that.”

My eyes lit up almost immediately when I saw what she was doing. She leaned over and dribbled out a long stream of saliva directly on to the top of her foot. The rest of the girls who were watching all gasped. She looked right into my eyes, “No excuses this time. Make it fit.”

The girls watched closely to see if I would protest, but I knew better. Trying my absolute hardest not to gag, I stuck her spit covered foot back in my mouth. Despite how grossed out I was, it actually helped a little. I managed to get past the knuckles and stick the whole front half of her foot into mouth.

After sucking on her foot for a minute, she pulled it out. “How did that taste?” She asked.

“It was good,” I replied.

“Just good Jeffery?” Vicky asked. “Give him some more spit Robin, I don’t think he got enough to really taste it.”

Robin began swishing, gathering as much saliva as possible. “Mmm open!” She mumbled with a mouth full of spit, but I didn’t understand. So she grabbed my face and spread my cheeks apart. This time leaning right over my face, she released a giant wad of spit directly into my mouth. “Swallow it!”

I gagged canlı casino siteleri as I tried to get it down. It didn’t taste that bad but I couldn’t get over how gross the texture was.

“Did you just gag Jeffery?” My sister asked.

I quickly responded, “sorry Princess, I didn’t mean to.”

“Keep spitting till he likes it, Robin.” She suggested.

“Here let me help you,” Sandra said, then walked over and held my head back. Sandra made a loud hocking sound and spit a loogie right into my mouth. This time I could easily taste the mucus, and feel that the texture was much thicker.

“How does it taste?” Sandra asked.

“Delicious,” I replied.

“I don’t believe him,” Robin said. Then just when Robin was about to spit again Amanda joined in and released some spit she was clearly gathering the whole time. Soon after, Stacy, Vicky and Aisha came over to add to it.

For nearly 10 minutes I was forced to swallow their spit. Sandra left the room for a minute and came back with a cup. I sat and watched as all five of them filled the cup to the brim with their spit.

Vicky took the cup and held it in front of me. “Look at it,” she demanded. “Look at all that delicious, thick spit my friends and I prepared for you. You’re going to drink this whole cup and love it. If I see you gag even once or let a single drop spill. You’re gonna get a spanking in front of everyone, and it’ll be just as bad as when you got caught masturbating, understood?”

“Yes Princess,” I responded.

“Okay then, here you go.”

Vicky lifted the cup to my mouth and slowly poured it back. I opened my mouth wide making sure to catch every bit of it. Miraculously, I managed to keep myself from gagging. I tried to imagine it was just a cup of water. If I got caught gagging, all of my effort would’ve been pointless as a spanking would be inevitable. Luckily though, I managed to get through the whole cup, gulp after gulp. Once I finished the last drop, the girls cheered.

“Smile Jeffery,” my sister ordered.

“Ya, smile slave boy,” said Robin. So I cracked a smile, faking my appreciation for their spit.

After they calmed down a little, Aisha asked, “So Vicky, what else can he do? Surely licking feet and drinking spit aren’t the only things he’s good for.”

“Well,” my sister replied, “My mom and I are still working on making him a proper gentleman, but I have been making him sniff my dirty panties recently so he can learn about pheromones. Which apparently my mom taught him a little more about last week.”

“How so?” Amanda asked.

“From what she told me, he’s starting to learn how to use his tongue in a special way.”

“Wait?” Stacy interrupted. “Are you saying what I think you’re saying?. Did Jeffery eat his own mother out?”

“Well, I mean, they’re not blood related,” Sandra said. ” But You know how Vicky’s mom is with the younger men. She loves making them her bitch!”

They all laughed, and once again, my cheeks were turning red. Not only did they know about the chastity, but now they knew I had given oral to my own mother. I was more embarrassed than I had ever been in my entire life.

“Wow,” Amanda said. “So he’s basically the house bitch now. That is so amazing.”

Vicky responded, “he’s always been our servant, but now that he’s a grown man, he needs to step it up.”

“So you’ve been learning about pheromones huh?” Sandra asked. “You know women have pheromones all over their bodies, not just their pussys. You should smell my armpits. They’re pretty ripe right now.”

Vicky signaled me. “Go smell Sandra’s pits Jeffery.”

I walked over to where Sandra was sitting, and she held her arm up high. The sleeve on her shirt was short and exposed a small part of her armpit. I leaned in and gave it a sniff.

“You smell that,” she laughed “I know it’s not very hygienic, but I haven’t taken a shower in a couple days. Here, get a good whiff.”

She grabbed the back of my head with her other hand and pushed my nose right up against her armpit, then wrapped her arm around, locking my head into place. My nostrils conveniently dug down into the sleeve of her shirt. The smell was intense, just like her feet. The odor reminded me of my own, except for one thing, I kind of liked it. Just like my mom had told me, her scent was like some sort of magic that made me feel comfortable.

“You like that don’t you?” She asked.

“Yes, I do.”

“Wow, that actually sounded pretty genuine,” Stacy said.”

While I was still tucked into her armpits, She asked the other girls, “should I make him smell the rest of me?”

“Yes!” The others replied.

“Let’s make this a little easier,” my sister suggested. “Jeffery, come lay down on the bed.”

“Yes Princess,” I replied, then Sandra released me from her grip, and I went over to Vicky’s bed.

“On your back, face up. I want you to keep your hands to the side at all times. If I see you move them, I’m just gonna tie you down, got it?”

“Yes Princess.”

“Have a seat Sandra, make yourself comfortable,” my sister said to her while patting my face.

“Why thank you Vicky,” she replied, then stood up, walked over to the bed and looked down at me. “You ready to smell the rest of me pervert?”

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