Fallen for a Roadie

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This is my first publication here on and i would like to dedicate it to my someone special who was the very inspiration behind this tempting tale. Happy Valentine’s Day mon Chouchou

I feel the wind rushing across my face like an invisible wave crashing over me, I started holding my breath the moment I left, wondering what the day would bring to me but there is no way I could prepare for the scope of it all when I stared sleepy-eyed through the open window

I was in a small sleepy village where I had been residing for my holidays. Just for a week to clear my mind from the stresses of daily life. My name is Valentina, an independent novel writer from one of the larger cities.

I nervously shifted my legs as I happened to let my gaze wander, distracted through the window. I was unaccustomed to such calmness. Usually I would have been awoken by a loud siren or noise of the ever new building construction zones around. But this was so peaceful, just a few people were passing by down the street.

“God”, I thought, “there was no denying, I was totally and irrevocably bored.”

Something a little further in the distance caught my attention. I was unable to make out what was waving down there, on the telephone mast so I decided to investigate.

I swiftly slid into my rosy patterned, summer dress and take a little walk. It intrigued me, and I had been spending enough time in the hotel cabin, I decided.

“Why not just have some fun,” I thought to myself

Making my way down and out to the street, I felt a small summer breeze billowing softly around me and letting my curly raven hair dance to the wind.

It was a flyer that had caught my attention from the window! It was just about to fall off so I quickly grabbed on to the flyer. I read “ONLY TONIGHT at 9 PM – THE NEWEST INSTALLMENT OF RED RIDING HOOD, written and humorously interpreted by V.V. Free entrance.”

I raised my eyebrow and mused with a shrug, “Guess it’s the only attraction around here and since I could very much need some diversion anyway, maybe I should give it a go”.

It was for an evening performance, but it didn’t seem to be that far away. I wanted to take a look, since I was dressed already and more and more intrigued by the venue and production.

I grabbed my purse and it took me only a few minutes to reach the stage where the performance was to be held. It was an open air theatre.

“Naturally” I thought, “considering it was the summer season,”

Only the main stage itself was roofed and everyone was still in the middle of the build-up of preparing for the production. A small group of young guys were standing around in the corner, chit chatting. I looked up and saw one man working, climbing upwards in the Framework that was at least 15 feet up in the air, fumbling and constructing the lightening for the show.

He was a very tall and beautifully toned. He had fairly short curly brown hair, a prominent chin and most of all, he was bare chested working in the sun. He had broad shoulders and clearly remarkable abdomen muscles that sent my mind reeling immediately, letting a little smile spread across my lips.

I chided myself as I leered at him, “What are you thinking Valentina? ” He’s probably just another player “and by God, I never took any interest in those, I was able to smell most of them a mile away already and I wasn’t the type of girl that threw herself into those type adventures anyway!

My mind was almost lost in another daydream when my ears picked up a louder noise. The small group of workers standing aside got into a more heated discussion, “The Ladder won’t reach up there anyway … god damn it, we never get the right equipment to work with anyway! “

Another voice entering the debate made me jump awake again, deep low and yet so calm and captivating “We’ve got to fix this issue with the barrels over there! “

Everyone else turned silent for a moment and then agreed. As I looked up again, I realized it was the little Tarzan from the framework that swiftly made his way down.

So it was his voice? Curiosity might kill the cat but it clearly sent new sparks of my interest as he pushed them aside and bravely climbed up the barrels, yes you heard right there! Upping the barrels and making his way up and you could guess what happened!

I was just about to stretch my arm out and warn them, that it wasn’t such a good idea as the cracking sound already filled the air …

The brave stagehand from before got a very hard landing there

“Eeeeeek … are you hurt?” I jumped up and swiftly ran over. The other workers stood around kind of paralyzed.

“No, just my pride …”

His words seemed to be stuck in his throat right when he looked up at me. He blushed, a little embarrassed and slowly got back onto his feet again.

“By God was he cute!” I whooped silently, “Did I just break his self-esteem or was he perhaps really shy?”

Now he was dangerously sweet and charming, immediately occupying casino oyna my full attention but I wouldn’t want to make things too easy!

“Now come here you! You’ve got to be nursed! “I sounded way more confident than I actually was as we sat down together on the chairs to the stage and I pulled out some water, cooling pads and a few handkerchiefs!

“You carry a lot of things in there! ” he pointed, grinning at my overly filled handbag but I pretended not to have noticed his hidden tease, replying “you always got to be prepared for everything” and held my head high, “And you really shouldn’t mess with your nurse!”

I elbowed him slightly and we both started to giggle a little.

There he was a big, shy, tall guy. He was toned, had deep hazelnut eyes to lose yourself in, a dark and pleasant baritone voice. His voice was calming when he dared to let a word slide out of his lips. We stared for long seconds, into each other’s eyes, trying my best not to start blushing.

“Soooo where does it hurt? ” I asked playfully!

“Nowhere, I’m all fine! ” He answered.

“Monito, you just fell way down from the treetop”

He gave me a surprised look and raised an eyebrow “Monito? “

“Yes its Spanish and means cute little ape! …And now, turn around and let me see what the quarrels with the barrels got you there! “

Hesitating for a moment, he shook his head stubbornly, repeating “I’m all fine, thanks”

He was getting so much cuter by the moment. My errant thoughts caught me off-guard again “And deeply attractive” Instantly, I felt my cheeks flush, stumbling to find the right words “just say something smart, try to keep your cool” All the while my heart heavily pounded against my ribcage.

“Fine, “I said.

“Fine, fine, “he mumbled.

Collecting my things together “You’ve got a name Mr. Fine Fine? “

“It’s Vince”

“Ohh… nice to meet you Vince,” I replied casually. He stood up and even though I was on heels, he was a good 4 inches taller than me. I gave him a swift wink with my right eye, before I turned on my heels, elegantly sashaying away, knowing full well that I made quite an impression with him. My ass was one of my best features.

Making my way back to my guest cabin, the time seemed to pass by maddeningly slow. I wanted to see him again, secretly hoping that he would still be there when I return. I really, really hoped so.

My stomach growled loudly, but I knew there wasn’t anything great to eat in the cupboards of my cabin.

It was time to do what I dreaded whole-heartedly, to get my butt out to the food store even though it was just a swift walk. I geed myself up and a few crossroads later, I stood right before the only supermarket of this little sleepy nest of a town. I was lost in my thoughts of the upcoming night and almost stumbled right into my stubborn roadie from before …

“Look what we’ve got here!” I tease him. He met my gaze shyly with a slight blush. “He…Hello” He muttered.

“How are you doing Barrel cracker”? Getting yourself something to cool down?” I ask him with my arms pressed into my hips, my eyebrow raised and a teasing smirk on my lips.

“I’m good thanks” he responded calmly, trying to fiddle the vegetables and baguette into his shopping basket, not looking up to me while I walked closer and closer, gently pushing him against the refrigerated shelf. I watched the goose bumps starting to appear on his skin and his priceless shocked gaze while I brushed the back of my hand lightly over his abs.

Noticing a sudden hardness pushing against my hips widened my smile.

“I so got him wrapped around my finger,” I thought until I realized that it was in fact the Baguette that I squeezed in my little affectionate assault on him! My cheeks instantly flush in embarrassment.

“Just say something Valentina, don’t you ever let him notice” I hastily changed the topic and trying to smile away my sudden nervousness.

“Come on, ask me out or I’m going to make a scene here if you don’t! You know a man groping a woman in a supermarket, they might kick you out or worse! ” I smirked teasingly, “Coffee, I want coffee right now!” I raised my voice a little, looking around and arguing “Hey, what are you trying to do with my shopping basket, give it back, someone help!”

His face turned completely crimson and I took my chance smiling, swiftly tugging him by the hand and running out of the little supermarket under lots of confused gazes that were thrown after us. We ran a few meters down the street before we exhaustedly took a breather, laughing at each other.

“Umm, I kind of lied, I have no idea where the next coffee shop is around here” I said with an apologetic shrug, blushing slightly.

We both stared at each other in awkward silence before his expression changed, “Oh, don’t worry, I’ll get us some, I strive to please!” Vince answered with an almost innocently sweet smile, leading me to a small coffee shop around the corner.

Giving him a slot oyna cheeky wink I replied “And I strive to tease! ” while I gave him a small little grin, trying my hardest, not to fall for him, he was just so dangerously charming and cute.

We both took our coffee to go and sipped on them as we marched further down the street.

“So will you come to the show tonight?” Vince asked

“Oh, planning another balance act on the barrels?” I smirked

He shook his head in discomfort “The play silly, there! ” hinting at another poster with his hands and giving me a passionate monolog about the interpretation and meaning.

I smiled and followed his lips closely, marvelled at this sight and yet clearly impressed by the sheer fiery devotion he put into his advertising speak.

“Is it any good? ” I asked

“Of course it is, you’ve got to see it for yourself!” he replied with almost pouting anger in his voice.

“Hmm, probably not, I’ve got a busy schedule for the day but thanks for the coffee” I answered, getting on my toes and putting a little peck onto his cheek, waving him good bye.

He seemed to be a little disappointed at first but quickly regained his normal mood, probably not caring too much.

I definitely felt some sparks there but I didn’t want to play it too easy once again, “Was I playing too hard to get?” I silently asked myself on my way back home.

It took me almost two whole hours to finally decide on my outfit for the night but when I finally looked at myself in the mirror, I very much liked what I saw.

“I was dressed to kill tonight” I giggled to myself!

Set up in my best makeup and finest dress to impress him. The body of the dress looked almost like a negligee. It was black with delicate folds and the effect of the material appeared grey and charcoal black. It was strapless and the delicate material had crinkly crystals of lace over the breasts and nipples holding them gently and secured the negligee from falling. It plunged into a sexy V at the cleavage, tantalizing and teasing of the promise of what lay beneath and ended about 3 inches above the belly button.

The dress was short and the hem waved and whispered at high thigh level just covering my blushes. The back plunged into a V straight down my spine and ending at the top of my buttocks. It showed off the slender perfection of my spine almost inviting for each vertebra to be kissed at the sight of the bared flesh.

Highlighting my finely shaped body, the one of “the temptress,” I wanted to be tonight, shining with natural beauty, hardly any make up at all. My eyes were a bright blue, fringed with thick eyelashes and my lips were shiny and extremely kissable. That, plus my classy black high heels should surely seal the deal for me I thought!

Just when I was about to surprise him from behind I saw that his arm was already wrapped around the neck of another girl which hit me like a flash.

Nervousness, embarrassment and anger shooting through my veins … I just wanted to vanish, to run away right now … I heard some faint voices behind me but didn’t keep any attention to them, just putting myself to rest, curled up on a park bench a little aside from the event, hardly ever able to notice their sounds anymore.

What just happened? Why did I run? Why did I suddenly care so much about someone I hardly knew? Did I play impossible to get again? I sighed, letting my head sink into my arms.

“That was just my Sister, Silly! ” my eyes popped and my sadness seemed to be swept away in just an instant as he leaned himself against my back whispering those words, his soft fingertips gently washing over my rosy cheeks. My resolve weakened as his big arms pressed the curled up me deep onto him, shyly meeting his gaze, my big blue eyes still a little misty

He leaned forward, cheek to cheek from behind, whispering “I knew you would come back!”

Those words rose my excitement, letting me smile again. A flutter of butterflies started to tingle through my stomach, he was suddenly quite bold and yet still very handsome, exuding a sudden confidence that only enhanced his sexy masculinity. Like a completely different aura than in public.

I hastily wiped my sweaty palms on my long silky legs, suppressing the flutter of nervousness that engulfed me.

If I pressed my butt into him, “Would I feel his hard-?” I wasn’t able to finish my thoughts because he then gently turned me towards him, his hands rested on my hips, willing my body deeper into his.

A hand ran up my arm, from elbow to shoulder, fingers tapping lightly along the way. His slightest touch had my body churning with need. The need to feel his hands all over my skin, sliding over my body, caressing. Stroking the burning ache deep inside. Awareness buzzed through my veins, my panties damp with my arousal.

“Would you like to get a little more private? ” he asked while I eyed his strong and muscular arms “That wouldn’t be smart of me, would it? What if you’re like canlı casino siteleri a creepy Ted Bundy trolling your next victim?”

Vince looked genuinely amused when he laughed “True, but a lot of people here know me, they could vouch for my good character, well at least that I’m not a serial killer, I guess we have to stay here then”

Damn, as if I wasn’t already feeling aroused by this guy, that searing look melted the panties right off me. “Oh and what would you suggest?” I asked curiously.

He turned silent for a moment before his eyes gleamed up and he whispered very softly into my ear.

“I’m going to make you purr for me tonight kitty” Hearing those words echoing in my head filled me with the excitement and adrenaline of my restless racing heart and yet a smirk ran over my rosy lips.

“If you can catch me that is!” I answered in a very seductive and persuasive manner, brushing my fingernails gently over his shirt. He responded by leaning close to me, his arm brushing softly against my straining nipple. I gasped as the contact and sent a jolt of arousal straight to my pussy, then I was blushing profusely.

“Oh God!” I had thought he was making a move but he was just reaching for some cables behind me pinned at the wall. Disappointment and embarrassment warred within me.

“Sorry, i was just checking the wiring!” he smirked back at me.

I pretended not to have noticed his devious tease and swiftly cat walked towards the audience again, throwing him one last suggestive look, crooking a finger at him to come after me, sweetly and encouraging him before disappeared in the crowd.

“Yes I was very stubborn, but…” I said to myself with a confident smile, “if he really wants me, he’ll come and find me.”

I made my way further through the people, walking my way through, feeling someone trying to grab my butt “See you’re not the only hottie here!” I sighed to myself, disappointed that I didn’t see him just yet, pushing my way through to the other side.

Endless minutes seemed to pass while I shifted my legs uncomfortably against each other, the doubt was rising with every passing moment, letting a long drawn out sigh part my lips.

Suddenly an arm slips around my shoulder, surprising me. I felt a hot breath behind me just moments later “I knew you would still be around here”

“What took you so long Vince?” I practically purred.

“Oh well, I don’t hunt, it’d be vulgar, I merely dance and enjoy to take my time” he chuckled.

In a quick and effortless manner he slipped a hand on the nape of my neck and traced his soft lips along my shoulder free silky skin and upwards to my neck, kissing and nibbling very lightly and yet enough to let my excitement swell in an instant as he moved further and further along my jaw line.

I could feel his warmth, his presence, his entire masculine body on my back, clouding my senses as he continued his trail along my wonderland! I was just so incredibly tempted to jump all over him but we were standing right in the middle of the crowd.

It was getting dark already, a wonderful starlit night, torches and candles were put all over the place. The stage headlights slightly dimmed to create a more romantic and intimate atmosphere. It was a blissful moment in which I closed my eyes, hearing all the people around me and feeling how my stagehand’s exploring hands moved further and further down, invading my dress, letting his fingertips run down the smooth and silky skin, admiring my slender curves…

I leaned my head back, meeting his fiery gaze and put a soft kiss on his cheeks.

“Mmmm … not here!” I whispered almost being brought to the point where I’d have given in to his temptations.

“Oh, my kitty is afraid of spectators?” he teased and slid his fingers over my tummy, gently caressing with one hand, the other reaching along my lower belly and around my inner thighs. A joyful prickling spreading over my nether regions, desperately hoping he wouldn’t notice my state of arousal through the already seeping black lingerie.

“Fine, he wanted to play, I’d be up for that!” I thought and let my small hands run behind my buttocks, starting over to massage his thighs while I began to rub my back into his groin, almost instantly noticing the rising bulge with a small smile.

“I like what I feel there, is it another Baguette? ” I smirked and started to shove my delicate fingers in between his jeans, drawing closer and closer to his erection with every single move

His breath on my neck got laboured and his strong hands started to teasingly pull on the edge of my string, just pushing it slightly down my ass cheeks, increasing my want even more, and igniting all my senses!

I could feel the gentle breeze of this warm summer night swooshing over me and causing shivery goose bumps to appear all over me. I bit down on my bottom lip, trying to stifle my moans, not wanting to give myself away in front of the crowd.

All those people that stood around us, breathing, watching, laughing, I wasn’t sure if anyone noticed but yet, it excited me immensely, the quickening breath of excitement, the pulse of the racing hearts. “Was it just mine or his as well?” I thought in my haze.

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