Fallen Angel – Seductive Angel Ch. 02

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Seductive Angel
Part II of the Fallen Angel Series

This is basically an erotic love story and of course all characters are over 21. It will definitely not start out as a love story, but it will get there. Please vote often (fives are most welcome) and of course please leave constructive comments.

PS — If you have fantasies, ideas, etc for new stories please let me know, that includes twists on existing stories, and I will see what I can do. Many of my stories have started out that way.

Chapter 2

Love is eternal. Love comes from God and returns to God. When we die, we will lose everything he gave us except love.


Scarlett flew back to her clouded sanctuary and mulled over what she had seen. Nothing in her earthly life had even come close to the scene she had just witnessed, and her sexual core was still vibrating with the flood of desire. She thought about the expressions on Anne’s face as Eoin devastated her body. The looks of awed surprise, wonderous and miraculous pleasure or the wild jubilation of continuous orgasms. Her body had been contorted into gut twisting, bone cracking and even violent cums that left rapturously pained looks on her face.

She had never come close to feeling anything like what Anne had tonight and right now she wanted too. She had always been the seductress and had gotten everything she wanted. But never had she even dreamed of orgasms that sent you into outer space or unglued your mind and twisted it away from the bliss in your body. As she thought about what she had seen, her hands began acting on a will of their own with one hand twisting her engorged nipples and the other rubbing her stiff clit.

Her mind’s eye was still remembering Eoin’s massive cock splitting Anne in half and taking his pleasure from her willing body. She saw her body twirling and squirming with the rapture that he poured into her mindless form as he fucked her with his enormous cock. His hands, fingers and mouth all found other places to drive her wild with passion she never dreamed of. But most of all she remembered all the surprised awe and blissful expressions on Anne’s face as she contorted from one pleasurable moment to the next.

As her mind’s eye replayed the wild passion she had just seen, her hands mimicked the crazy fiery bliss on her own body. She had orgasm after orgasm as her fingers tweaked her engorged clit, but nothing seemed to satisfy her voracious bodily needs. Finally, she quit and lay back on her cloudy sanctuary wondering what she could do to satisfy her now seemingly insatiable sexual appetites? She slowly drifted off to sleep.

Scarlett slowly awakened from her sexual coma only to realize that her nipples ached, and her pussy was gushing as someone played with her aroused body. She shook her head trying to shake the cobwebs from her lust fogged brain and as she stretched, she found her arms locked in manacles and attached to a spreader bar. Likewise, her legs were spread and locked in a spreader bar. She turned her head and saw her roommate, Lisa leaning over her sucking and tonguing her nipples.

Yesterday’s passion was suddenly alive and trembling inside Scarlett’s body. In her mind’s eye she could see herself bound to the spreader bars, naked with a room full of people watching. In her dreams it was Eoin teasing her lust ridden form as he prepared to skewer her with his massive cock. But, instead it was Lisa’s fingers that strummed her engorged clit and Scarlett’s breath quickened in anticipation. Lisa’s hand began to caress higher on her waist heading towards her breasts, while she leaned in and began to nibble Scarlett’s ear.

“Oh God.” Scarlett gasp as her body came alive with passionate hunger coursing through her body. Her legs trembled and she was finding it difficult to lay still with the quivering in her belly and the heat between her legs. Lisa stopped and whispered in a seductive passion laden voice. “Now let’s see what we have to work with.”

Scarlett lay compliant in the middle of her fleecy cloud as Lisa reached up with both hands lifting and caressing Scarlett’s breasts, with her forefinger and thumb she toyed with her nipples. She seductively whispered, “Oh my, these beauties are magnificent and real too. You are a beautiful angel and by the end of the day you’ll be one of the hottest angel’s in heaven.”

Scarlett barely heard any of these compliments. Lisa’s hands and fingers on her breasts and nipples were sending lightning bolts of fiery passion traveling through her body. Everything seemed to center in her yearning very wet pussy. Scarlett lay compliant as Lisa continued toying with her breasts and nipples. She closed her eyes and reveled in the feelings Lisa was giving her. She had never had another woman touch her like this, but oh God it felt so immoral, so wicked, and so incredibly good.

Lisa’s hands abandoned her breasts and then inspected Scarlett’s arms all the way to the leather manacles where she buckled her arms above her head. Lisa gave a subtle nod casino siteleri and then her hands went to play with her womanly hips caressing her undulating belly until she reached her womanly mound. Now Scarlett was laying completely naked and compliantly bound in the middle of her cloud. She hadn’t said a thing except for some gasping shuttering breaths and a couple of moans.

Lisa began to scrutinize her with her hands touching and caressing as she went, “Oh, I love your splendid breasts combine with your tiny waist this gives us lots to work with. Your legs are magnificent, firm toned and shapely and look at this ass, small and firm like a little boy’s butt. However, your hips and butt have magnificent womanly curves. You don’t have a big bubble butt and that is good because it would look out of place on you.”

Lisa stepped back appraising the innocent naked beauty bound in front of her and she nodded her head in acceptance. Scarlett was the perfect submissive so far and hadn’t uttered anything negative, only whimpers of pleasure. As Lisa looked at her lust laden eyes and she knew Scarlett was a rare innocent, inexperienced and natural submissive. Not to mention a stunningly gorgeous woman.

Lisa backed to the door, opened it and shouted, “George you’re up first and Candy come in here to figure out your color scheme.”

Scarlett had no idea what was going to happen, but the butterflies in her belly turned into massive anticipatory tremors. She was bound naked in the middle of her cloud and Lisa was inviting in others to view her. Her nipples hardened, her pussy gushed and goose bumps erupted all over her body. She stretched her form, trying to look more seductive, thrust out her breasts and sucked in her already flat tummy, wanting to wow the people coming into her cloud.

A small diminutive man swished into her cloud followed by a gorgeous woman that could have been Lisa’s sister. Both halted in front of Scarlett with their eyes devouring her naked displayed body. The woman was the first to speak as she muttered. “Oh my, she is deliciously stunning. Can we play with her?”

Both turned their heads and looked at Lisa. She nodded her head up and down, but then said. “Just a little, we have a tight schedule and make sure you leave some for me.” Lisa crossed her arms cradling her bountiful breasts and watched as her two underlings advanced on the exquisitely bewitching young woman bound in the middle of her cloud. She was anxious to see if she was as deliciously impassioned and wildly orgasmic as the Saint Peter had described.

Lisa turned to a control panel that magically appeared and flipped a switch turning on the video recorders. Next, she held a toggle switch in the up position and watched the spreader bars separate with Scarlett being stretched longer until her fingers and toes wiggled with erotic passion. In addition, she was levitated above her cloud leaving her stretched vertically and hanging in midair. Only then did Lisa stop her stretch by releasing the toggle switch.

Lisa leaned against a cloud watching as Candy latched onto Scarlett’s left nipple with her mouth. Lisa felt her hunger increase as she looked at the delectable morsel being buffeted by her minions. The stretch had forced gravity to elongate her already athletic body, leaving her abs thin and muscular. Scarlett’s breasts were lifted high on her chest with her ribs popping against her skin. Lisa thought she was beautiful before, but now she was sizzlingly erotic and she felt a yearning to ravish her. She held her passion in check and watched Scarlett writhe before the hungry mouths and fingers of her underlings.

As the two people entered her cloud Scarlett felt the same excitement she had yesterday when she discovered she was being watched by Eoin. When their ravenous eyes raked her skin, Scarlett’s breath locked in her chest as their and her hunger merged into a greedy torturous need. She saw their appetite showing in their eyes and being bound she couldn’t stop them. The smoldering fire in her loins flared into an inferno and being bound released her from her upbringing. She felt gluttonous desire griping her body and she knew she wanted to be their plaything as much as they did.

Scarlett swiveled her eyes to Lisa just as she gave consent for George and Candy to have some fun. Before Lisa had stopped nodding, she felt four hands and two mouths ravishing her heated flesh. Candy’s mouth and lips were mauling her breasts while her hands roamed freely over her belly and hips. George was digging through her hair as he kissed down her back and his hands were already caressing his ultimate goal, her succulent ass.

Scarlett had difficulty breathing as the white-hot erotic fire flowed through her. She gasps and mewled as several hands, fingers, mouths and lips seemingly bombarded her every part of her sensitive skin. She started to shake with unrequited passion and then she felt her body elongate as she was stretched and elevated. As Lisa held the switch Scarlett’s body was overextended with her slot oyna toes and fingers trying to accommodate her new position. This gave the amorous duo more overwrought and erogenous skin to devour.

Somehow hanging helplessly in the air made Scarlett feel more vulnerable and heightened her intoxicating ecstasy. Scarlett couldn’t close her eyes willing herself to watch Candy and George ravage her in the mirrors that suddenly appeared. However, they both had other thoughts as Candy began stroking her clit and George her brown star. No one had ever touched her asshole before, and she hadn’t even thought of that being an erotic part of her body until she had seen Eoin take Anne’s asshole.

Scarlett felt like a marionette with both of them stroking her erotic holes and she had no control as they tugged on her erotic strings. Scarlett’s eyes popped open as a jolt of electrical passion flashed through her body pushing her towards her orgasmic abyss. Her hair swirled in a golden cloud around her as she shook her head with the mind-altering lust taking control of her.

When Candy slid two fingers through her womanly lips and began thrusting inside her, Scarlett felt like she was on the crest of a tidal wave rushing towards an explosive void. Then Candy began slamming her palm into Scarlett’s clit with her fingers caressing her G-spot on every thrust and that was all it took. Scarlett’s body shattered magnificently as the tidal wave slammed her into an ocean of ecstasy. Her belly clinched spasmodically as she tried to curl into a fetal ball, but with her arms and legs stretched tightly all her stomach could do was knot in explosive bliss. Candy held her legs then continued to tease and drive her orgasm higher.

Scarlett jerked back and forth as wave after wave of feverish desire bombarded her tormented body. As Candy kept plunging her fingers in and out Scarlett’s throbbing quim, her lips kept mauling her nipples. George took advantage of Scarlett’s exquisite rapture and plunged his tongue into her brown star reaming her virgin hole. As Scarlett felt the tongue in her backside a high voltage jolt pounced on her already contorting body with chills running up her spine. Then George replaced his tongue with his finger sliding through her sphincter, into her colon and meeting Candy’s fingers inside Scarlett.

The dual assault in both her holes exploded in her head and Scarlett felt like she was losing her mind. No had ever touch her asshole and it was so dirty, so depraved and it thrilled her to the core. Now she a rough idea how Anne had felt when Eoin took her ass. For a brief second she looked up and saw Lisa’s hungry eyes devouring her and that was all it took to send Scarlett into an orgasmic paroxysm. Her body bucked and twisted rocking back and forth trying to unseat the fingers in her loins that were pushing her to the edge of sanity.

Lisa watched Scarlett’s surprised look of unexpected bliss crossing her face and with rapture showing on her face. Lisa though she was achingly gorgeous. She had lost all pretense and her face was showing the real, passionate and dazzlingly elegant woman that she had kept hidden from the world. For a moment Scarlett’s hard orgasmic spasm obscured her enraptured face as her swirling golden mass of hair created a cloud around her. Just as suddenly her wildly jubilant face reappeared with her hair swinging behind her. Her wings began fluttering behind her in a show of uncontrolled passion.

Scarlett’s eyes were wide open in disbelief and her mouth hung open as she silently screamed her rapture. Her mind was lost in bliss that eclipsed yesterday’s decadence, with her unseeing eyes lost in the sea of colorful erotic fireworks. The tendons on her arms and legs were popping against her skin as carnal shockwaves slammed her body. Her body was straining against her bonds as she alternately rejoiced in the bliss and then tried to get away from the overwhelming debauchery.

Lisa had enough and walked over to Scarlett pulling Candy’s fingers from her pussy, while George continued to ream her backside. She knelt in front of her and sucked her pussy into her mouth drinking the nectar from Scarlett’s gushing fountain. Her tongue and mouth hungrily devoured Scarlett’s essence like someone that had been lost in a desert. Scarlett was transported to a whole new level of paradise when her entire body locked in a rigid exultation of euphoria.

Scarlett thought she had lost her mind and body completely losing control of who she was. Euphoric tsunami after tsunami swept through her body leaving her drowning in an ocean of mindless enraptured sensations. She felt washed out to sea and she had no control of how she felt or where she went, she only knew she never wanted it to stop.

Lisa pulled back from Scarlett’s delicious nectar long enough to shout, “Enough”.

With that command Candy gave Scarlett’s diamond hard nipples one last lick and nibble and stepped back. Likewise, George pulled his finger from Scarlett’s sphincter giving her cheeks and dark hole a last canlı casino siteleri nibble and lick, rising to stand and walking in front of her. Meanwhile Lisa sucked Scarlett’s succulent pussy lips back into her mouth for one last taste and then began kissing her way up Scarlett’s shaking body.

After kissing across her concave and quivering belly she arrived at her wobbling breasts and hard petulant nipples still shiny from Candy’s saliva. Lisa had a difficult time nibbling on Scarlett’s nipples, because hard gasping breaths were forcing her breasts to sway and bob invitingly. After she paid attention to Scarlett’s seductive nipples, Lisa stood looking into Scarlett’s blissful face partially obscured by her golden hair.

With her hands she parted Scarlett’s hair tucking it behind her ears and now her she could stare into Scarlett’s gloriously devastated face. Scarlett’s eyes were only now starting to clear of the lusty light show, but her mouth was wide open gasping and trying to catch her breath. Lisa took advantage of that starting by nibbling on her lips and then drove her tongue into Scarlett’s mouth dueling with Scarlett’s tongue.

The triple assault that had sent Scarlett rocketing into space quietly ended with first her nipples, then her ass and finally her pussy devoid of any stimulation. As she felt the fog of lust start to clear she felt Lisa kissing up her belly and breasts and it felt soft and sensual in contrast to the previous wild jubilation. Through her passionate fog Scarlett could see Lisa’s face coming towards hers. When her lips touched hers Scarlett’s breath caught in her chest.

Never had she been kissed so softly, so sensually and it took what little breath she had away. Then Lisa’s tongue demanded entry into her mouth and Scarlett joyfully accepted it and for the first time tasted her own essence still clinging to Lisa’s lips. She tasted sweet and tangy and she loved the favor as it enveloped her tongue. Then Lisa’s tongue began to dominate her mouth and she forgot about the taste, reveling in the passion it ignited.

Lisa slowly disengaged from the kiss and stared into Scarlett’s ravaged face. Lisa knew what the plans were for Scarlett and her heart softened, because here was a very special young lady. She was ravishingly gorgeous, wildly passionate, softly innocent and untouched in many ways. Lisa knew Scarlett was just discovering who she was and where she was going. All of that will soon be taken away and she felt her heart ache for what she will soon have to endure.

Lisa nodded her head and Candy toggled the switch lowering Scarlett into Lisa’s arms. She unbuckled Scarlett’s arms helping her gather her shaky legs underneath her. Lisa looked into passionate eyes, gently kissed Scarlett on the lips and said, “Now we begin”.

George and Candy surrounded her and held Scarlett’s arms as they steered her to a section of the cloud that seemed to appear from nowhere to begin the preparations. George was the hair stylist and after wetting it, began to cut her hair, leaving it long and luxurious tapering it to the middle of her back. Mostly he cut around her face to frame and highlight her beautiful eyes, her rosy cheeks, sharp cheek bones and full pouting lips. When he was finished cutting, he washed, dried and curled her hair.

Scarlett hadn’t planned on the wild passion or the hair styling when she came to cloudy sanctuary, but she was stunned when she saw the results. Her face still had her orgasmic glow, but her hair framed and highlighted all the best features of her face. Scarlett knew this was easily the best her hair ever looked, and she felt more beautiful than ever.

Candy was the makeup expert, but not just with her face. When George finished Candy took over experimenting with oils, emulsions and body makeup. She kept blending and trying colors until was happy with the color and effects on Scarlett’s skin. She took out a razor and made sure her under arms, legs and loins were all free of hair. Candy rubbed moisturizer over Scarlett’s entire body starting with her legs, then over her hips, ass and belly. Finally, she covered Scarlett’s breasts, shoulders, arms and neck. Scarlett had no idea why Candy was doing this, but it was soft, sensual and she was tingling all over by the time she was done.

Candy rubbed oil over her arms, legs, belly and back and then began her special body make-up. She started applying her special skin solution to her legs and worked her way over her body. Scarlett watched with rapped attention as her skin was being transformed into this satiny, flawless expanse of sensuous purity. Only Scarlett’s erotic goose bumps interrupted Candy’s flawless creation.

When Candy was finished her entire body had been pampered, massaged, her skin softened and reinvented. As Candy stood her in front of a 3-way mirror, Scarlett couldn’t believe this was her. Her skin was a slight shade darker, but every blemish or flaw had been erased. Her skin had a satiny polished look and she thought she looked like a living doll. The lady in the mirror was incredibly beautiful, regal, majestic and Scarlett was astounded that this was her. She looked in the mirror to the side and saw Candy, George and Lisa all watching her and smiling broadly like proud new parents.

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