A Secret Fetish Ch. 01

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When teaching a section of my favorite class, “Modern Erotic Literature”, I noticed a guy in the back of the room acting strangely.

He was in obvious discomfort, and I wondered why. It was during the lecture where I discuss fetish stories. Students find it a revelation.

The first thing I usually do is define “shemale” tales:

” ‘Shemale’ is a hardcore adult writing term, often used with derogatory connotations, usually for a pre-operative male-to-female transsexual. The usual shemale audience is male.”

The male student in the back of the room didn’t react to that statement.; that wasn’t what made him squirm. He wasn’t a shemale, but what was bothering him?

Then I defined “crossdressers.”

“Crossdressers wear clothes of the opposite sex. For example, female crossdressers dress like men. Male crossdressers dress like women.”

He squirmed when I defined crossdressers.

A woman in the first row raised her hand and asked a question.

“Is it easy to spot male crossdressers? I would notice a guy who wears a dress.”

“Good point, ” I said. “But most male crossdressers wear women’s underwear, such as panties, under their usual clothes. They can be very hard to spot.”

I added one more thing. “By the way, many straight women are attracted to male crossdressers. I’m not sure why, but that’s what statistics show.”

After class the man approached me and said “That was a fascinating lecture, Miss Longwood. Do you have time to talk to me about it?”

“Your name?” I asked.

“Richardson, Steve Richardson.”

“I have time now, before my afternoon schedule. Come with me to my office, Steve.”

He followed me to my office. After I opened the door, I pointed to the chair in front of my desk and waited until he was seated there, facing me.

“What do you want to talk about?”, I asked.

“This is hard to discuss, a secret that I’ve had for a long time, and it’s been driving me crazy. I want to tell you about it, but don’t know if it’s OK to talk to about something like that.”

“What’s your secret?”


Now I knew what troubled him. He was good at it: I had no idea that he wore panties and maybe even a bra under his outer clothes.

My heart started to pound. I’d never met a male crossdresser before in person, but here was one sitting in my office.

He has his secret fetish, and I have mine.

I’m a lesbian, which nobody at work knows. It turns me on to meet a woman who packs a strap-on under her clothes. I dream of meeting a woman like that, who will fuck me with her strap-on.

A guy who dresses like a woman is very much like what I dream of meeting – a woman with a big dick! I didn’t tell him that, but he was getting me very hot “Can you tell me more?” I asked. “This is in the strictest confidence. Feel free to tell me anything.”

He relaxed and then simply said, “I’m wearing panties now.”

I samsun escort had no fucking idea what to say, so I asked a stupid question, “What kind of panties are you wearing?”

“Black lace.”

Now I squirmed in *my* seat, because the image of a guy sitting there across from me, wearing black lace panties, turned me on.

Then I asked another question.

“Are you wearing a bra?”

“Not today, but I often wear a bra to go with my panties.”

This was crazy, I figured, calmly discussing his underwear with Steve. But I was so aroused that I had to ask him something else.

“Do you want to talk to me about this some more? I have free time tonight at my place close to campus.”

“Gee, thanks, I would like to tell you how much I’ve been embarrassed since I was a little kid by the urge to wear panties. That’s nice of you.”

I wrote my address on a piece of paper and handed it to him, saying “Be there at eight o’clock. I’ll have some pizza delivered at that time. OK with you?”

He said it was OK and left my office.

What the hell had I done?

It was against school policy to fraternize with students. Moreover, I didn’t know what would happen with a guy with his problem.

Suddenly, his problem had become my problem!

At home I straightened out the furniture, put in an order for pizza at eight o’clock, and then showered.

What to wear after the shower? I looked through my panty drawer, wondering if he was doing the same thing. Did he have a panty drawer, and what was in that drawer?

I shook my head to clear away such thoughts and picked a black French-cut stretch panty, the sexiest thing in my panty drawer, and a bra to match.I’d never worn that bra before, after buying it on impulse. It’s more risqué than my usual style, with a cutout that shows my nipples.

He was on time. Steve was wearing a nice suit and carrying a bouquet of flowers.

“For you, ” he said.

“That’s sweet of you, ” I said and kissed his cheek. He stepped back from the kiss, as if wondering what the deal was.

I wanted to see him in panties, but not until later that evening.

So, I just smiled at him, as if greeting a male visitor who wears panties is my usual behavior.

We made polite small talk before the pizza arrived. I was dying to see him in panties, but figured it was too soon for that.

Finally, after we’d finished the pizza and he was sipping wine with me, I figured he was ready to show me what I wanted most to see: his panties.

I tried to sound very matter-of-fact when I popped the question.

“Steve, are you wearing panties tonight?”

He gulped, then answered, “Yeah, I am.”

“Will you show them to me?”

“Uh..I’m embarrassed, Miss Longwood.”

“Call me Pat, Steve. Can you do that?”

“I guess so…Pat. I haven’t shown them to anyone else.”

I hesitated, then decided to tell him what urfa escort I’d been thinking of since he first mentioned that he wore panties, “Steve, show me your panties! I’m a professional and can help you get over being embarrassed.”

He hesitated, then stood and looked at me, as if he needed more guidance.

“Do it!” I said, in my strongest voice. “Don’t keep me waiting, Steve!”

He undid his belt and dropped his pants for me.

It seemed bizarre, and very erotic, to me. Steve wore fancy red lace panties. There was a bulge in the panties; he was as excited as I.

Then I remembered something he’d said about dressing as a woman.

“Steve, are you wearing a bra now?”

“Yeah, ” replied.

“Let me see the bra!” I was getting impatient and aroused. “Do it!”

He unbuttoned his shirt slowly, revealing a black French-cut lace bra, as erotic as bras ever get.

“What the hell is filling the bra?” I asked. “You don’t have breasts, do you?” He laughed and answered, “No I don’t have breasts! All I did was stuff newspapers into the cups.”

“Steve, can I put lipstick on you?”

“What the fuck is that for, Miss Longwood?”

“Can you remember to call me Pat?”

“Yeah, Pat. What’s the bit with lipstick?”

“I think you will look really nice if you use lipstick, in addition to the panties. That would be a problem at school, but here, in my place, you can dress and use makeup any way that turns you on. Let me put lipstick on you.”

I didn’t tell him that I wanted to kiss his mouth, stick my tongue into it, then undress him.

That would come later. I was hot to seduce him, more than I’ve ever felt for another man, or even a woman.

“OK, he said, “but I still don’t know why you want to do that.”

I rummaged in my purse, pulled out lipstick, and proceeded to make him look very feminine.

Then I kissed him/her on the mouth. That surprised me as much as it did him, but I’d lost control of the situation and was following my instincts.

In my mind, he was a combination of a woman and a man, and he turned me on.

His cock was quite obvious because of a bulge in the panties. He had a big cock, for sure.

I almost asked him to slowly remove the panties for me, performing a private “strip show.” But it was far too soon for that.

All I said was, “Steve, that’s very nice. How long have you been doing this sort of thing?”

“Since I was a teenager. But you’re the only person I’ve shown my panties to.”

I squeezed my thighs together when he removed the panty, revealing a long, thick cock. Although I’d been prepared for something like that, it still shook me to see it appear, so impressive and standing out as if inviting me to grab it.

Which was what I did.

I stroked his cock until it got so big that I just had to suck him off.

As I did that he said, “Keep that up, slut. You’re a hot bitch, MissLongwood.” sinop escort That struck me as so funny that I raised my head from his dick and said, “Steve, you don’t have to call me ‘Miss Longwood’ when having sex. My first name is ‘Pat’, short for ‘Patricia’.

“Pat, put your mouth back down to my cock; I’m about to come.”

I sucked him off until he came. We lay there afterwards, relaxed and thoroughly enjoying what had just happened. Then he spoke.

“Pat, what’s with you and a guy like me to wears panties?”

“I’ve been sexually aroused whenever the topic of crossdressers came up. But I never acted on that feeling until today.

It’s been a great experience, and I want to continue seeing you. But remember we can’t let anyone at school know about our sexual involvement. Can I trust you not to blab about this to anyone?”

“I won’t say anything, cross my heart. I have another question for you?”

“What is it?”

“I have lots of panties and some bras at my place. I could give you a private show. How about it?”

He had hit upon my favorite fantasy! Of course I accepted.

“Steve, I’d like to do that. Sounds great.”

“I have another question, if you don’t mind.”

“Go ahead, ” I replied.

“I have a fantasy involving women’s lingerie. Can I tell it to you?”

“Go ahead, tell me about your fantasy.”

“I’m in the lingerie section of a store, with a woman friend. She helps me pick out different items and goes back with me to the dressing room when I try them on. It is the hottest thing I can imagine!”

“That’s very erotic. I’m quite willing to help you do it in real life. In the meantime, we can go to your place and enjoy the private show. If you lead the way in your car, I’ll follow you in mine.”

He put on the private show for me. It was amazing!

He disappeared into his bedroom, then came out to show me his lingerie. Steve had all sorts of panties, as well as bras.

“How do you like them?” he asked after the show.

“It’s hard to chose, but I think the black thong panty and the matching black leather-and-lace bra are really good.”

“You really like them?”

I heard myself saying something that was completely different from anything I’ve ever said to a guy:

“Yes, I like them so much so that I feel like raping you!”

“You don’t have to rape me, ” he said. I’ll do whatever you want me to do.

The idea of having Steve fuck me was so arousing that I quickly peeled off my clothes, down to my panties and stockings.

He liked what I was wearing, “You’re beautiful in those panties, and the sheer black stockings are sexy as hell!”

We embraced and kissed. He had his hands on my ass and held me real tight. I felt his cock poking at me.

I led him into my bedroom by his cock, then pulled him into the bed with me. We fucked for an hour, then fell asleep, completely exhausted.

In the morning I made breakfast for us. After that, I sent him on his way because I had papers to grade.

Nobody at school knows what we do at my apartment. If they were to find out I’d be fired.

I’m looking forward to helping him shop for more panties and bras.

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