Feminine Fate Fulfilled Ch. 03

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The following day was the last day off we all had, tomorrow we would all have to go back to school or college, or work in Max’s case. And speaking of Max, this seemed to be the best opportunity to ask him, to ask THEM, about…. well, a blowjob. Sarah and Eric were still here and I was not exactly sure whether I wanted them to hear it. It was one thing to be groped by your friend, but talking about giving a blowjob in his presence… Two weeks ago such a thought would have never crossed my mind, but today I did not really care much, if Sarah and Eric heard it. That was supposed to be fun and they were our friends, so we should have our fun with them.

In the morning I again put on a tank top and yoga pants, with a simple thong underneath. Just a quick reminder that my booty was full and fit, and could compete with the gym thots of Instagram. I was fully aware of that feature of mine and I even enjoyed watching my derriere in the mirror. That part of my body received all the attention it deserved, everyone including Emily patted my buttocks as we greeted before the breakfast.

The conversation during the meal somehow managed to remain neutral, even though all three pairs had had a rather exciting night; Dani and I were about to spoil that ‘neutrality’.

“Emily…” I started in an uncertain voice “Max. Dani and I were thinking…”

“We have an idea…” Dani tried to assist me, but was equally uncertain “it might sound a bit crazy, more than a bit…”

“What would you say” it was my turn to interrupt “if I, meaning Sylvia, sucked Max’s cock?”

Emily’s eyes went wide with astonishment, but her shocked expression was immediately softened by a grin. But before she said anything Max spoke:

“Yeah, sure!”

He was startled by his own enthusiasm and the following shameful expression made him look hilarious; Emily burst out in laughter, when she saw it, we joined her, but in a rather confused fashion. When she calmed down she finally said:

“My little sis is trying to steal my boyfriend, huh?” she winked.

“When you put it that way, it sounds as if I’m trying to do exactly that” I winked back.

“I’d assist Sylvia” Dani added.

“Would you suck Eric next?” Sarah joined the conversation.

Everyone looked at her with a shocked expression, including Eric.

“Sure” Dani was the one to answer.

“Hereby I announce a blowbang!” exclaimed Emily and we all burst out into laughter.

Our approach to the unusual topic was clumsy and awkward, but at least we managed to break the ice. We talked about it for a longer while and eventually came to an agreement. With Dani’s assistance I would suck off both guys, their girlfriends would not mind, Sarah was even enthusiastic about the whole idea. The thought of giving a blowjob to Eric felt different, Max was just my sister’s boyfriend, Eric was a close friend. But somehow acting out the Sylvia persona made me feel a lot less uncomfortable about it. Our relationship could change, but I did not expect it to become too awkward, not with all the girls willingly participating in the entire experience.

Emily suggested that while the guys can simply be naked, the girls should dress appropriately for the occasion. For Dani and me she picked bodystockings, this time mine would be black and hers white. To become as feminine as possible I wore the glued-on breasts forms, to keep them in place I had a sexy black lacy bra. My cock would not be tucked this time, femininity or not I wanted to enjoy this experience as much as possible; my penis would just be covered by a black lacy thong, it and the bra were a set. On top of it all came the black patterned bodystocking, it had long sleeves but was crotchless. Sexy red pumps on fifteen centimetre tall stilettos completed my outfit. Emily painted my lips with a bright red “blowjob proof” lipstick. For Dani my sister had a similar outfit, only white, her heels were pink. My girlfriend decided to be bold and not wear a bra under the bodystocking; maybe she wanted to take some attention away from me? I did not mind sharing the ‘stardom’.

While we dressed we also told my sister the kinky part of our yesterday’s activities – the cum-swallowing. She was obviously astonished, but not nearly as shocked as one could expect. The wicked smile with which she replied “Naughty, naughty” clearly suggested that she did not disapprove of our behavior, quite the opposite. Apparently the kinky tendencies run in our family.

Emily and Sarah dressed for the part as well, they wore lacy bras with matching panties and sheer stockings attached to suspender belts; to keep things colourful my sister’s set was red and Sarah’s blue. The girls also had sexy heels; Emily’s wardrobe was surprisingly abundant in sexy clothes. When everyone was properly dressed, or undressed, we could finally begin.

Boys complimented our outfits as they shamelessly ogled our bodies, they paid additional attention to Dani’s breasts which were covered only be the thin patterned mesh. sakarya escort Max sat on the couch in the salon, Emily was right next to him. I was kneeling on the floor in front of the man, with Dani by my side; the carpet was reinforced by several pillows to ensure our comfort. Sarah and Eric were sitting on the other couch which was relocated, so they could observe the entire scene. My sister’s boyfriend not only was few years older than us, but also quite athletic, this caused him to look even more manly in comparison. While we had been dressing up he and Eric were told to shave their public areas clean, so now his skin in that region was smooth and delicate. What obviously caught my attention the most was his manhood; I was not ashamed of the size of my own cock by any means, but I was a grower, in its flaccid state my penis looked relatively small. Max’s cock, even soft as it was now, looked really impressive, as did his testicles.

I took his balls in one palm and the shaft in the other; I softly licked the head, it twitched gently. I kissed the head, then licked it again, I fondled his testicles lightly too; the cock slowly began to grow. Dani was hugging me the entire time and caressing my nylon covered skin, that combined with the blowjob which I was giving caused my own penis to get slightly hard as well. I was convinced that pretty soon the lacy thong would not be able to contain my excitement. Emily was also hugging her man and caressing his naked chest, so was Sarah; everyone’s eyes were focused on Max’s crotch, his cock and my lips.

The smell was mostly cosmetics that the man had used during and after the shave, but it was the taste that, apart from obviously the touch, delivered all the new sensations. Swallowing my own cum yesterday or tasting myself on Dani’s lips were not even close to licking someone else’s cock. The taste was not bad, but it was not good either, it was a pure novelty and like all novelties it required getting used to. I planned to do exactly that, I licked the entire head not as softly this time, then I licked my own lips and wrapped them around the head. I had even less experience at giving blowjobs than at getting ones, but I tried to do what I thought would bring myself pleasure; judging from the cock’s reactions I was on the right path. I wrapped my lips tightly around the head, the licked the tip, I could feel the shaft growing and hardening in my palm, it was becoming a real monster.

I kept my lips wrapped tightly around the head and moved the back and forth few times, I tried to maintain the licking, but apparently such coordination requires more practice. Nevertheless Max’s breathing intensified and got louder. I continued to suck him like that for awhile, sometimes I switched to licking. At one point I pulled my head back for a short rest, it was then that Dani decided to join in. She placed her lips on one side of the head of the penis and shaped them like for a kiss. I needed a moment to understand her intentions, but quickly I smiled and kissed her. The head of Max’s cock remained between our lips and was licked by both our tongues as they tried to touch one another. This time Max even groaned, so we continued our unusual kiss for awhile. Eventually we stopped, Dani returned to my side and renewed the caressing of my body.

By that time my own penis had managed to create a wet stain on the front of my thong, then it grew harder and escaped from the panties. My girlfriend slid her hand down my body and between my legs, she began to gently stroke my cock. Although “stroke” might be too strong of a word, her fingers softly caressed the strained skin of the cock barely touching it. I was not sure whether Dani fully realised it, but she was teasing the hell out of me; this only caused me to focus more on Max’s cock.

I once again licked the head, then wrapped my lips tightly around it and took it into my mouth. I sucked in for a moment, but then tried to take it deeper; reaching the entrance to my throat turned out to be the limit. There were still many centimetres of Max’s cock left to swallow, but apparently deepthroating was a skill that needed to be acquired; I decided to leave that lesson for another time and focus on the things that I could do.

My left palm resumed to fondle Max’s sizeable balls, while my right one stroked his thick shaft, my lips and tongue focused on the fat head. The man’s breathing became heavier and random moans escaped his lips more often; clearly I was doing a good job and that realization made me feel strangely proud. I found a stable rhythm and while it might not have been a top class cock sucking, from Max’s reaction I gathered it was satisfactory enough. My own approach changed as well, I no longer noticed the taste, although I did not like it yet either, I was genuinely enjoying the activity overall. Of course Dani’s presence and the constant caressing of my nylon covered skin were an immense factor. My own cock remained hard the entire izmir escort time and kept leaking precum, but my girlfriend made sure to keep her touch gentle enough, so that I would not be pushed over the edge. I have no idea how much it lasted, I became completely lost in the blowjob, I even forgot that Emily was still sitting right next to Max, not to mention Sarah and Eric. It was Emily’s voice that broke me out of the trance.

“Stop” she said in a soft, but resolved tone.

I pulled my head back, but kept my palms on the balls and cock, I raised my eyes up at Emily in a questioning look. Instead of answering she got off the couch and knely by my side, then she took off her bra.

“Here” she simply said as she pointed her firm breasts at the cock.

I quickly understood her intention and realized that the kinkiness was our family trait. I aimed the cock at her chest and resumed the stroking, more vigorously this time. Emily must have recognized Max’s signs perfectly, because moments later his huge cock erupted with a thick stream of semen. I was sure he had emptied his balls yesterday, but apparently they were as productive as they were large. Shot after shot of white cum landed on Emily’s chest. I kept stroking Max’s cock the entire time to make sure, that I would get every drop out of him. Finally the last weakest shot dripped onto my palm, Dani took my hand and began to lick it clean, I did the same to Max’s penis. Only when we were done with these we turned our attention to Emily.

My sister looked as if someone had poured a small glass of cum over her chest, her breasts, the cleavage, all of it was covered with thick cum. Dani and I eagerly proceeded to clean it, we shared Emily’s chest equally. She moaned when our tongues and lips touched her soft skin, Sarah and Eric gasped in shock, but also in anticipation. There was a lot of semen to lap up, Dani and I took our time, as Emily continued to proudly push forward her beautiful breasts. Licking my own sister’s boobs was another level of kinkiness, but at that point I did not mind; neither did my cock, it remained hard even though Dani stopped touching it for the time. Our lips and tongues leisurely roamed over Emily’s smooth skin gathering the tasty semen, occasionally we would stop to kiss.

When finally the last drop of cum had disappeared from my sister’s chest we shared a longer more passionate kiss, our tongues mingled inside of our mouths and our hands roamed over one another’s bodies. When our lips parted we were not given the chance to rest, Emily wanted to thank us in the only appropriate way available in such circumstances, by kissing. Kissing my sister did not seem to be a larger taboo, after I had just licked her breasts, but I felt a little uncertain when our lips touched. And that was not a half-hearted sisterly kiss either, she also used her tongue; she even slid her hand between my legs and touched my cock, but did not proceed beyond the mere touch. Dani was next, watching them kiss was an incredibly arousing sight, they were both so beautiful and so similar, and while neither of them was even bisexual they were genuinely enjoying that particular kiss.

There was one more participant of the blowjob that remained unkissed, the most important one, Max. Even though I was still Sylvia and had just sucked his cock, I did not feel like kissing a man, at least not yet; somehow that felt even more intimate. But I did lean towards his softening cock and laid a kiss on its head, I maintained eye contact with him the entire time. Emily was the one who then took care of Max’s lips. Their lips parted few moments later, so we could proceed to the next man in the room – Eric. He and Sarah sat on the place that had been occupied by my sister and her boyfriend, the previous participants went to the spectator’s couch.

If I had had any reservations about sucking Eric’s cock, they were all gone by now. The first experience turned out to be amazing and my own arousal had grown considerably, I simply wanted to suck the penis that was in front of me, it did not bother me that it belonged to my friend. Eric’s cock was semi-erect already and no-one had touched it at all yet. I bet it must have required a lot of willpower not to stroke himself, as he had been watching me suck Max off. But if wanted to prolong his own blowjob, he had to refrain from touching himself. I estimated that my friend’s penis was of similar size as mine.

I proceeded in a similar fashion as with Max, I repeated the same moves, although tried some new things as well or changed minor details. I was only beginning to learn how to give a blowjob, but I was an ambitious student and a quick learner. I noticed which spots were the most responsive and how to properly touch a cock to deliver maximum pleasure. I again tried to take the cock into my throat, but this time it also ended with a failure; that skill would require additional lessons.

Eric’s penis quickly got fully hard and mersin escort it indeed seemed to be about the same size as mine, the average cock size in our room was way above medium. Dani and I again performed the cock-kiss and made occasional breaks to kiss each other. I do not know whether Eric lasted longer or shorter than Max, once again I lost the sense of time flow. The second blowjob was just as enjoyable for me as the first one, Dani made sure to keep me almost on the edge the entire time. If her caress of my cock were any stronger I was sure I would have came by then already.

Sarah wanted to repeat Emily’s action, she also stopped me, took off her bra and joined us on the floor. Her knowledge of her man’s reactions was not as good as my sister’s though, so I had to suck him for few more moments, before he eventually shot his load over her chest; it was not as voluminous as Max’s, but there still was a lot for Dani and me to lick. Playing with Sarah’s breasts, kissing her and watching her kiss my girlfriend was even more enjoyable than doing all that with my sister; she and Eric had clearly tremendously enjoyed the experience as well.

Both man had shot their loads which were consumed, but there still was one more cock that craved for a release – mine. Obviously after all the teasing Dani would not abandon me, it was my turn to sit on the couch and spread me legs. I had been on the edge for a long time, so it was no surprise that I came within barely a minute. My girlfriend sucked every drop out of my balls, but did not swallow it, instead she gather my load inside of her mouth. Before she managed to kiss me and snowball the mouthful to me, she was interrupted by Sarah; apparently our friend wanted to channel her inner kinky self as well. The girls kissed passionately and swapped my cum while doing so, it seemed that Sarah was the one who swallowed the majority of semen. When the kiss ended Dani looked shocked, but did not voice any complaints; I was not going to protest either.

That was not the end of our little orgy though, merely half of it. After all neither of the ‘real’ girls had not climaxed yet, more oral work was necessary to deal with that issue. One problem arose immediately – who should lick whom? Should we scramble up the pairs or maintain them? In order to avoid unnecessary lengthy conversation we decided to let the fate make the choice for us. I covered my eyes and the three girls sat on the couch, then with my eyes still blindfolded I was supposed to choose – right, left or center. I picked center and it turned out that the fate wanted me to cross another taboo barrier, Emily was sitting there; so after her breasts I was going to lick her Holiest of Holies. I was confused as one might expect, but I had no intentions of contesting the fate’s choice. And since I had only recently had an orgasm one could say, that it was a conscious decision. To keep all pairs scrambled Eric would lick Dani and Max would take care of Sarah; everyone seemed satisfied with their partner, even Emily.

The girls obviously took off their panties, which left Dani in only the crotchless bodystocking, Sarah and Emily – in stockings and suspenders. I got down to my knees and became even more aware of what I was about to do, not that I had second thoughts. Max and Eric did the same on my sides, they seemed eager to please not-their-girlfriends with their tongues. Last night with my girlfriend did not make me an expert pussy licker by any means, I was pretty sure that my sister had a far greater experience at receiving cunnilingus; it soon turned out that she was willing to share it. When my tongue first touched her pussy, she issued a soft moan, later on she never sounded unsatisfied, but kept giving me advice. Where to move my tongue, how much pressure to apply, when and where to add fingers and most importantly how to rub the clit. Her voice was soft and quiet, occasionally interrupted by a moan, when I correctly executed her advice.

I imagined that it might have been slightly distracting to other pairs, but no-one voice a protest; I even had a feeling that Eric was following Emily’s directions as well. Our little orgy was not only a incestuous perversion, but also an educational enterprise. I never forgot that I was licking my own sister’s pussy, her voice constantly reminded me of that, but with each passing moment I cared less. Eventually all girls were softly moaning with genuine pleasure, but Emily kept giving me advice, but as time went on they became less often.

Sarah was the first to climax, Max’s superior skill and experience were undeniable, she issued a soft high-pitched cry followed by several louder groans; Max knew how to prolong the sensation and maximize the pleasure. Thanks to my sister’s advice the other two girls orgasmed not that much later, they came at the same time. It might have been caused by the fact that Eric and I were following the same directions or maybe Dani and Emily created a sisterly bond of sorts over the last fortnight. Their orgasms were slightly louder than Sarah’s, but neither of them was a screamer. My sister stopped giving any advice, so I continued along the path she had set earlier. Her body trembled in a way that was not so much different from Dani’s climax yesterday, it seemed that there were more similarities between the two of them.

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