Race Play Ch. 07

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Theresa Brown is the name. I’m the Director of Athletics at Harris College, a historically black school named after the late E. Lynn Harris, a world-famous African-American author. The school opened its doors in 2011. Two years after the death of the legendary Black writer it’s named after. And I’m at the helm of its sports department. I run a tight ship and I can’t stand those who don’t march to my beat.

Harris College has twenty three hundred students, fifty six percent of which are of African-American descent. Most of them hail from the Greater Atlanta area. Under my leadership, we added quite a few varsity teams and created an intercollegiate athletics department that would have done the Founders proud. We compete in Men’s football, baseball, basketball, cross country, swimming, soccer and golf along with Women’s softball, rugby, gymnastics, soccer, swimming, cross country, cheerleading, volleyball and golf. Our sports teams are NCAA Division Three because we can’t afford to give away athletic scholarships. We’re a small college after all.

A lot of people were surprised when men from the top college athletics programs across America were bypassed during the selection process as Harris College sought its Athletics Director. I got the job because I’m a tough person. I graduated from Spelman College in 1999 with a bachelor’s degree in business. I earned my MBA from Georgia State University in 2002. I worked for a sports management firm in Atlanta and some of our clients included men from the Atlanta Falcons professional football team. I know the world of professional and college sports. I know how to handle the movers and shakers. That’s why I got the job. Not because of racial or gender politics. Don’t believe what the haters say.

The power of an athletics director in the world of college sports is quite extensive. Seriously. We control the fates of the colleges where we work. And student-athletes, especially those about to turn professional, definitely know this. I wield my power the right way. I’ve always believed it’s better to be feared than to be loved. The way I see it, love can fade away after a while but fear will always remain. People fall out of love all the time. Those same people remain afraid of the dark, or spiders, long after they Escort Maltepe stopped loving someone. That’s why this is my policy. I think we should all look out for number one in this world because people can’t be trusted. Male or female, black or white, people will always betray you in the end.

I’ve dated women and men. Across racial and gender lines, I find my playthings. Yes, I’m bisexual. As a six-foot-one, lean and muscular Black woman in my thirties, I look really good. I’ve got a pretty face, nice tits, good body and a big round ass. Men and women like what they see when they look at me. I’ve been called a Black Amazon more times than I can count. I kind of like it. I’ve always been tough and I like to dominate my lovers. I don’t care what color they are or what gender they are. If they’re going to be with me, they need to realize that I’m going to call the shots. This is my world. This is my life. I’m the goddess and you’re my pawn. It’s not negotiable.

Recently, I was approached by this blonde-haired, gay white chick named Amanda Wrapping. She’s from the Republic of South Africa. I can’t stand white people from South Africa. For centuries they made my black brothers and sisters from South Africa suffer through the nightmare of Apartheid. It’s been less than twenty years since black men and black women became the rightful rulers of South Africa and white people think we’ve forgiven them and forgotten what they did. I can’t stand that kind of thought.

One of my friends works in the anthropology department of Harris College. Tamara Brown is her name. She is a tall, pretty black woman who’s unfortunately one hundred percent heterosexual. She travels all over the world and tells me that the number of white people worldwide is dropping. In Europe, white men and white women are simply not making many more of themselves. Even in the city of London in England, it’s predicted that the African, Asian and Arab immigrants will soon outnumber the white residents of the city. A lot of people from all over the world are worried by this. I don’t think this is cause to worry. I’m not fond of the imperialists and I think people of color should wield the power on our world. They’ve had power for far too long. The future of humanity looks very colorful as opposed to pale and stale. And I like it.

In the United States of America, progress has been made. Many black people and others have risen to political and economic power. The President of the United States is a black man. The Governor of New York is a black man. The Governor of Massachusetts is a black man. The Chairman of the Republican Party is a black man. Several towns in America have African-American Mayors and African-American Chiefs of Police. Quite a few corporations have African-American CEOs. I like the sound of that. Of course, the racists in this country are constantly lashing out at black men and black women in high places. They feel that we’ve come too far and accomplished too much. They’d love to slow us down. But they can’t. We’re winning.

In America, white men and white women will soon be the minority. People of Hispanic, Asian and African-American descent will soon become the country’s majority. And I really like that. Let people of color become the rulers and shot callers of tomorrow’s America. That’s the kind of change this strong black woman can believe in. That’s why I run the Harris College intercollegiate athletics department with an iron fist. My way of balancing the universe.

Anyhow, where was I? I was about to tell you about Amanda Wrapping, the young white woman from the Republic of South Africa. Like a lot of gay white women, she’s got a thing for strong black women. Why do so many white lesbians have jungle fever? White lesbians are so racist it’s not even funny. They give women of color funny looks when we visit lesbian bars and other queer gathering places. Yet many of them secretly lust after us. I can’t stand these witches. And I love to show them who’s boss.

Amanda Wrapping let me know that she was into me and she kind of liked bossy black women. That’s cool with me because I am the bossiest black woman you will ever meet. I decided to show this silly white lesbian the wonders and horrors of black female domination. She had no idea what hell I was about to put her through. Oh yeah. I had a lot of fun with this submissive white slut. I showed her what a strong black woman can do.

I summoned Amanda to my house and ordered her to get naked. Then I made her kneel before me and lick my boots. Amazingly, the white slut not only licked my shiny black leather boots but she practically polished them with that wicked tongue of hers. I looked at her and laughed. Now that’s something I can get used to. A white woman kneeling before a strong black woman. I smacked Amanda hard across the face and ordered her to do it right. Stunned, the silly white chick resumed licking my boots. I fingered my pussy while watching her do my bidding. It was very thrilling.

When Amanda finished, I put her on all fours, face down and ass up. That’s why I had my way with her. I took out my belt and began giving her skinny white ass some solid whacks. Amanda yelped as her pale ass got belted. I laughed and belted her some more. I love dominating silly white chicks who think they’re all that. It’s my duty as a strong black woman who delves into the world of interracial lesbian BDSM and domination. I absolutely loved it. And you know Amanda enjoyed submitting to me. She’s a naturally submissive white slut. Her place is at the feet of a strong black woman like me.

When I finished belting Amanda’s pale ass, it looked a nice shade of red. I smiled, feeling quite content. That’s when I whipped out my thick strap-on dildo and took her for a ride. I spread Amanda’s ass cheeks and pressed my dildo against her asshole. With a swift thrust I went in. Amanda gasped as my thick dildo penetrated her asshole. A few seconds later, I inserted another dildo deep inside Amanda’s pussy. Amanda squealed as she felt both of her love holes getting filled. I laughed and smacked her hard across the face. Then I slammed my dildo deep into her asshole. I grabbed hold of her blonde hair and yanked her head back while fucking her. Hell yeah I had fun fucking her ass and pussy with my dildos. I fucked her until she cried for mercy. That’s when I pulled out of her. On her knees, Amanda called me her superior black goddess and licked my dildos clean. I smiled contentedly. My work here was done.

A few minutes later, Amanda Wrapping left my domicile. I told her if she behaved herself I’d fuck her next week. I know she’ll be on her best behavior because she craves what I have to offer. Pure black female domination. Something countless white lesbians and some heterosexual white men secretly want. And as a strong black woman, I’m happy to dole out the punishment I know they justly deserve. That’s how I do.

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