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Author’s note:

As I’ve stated elsewhere, I’m in the process of collecting and consolidating stories I’ve written over the years (and attempting to fix up spelling mistakes and formatting errors). As always, my stories contain semi-consensual and non-consensual femdom stuff, so if that’s not your kink, you’ll probably want to read a different story (instead of sending me private messages griping about how you hate femdom tales).


It was Friday night, the Friday that started Spring Break, and, like a few of my hallmates, I’d started drinking as soon as my last class ended. I wasn’t going anywhere for the week, and I’d have my room to myself the entire time. I was looking forward to hitting some of the parties that those who stuck around campus were going to be offering, and maybe even seeing some action.

My freshman year of college hadn’t turned out to be everything I’d been hoping for. Sure, I’d learned to appreciate getting drunk (although that was already getting old, and I was still two years away from the legal drinking age), and I’d had a few short-term sexual relationships, but none of the girls I met were any more “sophisticated” or better in bed than the girls I knew in high school. Which didn’t stop me from wanting to find someone to hook up with, but my second semester had been one big dry spell.

Still, since that first Friday of the break is traditionally not a night for frat parties, I got my early drunk out of the way, and crashed, planning on hitting the big Saturday Spring Break Stragglers parties and trying my luck.

One of the problems with passing out early is that you sometimes wake up early, too. I was snoring by 8, and awake again at three in the morning, as my bladder forced me to the bathroom. After doing my business, I found that I couldn’t get back to sleep. None of the other folks on my hall (the ones who hadn’t gone to Bermuda or Florida, at least) were awake, so I headed upstairs, to the girls’ hall. There’s nothing wrong with that, by the way, in case your image of college is something out of the ’50s. Genders were split by floor, but anyone could enter any of the halls, and, in fact, we had to enter our dorm through the girls’ hall upstairs.

That floor was just as quiet, but I noticed that one door at the end was open. It was Leigh and Lydia’s room. Since I knew that Leigh had already hopped on a plane for the Keys, I figured it was Lydia who was awake.

Leigh was one of my first college crushes. A tall, leggy brunette, she was a sweet small-town girl from Massachusetts. Nothing had ever come of the crush — she either didn’t catch or didn’t want to catch my signals, and I never really pushed things. Lydia, I didn’t know as well. She was blonde, and shorter than her roommate (although she was still nearly as tall as I was), and about ten pounds or so overweight. She had a cute smile, and as the year had gone on (and I’d slowly started to shed my high-school notions of attractiveness), I’d come to appreciate how nicely she filled out her jeans. She’d joined a sorority, and we hadn’t really hung out much in a while.

When I got to the door, there was no one there, but there was a suitcase on the floor, and someone was obviously packing. I was just about to head back downstairs, when I heard my name called. Lydia was just coming out of the communal bathroom in a bathrobe, having clearly just showered.

“Hey,” she said, “I haven’t seen you in ages!” She gave me a friendly hug as she headed into her room.

“Yeah, we’ve both been pretty busy,” I said. “So, why are you up so late packing?”

“I’m heading to Florida with some of my sorority sisters, but the only flight I could get leaves at 6:00. Since I’ll have to get to the airport at some ungodly hour, I figured I’d pack and just stay up all night.” The three Diet Cokes on the nightstand indicated that she’d had a little help. “Wanna keep me company while I finish packing?”


I sat on the bed, and we chatted for a while as she packed up. I tried to be polite as she was packing, but I couldn’t help noticing all of the sexy underwear and bathing Starzbet suits she was packing. I also couldn’t help seeing the occasional glimpse of cleavage or thigh through the terrycloth robe.

Finally, after another hour or so, she was done packing.

“So, what else should I do to keep myself awake?” She looked pointedly at me as she asked. Before I could even try to figure out if she was coming on to me, she closed the door, placed her knees to either side of me and kneeled, straddling my lap, on the bed.

I may have trouble with signals, but even I knew what to do now.

We spent a few minutes making out, while she ground her crotch into mine. I’d never been with a woman who ever wanted to have sex on top, and even this dry-humping, with her in control, was a new, and amazing, experience to me.

After a while, she nuzzled my neck and said, “in case you hadn’t figured it out, I like to be in control.

I nodded, even as she removed the belt from her bathrobe. I don’t think I fully grasped what she meant until after she’d taken my hands and tied them together with the belt. She then slowly laid me down on the bed, and again spent some serious time kissing me while grinding her crotch into me. I was deliriously turned on at this point, and afraid that I’d end up cumming in my jeans. I don’t know when it happened, but sometime during all this, she managed to tie the loose end of the belt to the rail of the bed. I only noticed when she finally sat up and removed her robe.

Naked, Lydia was breathtaking. Those extra pounds added some heft to her breasts and thighs, but not to her stomach. I’d never been much of a breast man, but looking at her, I wanted to suck on those breasts all night long. After letting me admire her, she lowered herself towards me, letting me take each breast into my mouth and work my tongue around her nipples. With my hands tied down, she controlled the pace completely, sometimes shoving her breasts so far down that I was effectively gagged, sometimes pulling back so I had to strain to lick her nipple. Although she was no longer grinding into my crotch, I was still very turned on. I have no idea how long we spent like that, but she eventually pulled back and turned around.

Looking over her shoulder at me, she said, “now, too many other college guys I know don’t place a woman’s pleasure first. Can you make sure I get taken care of?” I’d never been the greatest at making sure a woman reached orgasm first — although I’d traded oral sex a few times, I usually got to receive it before I gave it. But I knew I wanted Lydia to make me come, so I said, “yes.”

She grinned. “Good.” She lifted her robe and lowered herself onto me. Once I was eating her, she dropped the edge of the robe, so I couldn’t see anything beyond her skin and the cotton of the robe. As I ate away at her, she opened my pants, and would periodically suck and kiss my penis, keeping me hard but never spending too long attending to me. Every time she pulled away, I got frustrated, but she kept at it. I know I brought her to at least three or four orgasms, but I soon lost count.

After one that nearly had her screaming (I wondered, briefly, how many other folks were still around the dorm), she collapsed, sliding down my chest. I figured that she was then going to suck me off, but she then slid back up and shifted, placing her anus right over my mouth as she reached back and grabbed my head.

I attempted to protest, but she wasn’t having any of that. She sat down right over my mouth and said, in a voice that made it perfectly clear that I had one chance to answer, “I said that you’ve got to pleasure me first, and this is a part of pleasuring me. If you don’t like it, just tell me that you want out, and I’ll untie you, but I won’t touch your penis again if you do! Now, do you want me to untie you?”

As she sat up enough to answer, I realized that my dick was still hard. It had already answered for me. I’d always thought that bondage was way too kinky for me, let alone what we were about to do, but I wanted to feel Lydia’s lips around my penis again, Starzbet Giriş and said, “no.”

“Good,” she said. “Now put that tongue to work!”

I did my best, and found that I soon enjoyed it. Especially as Lydia started to pay more attention to my penis as I continued to bring her to orgasm. Finally, after an eternity, she shifted her weight off my face, and stated concentrating on my penis exclusively. Her tongue and lips felt wonderful, and within minutes, I finally got my release, as she sucked me to orgasm and I exploded in her mouth.

As I lay there recovering, she shifted around again, sliding her pussy down to grind against my penis (which was now super-sensitive, post-orgasm). As I gasped, she leaned down and kissed me, and as her tongue entered me, I felt my own cum forced into my mouth. I tried to pull away, but she’d grasped my head in her hands, and only pulled her mouth away when she’s spat every drop into my mouth. She pulled back only far enough to mutter, “if I can drink it, so can you.” She then held my nose shut until I’d swallowed it all, and planted a sticky kiss on my lips.

Even as this was happening, I felt my body rebelling, as my penis, only half-flacid to begin with, stiffened up again. Lydia felt it, of course, and adjusted herself, sliding back onto me. As I tried to say something, she held her fingers to my lips, and simply rode me, while all I could do was watch her breasts bounce. I lasted a lot longer this time, and after she’d had two orgasms, she slid off.

“Lydia, what are you doing?” I was desperate for release, even as she slid panties on below her robe and then got dressed.

“Well, if I finish you off again, how will I know you’ll be waiting for me when I get back from Spring Break?”

“Are you kidding? This has been the best night of my life! Of course I’ll stick around!”

As she finished getting dressed, she eyed me. “Hmm. Do you swear you’ll still be around for me after Spring Break, and you won’t fool around with anyone else?”

Mind you, I hadn’t thought I was making that sort of commitment here, but I was willing to wait, and said so.

“Okay,” she said. And she kneeled by the bed, fully dressed, and went down on me again. She sucked me off in no time, and this time, it was clear that she swallowed my semen herself. She then grabbed something from under the bed, and I felt something cold against my crotch, followed by a click.

As she stood up, I looked down and saw that she’d put some sort of device on me.

“Hey, what’s this?”

“Oh, don’t worry too much about it. It’s just a little insurance to make sure you stick around this week. Surely you’ve heard of chastity belts before?” As she said this, she grabbed her keys and suitcase and headed out the door. “See you next Friday,” she said, as the door closed behind her.

By the time I got off the bed (I had to practically summersault before I could get into a position to untie my hands), got my pants on, and ran outside, her car had long pulled away into the rising sun, and I had no idea what I was going to do.

Part 2. The next day

I woke up with the sun in my eyes. My first thought was that it had been a dream. But as soon as I reached down to feel my crotch, I realized that it was real.

After Lydia had left, I examined the chastity belt she’d placed on me. All I knew about chastity belts was that knights in the Middle Ages used to put them on their wives to keep them loyal. I didn’t know they even made them for guys. But this was clearly designed for a man.

The belt itself was leather, but clearly had metal inside it. Cutting it off was not an option. It had a lock that was secure in the back. As for the part wrapped around my penis, it was a metal tube that curved downwards. There were small holes spaced through it, about the size of a small screw. I’d figured out this morning that this was so I could piss. When I sat down, my urine ran out through the holes. Some splattered on my penis, but since there were holes in the top, as well, I was able to clean up in the shower. However, no matter Starzbet Güncel Giriş how I tried, I couldn’t actually touch my penis, and the angle of the tube kept my penis from getting hard.

And that was the most frustrating part. Lydia had forced me to do things that I’d never thought about before, and I had never, ever, had orgasms as intense as the ones I’d had last night. I knew that even masturbating about it this morning would be more enjoyable than many of my “real” sexual experiences had been. As I thought about it, I felt the stirrings as my dick began to harden, only to encounter the tube. This got me more frustrated, which only served to focus my thoughts on Lydia even more. I spent all day Saturday trying my best not to think about the belt, and failed miserably.

Sunday wasn’t as bad. I had some studying to do during the break, and I found that I was able to concentrate for as much as an hour at a time before I remembered the belt. I still felt it, but it wasn’t constantly on my mind. That said, I certainly had trouble getting to sleep that night.

Monday was horrible. Since hitting puberty, I’d never gone more than one day without an orgasm. If I didn’t have a partner, I had least had the chance to masturbate. Now, I hadn’t gotten off since Friday night (well, practically Saturday morning), and while my body was telling me how horny I was, my penis couldn’t do anything about it. I tried just about everything to get the belt off, including just outright smashing the lock into a wall a few times, but no luck at all. I knew that if I really needed to, I could probably get it removed at a hospital, but the last thing I wanted was anyone else seeing this. Thank goodness it didn’t show through loose or baggy pants!

Bad as Monday was, Tuesday showed that it could always get worse. I headed to the library to get some studying done, to try to distract myself, but on the way I ran into Jen. Jen’s another girl on Lydia’s hall, and one of her sorority sisters as well. Jen had a classic Midwestern look, with straight blonde hair (much lighter than Lydia’s), and a lean runner’s body. We were friends and took a couple of classes together, but since she always seemed to have a boyfriend, I never thought about asking for anything more. Jen normally wore conservative clothing. Nothing horrible, but generally nothing sexier than jeans and a slightly loose top.

Today, she was wearing spandex tights and a spandex halter top. The tights emphasized her amazing legs and ass, and it was all I could do not to just outright stare. Although her breasts weren’t that great, the top showed her flat stomach perfectly. To top everything off, she had painted her nails crimson red, something that surprised me, since she normally never went for that sort of thing.

“Hi, Adam! What are you up to?” She smiled at me, and I noticed how the lip gloss she’d used made her lips look extra moist.

“Oh, just heading to the library to catch up on some reading. How about you?” She pointed at her clothes (allowing me to look at how tightly the spandex hugged her body again), and said, “the gym. Gotta get my morning workout before the Straggler’s Ball!”

So that’s why she painted her nails! The Straggler’s Ball was The Big Party for those folks who didn’t go away. She was planning on really dolling herself up.

“I’ll see you there, right?” Crap. The last thing I wanted to do was go to the ball. With the chastity belt on, there was simply no way I wanted to be hanging out at a party, with my chances of hooking up with anyone reduced from slim to none.

“Well, I was thinking of skipping it. I’m just so far behind.”

Jen pouted. “C’mon, Adam. You can take a night off. It’s Spring Break! I’d be so disappointed if I didn’t’ have at least one friend at the party.”

“I’ll think about it.”

“Please do!” With that, she headed off towards the gym, giving me an amazing view of her ass struggling against the material of her workout clothes. I now spent the rest of the attempting to study as my thoughts bounced between Jen and Lydia.

Tuesday night was horrible. I wanted to go to the Ball, both to see Jen and to actually do something social, but just the thought of going reminded me of my predicament. In the end, I just gave up and settled in for another long night. I couldn’t wait until Friday, when I’d finally get some release.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

Get Naked, She Said

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


“Get naked,” she said.

It was amazing how these words immediately caused a panic response. Mike’s heartbeat quickened, his breath faltered, and a nervous sensation enveloped him completely. He never knew what was coming or how far she would take it, and that’s what frightened him.

He disrobed under her watchful eye. He always tried to be quick, but it was never fast enough.

“Nice job,” Cathy cooed “but you’re not hard yet. Rectify that!”

He had only just stepped out of his boxers and turned to face her. He started jerking off, but his nervousness postponed his erection.

“Step closer to me,” she commanded.

He did and she grabbed his balls between her thumb and finger.

“OK, now take a step back,” she said.

Mike complied and at the same time she pulled in the opposite direction. He immediately started to swell.

“Keep stroking,” she ordered.

His cock grew to its full length, with his sac stretching out before him.

“That’s better,” Cathy said “you can stop.”

He did and she immediately slapped his cock, so hard that it rebounded of his leg and sprang to attention, swelling even more and jutting defiantly forward.

Although he was usually reserved and tranquil, she knew how to draw him out.

“Next time be quicker about it,” she said. She took out a length of rope looped it under his balls and tied it above his cock. She looked down to survey her work and slapped his cock once more, but in its fixed state it didn’t bounce as far this time. “Now come with me,” she said, and holding the rope like a leash she led him out of the bedroom and down the stairs.

He expected to be bent over the dining room table, but was perplexed when he saw it wasn’t cleared. Occasionally she tied him there and whipped his ass. Once in a while penetrating it with her fingers or with one of the many dildos she had on hand for just such a purpose. Once she even made him felate a particularly large dildo while fucking him diligently with another one from her collection.

Mike found such moments oddly exciting, he liked the sensation of being on the edge and then pushed past his limits, but now he was confused as to her intentions and that increased his trepidation.

Cathy led him past the table and into the kitchen. His mind was racing to anticipate her intentions and his best guess was she wanted some sort of utensil from the drawer. But no she veered towards the back door instead. He stopped, causing the rope lead to tighten and extend. Cathy however didn’t and the lead pulled further extending Mike’s scrotum all the more.

“Where are we going?” he asked.

“Never mind that just do what your told,” she responded.

“But it’s daytime,” he said in dismay.

“So, all the better to see you then,” she retorted. And she pulled steadily on the rope, leaving Mike no choice but to follow. He tried to hesitate and glance around as he was led out the door, but to no avail. He had to follow where the rope was guiding him.

Once outside, Cathy turned and dead-bolted the door behind them: cementing the fact that there was no going back inside. She released the lead and let Mike stand there for a minute while the full realization of events set in. He was standing outside in broad daylight – completely naked with nowhere to go!

“Come here and give me your arm,” she said. He did and she fastened another length of istanbul travesti rope around his wrist. “Now turn around and give me the other one,” she directed. Again he did and she tied his wrists behind his back.

“I don’t think this is a good idea,” he exclaimed apprehensively.

“I didn’t ask you if it was,” she responded playfully and she slapped his cock for good measure. “Now step back against the door.” She knelt down and took his cock in her mouth. His uneasiness really set him on edge and the sensation of her warm lips was irresistible.

She pursed her lips at the tip and then sucked inward as if drinking from a straw. His cock quickly disappeared into the suction of her mouth. She worked it in and out between her lips until his breathing became quicker. Then she placed her right hand around its base and pushed forward, extending his swollen gland, which she began to tease with her tongue. She swirled it over his opening and rubbed the flat of it on the sensitive underside of his cockhead.

She was also tugging the rope, still tied around his balls, and alternately kneading and lightly scraping his ass cheeks with her fingernails. He started to moan and she stopped suddenly.

“Oh, so you like this now,” she teased. “If you like it so much maybe you should come with me to get the mail from our box. Would you like that, too?”

Mike was afraid she was serious, but she was also licking his cock head in between each word. Still he managed to say, “Not really.”

“Well, then I guess I’ll have to go by myself,” she answered in mock despondence. She then placed the rope directly between his testes, brought it up under his ass and pulled it tight so that his balls bulged to either side. She wound it around the rope holding his wrists and then fastened the loose end to the doorknob behind him.

“Are you sure you don’t want to come along?” she taunted.

“I think I better not.”

“Suit yourself then,” she said. And with that she departed down the stairs and towards the street.

Now Mike really had time to let his predicament sink in. He was bound, naked, and his erection was throbbing wantonly. Any passerby could see him and he kept glancing around to see if anyone was present, although what he would do if there were was unclear. Furthermore the rope between his balls kept him standing on his toes so there was no chance of slinking down out of sight. There was nothing for it but to sit and wait as pre-come dripped from his cock and trailed languidly to the deck beneath him.

As Cathy was returning she stopped at the car and called out, “I’m just going to run up to the store for a few minutes. You don’t mind do you?”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea,” Mike managed through the frog forming in his throat.

“Well I do,” Cathy said and she got into the car, started the engine, and backed down the long driveway.

Mike really went into panic mode now. He looked around desperately and started to squirm against his bindings. His cock wagged wildly as he tried to step up on the door step behind him with the idea of slipping the rope off of the door knob, but it was secured too well – both on the doorknob and around his sac. The more he squirmed, the tighter it pressed between his balls.

Cathy stopped the car at the bottom of the drive and smiled at his mad gyrations. Mike’s cock bobbed and swayed, openly kadıköy travesti on display, even at her distance. She exited the car and returned to the deck with a mischievous grin. “You didn’t really think I would leave you here, did you?” she gloated.

His inner organs returned to their normal places as his alarm subsided. “It crossed my mind that you might,” he said relieved as she undid the rope leash that bound him to the door.

“No, I decided I better take you with me,” she said, as she began pulling him forward.

Again he tried to hesitate and delay, but she was compelling him onward steadily. “Don’t you think you should bring the car up here,” was his best attempt to forestall her.

“No, I think you can walk down to it,” she said.

“But I’m completely naked,” he implored.

“That’s obvious,” she said determinedly as she tugged him forward mercilessly.

The walk to the car was excruciating. He was barefoot and the driveway was gravel, so he had to step carefully, which slowed his pace. He crouched slightly and hunched forward in a futile attempt to cover his nakedness. At least they lived on a quiet avenue and the neighbors didn’t seem to be around, judging from the absence of cars in their driveways. Still one could drive around the corner at any moment.

Cathy enjoyed it grandly. She alternately walked behind him pinching his ass, or a few steps ahead pulling on the lead. All the while making sure to keep him erect. When they reached the car she opened the door, but told him to wait before getting in. Instead she got in and lifted her skirt. She wasn’t wearing panties and she told him, “you can get in after you make me come. Now bend over and lick me.”

He rapidly complied and might have forgotten his predicament if it weren’t for the cool breeze blowing around his anus, tauntingly reminding him that all of him was on display. He feverishly worked her womanhood as he tried to maintain his balance with his hands fixed behind his back. But Cathy soon grabbed the back of his head and ground her hot, wet cunt into his face.

The weight of his entire body pressed him into her velvety folds. In her hyper excited state she was bucking and humping with such abandon that and he could scarcely breathe and his eyes grew wide with the physical need for air. Luckily, before suffocating in her luscious muff, she came intensely and released his head allowing him to catch his breath.

She placed her feet on his shoulders to assist him back into a standing position. Then he stood aside to let her out of the car, but she wasn’t through with him yet.

“Take a step back so I can untie you,” she said.

And naively he did, just as she pulled his leash firmly – extremely stretching his scrotum before him. She paused a moment and played her fingers along the extended rope as if tuning a harp. His cock jerked rhythmically and his balls did a merry accompaniment.

As opposed to when he was walking down the driveway, now he stood tall, with his back straight and legs apart. His cock proudly glistened in the sun and she knew he was ready.

First she untied the lead and then his hands. Once he was sheltered inside the vehicle she used the longer rope to secure his arms to the armrests and then reclined his seat all the way back. She took a small pillow from the back seat and told him to anadolu yakası travesti lift up his butt so she could slide it underneath. Then she blindfolded him.

“There, almost perfect,” she said and she teased some wetness out of his cock. She gathered it upon her finger and instructed: “Lick this drop.”

He did and she played with his cock a moment more before setting off on their journey. Once again Mike was reeling, but he was reconciled to his fate and would perform whatever task lay ahead. He was being exhibited and if another vehicle were directly next to him he wouldn’t even know it. He tried keeping track of their whereabouts by counting the turns Cathy made, but to no avail. Before long he lost track.

After several minutes the car slowed and came to a stop. Cathy reached over and again worked his cock. She tormented the head and repeatedly swirled her fingers around his shaft until it was slick with wetness and basting in its his own juices. When she sensed that he might be on the brink of orgasm, she stopped abruptly and freed the blindfold.

“Would you like to see where you are?” she asked.

He looked around and blanched. They were parked at the superMikeet! She had chosen one of the further aisles and parked about five spaces away from the nearest vehicle.

“Please, don’t leave me here,” Mike said matter-of-factly.

“Oh, I have no intention of doing that,” she replied reassuringly. “We’re going to stay right here until you come.”

As she spoke she removed something from her bag. It was a vibrating mouth. The kind that had a sleeve to fuck into, but she had cut that away, leaving only the vibrating base. This she slipped over Mike’s erection and slid it down the length of his cock until it was resting on his balls. She pushed it solidly against his pubic mound forcing more of his cock to be visible above it. Then she turned it on.

The sensation was overpowering. His cock was so responsive that it immediately began twitching like a conductor’s baton, but he wasn’t sure he could come without any other stimulation.

“You’ll just have to make do,” Cathy answered his unasked question. “And you better be quick about it before someone walks by or parks next to us,” she whispered throatily.

Once again Mike saw nothing better than to comply. So he raised himself up on his heels and twisted his torso side to side to get the vibrator to move around somewhat.

“Oho, I like that,” Cathy squealed. “I knew I should have brought the video camera.”

But it wasn’t enough, so he started to buck his hips as well. He fucked at the air, raising his gorged cock high and swiveling like Elvis.

Cathy delighted in his ordeal, especially as with each thrust upwards he exposed his waggling cock over the edge of the dashboard and windshield.

He was frantic to come, but worried about being caught as well, which interfered with completing his task. He alternated between closing his eyes and focusing on the maddening vibrations engulfing his privates and opening them in fear that someone was nearby. He almost longed for the innocent safety of the blindfold.

After what seemed like an eternity Cathy came to his rescue. She told him to raise himself as high as he could and when he complied, she grabbed his cock and pulled him even higher. He was well above the edge of the window when she removed the vibrator and began stroking him with her right hand. She used her left hand to slap his balls.

Before the third slap had time to find its Mike, he began shooting gobs of semen. The first blast noisily smacked the roof of the car, the rest landed on his chest and belly.

Cathy licked a bead of come from his left nipple before driving off happily.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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