Family Affairs Ch. 09

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Seniors at Play

Bill had feeling about today, he could not put his finger on it but just had a strange sense that something big was going to happen. His wife Patti and him had known Paul an Lou for over 20 years since their son Peter had married their daughter Monica. To say the family was different was an understatement. It had not been long after Peter and Monica’s wedding that they had told them that they were going to be living a nudist lifestyle from then on, Monica having been brought up as one by her parents. This had come as a big surprise to both him and Patti who had been brought up in fairly conservative families themselves. To avoid any difficulties they had not spent much time with the young couple until the birth of their first Granddaughter Jenny.

Patti had told Bill that under no circumstances was she going miss out on her granddaughter’s childhood. Peter and Monica were very understanding of course and although they were not going to change their lifestyle to please them they agreed no pressure on them. Bill still remembered the early days of feeling awkward around his daughter in law, in her nakedness and him remaining dressed. By the time Lisa was born though they had become used to the idea and it was Patti who seemed more relaxed to the point that one day she came home from visiting Monica and the girls to say that she had spent that afternoon topless with them and had actually enjoyed it and felt quite relaxed about it.

When the two of them visited together later that summer she was happy to go topless again, Bill was amazed to see her walk around their son’s house and garden with her tits out and the sex they had that night when they got home was one of e best they had shared for years.

They had carried on like is for the next few years until the girls became teenagers and Bill realised that they were no longer kids and that over the years he had just become used to seeing them nude all the time. It was at Jenny’s 18th birthday that things changed once again as Paul and Lou hosted the party at their house as Jenny wanted it to be a pool party. Bill and Patti had not see much of them over the years since the wedding, but they had aged well and were looking fitter than him and Patti were. Of course they were as naked as the rest of the family even Patti was now only wearing a thong to cover her modesty whilst Bill was still in shorts.

As he drove today towards Paul and Lou’s house he was thinking all this and looked at his wife next to him in the car. “Do you remember the first time you went totally nude publicly Patti?” He asked her.

“Of course I do it was at Jenny’s 18th. I was wearing that thong bikini I had back then. It was Lou who made me realise that it really did not make much difference and that I would feel a lot more comfortable without it. Oh the look your face was a picture when we walked out with those drinks and you saw me there naked for all to see.”

“Well you could have warned me”.

“What and spoil the fun”.

The two of them laughed as they remembered that day and how finally Bill joined everyone else and took his swimming shorts off. That was four years ago now and since then he and Patti had been back to Paul and Lou’s many times to enjoy the pool and what they called nude afternoons. Over those four years the two couples had become good friends and there was now no embarrassment abut being naked with them or Peter and his family either.

However, two years ago it had almost all gone terribly wrong. Patti had been at Monica and Peter’s not long after Lisa’s 18th birthday. Whilst she was there Paul called round and he obviously did not know that Patti was visiting because according to Patti when he came in he gave both Monica and Lisa a hug but she could see from where she was that they each kissed but not as family but as lovers would. She also saw that his hand went between their legs and touched their nude private parts.

When she told Bill he was mad with anger and was all for going to Paul’s and having it out with him, but Patti; every the voice of reason said they should go and see Monica and Peter first. It was then that they finally discovered just how different Monica’s family and upbringing had been. Peter told that he was amazed they had not found out long go. He assured them that the girls had never been treated badly and although they were quite used to see very public displays of affection they had not been included until they were old enough to understand.

After that time Bill and Patti had to rethink a lot of things about their life and their family and just as they had done years ago accepted things without committing to anything for the love of their son and granddaughters.

So as he pulled up to Paul and Lou’s house today for a nude afternoon he still had that feeling that things were about to change once again. He did not know how but over the years of knowing this family he had become used to these feeling and now nothing surprised him.

Over the last few visits kıbrıs escort the four friends had realised that it was needless for Bill and Patti to ring the doorbell and wait for someone to answer it. So just like normal they walked to the side gate and were disrobing as they entered garden.

“Ah there you are, we were thinking you had forgotten today,” said Lou as she stood to welcome her guests. Unlike the rest of the family when greeting Bill and Patti they did not do the genital rub. But by the end of today she was hoping that they would be aware of many of the rules of the house.

“Make yourselves at home, I will get you a drink, and let the others know you have arrived at last.” With that Lou walked off to the house, leaving Bill and Patti confused. “Others?” Bill mouthed to his wife, whose response was to shrug her shoulders. They settled onto loungers and heard Lou tell whoever was inside that they had arrived.

When Lou came back out she was with Paul and another woman, who Bill vaguely remembered from the wedding last year. “You remember my sister Sarah don’t you?” Lou said when she saw them looking a her.

“Oh yes, of course,” Patti said, standing up. “Did not recognise you Sarah with your clothes on.” Sarah soon had Patti in an embrace and Bill noticed her hand go down between his wife’s legs, and remembered what Patti had said she saw Paul do to Monica back along. Patti did not seem to mind at all he realised. Paul just had a grin on his face as he saw the shocked look on Bill’s face. “Sorry guys, that’s just the normal way we greet each other in our family, I should have told you Sarah, these two are not use to that.”

“Don’t be silly Paul,” Sarah told her brother in law. “You didn’t mind did you Patti?”

“Took me by surprise that’s all Sarah.”

“The usual response would be to do the same back,” Paul said.

“Like this you mean?” Patti asked as she put her arms round Paul and he felt her saggy tits against his chest then her hand oh his cock. He immediately slid a finger along her gash. “Yep, just like that Patti, you learn fast.”

“Well I did see you with Monica and Jenny a few years ago didn’t I?”

“Oh yes of course”, he said as he sat down.

Bill was lost now, and forgetting his manners just said hello to Paul and Sarah from his lounger. But fortunately no one seemed to notice his rudeness.

Now all with drinks they set down on loungers and the ladies began chatting about family, Lou telling Patti how happy she was that her son and family had returned to the nudist lifestyle and that they had a wonderful time together last weekend.

“Yes it was so nice to see Steve and John, wasn’t it Sarah?” Paul chipped in.

“I should say so, especially when one was fucking my pussy whilst the other filled my ass.”

On hearing Sarah say that Bill almost choked on his drink and had to spit it out. “Ok darling?” Patti asked.

“Yes just fine thanks Patti.”

The game was now on, the game that Patti and Lou had come up with a few weeks ago to get Bill more relaxed about sex. They had been talking together for a long time about Lou’s relationship with her son and daughter, but knew that for anything to happen between Patti and Peter, Bill would have to be on side, and so they had recruited Sarah to help.

Sarah then began to tell Patti all about the afternoon she had spent at her sisters on Saturday. As she told the story though she looked more at Bill than she did Patti. Bill tried not to catch her eye when she looked at him but was finding it more difficult with every passing minute, particularly as she was on the lounger opposite his own and was now stroking her bald pussy as she talked.

When she reached the part about how Steve and John had double penetrated her she had her legs open wide and was pulling her pussy lips aside and Bill could see her pink inner ones which where glistening with her juice in the sun. Pulling his eyes away from Sarah for a moment he looked at his wife, to his amazement she had her own hand between her legs and was also fingering her twat in much the same way.

“That is such a hot story Sarah,” Patti said when she saw a Bill look at her. “I can’t imagine what that must feel like, can you Lou?”

“Oh I know what it feels like Patti, your son and Paul have done it to me many times over the years.”

Bill swung his head round to look at Paul and Lou both of whom were smiling at him, but at the same time were masturbating themselves. Bill realised then that he was the only one who did not have his hand on his genitals even though it was now as hard as it had ever been in his life.

“I can see you are finding the story exciting too Bill, why don’t you enjoy yourself like the rest of us?” Sarah asked him.

Bill looked back at Patti for some help or guidance, but she just smiled back at him and said, “it’s ok Bill, do whatever you want,”

“Or would you rather have some help Bill?” Lou asked, leaning over to him and placing her hand konya escort on his erection. “Come on Sarah let’s help Bill out of his predicament together, seeing as you put him there,” she added laughing with that infectious laugh of hers.

Sarah stood up from her lounger and joined Lou on hers and added her hand to Lou’s which was now wrapped around Bill’s cock. “Well if those two are going to take care of you Bill, then it’s only fair I do the same for Paul isn’t it?”

Bill said nothing but watched his wife walk past him and kneel in front of Paul, taking his cock in her hand and begin to lick the end like it was a lollipop. “Sarah, you have some competition I think,” said Lou. “Looks like Patti is as much a slut as you are.”

“No way!” Sarah replied. “I am the biggest slut in this family and no one is going to take that from me. Now Bill prepare to be sucked like never before.” With that she put her mouth over the head of Bill’s dick and slowly drew it into her waiting cavity before sliding down over him until her lips touched Lou’s hand where she had them cupping his balls.

Bill could not believe the feeling of her mouth around him, Patti had never gone that far down his cock before, he was sure he could feel the back of her throat against the tip of his cock before she pulled back up, her tongue sliding over the shaft as she lifted up.

Almost immediately she was back down again swallowing his cock into her throat. Bill had forgotten everyone else, and was concentrating only on Sarah’s mouth and tongue. His moans began low and slow then and he knew that he was about to cum if she continued. She knew it too, and said “oh no you don’t,” as she plopped him out of her mouth. “That’s just the warm up show. Lou take over will you I am sure that furry moustache of his is going to feel just divine tickling my fanny lips.” Bill felt Lou’s tongue take over the action on his cock just licking his shaft from tip to balls. Sarah then came up and stood over his face before lowering her self down on to his mouth. “Hey Lou,you just have to try. This hairy fucker tickles like no one else. Now I know what the attraction of a hairy lip is, just not for me but on the guy.

Bill was in auto pilot his tongue worming its way in and around the smoothest pussy he had ever had. Giving his attention to sarah’s pleasure meant that his own was controlled and Lou could get back to sucking him once more to keep him hard. As his tongue worked on Sarah’s pussy his hairy upper lip rubbed against her clitoris causing her to have two orgasms in a row. With Sarah finally off his face Bill could look around and saw that Patti and Paul has swapped positions and he now had his head between her legs giving her the benefit of his years of experience in licking pussy. Patti seemed to be enjoying it too from the sound of it as she was groaning and crying with pleasure.

Bill was pulled back to what was happening to him when Lou let go of his cock and straddled him on the bed and sunk it into her open pussy as she squatted on him in a reverse cowgirl. All he could see were the curves of her ass as she bounced up and down on it. Sarah was at the foot of the lounger and had her mouth working on his balls tasting her sister’s juices as they ran down over them.

Paul had moved again and now had Patti’s legs up in the air resting on his shoulders as he fucked her hard and deep. She was on her third orgasm since she had gone to him when she felt him blow his load deep into her pussy. Paul kept pounding away in her even after he had cum making sure that he had emptied himself completely in her before stopping.

Hearing Patti cum and then tell Paul that was the most intense fuck she had ever had, combined with the sight of Lou’s ass bouncing up and down on his cock, meant that Bill could hold back no longer and with a loud moan shot his cum into Lou, who just pushed down harder on his cock to get his cum as deep in her as possible.

It fell to Sarah to do the clean ups, as Lou stood up and let Bill’s juice drip back out of her pussy Sarah was there to catch it in her mouth. She then went over to Patti and sucked Pauls cum out of her too, swallowing both loads together.

The five senior lovers were now completely shattered, only Sarah seems to have any energy left, but she was the youngest Lou reminded her as one by one they dropped off without a word being said

It was later in the afternoon that the group began to wake up and start to talk about what had happened earlier. It was Patti who started it off, “thank you Bill,” she said when she saw his eyes open.

“For what?” He replied.

“For being you and for letting things happen earlier the way they did.”

“Well I am sure I should be thanking you as well as Sarah and Lou.”

“Actually, there is more truth there than you think,” Patti replied.

“What do you mean?”

“I have a confession to make Bill.”


“I have to admit that it was all a bit of a set up today.”

“What kuşadası escort was?”

“everything, from Sarah being here to her talking about the weekend and seeing how you responded, right up to her, Lou and you in a threesome.”

Bill was stunned by his wife once more. “Set up how, and why? He asked.

Patti began to tell him how Lou and her had been talking for months now about the family and the openness between everyone. She told him how she has begun to really feel, that there was something very special about Lou’s family and there outlook particularly to sex. “But Bill, I would never have gone behind your back and been unfaithful to you, which is why we had to do it like this.”

“Thanks Patti, I appreciate that. And you are right I think it has been a long time coming hasn’t it. But I know I have been the one with all the reservations right back form when Monica and Peter married. Yet, I think we can safely say that Sarah and Lou have fucked any reservations I had right out of me this afternoon.”

Sarah had been listening in, and when she heard that she said, “great Bill, because you owe me a fuck, ready again stud?” Sarah turned over on her lounger and went on to all fours making sure her pussy and ass were spread wide for a ill to see.

“I think I can manage another round Sarah,” he said as he felt his cock harden again.

“Well don’t mess about, fuck me now, forget foreplay I am still sopping from earlier.” Bill looked at Patti who just waved towards Sarah and said “help yourself darling, from now on you don’t ever have to ask my permission, but know I am not going to be asking for yours either.

Bill stood up and wasting no time spread Sarah’s ass wider and slammed his cock into her cunt in one stroke he was aware this time that he and Sarah were the main attraction as the other three were watching them, he wanted to give a good account of himself and made the most of pushing in as far as he could go. Remembering how this all started earlier with her saying how Steve and John had taken her ass and pussy he used his finger to massage her ass as he continued thrusting. When she let out small sighs as he touched it he pushed in a little further opening her sphincter and letting his finger stretch it.

“That’s it Bill, finger my ass whilst you fuck me.”

“Cum on Sarah, feel my clock in your cunt and my finger in your ass, you really are the family slut aren’t you?”

“Yes!” She shouted, “and proud of it. Now fill me with that lovely spunk of yours and make me cum.” There was no way Bill was not going to cum, and after fucking Sarah for ten minutes in this position he felt his balls tighten as he filled her with cum. “Oh yes Bill that feels so good, yes! Fuck! Yes!” She cried out as her orgasm hit like a freight train once again.

When Bill pulled his softened manhood out of Sarah he could already see the whiteness of his spunk between her labia.

“Let me tell you something,” Lou said to Patti. “We have many rules in this family and one of them is that semen is sacred and never wasted, which is why Sarah made sure she cleaned you and I up earlier.”

“Oh I see, it wasn’t just because she is a tart then?”

“Yes she is a tart, but that’s not the reason no. Well now it’s your turn to return the favour. Although we see it as an honour to be involved with a couple who have just shared themselves with each other.”

“And cum is so fucking tasty,” Sarah said. “Come on Patti try Bill’s from my pussy.”

Wanting to share in everything that the family did Patti went to where Sarah was still on all fours. She had never been so close to another woman’s genitals before. Sarah used her vagina muscles to force some cum out between her lips. Patti leant in and using her tongue licked her husbands cum off sarah, who kept forcing more out for her to lick up. When sarah could no longer push any more out she collapsed on the lounger once more, leaving Patti with a mouthful of spunk which she swallowed in two gulps.

The rest of the afternoon was spent with the five of them sharing sexual experiences from their past. Of course Lou and Paul had the longest time to pull from, however, Sarah had certainly made up for it since she had been widowed and even Patti and Bill had somethings to share from their early marriage days. By the time Bill and Patti had to leave they had discovered a whole lot more about each other.

In the car on the way home Patti asked Bill, “you are ok with everything aren’t you Bill?”

“Yes, I feel more liberated than ever before, thank you for guiding me darling.”

“That’s good because you know there is one more thing we have to do?”

“Is there? What’s that?”

“Tell the boys.” Patti still referred to her sons as the boys despite them both being over 40.

“I suppose we do.”

“You know why don’t you?”

“I think so Patti, you want Peter to make love to you, like Lou does with steve.”

“Yes I do.”

“Ok, well don’t expect me to get it on with Simon.” Referring to their younger son who was openly gay.

“Hey don’t knock it till you try it,” Patti said laughing. “But I am sure Monica will be more than happy to take care of you. Let’s invite them over on Friday for some drinks and we can see how they feel too.”

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