Fun and Games

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Landon groaned to himself as he heard the continuous knocks at his door. “Who the fuck could it be?” he whispered to himself, annoyed at the thought of an intruder. Landon was a college student who was just blessed with the ultimate gift, a snow day. Early in the morning, his college sent out the email, no classes for the rest of the week on account of the huge snowstorm that had hit overnight. Landon had settled himself in for what would seem like a fun day of goofing off, but the person on the other side had different plans.

Forcing his large frame off the couch Landon made his way to the door, turning the knob he opened it and revealed the source of his annoyance. In the newly opened doorway stood a woman who’s small frame supported a hefty chest and wide hips. She had black hair that cascaded down her shoulders creating quite the contrast with her pale skin. The woman’s face was gorgeous even without the small amount of makeup she wore. Landon couldn’t help but think in a different time period she would’ve been a geisha adorned in the most amazing silk robes ordered by an emperor. In this day and age, however, she was dressed in a matching pink tracksuit that hugged her body tightly. The girl was a knockout simple and plain.

“Hey Landon you gonna let me in or what?” the girl said a playfulness hidden within her voice. She didn’t give Landon a chance to answer as she started into the apartment, pushing past his much larger frame.

“Hello to you too, Zheng,” Landon quipped, an equal amount of playfulness in his voice. By the time the comment left Landon’s mouth, the girl had already made herself at home kicking off her shoes and throwing her bag into the corner of the room.

“No last names…Landy,” the girl said with an extra inflection on the nickname she knew Landon hated.

Landon rolled his eyes at the name, it was obvious she was trying to get under his skin. Chuckling out loud he responded “My bad Lianne, why are you here?”

“Oh you know, snow day, classes canceled until Monday…figured I could spend some time partying with my favorite meathead,” Lianne responded. To emphasize her point she started digging into her bag attempting to dig out various items which included game controllers, games, her laptop, and a mysterious brown bag. Holding up a controller she wiggled it around in the air, inviting Landon to join her in their favorite nerdy endeavor.

Landon walked over and plopped on the couch, his larger frame taking up a majority off the small couch. Landon intentionally spread himself out, taking up more space than he needed letting part of his body rub up against Lianne’s ever so slightly. Landon picked up the controller and clicked it on, turning to the smaller girl he grinned and said “You pick the game.”

Lianne rolled her eyes but got up anyway. Walking over to Landon’s game pile she bent over slowly letting him get a view of her beautiful rounded ass, while she took her time deciding on something to play. Landon felt his dick stiffen in his shorts at the site, he was an ass man after all. After a minute Lianne stood back with a cartoonish racing game that looked like it was made for kids.

Lianne made her way back to the couch, getting closer to Landon than she originally was and picked up her controller. “Isn’t this for kids?” Landon inquired genuinely confused by the usually gore addicted Lianne’s pick.

“It’s fun trust me,” Lianne said, letting her mouth creep into a wide grin. Landon’s face remained indifferent showing that he didn’t believe her at all. Lianne pouted not pleased that Landon was criticizing her choice.

“Don’t give me that look,” Landon said with a chuckle.

“Play the game with me,” Lianne responded with a small whine. Landon looked thoroughly unimpressed as he just stared at Lianne. Liane’s pout morphed into a devilish grin. She put her controller down and let her hand creep up to her hair, twirling the thick black strands in her fingers.

Landon was nervous as he recognized the look on his friend’s face, an evil look that meant she was planning something. Landon had known Lianne ever since their freshman year economics class and through the years of friendship, he learned that she loved to flirt and bat her eyes whenever she needed something. Lianne crawled up onto Landon’s chest getting her face close to his, making sure her mouth was close to his ear she started. “What if I make it interesting?” she drove the point home by rubbing her hands up and down his chest.

Landon quirked his eyebrow trying to remain aloof and cool, while his lower half was doing the exact opposite. Anadolu Yakası Türbanlı Escort “What do you mean?” he said barely getting the words out.

Lianne kept whispering in his ear. “I mean if this is a kids game, let’s make it way more fun.” Landon perked up after hearing this and stayed silent as Lianne continued to speak. “Landon baby, how about each race loser strips sound fun”.

Landon couldn’t contain the wide grin at Lianne’s suggestion. “Deal,” he said while he picked up his controller and started the game.

Lianne giggled as she sat back excited to play. Landon didn’t notice it however Lianne was eyeing his dick like a hungry tigress. “Yeah, that’ll be mine,” she thought to herself.

Landon couldn’t hope but groan as he watched the screen display his loss. Lianne grinned like the Chesire cat as stared at Landon. “Well get to it,” she said.

Landon looked legitimately confused until he remembered their bet, grabbing the bottom of his shirt he started pulling it up. For Lianne time slowed as she watched the show in front of her. Lianne had lost count of how many fantasies she had dreamt up about her friend, many of which included her laying on his broad chest in postcoital bliss after he fucked her senseless. Lianne could feel herself getting wet at the idea of that fantasy happening after a few more rounds of games. With the smile of a devil, Lianne keyed back in on the game focused on beating her friend and making him expose even more of himself.

Landon was completely ignorant of Lianne’s lustful motivations, he was way more involved with trying to get a peek at her body. Landon readied himself for his second try, gripping the controller tight he did his best but still lost. Groaning he looked over at Lianne who couldn’t help but laugh. “Sorry big guy lose the shorts,” she said.

Landon stood up while laughing. Being a joking guy he decided to give her a bit of a show. Shimmying the basketball shorts down to his ankles he stepped out of them before doing a bit of a showgirl twirl. “Like what you see?” he asked in a manner that suggested he was showing off for her.

Internally Lianne was screaming “Yes,” at the top of her lungs. Even though he meant it as a joke, Landon’s little show excited her. Lianne had seen Landon in various states of nudity before (even accidentally walking in on him nude once), however, the up-close display was something unprecedented. Landon was tall, easily a foot taller than her. Landon’s body wasn’t just tall but incredibly thick with well-defined muscle. Landon had adopted a workout routine that gave him thick arms, wide back, and broad chest however a hatred of cardio and love of late-night snacks let him keep a small but sturdy-looking stomach. Lianne didn’t care about the lack of well-defined abs, the overall power exuded by the bear of a man in front of her turned her on more than a washboard ever could. Lianne’s eyes drifted downward rolling over the dark black skin of his stomach and resting at the grey cloth underwear he was wearing.

The tight shorts did little to hide the third leg that was attached to Landon. Confined in his shorts was a something Lianne had never experienced before, but she oh so desperately wanted to. Landon looked to have a massive dick, the type of organ that only existed in porn movies. Lianne sat there transfixed thinking about how it would be to take it, how it would leave her moaning for more.

Landon sat back on the couch after he performed his twirl, the action snapping Lianne out of her day-dream. If he was paying attention Landon would have seen Lianne rubbing her thighs together uncomfortably. “Okay this time I’ll beat you, then you’ll have to show me, something,” Landon said his voice full of confidence.

Landon’s comments brought Lianne’s competitive fire out, and she completely stomped him. Landon leaned back laughing at his loss, “Well damn you won,” he said while getting up ready to find a snack in his kitchen.

Lianne cleared his throat getting Landon’s attention. “Uhm where do you think you’re going?” she said staring at Landon.

“Uh to get a snack, want one?” Landon said while pointing to his kitchen.

Lianne lept up from the couch and slowly paced towards him. Sorry, Landon, a deal is a deal. Landon was slightly confused until he felt Lianne’s fingers hook into his shorts and tug downward ever so slightly. Landon lost his ability to speak so he couldn’t even respond as Lianne pulled his underwear to his knees revealing her prize. Lianne dropped to her knees and got a better view of Anadolu Yakası Otele Gelen Escort the organ. In her hands, she held what had to be the largest and thickest cock ever. She took a second to study it, a large purple head sat attached to a thick cole black body. The monster looked intimidating but something felt strange about it. Lianne carefully held it trying to think of what was off, when suddenly it hit her.

Staring up at Landon from her spot on her knees she said in total disbelief “Dude are you even hard.”

At this moment Landon regained his composure and spoke “Nah, why don’t you find out?” The statement was said with a little bit of cockiness which turned Lianne on. Smiling she followed the order and stroked him. She started off slow doing her best to awaken the monster in her hand. She kept a slow pace, not wanting him to cum but wanting to see what he was like at his full length. A few moments passed and Lianne’s work was rewarded with a nicely hardened cock dripping with precum. Lianne couldn’t help herself and slowly took the head in her mouth.

Once the organ passed her lips she knew she was in trouble. What she thought was him at his full length was him at a partial chub, and her blowing him brought out the full length. Lianne popped the order out of her mouth and stared up at her friend and soon to be lover. “Dude you’re a fucking horse,” she said in awe.

Landon blushed not that Lianne could tell. Landon had been with a few girls in his college years and found most couldn’t handle blowing him, Lianne would be no different. Landon didn’t want to waste time and returned her look. “Hey Li, go to the couch,” he said with firmness.

Lianne got off her knees and sat on the couch, Landon followed but dropped in front of her on the floor. Resting his massive paws on her knees he spread her legs apart. After opening her legs he hooked his fingers into the waistband of her pants and slowly started pulling. Lianne lifted her ass and let the pants come off revealing her lacy blue material. Landon chuckled looking at his friend’s most intimate part covered by the thin material. “Nice underwear,” Landon chuckled. Lianne blushed not knowing how to respond to the teasing. Not giving her chance to even think of a response Landon started tugging the soaked piece of clothing down her creamy white thighs. Lianne obliged to the action and revealed her soaked sex to the world.

Landon bent down and licked at her core, making Lianne shriek in excitement. Just because Landon couldn’t get good head, didn’t mean he couldn’t give it. Gripping her thighs he gave himself leverage as he lapped at her core. Never had a guy willingly gone down on her, and never had it ever been done this well. Lianne was used to guys doing the bare minimum just to get her wet, but Landon was different. Landon was going after spots and paying attention to her body in a way that made him seem like a God. Lianne was lost in thought when she felt Landon’s tongue brush against her clit. Landon swirled his tongue around the tiny bundle of nerves, painting with both broad and focused strokes.

Lianne couldn’t control herself. She gripped Landon’s head pushing him deeper into her core. She was definitely turned on, no she was far past that point she was so close to cumming. Landon knew this he could feel the way she was reacting and decided to put her out of her misery. Putting all his focus onto her clit he launched his final attack. Lightly sucking on her clit he sent her over the edge. Lianne couldn’t control the scream that left her throat, a heavy sound that was more akin to a wild animal. Landon backed away smiling and pleased as he watched his lover come down from the high he made happen to her.

“Fuck you’re good,” Lianne said. Landon smiled and instead of speaking rose up slightly, lining himself up with her. Lianne looked with a lustful gaze at Landon who was asking permission with his eyes. ‘What the fuck are you waiting for?” Lianne said.

Landon gripped her hips keep her steady as he slowly rocked forward. Lianne suddenly found herself thanking the lord that she was properly wet and warmed up, considering she still felt the intense pressure that came with taking the huge organ. Landon stopped going forward for a second, letting Lianne adjust. Looking down over her he smiled before asking in a calm voice “You good?”

Lianne could only nod as she was too busy with the feeling between her legs. Landon smiled as he looked at her, withdrawing his dick for a moment he rocked forward going deeper into the small girl. Lianne let Anadolu Yakası Ucuz Escort out a yelp, she thought she had taken all of him but was realizing there was much more for her. Landon started increasing his pace, even more, rocking back and forth like a piston. Lianne was in absolute bliss as Landon hammered into her, his dick causing her to slowly lose her mind. Lianne’s definition of sex was changing as she was vigorously fucked into the couch. Lianne looked up and in her crazed lust-filled mind she saw Landon in a different light.

Gone was her goofy nerdy friend and in his place was a sex god who was claiming her as his. Lianne moaned out as her body tightened. “Am I about to fucking cum?” she thought unsure what the building feeling was.

Landon was lost in his own world. Lianne was both wet and tight, a combination that was easily making her a great fuck. Going back and forth he let out his own moan as he pushed deep into her. Feeling adventurous he decided to switch it up. At first, he was going with shallow but quick, but something in him craved more. Landon pulled out fully, much to Lianne’s dismay. “Take off your shirt, and get on the floor,” he said to her. Lianne who was too lost in the amazing sex did as he said. Gripping her shirt she pulled it over her head leaving herself exposed to him. Next, she lay on the floor spreading her legs, giving him a great view of the pussy he had just been fucking. Reaching down to her sopping wet hole she started to finger herself slowly.

“Come on big guy, come fuck me!” she said her voice husky with lust. Landon didn’t need to be told twice. Gripping her legs he raised them straight up in the air before pressing his body against them. Lianne realized she was about to get her wish and squealed excitedly. Landon pressed his body forward bringing her ass slightly off the ground and her legs close to her head. Lining up with her pussy, Landon pushed forward not stopping into her felt his entire length inside of her.

“FUCK!” Lianne yelled when the entire monster entered her. The new position was something entirely different, somehow Landon made himself feel bigger. Instead of withdrawing all the way land moved halfway out before immediately driving back into her. Lianne gasped in shock, she realized that Landon was really going to fuck her. Landon repeated his motion driving into her again, causing her pussy to clamp around him. Once again Landon withdrew but immediately hammered into the tiny woman beneath him. Landon increased his pace, building himself up to a rapid motion that robbed the girl underneath him of coherent thought. Lianne could only react physically as she grabbed at Landon pulling him in deeper, and down towards her for a kiss.

The kiss was a forceful one where there was no passion just hormonal need. Landon drove his hips deep into her continuously, the sounds of skin on skin filling the room. Lianne found herself loving the deep dicking she was receiving. Wrapping her legs around him, Landon found she didn’t leave him much room to move, not that he needed it. Switching to drive into her from a shallow pace he kept fucking her, a machine that was dedicated to its task. Lianne felt a familiar sensation bubble up within her. As Landon continuously fucked her she felt it, like a wave rising inside it was coming to the surface. Almost instantly that wave crashed over her.

Landon was shocked as he watched Lianne convulse under her. Turns out the way he was fucking her hit a spot she didn’t know she had, causing her to cum hard. Knowing she was finished Landon withdrew from her and was about to get her a towel when she spoke in between labored breaths. “Get..on…the couch,” Lianne managed to get out, her chest rising and falling.

Being one to follow orders he sat down staring at his friend. Like a sexy jungle cat, Lianne started crawling towards him stopping when she got between his legs. “Awe someone’s still hard,” she said her voice dripping with lust, right before she pushed the head of his dick into her mouth. Lianne knew she wasn’t going to take the whole thing, so she settled on taking a few inches past the head. When she got to the depth she wanted she withdrew the dick, but immediately plunged back onto it. She repeated the act until her jaw got sore. Letting the organ leave her mouth with a pop she only smiled at Landon before she spoke again.

“Don’t worry, I’m not done yet,” she cooed before she licked at the tip. Wrapping her hand around the base she pumped at it, doing her best to get him off. It took a few moments but the deep masculine grunt left Landon’s throat. Landon’s cock spurted with force as globs of the thick creamy cum shot from him. Lianne was caught in the crossfire not that she minded at all. When the last spurts stopped Lianna took a bit on her finger and sucked it gently doing her best to be sexy for her friend.

Landon looked down at the girl between his legs and smiled. “Wanna join me in the shower?”

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