Emily’s New Job

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Note to readers: This story takes place in the busty teacher series by Zaxxon. All copyrights to the characters Nurse Brown, Sarah Stevens, and Ms. Schwartz are owned by him and are used by me with his permission. This is the sequel to my previous story “Date At The Drive In”. The author George Tasker also wrote a story that takes place in this series titled “The School Play”. This story takes place between my story “Date At The Drive In” and George Tasker’s “The School Play”. I suggest you read all of the stories by both Zaxxon and George Tasker as they are both great writers. Zaxxon has posted a chronological order of this series, which you should read from start to finish. Again, Zaxxon you have my greatest thanks for allowing me to add a chapter to your wonderful series and allowing me to use your amazingly sexy characters.

* * *

Emily Williams sat at her desk putting together next weeks schedule for the faculty at Westville High School. She had just started her job a couple of weeks ago and she already loved it. Her fellow coworkers were great. She got along especially well with Cindy Brown the school nurse, and Sarah Stevens the school’s gym teacher. Her boss Ms. Schwartz, the school principal, was a bit of a prude at first but Emily got along with her ok. Sarah had told her that Ms. Schwartz used to be a lot worse when she first started at the school but that an agreement had been reached between them (whatever that meant) so now she took it a little easier on some of the staff.

She looked up at the clock on the far wall and saw that school would be out in just a couple of minutes. Another hour and she would be home for the rest of the day. She couldn’t help but feel a little tingle in her stomach as she remembered what awaited her when she got there. About a month ago she had gone out with her son Mike to go see a movie at the drive in theater. She had been feeling a little horny all day because she was originally supposed to go out with her boyfriend Jason but he canceled on her last minute. Something had come over her at the theater that she still couldn’t explain to this day. One thing led to another and her own son ended up between her toned legs and fucked her to an amazing orgasm. Soon after they were home in his bed, humping away at each other like rabbits. Emily’s nipples became hard as she remember straddling Mike’s waist, moving her hips in large circles as he groped her huge tits in his strong hands. Ever since that day they had been fucking like newlyweds. She rubbed her thighs together under the desk as she anticipated what she had waiting for her at home.

And another thing that she liked about the job was that she had dozens of cute senior guys flirting with her everyday. Emily loved showing off her body to them whenever she could. She went to the gym four days a week so her body stayed firm and toned.

“I may be in my thirties but I still look good.” She said to herself as she looked down at her body. Today she had come to work in a tight black turtleneck that accentuated her huge tits encased in a red pushup bra. A plaid miniskirt that came half way down her smooth thighs covered the red thong she had on underneath. Her bare legs led down to her small feet, which were bare now, but her black three-inch heels lay on the floor next to her desk. Her black curly hair was in a ponytail that was draped over one of her shoulders.

The school bell rang and the schools students immediately began to shuffle out into the hall and head home. Emily watched as they filed past the window to her desk and the principals office. Several of the guys smiled and waved to her. She returned the waves with a playful smile of her own. She loved the attention that she got from all the guys at the school.

“Emily? Have you finished with next weeks schedule and announcements for the faculty yet?” The schools principal, Ms. Schwartz asked as she walked out of her office towards a filing cabinet.

“Almost done, Ms. Schwartz. Just give me a couple more minutes and then I’ll take them to all of the classrooms.” Emily replied as she looked over at her boss. She couldn’t help but compare her own breast size to that of the Ms. Schwartz. The principal’s were easily as big as hers as they strained against the black blouse she had worn today.

“Glad to hear it.” Said the busty principal as she retrieved the file she was looking for. “After you finish with those you can go home for the day.” She walked back towards her office but stopped at the doorway and looked back at her secretary, “Emily, I just wanted to say thanks for all of your hard work these past couple of weeks. You really have been a big help to me. My last secretary had no idea what she was doing.”

“Thank you.” Emily was a little surprised by the comment. “I really love this job. I’m glad to be of help.” She smiled at the beautiful principal before she turned back to her computer and finished up the last few things she needed to.

After another fifteen minutes Emily had the mardin escort stack of papers she needed as she headed towards all of the classrooms. The school was almost empty now as she strolled down the halls, her high heels clicking loudly against the floor. Emily had disposed of only a small portion of her stack as she came around the corner leading to the gym where Sarah’s office was located. Suddenly the doors opened as the school’s nurse, Cindy Brown, came walking out. She was buttoning up the front of her small nurse’s uniform as she came out into the hall. “Oh! Hi Cindy.” Emily said in surprise as they nearly bumped into each other.

“Emily? Hi.” Cindy said as she looked up. “What are you still doing here?” She suddenly realized that most of her tan cleavage was visible and she quickly buttoned up a couple more for modesty.

“I’m just sending out next week’s schedule to the faculty. I put yours in your office.” Emily looked at the curvy nurse for a second before she asked her question. “Why are you still here?”

“Me? Oh Sarah and I had to do the physicals for the boy’s basketball team.” Cindy looked back at the gym nervously.

“Is Sarah still around?” Emily asked.

“Um, no. She just barely left. You can leave it on her desk though.”

“Ok, thanks Cindy. See you Monday morning?”

“Sure, see you later Emily. Have a good weekend.” Cindy said as she smiled to her before heading off to the nurse’s office.

Emily entered the gym and into Sarah’s office. She placed the memo on the gym teacher’s desk and headed back towards the door. Suddenly she heard a muffled noise. She stopped and listened for a couple of minutes and then heard it again. Emily looked around the gym and saw the storage door was open slightly. She bent down and took her heels off so they wouldn’t make noise as she walked across the floor to the door. Looking around the lip of the door Emily’s eyes became huge at what she saw.

A thick red wrestling mat was on the ground of the spacious storage room. On top of the mat was the sight that shocked the school’s new secretary. Sarah Stevens, the school’s sexy gym teacher, was naked, except for a pair of sneakers, and sweating on her hands and knees as one of the school’s new senior basketball players gripped her hips tightly and fucked her tight bald cunt with pleasure. In front of her was another one of the players feeding his hard cock into her hungry mouth. Emily watched as Sarah’s big juicy tits bounced around wildly underneath her.

Sarah released the cock from her mouth and looked over her shoulder as the hung senior fucking her. “Oh yeah! Fuck my cunt, Jake!” She encouraged him before she turned back around and began to suck on the other guy’s dick. Jake slapped her ass and watched it jiggle slightly before he grabbed her hips again and smiled at his fellow classmate. Sarah slurped and sucked the cock in her mouth noisily. It glistened in the light from her saliva as she slid her mouth up and down its length.

Emily’s nipples became hard and her pussy became moist as she watched the busty gym teacher get royally fucked by the two hung teenagers. A flush came over her pale skin and her breathing caused her breasts to rise and fall on her chest. Suddenly she remembered bumping into Cindy out in the hall while she was buttoning up her uniform. “Is this their idea of a physical?” Emily thought to herself as she continued to watch the two teenagers slide their cocks in and out of the sexy gym teacher’s holes.

Jake slammed his dick in all the way and held Sarah onto him. “Hey Nick, do you want to try some of this?” He asked as he grinded himself against his teacher’s ass.

“Hell yeah!” Nick exclaimed before he pulled his cock from Sarah’s mouth and stood up so he could come around. His cock was as hard as iron and pointed straight at the ceiling.

Jake pulled out and flipped his teacher onto her back. Sarah’s tits jiggled on her chest as she lay back on the mat panting. Jake advanced forward on his knees so he was straddling her chest before he gripped his wet cock and began to rub and slap it all over her tits.

Sarah smiled up at him and squeezed her big jugs around his thick shaft tightly. Jake groaned as his cock was enveloped by firm tit flesh. As she kept her tits wrapped around his cock she spread her toned legs wide in the air and pointed her sneakers at opposite walls.

Nick got between her spread legs and aimed his hard shaft at her tight bald pussy. He nuzzled the head in before he gripped her small ankles in his hands and thrust in. “Oh god!” he exclaimed as he buried himself in the smooth warm fuck tunnel. He looked down as he pulled his cock out and slid it in again. Her saliva mixed with her pussy juice made for a smooth ride.

Jake pumped his hips rapidly and watched as Sarah’s tits jiggled from his movements. His cock was already slippery from her pussy as he saw the head poke out from the top of her cleavage every once van escort and while. “Oh Ms. Stevens I’m gonna cum!” He exclaimed as he held on to her shoulders while he fucked her tits.

“Oh fuck! Me too!” Nick yelled as he watched his dick slide in and out of his teacher’s wet cunt with wide-eyed fascination.

“Cum for me!” Sarah screamed at the two hung teenagers. She was starting to get a little exhausted herself. She and Cindy had gone through the entire basketball team after school. Her toned firm body was covered in sweat as she moaned encouragement to both of them. “Oh! C-Cum on my tits!”

Neither of the guys could handle that kind of talk. Jake quickly got on one side of her while Nick pulled out of her pussy and got on the other side. Both boys began to rapidly pump their hands up and down the length of their hard cocks. Sarah lowered her legs and squeezed her thighs together as she looked from one student to the other while she continued to squeeze her huge jugs in her hands.

Emily watched in fascination and excitement as both teenagers groaned and began to expel thick ropes of cum all over their teacher’s chest. Sarah squealed, as her breasts were drenched in sperm. Globs of white covered her big stiff nipples and ran down between her cleavage. All three of them were breathing heavily as Sarah smeared cum all over her bulging tits and licked it from her fingers.

Emily pulled her head back and felt her cheeks with her hands to feel their heat. She bit her bottom lip and squeezed her thighs together from the sexual excitement she was feeling. She quickly composed herself and walked back to the other side of the gym to retrieve her heels and papers. She quietly walked back into the hall before she slipped her heels back on and hefted the big stack of memos in her arms. A shiver ran down her spine as she remembered what she had just seen. “Well I bet the basketball team is in high spirits now.” She joked to herself as she smiled and began to walk down the hall.

Emily came around the corner with her eyes closed as she replayed the incredibly hot scene in her head. As she rounded the bend she collided with someone and fell back hard against her firm ass, her papers flew into the air and landed all over the floor.

“Oh Jesus! We’re so sorry. Are you ok?”

Emily looked up from her prone position to see two of the schools seniors standing over her looking concerned. Both were very handsome and had nice muscular bodies she noticed as they were just wearing gym shorts and t-shirts. The one leaning down to help her up was tanned with green eyes and curly brown hair that came down over his ears. The other one could have passed for a younger LL Cool J with his chocolate skin, broad shoulders, and shaved head. He was kneeling down and picking up the papers that had been strewn all over the floor.

“Y-Yeah I’m fine.” She replied to the one with green eyes as she smiled and accepted his hand to help her up.

“I’m Eric.” He introduced himself as he helped her up. “That’s Jimmy behind me.” He motioned to the one picking up the papers before he leaned down to help stack them.

“Hi, we are so sorry we rammed into you like that. I feel like a dumbass.” Jimmy said as he looked up at the gorgeous older woman as she straightened her skirt. “We just came out of the locker room and we weren’t paying attention.”

Emily paused as she heard what Jimmy said, “Are you both on the basketball team?” she asked.

“Yeah, we just had our physicals.” Eric said as he began to straighten the stack of papers he had formed.

Emily covered her mouth to keep from laughing as she heard him say that. She smiled playfully as she imagined what these two were like during their physical examinations. “You don’t have to do that.” She said as she watched the two boys stack her forms one on top of the other.

“No, no let us do this.” Eric said as he hefted the stack and stood up with Jimmy right behind him. “Wow, these are kinda heavy.” he looked down at the memos before he looked back at the curvy school secretary, “Where were you taking all these?”

“They’re memos that I have to take to all of the classrooms.” Said Emily as she smiled at the two muscular teenagers. She folded her arms under her breasts, which caused her turtleneck to bulge out even more. She watched as the two boys immediately dropped their gazes to her huge tits. “I just barely started so that’s why I have so much.”

Jimmy and Eric looked at each other before they looked back at the busty older woman. “You know we aren’t doing anything right now.” Jimmy said while giving Emily a very charming smile, “Why don’t we help you.”

“Yeah, it’s the least we can do.” Eric agreed with his friend.

Emily placed her finger on her pursed lips as she looked over both of them. “Well…….” She said pretending to think it over, “Alright, I’d like the company anyways. Just follow me.” Emily walked past them after she flipped ankara escort her long black ponytail over her shoulder. Her mind swarmed with ideas as to the fun she could have with these two young studs. Her hips swayed slightly as she walked. She glided her legs one in front of the other with her heels clicking on the floor loudly with each step.

Jimmy bit down on his knuckle as he watched her firm heart shaped ass move with her steps. He looked back at Eric who nodded in silent agreement to the wonderful sight right in front of them. They had both just had the most incredible sex with both Miss Stevens and Nurse Brown less than an hour ago and now they had the school’s gorgeous new secretary showing off her wonderful curves while she led them through the halls.

“So Ms. Williams, how are you liking your new job here at the school?” Eric asked, hypnotized by Emily’s swaying ass cheeks.

“Oh I love it! Not only am I finally out of my house and keeping busy, but I also get to see young studs like you two everyday.” She smiled over her shoulder as she said this last comment before she continued down the hall. “And call me Emily. Ms. Williams makes me sound like one of your old english teachers or something.”

“Believe me Ms. Williams, er sorry, Emily…” Jimmy said with a big smile, “You’re definitely not one of them. You’re one of the most beautiful women in this school.”

“You think so?” she replied as she turned back towards them and looked down at herself with her hands on her hips. “Thank you Jimmy, Flattery will get you everywhere.” She gave him a playful smile before she continued to lead them down the hall.

The next few minutes passed by with minor flirtation that became bolder between the students and the stacked woman guiding them from classroom to classroom. The stack of papers became smaller and smaller until there was just a handful left. The trio came halfway down one hall when Emily saw the teachers lounge.

“Maybe I should leave some in here for the faculty.” She opened the door and looked back at the young hunks in the hallway. She arched her back, pressing her huge tits into door, and stuck her ass out just a bit. “Want to come in?” she said playfully.

“Uh yeah.” Eric said as his eyes roamed over her curves. Both he and Jimmy followed her inside and the door shut behind them.

“Do you boys want a drink or something from the fridge? I feel like relaxing in here for awhile after walking around for so long.” Emily leaned forward with her firm butt cheeks facing both of them as she opened the fridge. “Well?” she asked again as she looked over at the two seniors

Both Jimmy and Eric had enough with flirting. They knew what Emily wanted and they were more than happy to oblige. “I know what I want but it isn’t in the fridge.” Jimmy replied as he admired Emily’s firm curvy body.

“Oh? What’s that?” she turned back to both of them and stood up with her hands on her hips.

Both seniors looked at each other and smiled before they reached down and pulled their shirts over their heads to reveal their hard abs and muscular chests. They next kicked their shoes off before they reached down and pulled their shorts and boxer briefs off and flung them over next to the couch in the room.

Emily’s almond shaped blue eyes took in the wonderful sight of the two young men in front of her. She wanted to lick all over Jimmy’s chocolate colored skin while her hands explored Eric’s tanned body. Both of their cocks were solid marble columns that stood straight up and pointed at the ceiling. “Oooo, I like this idea.” She said before she whipped her turtleneck off and dropped it at her feet.

“Oh my god!” Eric exclaimed as he saw Emily’s huge tits straining the cups of the red lacy bra. Her small nipples were just barely covered as the top halves of her breasts stuck out and squeezed over the rims of the cups. He immediately gripped his shaft and began to pump up and down its length. Jimmy soon followed Eric’s example as his hands rubbed up and down his big cock.

Emily slowly unzipped her plaid skirt and let it fall to the floor before she stepped out of it. She took her heels off and then stood up as she flung her ponytail back over her shoulder and smiled at both of basketball players as they began to jerk themselves off. “So what do you want to do?” she asked, as she stood in front of them in just her lacy red bra and very small thong with her hands behind her back.

Jimmy looked back at the couch and quickly sat down, “Come over here and suck our cocks.” He looked back at her as he continued to pump his hand up and down his shaft. Eric quickly sat down and did the same. “And take the bra off. I want to see those tits.”

Her bra clasp was in the front so she reached around and undid the hook with one hand. Her bra was straining against her breasts so much that her firm globes sprung out and the cups flew back around her shoulders. She wiggled her arms and dropped the bra to the floor as she walked over to both of them. Her huge milky tits jiggled with each step she took before she kneeled down in front of them and reached out and grasped both of their hard cocks in her delicate hands. “Oooo, these are nice.” She said as she smiled at the two boys and began to slide her soft hands up and down the firm shafts.

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