Stockings Do It Every Time

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Sandra was an ordinary type of girl, she was intelligent, but never went out of her way to impress anyone. She wore plain, but smart clothes. Not at all like the other girls I read about on Lit, she didn’t have big tits, she looked her age of 40, and wouldn’t win any beauty prizes. Not that I have anything against stunning girls with large tits. But how many of them are there out there? Millions, if Lit was anything to go by.

Ordinary doesn’t mean ugly.

What I liked about Sandra was she was friendly and cheerful. She would sometimes come over and visit the wife and they would chat for ages. When it came to women and their chats, I always found it easier to leave them to it.

On a few occasions the girls would go out for a drink. The night that changed everything was on one of those nights.

Sandra came over to collect the wife Ann. Ann wasn’t quite ready so I offered Sandra a drink while she waited. She was dressed well, nothing spectacular, a simple dress that came to just below the knees. I had never paid much attention to Sandra’s looks, of course there was the odd moment that everyman goes through, wondering what she would be like in bed. But hey…doesn’t make me a bad person. What caught my eye tonight was when she sat on the edge of the seat and crossed her legs. Her legs were covered in nylon, and as the dress tightened round her thigh, I could make out the suspenders holding up her stockings.

I always had a fetish for nylons and stockings, and when I seen this I was immediately looking at Sandra in a different light. My eyes locked on to her thighs, it may have been a few seconds, but it was enough for me to get caught. “Sean, what are you looking at”? I looked up and looked into her eyes trying to find an answer. Nothing was coming out my mouth. “Ehhhhhh, nothing, I was just daydreaming” was the best I could muster together. “Yeh right “ said Sandra. “It’s only my suspender belt, does it look stupid under this dress”? Oh shit what will I say. “Not at all, I just never imagined you to aksaray escort wear stockings and suspenders.” You prick, I called myself. “I better chase up Ann and see if she’s nearly ready.”

When I walked into our bedroom Ann was finishing off her hair, she was sitting on the bed with her back to me, looking in the mirror. Then she switched off the drier and stood up. She too was wearing stockings. Ann walked over towards me smiling. She gave me a gentle kiss and rubbed my cock, knowing full well the effect of her in stockings would have on me. My hands softly caressed her stocking thighs. Ann continued to rub my cock and balls. When my hand moved to cup her pussy she backed off. “Not yet Sean”.

“Jesus, Ann. You know what this does to me”. My cock was throbbing; I opened up my jeans and took it out. Slowly stroking it. “I need you Ann, let me look at you while I stroke my cock”.

“Wait till I come home, then we’ll take care of you”. Ann said smiling wickedly. I was about to put my cock back in my trousers when Sandra walked in. There was no hiding; my stiff cock was in clear view. Ann started laughing, I went bright red, and Sandra looked at my cock, then Ann. She smiled and said “WOW, lucky girl”. Ann laughed and told Sandra. “It’s the stockings, he can’t help himself when he sees me in them”. I was mortified; I hurriedly put away my cock, which takes time when it’s so bloody hard.

I left the two of them in the room to finish dressing. When they came back out, Ann came over and gave me a kiss. “I’ll see you when I get back”, she winked.

I spent the rest of the night watching TV. After a while I was nearly dozing off when I heard Ann coming in the front door. Sandra was with her. The two of them looked as though they had a good night. Ann offered Sandra a coffee.

The two girls sat on the couch, giggling about the events of the night. I was waiting for Sandra to leave, so I could have Ann all to myself. There was no sign of them quitting soon, so I decided to call it quits escort and retire for the night.

I must have been in bed for over an hour when I woke up needing a piss. Thinking no more of it, I got up and went to the bathroom. As I opened the door, there before me was Sandra, skirt hiked up and sitting on the loo, her stockings in full view. “Shit, I’m sorry Sandra, I didn’t realize”. She just stared at my cock, it was growing right before her eyes. She raised her fingers to her mouth and gestured for me to be quiet. Sandra then took my cock in her hand and began stroking it. The sight of her sitting there in her stockings was such a turn on. My hand stroked her thighs; they looked and felt fantastic. Suddenly Sandra’s mouth was on my cock, taking it deeper and deeper into her mouth. The warmth of her mouth on me was beautiful. My hips were slowly moving back and forth, I wanted to cum, but I knew I needed a piss before I could cum. I slowly withdrew my cock from her mouth and lifter her up from the seat. I whispered to her that I needed to pee. Sandra smiled, took hold of my cock and pointed it towards the toilet. As everyone knows it takes a few seconds to kick-start a piss when you have a hard on. With Sandra’s slow strokes, it wasn’t helping.

A few moments later, I managed to pee. “Sandra, are you ok in there” Ann called as she opened the door. There I was standing over the toilet with her friend dressed in only her bra and stockings holding my cock. Brazenly Sandra said, “I was helping Sean empty his bladder”. I just looked at Ann, trying to be as innocent as I could be in that situation as my piss continued to flow into the toilet. Sandra shook the last few drops but continued to hold my cock. “Bring him downstairs” Ann called.

Sandra led me downstairs by the cock. “Sean you sit there on the chair, Sandra, you sit beside me,” said Ann.

Ann laid her hand on Sandra’s knee and began stroking her stocking legs. “Do you want to see my stockings Sean?” said Ann. I simply nodded. Slowly Ann lifted kağıthane escort her dress. Revealing her legs inch by inch till she reached the lacy top. Sandra’s hand began stroking Ann’s legs. Trailing her finger up the inside of her thighs. Ann’s legs parted. Her smooth shaven pussy was opening up as Sandra’s fingers touched her lips. Ann’s eyes closed as Sandra continued to gently stroke her. Her hand continued to stroke Sandra’s legs. Sandra was looking over at me; she was licking her lips as Ann’s fingers entered her pussy.

I knelt in between Sandra and Ann, stroking both their legs. “Oh thank you God, thank you, thank you. Sandra’s toes came up to gently massage my balls. The feel of her nylon toes on my balls was driving me nuts.

Ann was breathing heavier; Sandra’s fingers were toying with her clit, going faster and faster. Ann responded by burying two fingers inside of Sandra’s pussy. The two of them were going to cum very, very soon. I spread Sandra’s pussy and flicked on her clit with my tongue as my wife’s fingers fucked her pussy. She let out a scream and pulled my head hard on to her cunt. I sucked on her pussy, taking her orgasm into my mouth, feeling her juices explode in my face.

Ann was panting heavier, yelling for me to fuck her. She held her legs wide open; Sandra grabbed my cock and entered it into my wife’s pussy. “Fuck me, Fuck me”, she screamed. My cock rammed into her wet pussy, burying itself deep inside. It only took about 6 thrusts before I felt Ann’s cunt muscles tighten around my cock. “YEESSSSSSSS”. OHH YESSSSS…Oh Fuck, Oh Fuck” Ann was spurting her juices from her cunt.

I had to drink from her. I let my tongue lap up her wet pussy. “Suck his cock…Sandra”. Sandra lay on her back and positioned herself under me, taking my big fat cock in her mouth. As she slurped on my cock, I felt Ann’s nylon legs wrap around my neck. Sandra pumped me fast with her mouth taking me deep. Ann’s legs tightened at the same time as my balls, and seconds later I was drowning Sandra’s mouth with my cum. I could feel her swallowing and swallowing, then lick the lasts drops from me.

It was absolutely fantastic; I hadn’t even touched a tit yet. Did I care? Not at all. What’s the rush?

Any feedback is deeply appreciated.

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