The Seduction of Gina Ch. 02

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Gina was lying on her back in my large soft bed, her breathing urgent and deep, moaning low in exquisite pleasure, her head moving left and right, right and left, her fingers running desperately through my hair, as I buried my face and tongue in the newly soft, smooth, fragrant slit between her legs.

When we woke together in my bedroom and my bed the morning after our first night of luscious lesbian love, we snuggled together for a long time before we finally got up and went into my large walk-in shower stall, luxuriating under the gentle streams of warm water, rubbing each other’s backs, and fronts, with lots of fragrant, sudsy body wash and a wonderful new herbal shampoo and conditioner combo I’d recently found on one of my shopping jags in the mall.

We also found the time for some slow, sensuous embraces and kisses, our breasts and lips pressing together under the warm running shower.

The little vixen had her hand cradling my pussy, her fingers probing inside of me until I was too overwhelmed with arousal to stand any more. I had to sit down on the built in shower seat. Gina followed me down and brought me to a spectacular orgasm.

As I leaned back against the warm tiles in blissful release, she continued to kiss and fondle my sex. “Ummm, Jools, you are so nice and smooth. You promised that you’d show me how to trim my own pussy like yours….” she reminded me.

“I will, honey, ooooh… I will, in just a moment… ummmm….” I replied. The only sound in my bath was the warm running water and acıbadem escort the sounds of flesh on flesh as she continued to kiss and suck upon my sex.

Finally, I brought her face up to mine and kissed her deeply. “Thanks, love, that was incredible,” I thanked her. “Now I’m going to reward you. You are really going to love this.”

I gathered all the tools I’d need to make her as smooth down there as I was. I assembled and cleansed them thoroughly, directed my hot little lover to sit down on the built in shower seat in my place, and got to work freeing and smoothing the silken skin and sensitive folds of her sex from her natural, silken curls.

I definitely took my sweet time doing it because I enjoyed being allowed to see and touch and fondle the most private and luscious parts of her body, and because I wanted to give her pleasure, too.

By the time I was finishing up the job and rubbing in a generous dollop of a gentle flavored warming lubricant all over her pussy, Gina was so wild with arousal from the extended steamy session that she was nearly hysterical. I’d kept the shower water running slowly in the background to keep the stall nice and cozy warm. Her pussy lips were wildly swollen into a dark crimson. She was getting me excited all over again.

“Ohhh, Jools, please touch me there…. I need you to…. oh, god….”

“I can do better than that, baby. Come on, let’s get back into bed for awhile,” I replied, taking her hand to lift her up and throwing a large soft fluffy atalar escort bath towel around her and drying her off while she stood there in the middle of my bath.

I dried off my own body and led her back to bed, lying her on her back on the mattress and propping her cute little ass up on a pillow to give my face and hands easy access to her honeypot.

Then I began to minister to her needs and desires in the best way I knew. I began slowly, tracing my fingers about her mound and pussy lips, followed by a maddeningly exciting trail of kisses up and down the contours of her sex.

“Oooohhh, Jools, that feels…. soooo heavenly… ooo, god!!! Oooooo!”

Soon I was rhythmically kissing, licking, and sucking all of her sex and the most sensitive parts of her into ecstasy once again. She thrust her head back on the pillow behind her, began a series of deep, fast, frenzied breaths and gasps, became all flushed red in her face and throat and breasts, and then came and came, for what seemed like several minutes, loudly. I kept upon her, drinking in her juices, licking her sex softly as she flew high in her pleasure, and until she came down, gently, gradually, in my embrace.

My little girlfriend was panting through a frenzied series of orgasms, “Hah… hah… ahhhhhh… ahhhh!” breathing through her mouth. Then she became very quiet and still before she pulled my face up to hers and we pressed our lips together and her tongue found its way into my mouth and I held her as she likes to be held aydınlı escort for a long time.

“Mmmm, Jools, thank you for making me feel so good, god, you are such a wonderful girlfriend…”

I opened my eyes as we laid there and I saw that her nipples were still quite aroused. I thought they must be very sensitive so I was gentle while my fingertips traced around them and my tongue found them. I sucked them into my mouth one after another. “Does that feel good, honey?” I asked.

“It feels wonderful, Jools, everything you do feels wonderful…”

“How do you feel, baby?” I asked again.

“I feel as great and as exhilarated as I’ve ever felt in my life,” she replied, her hands caressing me up and down my back. “I couldn’t ever imagine how heavenly it is, making love with another woman…”

“There’s still a lot more for you to experience, Gina… It only gets better from here…” I teased her.

“I don’t think I could stand any more pleasure, I just might melt away, Jools,” she giggled.

“Well, we’ll go slow with you, show some mercy, but don’t expect too much. You get me so excited, girl, that I can’t control myself…” I continued to tease her.

“Ummm… you’re so bad, Jools. So, so bad… you are such a bad, bad, girl…”

“Yes, I am. I am bad. The baddest. And proud of it.”

She looked at me warily and then we both laughed.

“C’mon, time for some breakfast. Woman can’t live on love alone,” I teased her.

And with that we dressed and headed for my kitchen and our first time together, our all night and early morning lovemaking session, officially came to a conclusion. But there would be plenty more for us to experience together in the incredible world of lesbian lovemaking, with Gina as my precocious star student.

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