Secret Fantasies

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Big Tits

Annabeth was always the good little girl, she was pure as the driven snow and never did anything that was considered to be naughty. She was 26 years old and was still a virgin. She taught 1st Grade at a private Catholic school, nestled in the small, quiet town of Harve de Grace Maryland. Everyone knew everyone’s business here and is not shy about spreading your personal life, especially the things that you would most certainly not want anyone to know about.

Never in her life could she fulfill her inner desires or fantasies. There are times that she will be sitting in the teacher’s lounge day dreaming when she is supposed to be grading papers. She is by far the youngest teacher there and the others snicker behind her back. She is naive and she knows it, but what is she to do about it?

It was a Monday afternoon and she was seated at the table in the teacher’s lounge with her laptop checking her email. An email popped up and it was from an old friend of hers, Sandy, who managed to escape the watchful eye of Harve de Grace. She described her weekend in detail; going out and partying, drinking, and visiting some clubs that Annabeth could only dream of going to. New York is so much more radical than Harve de Grace and is not nearly as judgmental. She had visited a new club called Paddles that catered to all kinds of fetishes: whipping, spanking, bondage, domination, submission, foot fetishes, and all other sorts of fetishes. Sandy was talking about the slave auction that was going on the night that she was there, and how if the slaves did not pose the right way they would be flogged and publicly humiliated.

Annabeth did not think that public humiliation sounded fun or even remotely sexy. Sexy, what did she know about sexy, she was a 1st grade teacher and a virgin to boot! But she thought that being someone’s personal slave might be fun. Mainly because she had no sexual experience, and she did not even want to consider being a dominant. But the idea of letting someone order her around and make her do what they wanted could have its benefits.

She would learn about sex and the different positions. She could learn about what she liked and did not like, kaynarca escort as well as learn how to please another person. She thought that if she was a little worldlier and more knowledgeable about certain things she might be able to find a man and keep him. It was not she had not dated before, but because she was so modest and naive she was never taken very seriously, so the topic of sex never even came up. It was never her plan to be a 26 year old virgin, it was never her plan to even save herself for marriage. She just wanted to wait until she felt the time was right and she was comfortable.

Later that evening she decided that she would familiarize herself with sex and the different things out there. She logged onto a porn site and began to browse the different categories. She saw a category called fisting and it immediately caught her attention. When she clicked on the link she was immediately presented with two women on a bed; one of them was screaming while the other was shoving her fingers in and out of the woman’s pussy. She had two of them in there, and to Annabeth that didn’t look too bad. She kept watching as the woman worked her fingers in and out of her partner, and then to her surprise the woman slipped another finger inside. The receiver’s face was surprised at first, she looked like she was in pain, but then she started moving and pressing down on her partner’s fingers.

Soon they were using four fingers and then all five. The momentum had slowed down due to the amount of fingers inside, but that did not stop the enthusiasm between the two women. Soon the woman being finger-fucked was squirting cum all over the place and screaming so loud Annabeth had to turn down the volume. Annabeth kept watching, enthralled by what was taking place before her. She nearly fell out of her seat when the woman’s fist slipped into the pussy, all the way up to her wrist.

When that video was over she began to scan the rest of the categories and came across a topic called golden showers. She thought the sound of a golden shower sounded so heavenly and inviting that she clicked on it and picked the first video. There was a woman in a shower, küçükyalı escort she had the shower head pressed up against her pussy, and she was grinding on the tough water stream and screaming. Then the shower curtain opened and a man stepped in. He took the woman’s face in his massive hands, leaned into her and kissed her deeply.

She returned the kiss but had herself so worked up that her orgasm let lose. She screamed into him as she came all over the shower head. When she was finished he took it from her and hung it back up. He placed his hands on either side of her shoulders and pushed her down onto her knees. She wrapped her petite little hands around his thick cock and began to stroke him. She leaned forward and sucked his cock deep into her mouth, moaning as she went all the way down.

He let her do this a couple time before grabbed her pony tail and pulled her head back. She seemed to know what he wanted, she left her head where it was, looked at him longingly, and waited. The man took his cock in his hand and held aimed at her face. And then, Annabeth’s jaw dropped. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. The man began to piss on her face, and she just stayed perfectly still for him. Annabeth was shocked but couldn’t look away. She was intrigued and wanted to see more. She watched a few more videos and began to notice that she was growing increasingly wet between her legs.

Annabeth was not so naïve that she did not know what was happening to her. She knew what her wetness was for, she had just never used it for its intended purpose. By the third video she was drenched, she had soaked through her panties and now her skirt and onto the couch.

She closed her laptop and went upstairs to shower and change her clothes. She turned on the shower and stepped in when the water was warm. She let the water rundown her small, slender body. She leaned back against the shower and let the water hit her 34D breasts. Her nipples were usually soft under the warm water but not tonight. They were hard and perky, but she wasn’t cold.

She let her hands travel to her breasts and rub her nipples. She closed her eyes and marveled at sancaktepe escort how good she felt, soon her hand was slipping down her abdomen, slowly disappearing between her legs. She had always used a washcloth when washing, and so she had never felt her own clit with her own skin. She was pleasantly surprised when her body reacted to its own touch. She slid down on to the floor of her tub and spread her legs wide. The water was raining down her as she pleasured herself for the first time.

As she rubbed and pinched her clit she closed her eyes and let her mind wander. She found herself taken back to the first golden shower scene and pictured herself in the woman’s place. In her fantasy it was not the first time she had sucked a man’s cock, or let the water pleasure her. But in her fantasy it was the first time that she had let someone piss on her. When he pulled her head back she closed her eyes and let herself relax and wait. She kept her mouth closed and waited patiently. She could hear him moan and then it hit her, a hot, wet stream of piss. It was unlike anything she had ever felt or experienced before. It was disgusting, it was naughty, it was new!

She was so wrapped up in her fantasy that she hadn’t realized how feverishly she had been working on her clit. And before she realized it her pussy felt like it was on fire. Her insides felt like they were twisting and pulsating in her. She let her finger slide down and feel her sweet little pussy. It was slippery and gushing cum. She let her fingers continue to work on her clit and bring her orgasm to its fullest potential. She closed her eyes and let her mind wander back to her imaginary shower and her naughty fetish. No sooner did she picture herself being pissed on and him and her both moaning did she cum. She could feel her cum squirting from her pussy and began to scream at the top of her lungs.

As her orgasm tapered off and she stopped screaming she could hear someone frantically at the door. She lived in an apartment and the walls were really thin. She quickly rinsed off and wrapped up in her bath sheet and ran for the door. She cracked the door open enough to see who was on the other side, her long hair dripping wet and creating a puddle at her feet. When she looked up she saw what could only be described as the perfect human being, most likely the finest man that she has laid eyes on. What he said to her surprised her to no end, and she had no idea how to respond.

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