Prison School Ch. 18

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Chapter 18 — W2 Saturday morning

About 7:15 AM the security officer wakes James up.

James, asking, “Can you do us a favor tomorrow? Let me sleep in and wake Shorty up instead. He should be in Dorm 2, Bed

2, and then wake Jeremy and Stephen, this dorm beds 10 and 11.”

Security Guy, taking notes, “D2

2, D1

0 &

1. All at 7:15, Gotcha.”

James then went down to bed

0 and woke Jeremy, and then across to

1 and woke Stephen, and told both to meet him as usual in the main building at the cafeteria. Then he went over to Dorm 2 and woke up Vern and Troy, not too surprised to find them in the same bed. Vern went on down to wake Mike up, in Luke’s bed. After that, he unlocked the cafeteria and kitchen, and purposely did not start the coffee, and waited for the rest of the CA crew to arrive.

In Dorm 1, Eric woke up early to nature’s call, and on his way out of the bathroom, met Stephen on his way in. Eric couldn’t help but notice that the head of Stephen’s massive dick was hanging about 1½ inches below the cuff of his boxers. Eric, unnoticed, followed Stephen back into the bathroom and waited for Stephen to finish peeing.

When Stephen left the urinal to wash his hands, Eric, naked, and with his own member about half hard, confronted Stephen.

“Hi,” Eric said, smiling, “I’m Eric, I don’t think we’ve met.” And extended his hand.

Stephen, staring down at Eric’s half erect and rather huge cock, “My name is Stephen, I just arrived this week, and I’m in Culinary Arts.” He accepted Eric’s hand, and they shook hands.

“Question,” Eric said. “Why do you even bother with boxers? They aren’t holding you in.”

“Yeah, I know,” Stephen replied, grinning and also feeling a little redness in his face, “I wish they offered boxer briefs. They hold me a little better.”

“I’ll bet I could hold you better too!” Eric replied, winking. “Why don’t you just skip the boxers, like I do?”

“Like this?” Stephen dropped his boxers, after he pulled the waistband out, over his hardening dick. “Wanna try holding it?”

“Sure.” Eric smiled, as he wrapped his hand around Stephen’s cock. Stephen instinctively wrapped his hand around Eric’s now completely erect cock. The two men looked at each other, and smiled, knowingly.

“Stephen, I think we can have some fun together.” Eric winked again.

Just then, Jeremy popped in, fully dressed, and saw these two.

Jeremy, grinning widely, “Dayum, what a way to start the day. Twin fucking monster cocks! I came in to pee, but I think I might be too hard to pee now!” Trying to adjust his little very stiff cock, “After seeing this, I’ll probably have a fuckin’ boner all freakin’ day!”

“I think you’re right, Eric.” Stephen answered, What is your schedule today?”

“I’m the Sr. Trainer in plumbing, and it’s Saturday, so I’m free all day.”

“I might get a break between brunch and suppertime, OK if I try and catch up with you later? Right now I gotta get to the kitchen.”

“Anytime, Stephen, and I’ll be looking forward to it!”

* * * * * * * * * *

James was waiting on the rest of the CA crew to arrive, and when they did he motioned them over to the table where he was sitting. He had not started the coffee brewing.

“Guys,” James said, “I have a reason for not having started the coffee today. I only have 3 more weeks after this, and Shorty will be taking over as head trainer here. I needed to know that he knows how to make the coffee. Shorty, let’s make the coffee now, and I’ll guide you.” Then, “Mike, why don’t you watch also, in case Shorty needs you to do it.”

“Shorty,” James said, “When we leave here tonight, I’ll give you the keys, and you will, with the help of the other guys, open and prepare brunch tomorrow. I think Sunday is a good day to do this, as the timing is not as critical as on a regular training day. Think you can handle it?”

“I’ll do my best, James.” Vern answered. “Are you still going to wake me?”

“No, the security officer will, and he will also wake Stephen and Jeremy. I’m going to sleep in for a change! I have confidence in you, Shorty.”

Jeremy has finally lost his erection and is able to function normally. Stephen has also deflated, but has one thing on his mind, thinking about Eric’s cock, and looking forward to some fun with Eric. Even with a late start, the CA crew still has brunch ready to serve at 9:00 AM.

* * çanakkale escort * * * * * * * *

Adam woke up, looked at the clock, it was 9:30 AM. Nate was still asleep, and so was Kurt in the 2nd bed over. Aside from them, it appeared the dorm was pretty much vacated. Adam gently kissed Nate’s lips, bringing him to a state of awareness, Nate instinctively kissed back, slipping his tongue into Adam’s mouth, their tongues doing battle for supremacy, and both men had immediate erections, pressing their cock’s into each others pubes.

“You make me so fuckin hot!” Adam exclaimed, softly. “You got more lube?”

Nate quietly went to his locker, grinning, and produced a tube of lube. Meanwhile, Adam also went to his locker, and came back with a condom.

Adam, holding it up so Nate could see, “I got some of these from Jesse yesterday. I want to try it out! I want to fuck you, Baby! Right now!”

“Here? We might get an audience!”

“Everyone’s gone, except Kurt, and he is still asleep.”

Adam pulled the sheet down, exposing his boyfriend, complete with a slightly leaking erection. Adam rolled the condom over his hardon, and kneeled between Nate’s legs. Nate raised his legs up, resting them on Adam’s shoulders, and Adam proceeded to lube Nate’s crack and hole, working some lube into Nate’s mans pussy, inserting one, then 2 fingers into Nate’s hole, stretching him, and making Nate gasp.

Adam then lubed his condom-covered cock, and started pushing against Nate’s rectum, finally slipping the head in and making Nate whine a little. They are trying to be as quiet as possible, so as not to attract attention.

“Give me some more, Babe,” Nate begged, “I love feeling you inside me!”

Adam pushed in a little more, and started to pump into his lover’s ass, slow and steady.

“Oh my god, Babe!” Nate panted, “Feels so good, you’re hitting my sweet spot! Gonna make me cum!”

Adam relaxed his arms, falling onto Nate, and pressing Nate’s cock between them, and pressed his lips onto Nate’s, just letting his own cock rest, completely inside Nate’s rectum. He could feel Nate’s cock throbbing between their abs.

“I can’t believe,” Adam stated quietly, “How much I want you, and how much I love you!”

“Take me Babe, take me to heaven! You feel so good in me!”

Kurt woke up to the sound of sex, raised up on one elbow and looked over at the activity 2 beds over. He got up quietly, and headed to the bathroom for a morning pee, not quite believing how hard he was this morning. He was wondering, is this just morning wood, or is he turned on? He had a hard time, pushing his erection down far enough to pee, then he grabbed some paper towels and went back to his bed.

Adam and Nate were really into it, oblivious that Kurt was even awake. Kurt knew he needed to drop a load, so he lay back on his bed, and started to jack off. Adam was pumping a steady rhythm into his boyfriend’s rear.

Nate, feeling his orgasm rising, “Babe, I’m gonna lose it, shit, I’m cuuummmmiiiinnnngggg!” Both Adam and Nate felt Nate’s man juice spurting between their stomachs, and all over Nate’s chest.

Just the trigger Adam needed, “I’m cumming too!” Adam exclaimed. “Baby, did you feel me cum, with the condom on?”

“Yeah, Babe, and it felt so hot, and still felt great!”

“I’m about ready to shoot too,” Kurt stated, “Like, right now!” as Kurt ejaculated into the paper towels he had brought back.

“We didn’t know you were even awake!” Adam said, his cock still in Nate’s ass.

“How is anyone supposed to sleep,” Kurt said, laughing, “with you two fucking so close by! Made me so horny I had to jack off!”

“Got any extra towels?” Adam asked Kurt, who in turn handed Adam a couple of them.

Adam used one of them to clean himself off, slid the filled condom off and wrapped it in a paper towel, and set it on the floor. He then proceeded to lick the cum off Nate’s stomach and chest, swallowing it.

“That’s disgusting!” Kurt exclaimed, shaking his head, “But hot at the same time!”

“Kurt,” Nate said, “Have you ever tasted cum?”

“Hell no!”

“Have you ever butt fucked anyone?”

“No, but I have thought about it.” Kurt answered, “I’d never let anybody fuck me, though.”

“That’s what I thought too.” Adam said, smiling, “Funny how things can change! Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.”

Kurt, starting to dress, çeşme escort “How bout some chow? It’s getting late, and they shut down at noon.”

Adam and Nate both got dressed, and all three headed to the cafeteria. Zach came in right behind them, and all four men filled their trays. Kurt, Adam and Nate sat at a table together.

Zach, approaching the same table, “Okay if I sit with you guys?”

“Sure, Zach,” Adam replied, “Zach, this is Kurt, he is one the guys I came here with. Kurt, Zach is one of the guys Nate worked with in the GM crew.”

Zach asked, “What are you all doing after brunch?”

All three men shrugged their shoulders. “Adam and I have no particular plans,” Nate responded. “Kurt?”

“I’m open. Any suggestions?” Kurt added.

“How about some horseshoes?” Zach said, “Girls against the Guys. Adam and Nate against Kurt and me.”

“Now wait just a damn minute!” Nate exclaimed. “I know you like cock just as well as we do!” Zach grinned.

“Okay,” Kurt said, “I’ll play with you three ladies — horseshoes, that is.”

The four men finished brunch about noon, and headed for the horseshoe pits.

* * * * * * * * * *

Eric is sitting in the rec room, watching who is coming and going. This is one of the rare times, he is actually fully dressed in the dorm. About 1:00 PM Stephen walks in, and over to where Eric is sitting.

“Are we still on?” Stephen asked.

“You bet. What time you got to be back?”

“3:00.” Stephen answered.

“We only got 2 hours, let’s take a walk. Has anyone shown you the woods?”

Stephen shook his head. Eric got up and headed toward the door and Stephen followed. Eric showed Stephen the new horseshoe pits, where Kurt, Adam, Nate and Zach were currently playing. He also pointed out the Gym and the Poolroom.

“Are you a swimmer, Stephen?”

“Sometimes, when I have the right kind of trunks. Some of them don’t hold me very well.”

“You’re lucky here, the pool is the only public place here where we can be naked, outside the dorm, and the woods. Just about everyone swims nude.”

“Eric,” Stephen explained, “I’m kind of self conscious, being that I have a bigger than normal dick. It’s embarrassing to find guys staring at it.”

Eric, smiling, “I always say, if you’ve got it, flaunt it. I’ve got it, and I do!”

“So I’ve noticed.” Stephen responded.

“We’re deep enough into the woods for some privacy,” Eric said, “Let’s get naked.”

Eric proceeded to strip, except for shoes and socks, piling his clothes on the ground. Anticipating some fun, he started to develop a boner. Stephen stood watching, and was still dressed, but also showing a growing bulge in his upper pants leg.

“Do I have to undress you?” Eric asked.

Stephen, grinning “If you want to.”

Eric unzipped Stephen’s jeans, pushing them down, then his boxers. Stephen placed his hand on Eric’s shoulder for support as he stepped out of his jeans and boxers, which Eric placed on the ground, next to his own. Stephen did manage to pull off his tee, and dropped it onto the pile.

Eric wrapped his hand around Stephen’s massive circumcised dick, running his finger across the tip, which was slippery with pre.

“God, you’ve got a beautiful piece of meat!” Eric exclaimed. “I’ve been here almost 2 years, and yours is the biggest I’ve seen on campus. You’re at least as big, and maybe just a tad bigger than me.”

Stephen placed his hand on Eric’s dick, not quite able to wrap his fingers completely around it. His finger was sliding around on the head, spreading the precum around on Eric’s large mushroom shaped head.

The two men hugged, pushing their huge, erected cocks together, and causing both men to tremble.

“I’ve got to try to do this,” Eric said, as he dropped to his knees, taking about the first four inches of Stephen’s now throbbing cock into his mouth.

“Oh! Oh!” Stephen cried out, “God that feels so good!”

Eric took a little more, realizing he likely was trying to swallow a little more than even he could handle. This was most definitely the biggest dick he had ever tried to suck. When the head of Stephen’s cock touched the back of Eric’s throat, Eric’s gag reflexes kicked in, and he only had about two thirds of Stephen’s length in his mouth.

Eric started to bob, sliding down on Stephen to that two thirds point. He had sucked some sizable diyarbakır escort dicks before, but never one with both the length and girth that Stephen had. But he did have Stephen squirming and moaning, and it was evident to Eric that Stephen was enjoying this ride.

Needing to catch his breath, Eric pulled off and started using his hand to stroke Stephen’s huge manhood.

Stephen, body stiffening, “I’m mighty close! I can feel my climax coming on strong!”

Eric went back down, sliding about 4 inches into his mouth and stroking the remaining length with his hand slowly. Rubbing the big vein with his thumb, Eric could feel Stephen starting to pulse.

“I’m gonna shoot!” Stephen cried, his body shaking, knees trying to buckle. “Here it comes! Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!”

Spurt after delicious spurt erupted out of Stephen’s massive shaft, Eric trying to swallow it all. Just when Eric thought it was all over, Stephen pulsed some more, and sent about 3 more sizable ropes into Eric’s hungry mouth. Eric milked out the last few dribbles, pulled of and stood up, his own Ten plus inches still rock hard, with a steady stream of pre dripping.

“How was it for you?” Eric asked.

“That was the best ever!” Stephen exclaimed, while starting to stroke Eric’s erect cock, “Actually, Eric, that was the first blowjob I have ever received. Other men have offered to suck me off, but when they saw my size, they chickened out, and usually left me to jack it off, or maybe gave me a hand job. Thanks Eric. That was awesome!”

“I know how that is,” Eric admitted, “No man on this campus has ever offered to give me a blowjob, a couple have given me a hand job. I’ve probably sucked half the guys here off at some time, mostly guys in Dorm 1. It wouldn’t take very long for me to cum right now!”

Stephen took the hint, dropped to his knees, and started to tongue Eric’s dick, licking off the pre.

“I’ve never tackled one this big before, so forgive me if I’m a little awkward. I don’t think we have very much time, as I have to be back to the kitchen soon. How long do you think we’ve been out here?”

“Probably an hour, maybe a little more.” Eric answered. “If you’re going to do me, you better start.”

Stephen said, “I kind of understand now, why so many guys didn’t want to suck me off! That’s a lot of cock to swallow! Here goes.”

“Oooooohh, I’m not used to this luxury! My cock loves the warmth of your mouth!” Eric commented, excitedly!”

Stephen slipped the head of Eric’s large dick into his mouth, softly running his tongue around the head, and tonguing the sensitive area right at the end of the shaft where the head connects. In almost no time, Eric was groaning, almost crying, in pure pleasure.

“Oh, baby, you sure know how to please a man! Suck it baby! Suck it! I’m full of cream, and I’m gonna give you the biggest load you’ve ever had!”

While not, understandingly, taking a lot of Eric’s cock into his mouth, he was nursing the first four inches very well. He reached up and started to play and pinch Eric’s nipples, causing Eric to squeal, then he started to massage Eric’s balls, driving Eric into orgasm.

“Ready or not, here it comes!” cried Eric. “Fuck! I’m dusted! Ohhhhhhhh gawd, this is oooooooohhhhhhhhh shit!”

As Eric pumped rope after rope of creamy man juice, the talented Stephen was taking it all, swallowing every ounce! Once he milked what he could out of Eric’s dick, he used Eric’s shoulders for support and got onto his feet. He then tried to kiss Eric’s lips, and Eric turned his face away.

“Sorry, Stephen,” Eric said. “Lord knows I love to see cock, play with cock and suck cock, but I’ve always avoided romance.”

“Why? Don’t you want someone to love, and share your life with?”

“Maybe, someday.” Eric answered. “Especially now, as I am leaving here in four more weeks. I wouldn’t want to be romantically connected, and have to leave him behind, while I go back to society. I’ve been through that once.”

“Someone here?”

“No.” Eric said, solemnly. “I had someone, before I was incarcerated, and had to leave him behind while I went to the penitentiary. That was 2 and a half years ago. I hope we can rekindle our relationship, but I suspect he may not want an ex-con for a husband.”

“I’m sorry, Eric. I hope things work out for you in a positive way.” Then, “We better get dressed and get back. I don’t want to be late.”

They both got dressed, and walked back, Eric to the Dorm and Stephen to the cafeteria. They were both feeling better after a much needed sexual release.

(to be continued)

In Chapter 19 we find out what happens when Nate’s parents visit.

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