The Island Ch. 06

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Author’s note:

This is a story involving gay male sex. Please feel free to comment. I hope this series is being enjoyed. Thank you for your time.


Matt woke up to a feeling that his cock in a warm, wet hole that was sucking him. He looked down and saw both Gary and Joseph suckling his cook. They looked up at him and smiled.

He smiled, “I guess you guys woke up before me.”

Gary said, “We thought that we’d get you up in fashion as a thank you for your hospitality.”

Matt relaxed as they continued their attention to his cock and balls. Gary sucked his balls as Joseph clamped down on the head of his cock and slid down the shaft, taking him in. Matt moaned as his cock grew harder and his hips bucked into Joseph’s warm mouth. Gary slid from his balls to his asshole and moved his tongue into the puckered hole.

Gary gently circled the hole with his tongue working its way into the loosening hole. He placed a finger at the entrance and moved forward; working its way into the orifice. He moved the finger forward and would stop a bit to allow it to expand. He then moved it back and forth increasing speed. Joseph sucked sakarya escort on his cock harder. Matt placed both hands on Joseph’s head and shoved his cock further into his mouth.

Matt felt his balls tighten up as Gary massaged his inner ass and he came into Joseph’s mouth; some of which drippled out of his mouth. Matt fell back onto his cot with a smile. “That was fantastic. I can tell by your cocks that you’ve already came.”

“The island took care of us earlier this morning.” Gary said with a smile.

They got up and went to clean themselves off. They all made it to the outside shower to clean themselves off. Once they were clean, they say down on the patio. Matt served them some more tea.

“So, what do you guys have planned for the day?” asked Matt.

“We’re going back to our cabin to check in and then back to our day.” Gary mentioned.

“Well anytime you guys are in the area, please feel free to stop on by or if you need a good fuck let me know.”

He watched them start down the hill as they headed for home. He smiled as he noticed that Joseph’s ankle wasn’t that bad after all. He thought, well he had a nice ass at least.

Matt sakarya escort bayan went about his business to get ready for the party tonight. He was bringing his new punch drink, it was supposed to help with regeneration and stamina. He smiled as he remembered Paul and Ray’s past parties. They were always large and he was always exhausted when they were finished. The party usually ended late in the evening/morning; he was always sore when we got home. Just thinking about them gave him a semi-hard cock now. The party wouldn’t start for hours and he wanted to get some rest in beforehand.

He went to outside and found his outside cot. There was a breeze that felt really good on his warn skin. He liked sleeping outside so that the island could come near him. There was an unwritten rule that the tentacles could not go inside a hut except to drop you in your bed. So he figured that if the island needed to fuck him who was he to say no. He slept well and was woken up by a gentle sucking on his cock and nipples. He looked down and saw that there were three tentacles on him. One suckling his cock and two others giving his nipples some play. escort sakarya He laid back and moaned a bit. His cock responded to the sucking by growing in length. His nipples were hard and very sensitive now. His butt cheeks clinched as the sucking increased, he started to bucking his hips in time with the sucking.

He knew that his pre-cum was secreting inside the tentacle as it picked up the suction and pulled down on his balls. He was near cumming when another tentacle made its way into his ass and expanded his hole. He exploded into the tentacle and his hips left the cot and forced his cock further into the orifice. His whole body shook as he fell back onto the cot.

The sucking on his cock increased to get every drop and then it slowed down as to not harm him, but it stayed attached to his cock. As if it was cradling it in a mouth to sooth it. The tentacle in ass was giving longer stroked and not the quick ones anymore. This acted like a massage to his anal ring. Even his mouth was getting deeper, longer strokes from the tentacle.

This was a new development in his experience, first the island did not try to move him inside or cocoon him, and second it felt like it was acting a lover now and not trying to get a quick lay. Matt wasn’t frightened in anyway just perplexed as he fell asleep in his cot. He smiled as the tentacles removed themselves from his mouth and ass and left the one suckling on his cock. His balls were being cradled as he drifted off to sleep. He knew that the island would wake him up before the party.

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