The Storm

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The first cold raindrop hit the bare skin of my left shoulder and slowly left a trail of goosebumps down my back as it navigated my already slick flesh. Seeing the storm approaching, I’d thrown a playful glance over my shoulder, stripped my clothes, and dashed out the front door before Chris could recover from his surprise.

I knew it wouldn’t take him long to catch up. He was a faster runner. And more importantly, he was not the type of man to back down from a challenge – especially not from the woman who usually played by his rules. What could I say? I enjoyed the game of being a brat from time to time, and we both enjoyed the added excuses for punishment.

A bolt of lightning far closer than expected brought me back from my reverie. I jumped with a squeal at the bright flash and loud crack immediately following it. I dashed into the trees, knowing I would be safer from the storm under their shelter. I kept running, grabbing a quick backwards glance from time to time, but there was no sign of my pursuer. Rain started to fall in earnest, washing away my sweat and leaving my skin tingling and cool. To my dismay, the rain in the leaves also hid any sounds Chris might make while chasing me. If I knew him, he would try to catch me by surprise. In fact, I was counting on it.

The rain was turning the dirt path through the forest to mud, and I slowed slightly, lest I lose my footing as it became increasingly slick. The wind picked up, and I felt the moment it brushed across my bare chest, pulling my nipples to tiny points as it quickly chilled the sensitive buds. I smiled as a small thrill poured into me. He loved when my body was responsive and ready before he even touched me, and I secretly enjoyed being turned on, even desperately frustrated, until it was time to play.

Alone in the darkness, I drank in the sights and sounds of the forest, hoping for a clue to my pursuer’s location. Frequent flashes of lightning gave me enough light to pick my path as they threw the trees into patterns of light and shadow. Raindrops on the leaves filled my surroundings with a drumming roar, drowning out any other sounds from my vicinity. I had started the game; now all I could do was keep moving.

Cold and alone, I kept up my pace, hoping to fight the chill in the air with some heat from my movement. Doubling back along a different path, I moved back towards the safety of the house. He would claim me either way, but there was pride in avoiding him until I made it home, and at least inside, my body would be warmer.

The mud squished between my toes as I ran, and I imagined for a moment having him push me down on my back and feeling the mud coating my body as he claimed me on this private forest path. Heat burst through me at the thought, sending rivulets of warm liquid rushing out between my legs as I continued my sprint. Rain pouring on my body carried the heat and wetness in streams down my legs, and I shuddered as I felt the cold water connect with the source of my heat.

I saw the light from the house ahead through the forest, and increased my pace. The proud part of me wanted to win at this game. But my darker side sincerely hoped I wouldn’t.

My adrenaline kicked into high gear as I started to pass the last row of trees, ready to put in one more burst of speed to carry me to the warmth and safety of home. But Chris had other plans. I saw the flash of movement far too late to dodge, and with a crash and a yelp, I found myself pressed face first against a large tree. The rough bark dug into my sensitive flesh, teasing at my hardened nipples and Maltepe Yabancı Escort leaving me moaning. He’d caught me, and now I would be claimed, in the wet and the darkness, by the light of the storm as it raged around us.

One of his large hands laced into my hair, holding it tightly as he pinned me mercilessly against the trunk. A moment later, his other hand was under my left leg, lifting and bending it, opening my holes to his use. The flash of lightning left him moaning, and I imagined the light reflecting off the sticky fluid dripping from my core, telling him how badly I needed this. As the thunder cracked behind the flash of light, I felt him fill me, pressing into my wetness, and groaning as he felt my heat envelop him.

“Cup your tits together so your nipples press harder into the tree. You decided to run, you’re going to feel everything that goes with getting claimed outside in a thunderstorm, my little slut.”

His voice was rough and dark, somehow audible over the noise of the storm. It was tinder to the smouldering heat that had been building inside me since I started the chase.

I followed his instructions, squeezing my soft flesh and pushing my hard nipples into the rough bark. His hand still held me captive by the hair, and his arm found purchase on my back, pressing my chest aggressively against the tree even as his other hand pulled my hip and open leg against him.

I groaned loudly as he thrust himself deep inside me, slamming repeatedly against the end of my tunnel. It hurt, but I thrived in the pain of this rough use, and he was more than happy to oblige my desires.

“Is this what you wanted, my naughty little minx? To be fucked hard, outside, while the storm rages around us?”

His question was punctuated by another loud crack of thunder, far closer than I expected. I jumped at the lightning, whimpering as the sudden movement only ground my already aching chest harder against the tree.

Pinning my leg against the tree with his own, I felt his hand crash down on my wet ass cheek as he continued to drive into me hard and fast, overwhelming my body with stimulation and need. Needing no encouragement, I dutifully counted as he spanked my cold flesh, wincing at the increased pain of each slap, magnified by the rain.

As I reached fifteen, the first tears started to flow, and I heard his answering growl. My pain was fuel for his desires, and I could feel his mood shift into the overwhelming need to fully dominate me. I needed a reminder of who was Alpha in this relationship, and I was going to get it.

Tearing himself free of my heat, he used the hand in my hair to spin me around before roughly pushing me to my knees. I didn’t need any further instruction. I knew what was expected.

Squeezing my breasts together, I looked up towards him longingly. It was dark, but the frequent lightning dancing through the clouds provided enough light to see. I watched as he slowly stroked himself, rubbing the slickness he’d taken from my body the full length of his shaft and wrapping it over the head before switching directions. As his eyes met mine, I could see his hunger and need, and it called to the parts of me that wanted nothing more than to serve him.

“I’m sorry I was a naughty submissive, Master. Please, claim me fully and remind me whose pleasure I serve.”

I watched as he continued to stroke himself slowly, his eyes holding me captive to his will. I didn’t dare move now. I knew better. We played this game often, but once I was caught, I was his, and I would be obedient. Maltepe Yeni Escort At least for now.

The minutes ticked slowly by, and I watched him, curious, wondering what he was waiting for. Usually by now he would have painted me with his seed, forcing me to sit as his offering dripped slowly down my face and chest. It had never been my favorite act, and yet in moments like this, it helped reinforce my relationship with him – my need to be not only dominated, but totally claimed. Sitting patiently, waiting for his seed to dry on my skin, or to drip off, left me aching for more from him, even as I burned with the shame of having to be reminded of my place.

Tonight, it seemed, he had a different plan. As the lightning flashed almost blindingly, I closed my eyes and somehow still could see the malevolent grin he had adopted just a moment prior. As I opened my eyes, sheepishly, fixing them on his gaze once more, I saw his dark and wicked desires swirling in his mind. The shudder that passed through me was only partly from the cold. I would pay for starting this game tonight. A much higher price than he had demanded before.

Leaning down, he started speaking in a low whisper, raising his voice as needed to be audible over the storm.

“You know if you want to play a game of cat and mouse, all you have to do is ask, my little prey. And yet you always seem to prefer darting away and leaving me to hunt you. You know I’ll always find you, but I think it’s time you learn how to ask nicely.”

I swallowed hard, fighting through the difficulty of doing so with my neck extended and my hair grasped tightly in his fist. There was no escape until he granted it now.

“Tell me you want to be chased, little mouse. Ask your Master nicely to play your game. And tell me what you want when I catch you.”

As I opened my mouth to speak, the storm picked up. The wind lashed my naked flesh with heavy rain, and I shivered as the cold set in a little more. I needed to answer quickly so he’d let me move. At least running I would warm up a little.

I raised my voice to a loud whimper as I replied to his request. “Please, Master, chase your little mouse. And when you catch me, please claim me like an animal – with teeth and claws and dominance.”

Putting his face close to my ear, he spoke in a low growl. “Run then, little mouse, but do it like an animal – on your hands and knees. I’ll give you a five count. If you make it to the house, I will carry you inside and lavish you with a hot bubble bath. If you don’t make it…”

I shivered again as his voice trailed off. I wouldn’t make it. I knew there was no chance. But I had to try. His need to chase me was as strong as my need to be chased.

My thoughts were interrupted as he suddenly released my hair, and I felt his hand crash down on my cold, wet skin, spurring me forward onto my hands on the muddy forest floor. The chase was on.

I crawled as fast as I could, feeling as the mud coated my knees and hands. Cold and slimy it splashed around me, slowing my movement and covering me in muck. I could feel the hot impression of his hand on my hip, still burning where he had struck – the one warm spot on my otherwise cool body.

I looked up, focusing on my goal. The house wasn’t far, and the thought of a hot bath spurred me to push a little harder as I scrambled across the uneven, squishy ground. It was getting closer, and I pushed myself. Just a few more feet and I’d be safe.

My dreams of warmth and silky scented bubbles were ripped away. With a roar, Maltepe Masaj Salonu my predator attacked, stopping me as I reached for the inviting porch. His hands clamped on my ankles, tugging my legs out from under my body.

With a squeak of surprise, I felt as my body fell flat into the cold muddy ground. It oozed against my skin, finding its way into every crevice. I placed my hands under my face, keeping my mouth and nose free from the mud, and held still, waiting for what I knew was coming.

Slowly, he crawled over my naked body, digging his hands into my skin as he moved higher towards his goal. His nails raked my flesh, and I let out a hiss at the burning pain of the scratch marks in my frigid back.

His mouth found my shoulder, and he bit down, leaving me whimpering as he staked his claim.

“You’re mine, you naughty little slut. And now I’m going to remind you of that.”

Pushing himself up off my back, his hands found the tender flesh of my ass, and he dug his nails in as he pulled the cheeks apart. It was the only warning I got before I felt the rain-slicked heat of him, pressing against my tiny rosebud.

He sunk in, hard and fast, sheathing himself completely in one strong thrust as I cried out at the sudden intrusion. His hands grabbed my hair and he arched my body back towards him, pressing in a little further before he started a punishing rhythm.

What started as burning pain faded to immense pleasure as he plunged in and out, forcing my little opening to stroke his full length, bringing him intense pleasure. He adjusted his angle, and I felt my clit rub against the squishy ground. Heat flooded my center, and I felt my body climbing towards release.

I moaned loudly, audible, I was sure, even over the raging storm. His hand released my cheek, and crashed down 5 times in quick succession. The pain momentarily halted my climb, before pushing me even closer to my release.

“Please Master. I’m so close. Please let your naughty little slut cum for you.”


The single word was almost lost by a bang of thunder, accompanying a bright flash. My orgasm hovered right on the edge, almost painful with need, but without his permission I would hold it. I could no longer find my release without his spoken blessing, and he loved making me wait for it.

He groaned then, hot cum splashing inside my back passage, and tormenting me as his completion drove my own need even higher. He pulled out with a slimy sounding pop, using his hands to flip me quickly so my ass was now in the mud. Straddling me, he placed both hands in my hair, lifting my head towards him as he lined his softening tool up with my lips. I opened, dutifully, licking and sucking the musky combination of my flavor and his seed, until his skin felt and tasted clean.

He sighed with pleasure, taking a moment to clench my hair in his fists as he thrust into my throat. He was only semi hard, so it wasn’t as deep as normal, though still enough to momentarily cut off my air. I gagged as he pulled himself free, a long chain of drool following him out of my mouth.

“I am not finished with you. You will learn tonight the consequences of trying to take control of the scene. And you will not orgasm tonight, though I plan to edge you repeatedly and mercilessly over the next several hours.”

A longing groan poured from my body, half whimper and half desperation. Heat and wetness flooded my core, mixing with the mud that coated my entrance as it flowed to the inside of my thighs.

He stood, lifting me effortlessly into his arms as he walked the remaining few steps to the house.

“First, my little slut, I’m going to clean the mud from your skin. Then the true fun begins.”

“Yes, Master.”

I cuddled into his chest, enjoying the warmth and safety for a moment before whatever he was planning next.

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