The Thirst Within Ch. 02

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Sorry this took a while I’ve just been finding it difficult to find the time to work on this,

A big thanks to my editor Cden for her dedicated and tireless help with this. Please feel free to leave your comments and queries about it, or email me at [email protected]



Oscars P.O.V

Zak’s eyes began to turn coal black before my eyes. He gritted his teeth and a look of almost agony crossed his face. Fear froze my stomach as his eyes burrowed into me, full of pain compared to the arousal of before.

He must have seen the look of fear on my face because it appeared to snap him out of the torture he seemed to be experiencing.

After a few seconds of breathing deeply, he slowly began to relax, little by little.

He moved towards me and extended a hand. I grabbed it hesitantly with my non bleeding hand and he tugged me up to my feet easily. I glanced down at his face and saw him staring at my hand.

“Don’t worry it’s just a small cut.”

I extended my hand for him to see the extent of the damage. He shrank away from my hand like a wild animal from fire.

“What it’s just a little blood.”

I pulled back my hand and rubbed the blood against my trousers. I tugged him through the woods in the direction of Manning.

His thumb rubbing soothing circles on the back of my hand, which did more than just relax me. I learned that there was a connection between my hands and a now growing part of my anatomy.

“You’re cold.” I commented

He grinned at me then said

“I am always cold. You however, feel warmer than most humans.”

“Humans?” I asked, then continued

“You say that as if you are not one of them.”

He shrugged then said

“By now I am guessing you’ve realised I am not quite human. And by the smell of you.”

He inhaled deeply then said

“You are not completely human yourself.

There is human in there but it is hidden Artificial almost. Something is mimicking it.”

By this point his eyes had returned to their natural blue.

“What are you then?” I asked curious.

Not just about him but about what I was as well.

He grinned then said

“That is a secret for a little later. You on the other hand have an interesting scent. A wisp of the supernatural.”

“Zak I want to know something.” I asked

His smile faded slightly but he still said

“Ask away”

“What do you want from me. Is it just physical or is it something more” I said slowly

“Don’t worry I am not going to do something with you then desert you. If I am going to do anything I intend to stick around. I can only speak for myself but I am interested in something slightly more long term.”

“Over oh so many years I have had oh so many flings but never a true relationship. I used to be cruel and heartless. But that was a long time ago. Now I want someone to be with.” he said still grinning

“So I’m guessing you’ve been in relationships before?”

“I attempted one but he left me for someone else, the other I never truly wanted, but he kept on coming back and attempting to seduce me. That however was many many years ago”

“Years? Just how many have you been doing it for?” I asked

He laughed loudly then said

“So many more than I would care to count. Looks can be very deceiving.”

“What was that back there. You seemed almost in pain?” I asked still holding his hand

He turned his head to me then said ignoring my question

“If I am right I think we should get back to Manning. I think an old friend has decided to pay me a visit.”

“Well could we get back quickly. I’m bloody freezing” I said

He nodded then said

“Come on then”

He tugged me forward by the hand leading me along the dirt path towards Manning. I kept his hand locked in mine not willing to stop touching him. We reached the house quickly and avoided all people on the journey to our rooms thankfully.

He led me towards his room and quickly opened the door. I stepped in after him, after I had stepped through the door he let go of my hand and locked it.

He turned around and grinned at me, there was something about his grin that made me nervous but in a good way. He moved forward and rested his hands on my shoulders.

He pushed strongly and I toppled backwards onto the bed. Zak shifted me on the bed so that my head rested on the pillow, then he clambered up between my legs. He pulled his t-shirt over his head then leaned down. His chest pressed against mine. The coolness was not uncomfortable but almost pleasurable because of the contrast.

“Mmm so warm” he mumbled his lips coasting up my chest towards my neck.

He paused and lightly touched the thin silver chain I wore with his fingertips. His finger trailed briefly over the ornate Valknut charm present. The Valknut itself consists of three interlocking triangles, the charm was solid silver and I hardly ever took it off.

I anticipated his question and explained

“My mother gave it to me after my grandfather died. She said he left it to me”

He seemed uninterested in it after mersin escort that and pressed his lips back to my neck. His lips pressed lightly against the vein there. I shuddered as he kissed the soft flesh.

My hands rested against his back holding his chest against mine, with Zak breathing heavily against my neck. I moved one hand up to the back of his head and turned his head pulling his lips against mine, his hands resting on my shoulders squeezed them affectionately.

Our tongues met and I groaned quietly relishing his taste on my tongue. Zak then began to roll his hips causing excruciating friction through my shorts. He pulled back and grinned widely at me, I smiled back.

“I have not done this in a while” he said breathlessly

I looked away shyly and said

“Well I haven’t done it at all, but you seem to know what you’re doing”

He pecked me lightly on the lips then said

“Thanks. if you feel I am pushing you too far… let me know.” he hesitated for a second before continuing

“I can be quite bossy sometimes with what I want”

“So can I” I quiped

I moved my hands back to his arse and pressed him closer against my body. He groaned and his breathing accelerated. I could feel the hardness of his cock through my shorts and grinned slightly. Oh this was gonna be fun.

His hips rolled slowly causing elicit pressure to spread through my body. Zak’s body was hairless almost everywhere from what I could see and feel.

No under arm hair or facial hair at all. Just a light patching on his forearms. My hands still on his arse moved to the waist band of his boxers and slipped easily beneath. He pulled his head back and kissed me, his tongue dueling with mine.

The skin of his arse was silken smooth like the rest of him and I squeezed it eliciting a loud moan from him into my mouth.

He broke away and gave a throaty growl that shocked me since it came from such an innocent looking person. His eyes darkened again and he seemed to struggle internally with something.

He moved quickly to the side of my neck panting loudly. I sat up pulling him with me and wrapped my arms around him.

“Zak? What’s wrong?”

He muttered quietly against my neck

“I…I am close to losing my control”

“What will happen if you lose control?” I asked wiggling my eyebrows

“You do not want to know” he answered

“Then show me. Show me what you are” I suggested

He moved impossibly fast and stood with his back to me against the door. I swung my legs off the bed and moved to stand behind him. I reached out and placed a hand on his shoulder. He turned slowly. His head downcast.

“So what are you then? Goblin, ghoul or tooth-fairy?” I asked jokingly

He chuckled then said as he raised his head, his lips lifting to expose his fangs


I moved a hand to his chin and pulled his lips up to mine ignoring the fangs present. A look of shock crossed his face before he melted against my chest. I had never felt afraid of the strange and unexplained. Hey I was used to being bullied for being ginger. Who was I to judge.

“How old are you then?” I asked pulling away

He grinned weakly than said

“It will freak you out”

I grinned back then said

“I’m sure I can handle it”

He grinned widely before continuing

“As I mentioned looks can be deceiving. I am a lot older than I look.”

“Sounds to me as if you’re avoiding the question” I stated still trying to contemplate how old he could possibly be.

“Just promise not to overreact” he said seriously

I nodded and he continued hesitating slightly

“I was made a vampire in 169ad. I am 1843 years old.” he grinned nervously waiting for my reaction

“Seriously?” I asked slightly hesitant.

A thought crossed my mind quickly.

What could an 1843 year old vampire see in an 18 year old human?

He grimaced obviously hearing the thought then said

“I know it seems difficult to believe. But there is far more in this world than what you can see.

You yourself are part of it. There is something. hidden in your blood.”

I moved forward and wrapped my arms around him holding him against my body. He relaxed against me inhaling deeply against my neck. I stiffened slightly as I felt his fangs lightly drag across the skin.

“Do not worry Oscar. I won’t bite until you ask for it.” he continued brushing his lips over the pulse point.

“I am old even among my kind. Few survive till my age. I have been alone for so many years. I have wanted someone to be by my side for so long now.

With you it feels rights, with you I feel at peace.”

“Well I do know that I want you” I said pressing his back against the door.

He grinned weakly then glanced down.

“Hey” I said lowering myself to his level.

“Who am I to judge what is strange. I have been bullied for years just for my hair.”

He smiled widely revealing his dimples then said

“Stop talking. Just kiss me”

I grinned back and leaned closer.

Before kocaeli escort I could kiss him however, he shoved against my chest sending me back against the bed, painfully. He moved too quickly and shoved me down onto it, moving on top of me, pinning my arms above my head. I attempted to break free of his hold and heard him chuckle lightly.

He leaned down and kissed me releasing my arms. His chest pressed against mine sending tingles along my body and he kissed me with more skill than I thought was possible.

“If this is how good he is at kissing, Imagine what the rest will be”

Was one of the thoughts that ran through my head. Zak smiled against my lips obviously hearing that last thought. Hmm that gave me an idea. I concentrated and visualized reaching down with my hand and wrapping it around Zak’s cock. He growled lustily then said

“You are playing with fire”

I laughed seductively then said

“That is exactly what I want to do play”

“You are such a tease” was the response I got.

He pulled my lips back to his forcefully and kissed me.

My heart pounded in my chest obviously a distraction to Zak. His tongue met mine and I forgot everything else. Zak tasted sweet, addictive, his tongue using centuries upon centuries of experience to kiss me.

I moved my hands to his back and gently dug in my nails, dragging them down his spine. A shudder ran through him and he pulled away from my lips. His fangs were still descended and his eyes were a darker shade of blue than normal.

“I am watching my fangs. But you are not making it easy for me” he said breathlessly

“Oscar, I need you to understand”

he continued, trying to stop me from kissing him,

“You can not tell anyone about what I am…. If you did, I would have to kill them…. I would not even be able to save you, if others found out”

I pecked him on the lips then said

“Don’t worry. As you said I’m part of your world as well”

He grinned down at me, and rested his head against my chest over my heart.

“How did you become a vampire?” I asked absently stroking his hair

He nuzzled against my chest then said quietly

“Do you really want to know?”

“Yes” I answered

He rested his chin on my chest and looked up at me

“I was made vampire when I was 19 in Norway. I was born in 150ad.

I had run away from my home, if that is what you could call it. My parents beat me, starved me for days on end and so much more”

He paused and looked up and my face before continuing

“I had made a shelter in the forest. I remember hearing movement near me, and readied to fight off whatever animal or beast it could be.

A man walked out from the trees dressed in a monks robe. He said his name was Dieter. He seemed so kind even before he spoke. His hair streaked slightly with grey, a warm smile on his face, he reminded me of what my father should have been.”

He paused and looked distant as he concentrated

“He offered me food, and I traveled with him for a day or two. On the third night I was hunting a deer in the forest whilst Dieter went to collect water.

I however was foolish and simply stormed forward about to kill the deer. The deer heard me however and fled.

I did not see the wolf however, not until its claws dug into my flesh. It had been hunting the deer also, and when it had ran it attacked me instead.

It left me to die in that forest. My blood flowed out onto the floor of the forest and Dieter smelled it.

I thought I was hallucinating, moved like nothing I knew, faster than I could believe.

He came and carried me to our camp. I was on the edge of death slipping in and out of consciousness, most of my blood already seeping into the forest floor.”

He nuzzled closer against my chest before continuing

“He said that I had a chance to live, but warned me that it was not without a price. I accepted eagerly. Hopeful for any chance to live.

I told him to do it, any price was worth living.

He bit into his wrist and placed it to my lips. With each mouthful that flowed down my throat my strength slowly returned as my change began.

He pulled away and then pain flared through my body. It was like liquid fire coursing through my veins. It lasted for a few hours until my heart stuttered and stopped.”

I hadn’t interrupted him but listened intently up to this point. He stopped again and nuzzled closer against my chest.

“I woke up that night feeling wild and thirsty. Dieter explained to me what I was and taught me for many years.

In that time however I was not as restrained as I am now, I killed, fucked and fed to my hearts content. I soon began to see the disappointment in Dieter however and slowly I cooled until I was ready to leave. I traveled by day and night….”

I cut him off

“How can you walk in the sun anyway aren’t you meant to burn”

He laughed then said

“Do not believe all the myths you hear” Zak said grinning

“You mean like the myth that vampires exist”

“Well I can assure samsun escort you that one is true. Most myths were made up by humans to give them some sense of safety. I can go out in the sun without burning, crosses don’t hurt me, I can enter homes without invitations, I can cross running water, holy water does nothing and I have a reflection”

“So what can hurt you then?”

he looked up at me grinning then said jokingly

“Why? Are you planning on killing me sometime soon?”

I laughed loudly at his comment then said

“No, I’m just curious that’s all”

“I think I can trust you enough. We generally do not like our weaknesses to be known though.

Few things can harm us. Jade, we are mildly allergic to iron. The sun does not burn me as such, it just weakens my abilities. We can be killed in a few ways.

Draining won’t kill us but will cause us to petrify as it were. Until our bodies receive more blood we will remain frozen as a living statue

Decapitation or a stake through the heart made of Oak, Ash or Hawthorn can kill us.

Now however I think you need to go. We have roll call soon. I will see you tomorrow though. We could go somewhere if you want I’m sure I could persuade Mr Foster to let me leave.”

I nodded but didn’t move, reluctant to leave. H

e sat up and ran a hand down my chest. I had never been very proud of my body, I was thin and tall.

My muscles however weren’t as defined as those on Zak, but my abs now had some basic definition. Enough to distinguish each individually. He ran his hand along my abs then back up my chest. I grabbed his shoulders and pulled him down. He let me. We both knew I wouldn’t have been able to if he hadn’t agreed to it.

He grinned then said

“Chill. I will see you tomorrow.”

I laughed out loud then said

“Now that, was not something I was expecting from an 1800 year old vampire”

He grinned and pecked me lightly on the lips

“1853 to be precise” he corrected

before easily flinging himself off me.

I sat up then said

“Just how strong are you?”

He smiled at me then said proudly

“Very, the older the vampire the stronger and faster. I am very old. With my kind any blood that we ingest is immediately drawn into our bodies, much like a dehydrated person’s body quickly puts any water they drink to use, and as it enters our system it gains interesting abilities.”

He noticed the quizzical look on my face so continued

“If another, Vampire or otherwise were to drink a Vampire’s blood it would be the same as if a Vampire drank blood. It would be immediately draw into their bloodstream. The older the vampire the stronger the effects of the blood become.”

“So what does your blood do?” I asked now pulling him against my chest

“Well, for starters it can heal. At my age very little could do a lot of good. It increases the strength and speed of those who drink it. It causes those who drink it to become incredibly…horny. It has other effects but those are for another time.”

“So if I were to drink your blood would that turn me?” I asked hesitantly

“No, for that I would have to drain almost all of your blood, until you were on the brink of death, then give you almost all of my own.

When Dieter turned me I had practically lost all of my blood, he simply replaced what I had lost with his. Procreation is a tiring process though, the amount of blood we have to give is quite substantial.”

“Has anyone ever drunk from you?” I asked

He shook his head grinning then said

“In my position, aside from procreation, it is frowned upon to allow others to drink from me”


“The Vampire way of having children, making a new Vampire”

“Have you ever made a Vampire?” I asked interested

“As a matter of fact I have made two, but other than for making new vampires, in my position it is frowned upon to allow someone to feed from me.”

“Your position?” I asked interested

He grinned then said

“With my kind age goes hand in hand with power and position”

I leaned down and pecked him on the lips

“Well I’m glad that I managed to catch the interest of someone so powerful”

I said jokingly

He laughed a quick chuckle then said

“More than catch my interest. Snared and trapped it is more like.”

“Well I’m not the only one who has trapped the other. There is something about you. Something about you feels perfect”

I moved a hand up to his lips, they parted at my touch and he sighed. His fangs were still down and I pressed my thumb against one. The tip pierced my flesh and a single droplet of blood squeezed out of the flesh. Zak inhaled then tensed up pulling away slightly from my body.

I moved one arm around his waist and pulled him flush against my body. He looked up catching my gaze and I nodded, silently giving permission. His tongue darted against the skin of my thumb and lapped the droplet away. He moaned quietly, his eyes half closing in what I hoped was pleasure.

“Delicious” he said quietly his tongue darting idly against my thumb again

“Well sometime I hope I will be able to say the same” I quipped

He smiled removing my thumb from his mouth. He stood up on his tip toes and pulled my face down to his. He kissed me passionately his thumbs stroking my cheek bones affectionately, his tongue glided over mine eagerly fighting with me.

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