Getting Even Ch. 04

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It took minutes to dress, by which time their Uber was at the door. In his apartment Peter turned to the girls. “What drinks do you want for a celebration? I have a twenty year old Islay Whisky, and there is a bottle of bubbly in the fridge.”

Whisky seemed to be the drink of choice, but Zoe put hers down decisively and said: “I feel dirty. Can I use your shower, Peter? And you, Dagmar? Come with, you can scrub my back.”

They came back, wrapped in towels, to find Peter at his computer. “Just downloading the video from the bodycams. It seems to be complete, good evidence to have.”

Zoe sat down next to him, rubbing her hair with an end of the towel. “Peter, I feel we did something wrong. I mean, we took revenge, and he deserved it, but somehow I feel…”

“That we, you should have turned the other cheek? That you are now as bad as he was? I can understand that, and I agree, two wrongs do not make it right. But I want you to consider two facts. Firstly he did it because he enjoyed it. You did not, I was watching you. At first your anger took over, but then you hated doing it more and more. Secondly by showing him what he had done to others, making him experience it, just maybe we managed to stop him from doing the same to many other girls. And perhaps his cronies now have something to think about.”

Dagmar nodded. “I think having broken down the leader of such a pack might have broken the group, and individually they would not be so dangerous.”

Zoe shifted on the couch. “But I have to admit that all this has made me very horny. Standing there in that tiny bikini, knowing they would all want to take me, and having the power to control them. To whip that repulsive behind…”

Dagmar slid a hand under the towel. “You were magnificent, wasn’t she, Peter?”

He nodded, watching the two figures leaning towards each other, the towels sliding down to reveal their freshly scrubbed bodies. Zoe smiled at him. “I’m sure you enjoyed the show too, Peter, but we decided to put up a much better one for you. You may even want to arrest us, you know. Take us into custody, see?”

Dagmar lifted her face from where she was kissing Zoe’s ear. “And don’t be so surprised. I prefer girls, and I find this creature delightful, but I don’t mind sharing her with you. I know she is hot for you.”

Peter cocked an eye at Zoe. “May I make love to you, Zoe?”

She looked him in the eye and pushed her hair back, letting the towel slide all the way back as she stood up. Her voice was low. “I want you.”

He held her, aware of Dagmar’s hands Anadolu Yakası Anal Escort on her body, feeling her warm and fragrant against his chest. Hands unbuttoned his clothes, slid the shirt over his back, and he shivered with anticipation.

Zoe offered her face, and he relished the softness of her lips, the wet warmth of her tongue against his. Dagmar nuzzled her neck and nibbled at her ears, and her hands roamed over the soft, yielding globes of her breasts. Then Peter kneeled, taking a pink nipple in his mouth, feeling her breath going faster, her body tensing. Dagmar’s hands slid lower, caressing the belly, the thighs, the soft down of her bush.

His mouth followed, his tongue tracing the line to her navel, the soft texture of her pubic hair, the delicate parting of her lips. He touched her clitoris, feeling Dagmar’s hands caressing her buttocks, pushing her gently towards him. Zoe sighed, opening her thighs and thrusting against him, Slowly he licked her, establishing a gentle rhythm, feeling her hands against his head signalling her agreement to his actions.

He stood up, taking in the desire in her eyes, the swollen lips, the first flush on her cheeks. Gently he pushed her back on to the couch, then positioned himself at her entrance, caressing her swollen lips with his penis, spreading the wetness on to his shaft. Dagmar sat beside them, a hand on Zoe’s breast, the other between her own legs. Staring into her green eyes he thrust himself deep into her warmth.

Zoe gave a keening sigh of pleasure and, hooking her heels behind his hips, she pulled him hard against her. Her body had developed a rhythm of its own now. Here eyes were tightly closed, her mouth open. Her breasts were swinging on her chest, and her stomach muscles were tensing and relaxing in the beginning of an orgasm.

Dagmar moved down, her mouth going to Zoe’s breast, her one hand slipping between the two sweat-slicked bodied, encircling the plunging penis, her thumb on the engorged clitoris, her index finger teasing the puckered anus, finding its way inside.

The vagina clasped his penis, clenching, then relaxing, milking it, drawing it into her exploding climax.

He kissed her relaxing mouth, touched her sweaty cheek as she opened her eyes. She gave a shaky laugh. “Thank you, that was tremendous. I literally saw stars. And you?”

He smiled and shook his head. “Not yet. We have time.”

Dagmar laughed. “You two, that was fantastic! I am sure the world moved just then.”

Zoe smiled into her eyes. Anadolu Yakası Yaşlı Escort “You helped. I felt your hand, your finger. It was like a spark.” She lifted her head to nibble at the blonde girl’s nipples. “You also did not come. I feel so greedy, the only one to have had fun.”

He shook his head. “Not true, we had a lot of fun watching you enjoy. And perhaps that is the greater enjoyment, giving pleasure to someone you care for.”

Her eyes widened at that, and she reached down to his erect member. “Perhaps now is the time for us to pleasure him, what do you say, Dagmar?”

Two pairs of lips engulfed his penis, and soon he was begging for mercy. “Wait, now, if you go on like that I am going to come soon. There is some fun in it for you girls yet.”

They conferred hurriedly, then Zoe said: “Do you want to put it back there? I heard men enjoy it, and I only felt pain when they… So show me if it can be pleasurable?”

He frowned. “I am not sure I have lube. Maybe some olive oil in the kitchen.”

Dagmar laughed. “I’ll go look, but in the movie they used butter…”

Zoe sighed as he caressed her body, cupped her breasts, and rolled the nipples into tight pencil-eraser shapes. She kissed him, her hand going down to his erection. “Don’t go on strike, now! You have work to do!”

Peter watched with growing excitement as the girls opened the bottle of olive oil, then Dagmar carefully poured a thin stream into the crack between Zoe’s buttocks as she crouched before him. The sight of her pale body, the luxurious hips swelling, the red crack beckoning turned him on, and the sight of Dagmar’s finger penetrating the dark anus made him even harder.

Zoe looked at him over her shoulder. “Come now, but be careful.”

“I won’t hurt you. Are you sure you want to? Let’s try.’

Slowly he eased his penis into the slick crack, slid it up and down, then as Dagmar caressed the wet pussy below he pushed against the puckered opening. “Relax, let it go, it will be easy.”

Slowly he expored her forbidden entrance, feeling her resistance, waiting for her body to welcome him. Then his whole length was inside her, and he began to move in and out. Reaching around her he felt her hanging breasts sway, to find the rhythm of their movements as she began to push against him.

Slowly he pulled her back against his chest, drawing her upright, and Dagmar moved in front of her. Drawing her legs up until her feet were on his knees he kept up the movement, and beckoned to the blonde: “Lick Anadolu Yakası Zenci Escort her, make her come again.”

Dagmar girl smiled and lowered her head to the dripping mount. Peter lifted Zoe’s hips, and sped up his penetration. Zoe started screaming softly, the climax building in her. Peter knew he could not last long, and looking over her shoulder saw Dagmar slipping a finger into the dripping vagina, while pinching the swaying nipples. At that he felt his own orgasm going beyond his ability to control it, and he came, lifting her into the air as he shot into her depths. The orgasm seemed to go on and on as Dagmar skilfully played on Zoe’s clitoris and Peter’s balls.

They collapsed in a heaving, perspiring heap, Zoe begging for rest, Peter speechless with the intensity of his climax. Dagmar sat smiling, caressing a breast, enjoying the look of the two returning from their encounter with Nirvana.

Zoe was the first to recover. Sitting up she cupped Dagmar’s cheek and kissed her. “You are so nice to me, love. And you have not yet come. How can we make up for it?”

The blond girl shook her head. “It does not matter, as long as you had fun, and had worked the bad stuff out of your mind I am happy. But if Peter would make me another drink…”

They sipped their drinks in a companionable, naked silence. Then Peter asked: “So, you are on the spot. How do you want it?”

Dagmar blushed. “I appreciate your asking, but can Zoe eat me? I would love that.”

Zoe nodded. “I will try, but you have to tell me how to do it.”

Peter asked: “Can I hold you? I do want to reciprocate the courtesy.” Dagmar looked at him and grinned. “Hey, I prefer girls, but I don’t hate guys! As long as they behave, and not try to jump me. Who knows, I might even let you do me, one day. But now I want this sweet thing to love me.”

She sat down between Peter’s spread legs, leant back against his body, and whispered to him: “I’ll allow you to play with my boobs, this once, ok?”

She cupped Zoe’s flushed face between her hands, guiding her to kiss one breast, then the other. Then she guided her down to her belly button, leaning her head back on Peter’s shoulder. He cupped her hard breasts, rolling the nipples gently between his fingers, holding her against his sweat-slick body. She jerked when Zoe touched the swollen clitoris, then relaxed as her tongue began its exploration of the delicate folds. Against Peter’s cheek she gasped: “I’m going to come soon, I can’t hold it much longer. Oh, sweetie, go inside, put a finger inside.”

Her body arched, spasmed between the two of them, and she cried wordlessly, releasing the sweet agony of her orgasm. Peter hugged her, holding her tight as her body relaxed, and she turned her head, kissing him, and said: “You two are the best. That was so good. Hold me, and you, Zoe, come here and hold me too. Now I can die, I am so fulfilled.”

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