All Mine

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We had been out for a wonderful evening. A hot, new restaurant had opened downtown, and, after a pair of fashion martinis at the bar, we were seated at a great table. The cuisine was creative, handsomely presented, and delicious. We laughed, we touched, we talked for what seemed like hours. You insisted on a second bottle of wine, and I couldn’t resist your infectious giggle. Later, we emerged into the cool, fresh air of a late spring evening, a little tipsy, very hungry. Our plan had been to drop by a piano bar, but, after we gave each other knowing looks, I instead hailed a taxi for the hotel.

Though the cab ride was short, we made the most of the darkness. As soon as we pulled away from the curb, we were on each other. Our kisses were immediately ferocious, and our groans surprised even the seasoned driver, who watched us discretely in the rear view mirror. I slid my hand up your thighs and under your dress and pulled aside your thong, amazed at the heat and wetness already there. First toying with your lips, and then sliding two fingers deep into you, I could tell you were already close. At the same time, you had unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock. I had been semi-erect all night, and was now fully at attention, your petit hand stroking me hard, your other cupping my balls and scraping them gently with your nails. Faster and faster we played, tensing into each other, trying to keep quiet with a sealed kiss, but only succeeding in getting each other hotter with the involuntary moans and purrs we shared. With impeccable timing, just as we pulled into the hotel, we exploded. As you came, clamping down on my fingers and mashing your clit into my palm, I broke our kiss and pushed your head down on me, catching your cheek and chin with the first blast of my cum, you then capturing me deeply and swallowing the rest, sucking me dry.

Considerately, the driver paused in the parking lot while we finished pulsing and tensing. But, with a wry grin, he didn’t wait long. At the moment we both uncoiled and gasped simultaneous deep breaths, he drove directly to the valet. We scrambled to arrange our clothes, even as the attendants opened our doors. I paid the driver and walked around the side of the cab to meet you, still hard but safely tucked in, a bit disheveled, but little the worse for wear. As you emerged from your side of the cab, however, you were the picture of recent sex. Your hair, which you had worn up, had mostly fallen where I had handled you. Your dress, a short little black number, had ridden up your thighs and was still there as you swung your beautiful legs out of the car. Your face, still wet from me, had both a fine sheen of perspiration and the deep glow of a woman recently satisfied. Catching the stare of the young valet, you brought your finger to your neck, wiped up a sticky bead, and brought it to your lips, licking your finger clean. Speechless, he stood there agog, holding the door open long after, laughing, you and I went inside.

Once back at the room, our initial fury satisfied, we readied ourselves Kartal Ukraynalı Escort for another round. Undressing together, we drank a little water and took our time, not needing to hurry, in love and happily anticipating the rest of the night. As I emerged from the bathroom, you were on the bed, nude and propped up on one elbow, a sight to behold. “God, you are so gorgeous,” I said to no one in particular. You smiled, and beckoned me closer, curling a finger to me. Smiling back, I shook my head and, pulling out our “bag of tricks” from the suitcase, I silently pointed to the heavy rosewood coffee table in the sitting area.

Beaming, you slid off the bed and padded softly to the table, standing and waiting for me. At the sight of the bag, your breathing deepened and quickened, your pulse rose, and your nipples immediately hardened. You like the bag.

Knowing what comes first, you pulled your hair back and turned away from me. I reached around you to tug at your nipples, nibbling your neck and pinching at the same time. Your knees almost buckled from the sensation, and you leaned back into me, turning your head and kissing me hungrily. We stayed like this, kissing softly, the tension building, our imaginations arousing us, our bodies begging us to get started. As I let go of your breasts to pick up the bag, you spun around, knelt, and took me in your mouth again. Already, I was hard as a rock, and I took a moment to watch you, on your knees, your hands on my hips, licking and suckling me, loving my cock, worshiping it. You are so beautiful and all mine. The thought brings me to the edge, and I back away, eliciting a disappointed, “oh,” from you.

“I don’t believe I gave you permission to speak,” I said, my tone changing slightly, “perhaps we need a reminder of who’s in charge.” Although, you couldn’t see it, you could hear the smile, now a mischievous smirk, still on my face. Taking a handful of your hair, I led you, still on your knees, to the coffee table. Carved and heavy, it was long, narrow, and had a smooth surface and gracefully rounded edges. Bringing your hips to touch the short end closest to us, I pushed you forward, bending you at the waist, and lowered your body down to the smooth surface of the table. Startled by the coolness, you hunched your back when your hot nipples pressed into the wood. After reaching into the bag to get out velvet ropes, I pulled your arms in front of you along the sides of the table and secured your wrists to the legs. Taking a second pair of ropes, I went to your thighs, spread them apart, and tied one to each of the aft legs. Satisfied you weren’t going anywhere, I picked up the phone, walked over to stand above you, and dialed.

“Hello, I’d like a bottle of Champagne and a bowl of strawberries brought to room 214, please. Five minutes? Very well; goodbye.”

“Why didn’t you order that before…” you said, lifting your head and straining against your bonds. The crack of my hand across your ass, hard, cut you off mid-sentence and caused the air to rush from Kartal Üniversiteli Escort your lungs with a startled “shhhhht.” Drawing a deep breath, angry now, you again started, “Listen, you son of a bitch, the cab was one thing…”

“CRACK, CRACK, crack, crack, crack, crack, CRACK,” I answered, swinging hard and fast. The pain silenced you, and I could see tears in your eyes, not so much from the spanking, but from the humiliation you knew was coming, that you were powerless to resist. You were very angry. Your body shook with rage, and you pulled hard at the ropes, but they held fast. We sat in silence for a while.

I said softly, “you must not speak.”

“Please, I don’t want…

CRACK. CRACK. CRACK. CRACK. Over and over, I swung. Answering your every objection with force. Again and again, I lashed at you, turning your ass red, making it hot and tender.

Finally, you gave in. Your body slumped flat on the table, your arms limp, your legs splayed lazily to the sides. You sobbed softly, and I stroked your back gently as you felt the release, felt the serenity of relinquished control, felt me accept responsibility for you. For this moment, I owned you, and you depended completely on me. I took the position of authority seriously, and you trusted me completely. You knew I would never allow harm to come to you.

A soft knock broke the silence, but you did not stir. Resigned to accepting whatever fate for you I chose, you laid motionless, breathing slowly. I opened the door and told the waiter to set the tray on the bed. An older gentleman, he smiled and nodded, walked into the room, scanned for the company he deduced I kept, and lurched to a halt upon seeing you. Frozen, he neither moved nor spoke. I repeated, “On the bed, please.” Slowly, he moved, his eyes never leaving yours. As he reached the bed, your face, passive until now, broke into a tranquil smile, and realizing the scene before him was an act for his benefit, he regained his composure, set the tray down, and said with a wink, “Enjoy your evening, sir.” I signed the tab and allowed him to let himself out, staring down at you with pride. You had done well, my love, and it was time for your reward. Plucking a strawberry from the bowl, I held it to your lips, and you ate.

I went back to the bag and selected a toy I knew you liked. As I held it up to the light, it projected a pattern of white and colored slivers on the nearby wall, its transparent Lucite form acting as a prism. The plug was long and thick, with a narrow neck and a flared base, complete with a small ring to grasp. Seeing it, your pupils dilated and you licked your lips involuntarily. You wanted it.

Opening a small tube of lubricant, I coated first the plug and then your ass, surprised, when I touched you, by the inferno blazing there. Looking closely, I could see you were dripping and engorged, your clitoris peeking out from under its hood. You were ready, and I wasn’t going to make you wait any longer. Pressing the plug against your anus, I rocked it fore Kartal Vip Escort and aft, pushing harder with each thrust. I looked at your face and watched your eyes widen as the pressure built. “Relax, baby, relax, ” I told you. Forcing yourself to unwind, to accept it, you felt it pop through and slide in, nestling into place after the widest part had passed. You worked your jaw and I could see you wanted to say something, but you had remembered and remained silent.

“You may speak, now,” I said.

“Oh, God, I’m so fucking full. Oh, fuck me. Put it in me. I need it now. I need it right now. Do it.” The words tumbled out, desperate and without hesitation. Your tirade’s intensity called me to immediate action, and as I positioned myself behind you, I wondered just who, exactly, was in control. Spreading your cheeks with my thumbs, I placed the head of my now purple cock between your lips and drove it in.

We both shouted now, so wrapped up in our own pleasure that we cared not about the other guests, the staff, or anything but the perfect sensations we felt. I slammed into you again and again, rocking your body into the table. Each time I bottomed out, my pubic bone hit the plug’s ring and jammed it forward, giving you the sense of being penetrated twice. Your coherent words had left you and were replaced by animalistic grunts and filthy gibberish, “Fuck. Don’t. You. Ever. Stop. Fuck. My. Ass. Harder. HARDER.”

Looking down at the scene before me, a scene of my own creation, I stared, detached for a moment, in awe. I watched myself hammer at this beautiful, frenzied, wanton woman, her hair stuck to her back with sweat, her mascara running, her eyes unfocused, her breathing hard and fast, her lips parted, her teeth bared. Feeling my release and wanting you to come with me, I grabbed two fistfuls of your hair, yanked your head backward, and told you to come, now.

Amazingly, you regained your composure long enough to taunt me, closing your eyes and smiling, relaxing, resisting. I knew what you wanted. Letting go of your mane with my right hand, I raised my palm once again and brought it down hard on your ass, searing your skin and brushing the ring at the same time. “Yes. Again. Yes. NOW. YESSSS!” you screamed as I hit you again and again, exploding deep inside you, bucking and heaving, shaking and contracting, coming over and over.

After what seems like ten minutes of reverberations, I collapsed on the floor next to you, reaching wearily under the table to untie your bonds. You groggily rolled off the table on top of me, and kissed me passionately, your arms curled around my neck, your head buried in the crook of my shoulder. I stood, picking you up and carrying you to the bed, setting you gently under the covers, pulling out the plug (you jumped a little when I did, and we both giggled) and taking it to the bathroom on my way to wash my hands and get some stemware.

I opened the bottle of Champagne and poured us each a full glass. Crawling under the sheets with you and pulling up the covers, I handed us each a drink and we gulped greedily, our bodies depleted and thirsty. Setting the glasses aside, we stared into each other’s eyes, smiling, not needing to say anything.

But we both did, and together whispered, “I love you,” as if on cue. Giggling again, we kissed, curled together, and fell asleep.

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