No Thanks Ch. 05

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Author’s Note: Hello, again readers! I am terribly sorry that I have been away for so long. Between my health and daily life, I haven’t had any time to write. I still do not have an editor but at this point, I think it is safe to say I stopped looking. I have done my best to correct any mistakes.

Since the beginning of this story started in 2017 and it’s now 2019, I’m updating the time frame to the present day to make things smoother as well as rearrange pieces that didn’t fit along the way. I would suggest reading chapters 1-4 to refresh yourselves on the story since its been awhile.

Here is the 5th installment, I hope you enjoy it.


Caspian watched as the door handle began to turn and open, tears running down his cheeks. He was defenseless, weakened by Blaze’s coven. He looked around the room for something to wield, but even if there was, he hadn’t the physical strength to do any useful damage. A grim thought entered his mind as he wiped away his tears; there was no way for him to defend himself from being taken and he would have to submit to Blaze or face the very real possibility he would be killed. Mate or not, no Alpha accepts rejection well and this one was prideful.

Just as the door was opening wider, a woman’s voice called out to the Blaze, effectively halting him opening the door further. Caspian’s heart was beating so loudly it was hard for him to hear anything that was being said but he knew the tone of the woman’s voice sounded almost panicked. The door quietly shut and the two walked away hastily, leaving Caspian thankful, yet terribly worried about what would pull the Alpha away so quickly.


Blaze and the woman, Meryl, made their way into the labyrinth meeting Fredrick and Barlow, his two pack betas, at the entrance. Blaze had told them over their mind-link to be waiting for them. Normally there would only be one head Beta but Blaze found the brothers had a knack for the position as they were extremely in tune with each other. Both were the same height and nearly identical with their olive complexions, green eyes, and short dark brown hair. Allot of people mistook them for twins, but they were a year apart. The brothers were dressed in matching gray t-shirts, blue jeans, and gray Nike sneakers.

Meryl wore a Lulus French Countryside white floral print high-low dress paired with white Lulu Loveliness ankle strap heels. It was one of her favorite boutiques to shop online and she never missed a sale. She had light blond hair in a layered lob style that reached the top of her shoulders, alabaster skin, thin lips, and dark hazel eyes. Meryl’s official title was “Coveness”, her job simply to keep the members of the coven in line with the Alpha’s wishes as well as keep him from harm. She has always said just because she’s a witch doesn’t mean she has to dress like one.

Blaze wore a white button down shirt, black leather jacket, fitted gray jeans that were heavily faded and black leather dress boots. Completing his outfit was black leather cross-body messenger bag that fit perfectly at his right hip, the strap pulled just tight enough to keep it from flailing around as he walked. The Alpha didn’t normally carry much on him except his wallet and iPhone but liked the look of it with this particular outfit.

Morphing his right hand into its hybrid form he inserted his forefinger nail into a small slit unsealing the barrier wall at the dead end of the beginning staircase. It shuddered and retracted, revealing the labyrinth beyond. Un-morphing his hand Blaze lead the four of them through the dark and dank paths effortlessly, Meryl’s heels clicking and clacking on the stone floor. This was a place of great significance and ritual to this clan, ancient and unwelcoming to those who did not belong in its presence.

Many of the hallways had doors to various chambers that housed artifacts, weapons, laboratories and sleeping quarters. It was nearly endless, stretching across the entirety of the grounds. As they reached a wooden door adorned with carved runes, the woman pressed several in quick succession, similar to a keypad, with the door shuddering and opening.

“This had better be as important as you claim, Meryl.” Blaze’s voice thick with annoyance as they followed her into a brightly lit room as the door shut itself behind them.

“It is Alpha,” Meryl responded with as much conviction as she could muster. “The Seer, Aarav has had a vision that you must see at once.” Meryl looked flushed and worry was clearly etched on her face. Though youthful in appearance, she was much older but her magic kept her true age a secret.

There were a dozen or so witches and warlocks at rectangular metal tables working with various types of equipment. Though this was a Coven, times change and so do the tools you must use. Adapt or die as they say and Blaze spared no expense modernizing their daily operations. Somebody outside looking in would assume them to be working on science experiments gaziantep escort and for all intents and purposes, they were, just with some magic thrown in.

Meryl guided them to a station in the far corner of the room where Aarav, a tall lean Indian man in his late thirties was standing chatting with a much shorter, and younger, redheaded witch named Donna. Aarav was handsome with his rich brown skin tone, rounded face, close-cropped hair, deep-set brown eyes and a wedge-shaped nose. Donna was adorably cute with fair skin, long straight red hair, clear lilac blue eyes and button nose.

On the table beside them was a crystal ball with several other instruments for astrology and a magical mirror floating on the wall. His station was the least cluttered of all the others that surrounded him, but the Seers purpose didn’t require many items to fulfill. Once they were at the Seer’s workstation Meryl interrupted the two’s conversation and told Aarav he needed to show the Alpha what he saw immediately.

“Of course,” Aarav said and gave a warm smile to Donna before taking his seat.

“You may go now,” Meryl said flatly when Donna made no effort to leave. The two exchanged an icy look before Donna gave Aarav’s shoulder a light squeeze as she moved away.

Meryl knew the two were seeing each other secretly as there was very little that escaped her notice, especially within the Coven. Making a mental note to deal with their relationship as soon as possible, Meryl instructed Aarav to show the Alpha what he had seen.

Placing his left hand on the crystal ball, his right at the base of the magic mirror, the Seer entered a trance-like state, his eyes turning white as the mirror awakened with his vision.

Blaze inched in even closer as a short figure came into focus standing in the ruins of a burning structure he quickly realized as his estate, its body fully engulfed in flames though it was not burning. The flames that crackled in place of where its eyes should be were a familiar shade of….emerald.

Another scene took its place, this one with countless bodies lying in the creatures wake, many burned, some horribly twisted into unnatural poses as they lay strewn among the burning ruins. The coven members around them had since abandoned their respective work stations to stand as close as was permitted behind their Alpha, the pack Betas, the Seer, and the Coveness. The mirror flashed in quick succession showing faces frozen in a deathly horror, revealing the Seer, along with Meryl and everyone but the Alpha standing inside the chamber were among the slain.

The mirror went black though the Seer’s eyes remained white. Meryl reached out a pale hand towards Aarav’s shoulder just as the mirror awakened again, jerking it back quickly. A burned and bloody man appeared crawling through the rubble, his legs were clearly broken as they dragged lifelessly behind him. In the distance the living flame appeared again, stalking towards the survivor. The mirror focused in on the right hand of the crawling man as he clawed at the ruined ground beneath him, showing a ring covered in ash but its insignia still visible, a ring that Blaze recognized instantly. His mouth went dry as the mirror focused out again as the crawling man stopped moving, the living flame blocking his path.

Lightning cracked across the sky as it opened up with a torrent of rain, hissing as it came into contact with the figure and the burning ruins around them. As the rain fell, it washed away much of the blood, ash, and grime that covered the man’s face. Gasps erupted in the chamber as the mirror finally brought the face of the figure at the flames feet into focus, a face that Blaze had been expecting since he saw the ring; his own.

Bending down the living flame took hold of Blaze’s chin searing his flesh and in one swift motion, snapped his neck. Screams erupted around them from the gathered crowd. The mirror shuddered violently as it went dark and severed its connection with Aarav who slumped back in his chair unconscious. Donna rushed to his side, checking his vitals as Meryl asked Fredrick and Barlow to take him to the medical chamber. Blaze watched as he was carried out almost lifelessly with Donna crying softly as she followed them out. The frantic whispering and worried faces around him were overwhelming the Alpha. He felt his hands begin to tremble and quickly shoved them into his pants pockets before anyone noticed.

Using her telepathic link she told the others to vacate the chamber as she silently scolded herself for not doing beforehand. Once they were gone Meryl approached the Alpha.

“Alpha?” Meryl’s voice nearly a whisper as stopped behind him. He was still staring at the mirror which now only held his reflection, Blazes 6 ft 1 eclipsing Meryl’s 5 ft 3. After a long pause of silence, Blaze turned around, his face blank but Meryl could sense the multitude of emotions beneath the surface.

“His powers giresun escort are still secure inside Doomguard, yes?” Blaze asked urgently.

“Yes Alpha, but allow me to show you.”

Meryl motioned for Blaze to follow her and she led him out of the chamber into the corridor. Several moments later they arrived at another door etched with runes similar to the last one. Pressing another sequence the door opened. The room was cold and nearly empty except for a wooden pedestal in the center with a large teardrop shaped orb floating above it that bathed everything a ghostly white light. Entering they made their way over till they stood on opposites sides.

“As you can see Alpha, Caspian’s powers are very much contained.” Meryl stated as she gestured towards the orb, the white late turning her alabaster skin glowing in the light of the orb. “I also feel as though I should say that I do not believe that figure in the vision to be your mate.”

“Is that so?” Blazed asked as he hunched his 6ft1 frame down to look closer at the orb, his tan complexion washed out. “It would very much appear to me that it would be him. As you know his mother was a Fire Unicorn and if I’m not mistaken, that figure was fire incarnate.”

Meryl swept her hand across the surface of the orb as a blood red glow began to emit as Caspian’s wolf’s face appeared. The iridescent fur took on a sparkling crimson from the red glow surrounding him, his horn only partially visible, his eyes closed. Meryl breathed a sigh of relief as the image of Caspian’s sleeping wolf faded and the orb returned to its original ghostly white glow.

“As I said,” Meryl stepped around the orb, flipping the left side of her long blond locks over her shoulder, “We have his powers and his wolf more than contained inside Doomguard and only you or I can release them.”

“From the very moment he arrived in your territory I used my abilities to look deep into his soul and his intentions, none of which matches that being we witnessed in Aarav’s vision.”

Blaze stood back up and sighed, Meryl was right, even he didn’t believe that this creature was truly Caspian but he couldn’t shake the feeling that who or whatever it was, had a connection to him. If he allowed Caspian to remain here, he could be condemning everyone to certain death. In all the years of Aarav’s service, not one of his visions had not come to pass. The idea of letting Caspian go made him ill, but it may be the only way to stop this from happening.

He had been choosing to ignore is wolf since the Seer’s vision, though that didn’t stop his wolf from being vocal with him, especially with him essentially thinking of rejecting Caspian as his mate.

‘I swear on Luna herself if you throw our mate away after what we went through to claim him I will tear you apart from the inside!’ his wolf growled menacingly, a threat he would surely keep. He would rather die than be kept from his mate.

‘If Caspian is the killer that we saw in the vision, what then? You saw what became of us, he clearly doesn’t have any qualms about snapping our neck.’ Blaze responded incredulously.

‘Maybe if you hadn’t thrown him like a goddamn lawn dart maybe he wouldn’t feel any need to!’ his wolf snarled back.

Meryl watched her Alpha over the orb, his eyes glowing amber. She knew he was communicating with his wolf and would not dare interrupt until their conversation was complete.

‘He interrupted my sentencing of Arnold for his betrayal and was siding with him against us!’ Blaze retorted hotly trying to mask his guilt.

‘You know damn well that if we were in his position we would have done the same. We both shared him as a mate before you bested him in a challenge for the right to mate with Caspian.’

Running a hand through his hair, Blaze thought back to when this all began…..


He had been in Chicago for the completion of a Brownstone his company, Blaze Development, had recently renovated. Meryl and Aarav had accompanied him and Arnold had stayed behind to watch over the pack. The project was especially important to him because their mother, Thora, had lived in Chicago all her life in this very Brownstone. She met their father when he was visiting a relative next door. He was a Lycan from birth, she was human. The courtship was long and Thomas worried Thora might reject him once she found out what he was. When he finally revealed the truth to her, she not only accepted him but his mating bite as well. Once they were mated, she moved back with him to North Carolina. Her family home had recently come up for sale and Blaze spared no cost to acquire it.

It wasn’t long till they were expecting their first pup, Blaze, though that was just a nickname; his birth name was Sebastian. Thora had given it to him after he started crawling saying he would move so fast he was practicing blazing a trail to wherever he wanted to go. It stuck with him.

Thora had passed away shortly gümüşhane escort after Arnold was born from complications. It happens sometimes when a human is turned their body will not always gain the same healing abilities as a full-blooded Lycanthrope. The loss devastated Thomas, but he remained strong for his boys and his pack. He often wondered if they should have waited longer to have another child, instead of just the two years after Blaze was born.

Thomas had taken over as Alpha after his father stepped down, giving him his position. He hoped one of his sons was an Alpha as well, to carry on the family mantle of rule. If neither of them was, any outside Alpha could challenge him for the right to take over the Jones pack. Packs typically consist of the Alpha, his mate, offspring, dominates, betas, omegas, and submissives, though some are a variety of combinations.

Every year he would bring his sons to Chicago to see the Zoo, always walking down that street to the familiar Brownstone were he met his mate all those years ago. Her scent of Gardenia was ingrained in his memory but here it was the strongest. Standing with his young son’s hands in each of his, he would stare longingly at the dark oak door before hustling them along.

Blaze had been inside all day examining the finished renovation with his contractor and design team. Deciding he needed some fresh air he went out in the somewhat chilly May air, crossing his arms to hold in some warmth. Spring was finally here, but it sure didn’t feel like it. Making his way down the steps the most intoxicating scent invaded his nostrils; rose. His pants grew tight as his cock surged to full length as if to point the way to his mate. He followed the scent through the street, stopping when it was so close he could taste it. He scanned around him quickly, a flash of red drawing his eyes to a bus stop up across the street where a younger man stood leaning against the outside of the overcrowded semi-enclosed structure with a much to small bench for as many people that were sitting on it.

His mate was short, about 5 ft 5, stocky with pale skin and strawberry blond hair. He always found thicker men held up better in bed than twinks and growled with lust, very pleased at what little he could discern of his body through his clothing. Dressed in a jean jacket with a yellow hoodie, khakis and converse, he was staring down at his iPhone, his thumb swiping lazily across the screen. The rumble of the approaching bus brought his emerald green eyes up, the long, thick blond eyelashes a perfect contrast. Blaze had been staring at him so long he didn’t even notice the bus arrive till it blocked his view. Breaking into a run he caught some strange glances from passers-by; it wasn’t every day you see a 6 ft 1 guy in a three-piece suit running down the street. He was too far away to catch up in time as the bus pulled away. His eyes glowed amber as he watched the bus carry away his mate.

Storming back into the brownstone he told Meryl and Aarav what had happened. He allowed no time for congratulations and ordered them to locate his mate. As he was leaving Aarav had a vision that was very unfavorable to Blaze, where Caspian would reject him. Angered he wanted to know everything about him. Meryl was able to track him down from what details Aarav could provide.

Standing outside of Caspian’s door in a broken down apartment building, Blaze scented the air and though the smell of rose lingered in the air, his mate wasn’t home. He knew he shouldn’t be there, but his Alpha wolf wouldn’t back down. They were driven by the need to see where and how their mate lived.

Reaching into the right-hand pocket of his leather jacket, he pulled out an enchanted skeleton key Meryl had given him to use. All the key required was to the placed near the item you wanted open and voila, unlocked. He guessed she didn’t want him busting down his mates door like some sort of brute. Pressing the key to the door he heard the familiar scraping sound of the deadbolt retracting. He looked both ways before turning the doorknob and entering the dark apartment, shutting it as silently as possible.

Blaze’s eyes easily adjusted to the darkness in a matter of seconds and he was able to see everything as clearly as he would if the lights were on. For such a crummy complex, his mate kept his apartment exceptionally tidy. Blaze could almost guarantee Caspian’s unit was the only one this well kept in the entire building. His mate took pride in his home, no matter how run down it may be and that pleased him. He would soon be providing for Caspian and he would never have to live in a dump like this ever again.

The main living area barely fit the small tv, couch, coffee table and two end tables that had seen better days. Moving beyond he peered into a small kitchen that was basically a kitchenette, barely big enough to do anything with, let alone cook. Blaze scowled.

Walking down a narrow hallway Blaze passed a small bathroom and walked through Caspian’s open bedroom door. It was a terribly tight room, barely wide enough for his twin bed and dresser. A plastic and metal wardrobe wrack was shoved into the corner. Blaze was sure if there were any more clothes added it would snap in half.

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