The Making of a Kingpin Ch. 03

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This chapter is very different from the previous two as is reflected by the categorisation. It mainly focuses on Scott, Troy’s brother. Please note this piece is fantasy not reality and should not be seen to condone any of the behaviour described. All characters are aged 18 or over. Feedback welcomed, please let me know if you have ideas for future chapters.


As I watched the bevy of scantily clad cheerleaders enter the room my reaction could not have been more different from everyone else. Instead of whooping with joyful anticipation at the imminent orgy I felt anger rising up inside me like an uncontrollable fire blazing everything in its wake.

I rose abruptly from my seat, not in eagerness to get my hands on a busty slut, but in anger at my brother’s impetuousness. I stormed out without a backward glance, brushing off an offended looking chick who had obviously been told to target me.

As I walked through the corridors my anger seemed to build even further, rather than dissipating. My brother was so fucking full of himself and so rash. You would think after everything that had happened to our family that he would show a bit of caution, but no he raced around like a bull in a china shop seemingly not caring about the consequences of his actions.

The thought of the word ‘bull’ momentarily diverted my mind away from the anger I was feeling. Troy certainly was a bull. A bull-stud.

Having lived with him all my life I had seen his physical development, his hours in the gym paying off, building his musculature and honing his physique, turning him into the Adonis that he had become. Of course it helped that he had shot up in height, reaching his current mountainesque proportions, standing at a towering 6 foot 5. Combined with his dark, tanned skin, rugged jaw line and spiky black hair he had all the girls swooning at him and plenty of boys too.

But as his brother I was lucky enough to have seen him up close. And all his impressive features paled into insignificance in comparison to the awe inspiring baseball-bat which swung between his legs. After the death of our parents we were forced closer together and we were completely comfortable in each other’s presence. I would regularly see Troy walking around naked in all his glory.

And as he had got older it became harder and harder to miss the thick piece of pipe he was packing. I had to strain every sinew to stop myself from staring, but it was so hard. As I reached the parking lot my anger had given way to a lustfulness which seemed to have lasted for months, as I thought yet again about my brother’s incredible body.

Living with him, seeing him every day was like simultaneously being in both heaven and hell. I felt blessed to be in the presence of such an incredible man. From his gorgeous face, to his chiselled abs to his humongous piece of meat it seemed like my brother was not a mere mortal, but a sexual God amongst men.

For so long I had suppressed my true feelings. Being gay in my neighbourhood was just not cool. I’d seen guys put in hospital for it and while I always knew Troy would protect me I still didn’t feel comfortable about coming out. Especially when my bro was such an uber-jock. The straightest of the straight. It almost felt like I would be betraying him if I admitted that I loved dick.

I remembered that slowly dawning realisation that I was different. When my mates were jacking off to porn and raving about how hot the busty pornstars were I couldn’t keep my eyes off the strong, powerful men and their thick, hard poles jutting proudly out from their crotches. I used to imagine that it was my ass they were ploughing, feeling their heat and strength dominating me into submission.

Like most guys in my position I fought against my feelings, denying them for as long as I could. But after I stumbled across some gay porn I could deny myself no longer. Watching two men throwing themselves at each other, their sweating bodies sliding against each other drove me wild with lust. Everything about it turned me on. There was nothing better than watching a muscular, tight ass being speared relentlessly. The look of ecstasy on both of their faces, one dominating and the other being dominated. Even the sound of it got me hot. Their low, guttural growling hit the spot in a way that squawking high-pitched squeals never seemed to.

But the fact that it was my brother that I lusted over seemed to make my emotions even more taboo. It was Troy who I thought of as I wanked myself to release at night. It was Troy who was able to get me harder than concrete. It was Troy that I fantasised fucking me.

Sure enough as I opened the door to the old Chevrolet my crotch felt uncomfortable as my boner stained against the tight jeans I was wearing. Jeez that boy infuriated me, just a few minutes ago I had been angry as hell at him and now I was once again consumed with lust.

For a few moments I sat in the old, stuffy car as the sun beat down on it causing the temperature to rise as high as my emotional fever. urfa escort It had been in the last few months that my desire for my brother had really hit fever pitch.

Ever since he had banged Dixie a few months ago his libido had been turbocharged and he seemed to have fucked his way through the hot chicks in the school faster than a hot knife ran through butter. It was very rare these days for me to get home and not hear a chick screaming at the top of their lungs as Troy nailed her harder than she could handle.

At night I would lay down in bed while Troy banged one, two or even three sluts right next door. The sounds that emanated from the room often seemed barely human. I would just lie there, frantically jerking my own meat, consumed by jealousy and wishing it was my ass being destroyed by his lethal fuck spear.

The whole apartment reeked of cum and there seemed to be a perpetual sexual haze despite how far we tried to open the windows. It was like I could sense Troy’s potent pheromones on some deeper level and they made me incredibly hungry for him.

But I still felt like I couldn’t tell him how I truly felt. I valued our relationship too highly. After our parents had been ripped away from us so brutally we had formed such an incredibly strong bond. It seemed to extend further than a conventional brotherly love. We were literally the only person the other could rely on in the whole world.

We built a formidable level of trust between us as a result, because we wouldn’t have survived otherwise. And weirdly it was our differences which made the relationship between us work.

We both reacted so differently to the tragic loss of our parents. Whereas he became driven physically I became driven mentally. Whereas he wanted to be the strongest, hardest, toughest guy around I wanted to reject that whole world and bury myself in books and academia. Whereas he spent hundreds of hours in the gym honing his body I spent hours in the library honing my mind. Whereas he was extrovert I was introvert and whereas he was driven to avenge our parent’s deaths I just wanted a quiet life.

I guess he sort of adopted the fatherly role while I took up the motherly one in our relationship. He was the guy who would be strong enough and tough enough to protect us from external threats. He was the guy who would wheel and deal, bully and extort so that we always had enough money to keep our heads above water.

While I was always the one offering words of caution. I was the one providing loyal, submissive support. I was his emotional crux when he had returned home and could no longer keep up his aggressive, fearless front. I was the one who made sure all the boring jobs were done, that the place was kept reasonable and dinner was on the table.

It had always been like this, even when our parents had been around. Troy had always been stronger physically. When we had scrapped as youngsters it was always me that had been forced to yield. So that while I was the older brother most outsiders would not think so.

And so our relationship was far from perfect. We had so many bust-ups and arguments. But despite the tension between us we were glued together by a bond of trust and loyalty that was the most powerful force in the world.

And so this newfound sexual desire for Troy seemed to me to be incredibly dangerous. What if it ruined our relationship? I could not, I would not, let that happen.

But I had to find some form of coping mechanism. So I had surreptitiously fitted some cameras in Troy’s room. That meant as he went about rearranging a chicks internal organs I could watch and get myself off. I also purchased the biggest, fattest black dildo I could find online and I would stand furiously wanking my prick while fucking myself.

But rather than satiating my lust it only seemed to intensify it. I was becoming more and more obsessed with his huge shaft, the way that it was so hard and strong and thick. I used to love watching his big, muscled ass thrusting away, pounding his latest squeeze into paroxysms of delight. The way his ass clenched and rippled with such immense power and control had me spewing gallons and gallons of cum.

The feelings were so confusing. How could something that felt so right be wrong?

But knowing it was I had buried myself even more into my academic work. As I saw Troy being dragged inexorably into the crime business I vowed to do everything I could to help him. I knew that he was a natural born leader and it was my duty to serve him in any way I could.

I was scared though and my fear drove me to urge Troy to be more cautious, more careful. Sometimes he took my advice but most of the time he didn’t. Most of the time he was driven purely by instinct. And it was difficult to criticise those instincts. I was yet to meet a guy who wasn’t intimidated by him or a chick who wasn’t so wet for him that they would do anything he asked. But I worried that it was all going to his head.

I advised him not to tell balıkesir escort the others about Roxy. Why let more people know? All it did was increase the risk that word would get back to the force, ruining our asset before we could use her. But he couldn’t resist the impulse to act the big man, to impress the other guys and show them yet again how fearsome he was.

I could see why he had done it but it just felt like his judgement was being clouded by his ego. And then he had brought in those sluts and would no doubt spend the rest of the evening satisfying his carnal desires.

I didn’t begrudge him having a good time but he seemed to only care about having a good time. And I worried that would make him sloppy, careless.

So as I sat stewing in the warm car I felt incredibly confused, my emotions a completely tangled mess. And I didn’t know how to solve this problem. This was alien territory for me. I hadn’t met a math problem that I wasn’t able to solve. I loved nothing better to take on a challenge, break it down and solve it.

And so I didn’t really know how to cope with this emotional angst. Driving home my mind was racing as my conflicting emotions battled for supremacy. One moment I was like a love-sick puppy convinced that Troy could do no wrong, the next I was cursing him with incredible ferocity convinced that he would ruin us both.

When I arrived home I sat myself at my laptop and tried to work on some software I had been developing but I could not focus or concentrate. I found myself going round in circles, as the coding swam before my eyes and my mind burned with confusion and trauma.

No matter how hard I tried I kept seeing images of Troy floating across my consciousness. His rugged face. His washboard abs. His foot-long porker. I was out of control as I once again felt my shaft hardening as I fantasised about my brother.

Finally something broke inside me. I banged down the laptop and jumped up, hurrying out of the flat and slamming the door behind me. I rushed out towards my car, got in and put my foot to the floor.

A few minutes, and several close shaves later, I arrived at my destination. It was a place that I had read about dozens of times online but never had the courage to visit. It had a sordid reputation as a bar where gay guys went with only one thing in mind – getting laid.

I had raced across town in an almighty hurry, mainly because I knew that if I stopped and thought about what I was doing I would have chickened out and gone home. This was way, way out of my comfort zone.

I mean sure I’d messed around a bit with a few guys but only nerds who had the sense to keep quiet about it and were shit scared of my brother. But stepping inside this joint would be a huge step into the unknown.

What if some muscled up jock stud picked me up, carried me home, bent me over and pounded me into submission so that I became a drooling, helpless cock slut. I’d seen how Troy looked at his conquests once he’d finished with them and they were on their knees begging him to fuck them again. It was a look of utter disdain. How would he feel if he saw me in that position, begging another guy to use and degrade my body?

And then I realised that I had to do this. I needed to have the courage to take this step and see what happened or I would be forever unhappy and dissatisfied. I needed to take a leaf out of Troy’s book and act on instinct.

So I slowly opened the door and hammered it shut with more force than I had intended. I looked down at my hand, which was shaking uncontrollably.

Taking a deep breath I steeled myself and started walking towards the bar. It was dusk now and the light had begun to fade. As I approached I could hear the music and raucous noise emanating from the bar. A few of the patrons had spilt out onto the street and as I got near the door I saw two guys making out vigorously in the adjacent doorway, groping each other unable to keep their hands off each other.

Snapping my attention away I reached for the door and opened it, stepping over the threshold and into the unknown. I was immediately assaulted by a barrage of sound, the cheesy europop blaring out across the bar.

It was incredibly full even so early in the evening and was packed to the brim with an amazing variety of guys. Tall, short, fat, thin, blonde, brunette, white, black and latino. The makeshift dance floor was rocking with numerous gyrating bodies thrusting themselves together in a smorgasbord of hot man-on-man action.

The bar was incredibly hot and humid with too many bodies packed into too small a space. As a result the majority of the guys had discarded a lot of their clothing, with torsos being bared left, right and centre.

But the other thing that hit me was the smell. It was hard to describe but very powerful as the stale sweat mixed with a variety of cheap colognes to create an earthy musk which was incredibly manly but also faintly nauseating.

As I made a quick scan trabzon escort of the room I was generally disappointed. Sure there was the odd guy who looked ok but so many of the patrons seemed to be middle aged, overweight or just plain unattractive. Still I suppose it was unrealistic to immediately find someone I could pick up, take home and fuck, even though this was my overwhelming impulse.

I tried to gain my bearings and acclimatise. I felt so uncomfortable surrounded by all these exhibitionists. They were clearly very comfortable with their sexuality and being ‘out’ in public. But I wasn’t and felt really self conscious.

My body temperature was rising and a few beads of sweat appeared on my temple as my discomfort grew. I decided I needed a drink and fast, so I started to edge my way to the bar. It was difficult to navigate a way through the mass of bodies and as guys knocked into me my pangs of unease only grew further.

What was I doing here? This wasn’t me. This wasn’t my scene. I was too socially awkward, too introverted, too controlled. But I knew this was an itch that I needed to scratch so I steeled myself to persevere.

Eventually I pushed my way through to the bar and was lucky enough to nab one of the recently vacated stools. Propping myself up on the bar I focussed my attention onto the bar staff.

And I had to make an effort to stop my jaw hitting the floor. There were 4 of them and they were all smoking hot. It was like they had all been picked for their aesthetic qualities alone. Perhaps that explained why the bar was so popular.

There were all very different. But they all had certain things in common. They were all completely naked except for the tightest pair of lurid green speedos I had ever seen in my life. They all had rippling muscles and shredded, 6-pack abs. And they all had a sizeable bulge in those tight fitting pouches.

The one nearest to me was tall, dark and very handsome. I mean he rivalled Troy in the looks department even if I doubted he would do so in the trouser department. He had perfectly groomed stubble which just made him look so hot in a mean and brooding sort of way. He had tufts of hair all across his body, giving him a swarthy, manly look.

Next to him was a shorter guy with dirty blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes. He had a broad smile and an easy going manner, rocking the surfer dude vibe as I saw him chatting up the customers. His body seemed to be as hairless as that of a baby and he had clearly doused himself with oil at the start of his shift so that his tanned pecs gleamed in the dull light of the bar.

A bit further along was an absolute beast of a man. He looked more like a bouncer than a bar tender. He was an absolute giant, standing at least 6 and a half feet tall, and was tremendously stacked. His muscles bulged from his body obscenely and I could only imagine what damage he would do in the bedroom.

On the other side of the bar was a rugged looking black guy with a shaved head and charcoal brown eyes. He looked very imposing and I could see him grunting towards a patron he was serving who looked like he was about to spaff in his pants.

By the time I’d got my breath back the nearest barman had reached me.

“What do you want to drink fellow.”

“Erm … errm …” I stumbled, completely losing my composure.

He smiled widely, showing off his prefect white teeth.

“First time here, hey?”

“Is it that obvious?” I said somewhat dispirited at being caught out. I felt my face beginning to flush in embarrassment.

“Well it’s a lot to take in the first time. You’re not the first and you’re not the last to feel nervous and shy around this … well this hedonism.”

His kind words calmed my nerves somewhat and I smiled weakly back.

“Anyway, what do you want to drink?” He asked again. “You clearly need a few to relax yourself.”

“I’ll have a scotch on the rocks, thanks.”

When the barman returned I quickly downed my drink and ordered another. And another. And another.

Before long I was pretty buzzed and starting to relax a little. My eyes surveyed the room and I began to feel more at ease in this seedy, debauched environment. It was unbelievable to be somewhere where you could be completely open about your sexuality. Not having to worry what my brother would think or anyone else.

A surge of liberation flooded through my veins, but it was an alien feeling. My life had been all about duty and obligation for so long. With our parents gone and Troy being so head strong it had always fallen to me to be responsible, always fallen to me to exert self-control and subjugate my own desires, always down to me to make sure all the little things in life were sorted out.

As I sat there in this strange new world I felt a defiance rising up within me. It was about time I let go and enjoyed myself. So I set about finding a guy to fuck. Seeing those hot bartenders and being surrounded by such rampant testosterone had gotten me horny as hell.

I could feel my hard prick straining against my underwear. I knew my dick wasn’t in Troy’s league, I doubted anyone’s was, but it wasn’t anything to be ashamed about. It was a good 8 inches and thick too. And right about now it wanted nothing more than to pound a tight, wet hole until it got the release it had now been waiting hours for.

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