My Crack Smoking BBW

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My Crack Smoking BBW

I went to pick up some rock and headed over to this spot on the north side of Milwaukee. I had been there a few times, real quick, get my shit and leave deals. I walk in and I see my dealer grab my package, and there is some asshole yelling at a really pretty, fat lady. He’s calling her a fat, ugly whore and I don’t stand for that shit at all.

“Can I hit this pussy ass dude,” I ask my dealer.

He smiles at me. “Go handle that hist, folks.” He’s from the same set, so there’s a common level of respect.

I step up to the asshole, “Hey, what’s your problem? She’s beautiful.” He looks at me and I know he’s high, he’s got that crazy look in his eyes. I put my arm around this scared, crying, big sexy lady and ask him again. “What’s your problem, man? Why you yelling at her?”

He doesn’t have a chance as I punch him right in the nose and he hits the floor, knocked out cold.

I ask my new lady, “Hey, wanna party? Let me make you something to eat.” I show her my half ounce of rock to sweeten the deal.

“Wow, sure,” she says, perking up.

I take her hand, nod at my brother, and lead her to my royal blue Chevy Blazer. Once inside, I properly introduce myself.

“My name’s David, honey, who are you?”

“I’m Peggy,” she says, and I kiss her on her soft, chubby cheek. She finally smiles, and starts taking in all my Aztec tattoos and prison muscle. “You’re sexy.”

“Thanks baby.”

“Why you so nice to me?” There’s a hint of sadness and confusion in her voice.

“Honey, all my life, I’ve been judged. I’ve been treated like shit because I’ve been in prison, people get jealous because they can’t have what I got, and been kicked around like a stray. I know what it’s like to be treated like shit because of my tattoos, my skin tone, my prison record, and besides, I really think you’re beautiful. I love big women.” I smile at her, “You look like you needed the help.”

We’re driving along towards my place on the south side and she asks, “Where are we going, David?”

“I’m cooking us a Mexican breakfast and gonna run a bubble bath for you, then give you a hot stone massage,” I tell her. She smiles deep into my big, brown eyes as I take in her perfect smile and look down her top to stare at her huge, white cleavage.

We get to my place and she likes what she sees. I go run the bath and put some baby oil and bath beads in for her, light a few candles, and pull off all my clothes, leaving me in my MMA boxer tight briefs.

“Holy shit, you’re built. Mmm,” she says with a hint of lust, and I know she’s staring at my semi-hard cock bulge.

“Now soak in the bath honey, I’m making you breakfast.” I leave her to go into the kitchen and whip up some eggs, chorizo, and corn tortillas.

I hear her splashing around and tell her, “Put some bubbles on you, I’m coming in.” I open the door and all I’m wearing is my bow tie and a towel over my arm, my other balancing a platter of eggs and juice.

“Oh my God,” she says, laughing at me.

“I’m your waiter. I shall feed you, my sexy Peggy.” I see her huge tits covered in bubbles jiggle as she laughs at my silly ass. I slowly spoon eggs into the tortilla and feed my sexy lady. She chews up my food, her eyes closing in joy.

“Oh, that’s good. More,” she says, and I can see she hasn’t eaten. I feed my new beauty and she cleans her plate like a good girl.

I go into my room for some goodies. “Care for a smoke,” I ask, handing her a Virginia Slim 120 and light it for her. She puts the cig to her sexy, plump lips and as she takes a drag, I stand up and point to my huge, semi-hard, cum leaking dick. “Blow the smoke on this.”

She grins at me and blows a hot stream of smoke on my cum leaking, growing cock. “I like women who smoke for me, Peggy.” She giggles at me, her pretty face turning red and I like this chick already. I rub her shoulders and as she smokes, I feel my cum boil in my balls, my heart races, and I tilt my head to her sexy, smoking mouth and softly kiss her moist lips, sliding my tongue into her hot, cigarette tasting mouth. We passionately kiss, Peggy grabbing my head with her wet hand, letting me know she’s into me. She’s a great kisser and I can’t wait to feel her tongue on my huge, dark cock.

“I’ll be right back,” I say, leaving edirne escort to put my hot stones for the massage in the heater. It’s a crock pot filled with water, and the rocks I picked from the shores of Lake Michigan and blessed them with sweetgrass and cedar. I grab my pipe and a nice chunk of rock, taking the time to light some candles in my room, lay out some towels and turn some Zeppelin on softly.

I put the huge hit in the glass pipe and walk into the bathroom and see Peggy smoking. I hand her the pipe and she puts it in her sexy lips. I light the lighter and she sucks the intoxicating smoke into her hot, moist, plump lips. I watch her eyes get glassy and stand up and pull my tight boxer briefs down to show her my dark surprise. She holds the smoke deep in her lungs as she stares at my big, dark, eight and a half inch cum leaking cock.

“Blow it on this, Peggy,” I tell her as she licks my clear pre-cum from my pisshole and

Slides her hot cocksucker lips down my dark cock shaft. She moans as the huge crack hit of smoke pours over my huge, pulsating prick and she deep throats me. I slowly fuck her hot wet mouth, feeling her tongue wrap around my mushroom head and shaft. I pull my dick from her wet lips and deeply french kiss her, tasting my seed on her lips. I give her another big hit and light the lighter. She takes a huge blast off the pipe and my cock is so fucking hard and excited, I wait till she gets the hit deep in her lungs before I shove my cum-leaking dick between her hot, dick loving lips. She sucks my fat prick into her throat and as she gags on my cock, the huge smoke cloud covers my wet, saliva-coated cock. She looks up at me and I feel the tip of her tongue go to work on my cum-oozing pisshole.

“God David, you have a beautiful dick,” she moans, and I love hearing this. There is nothing more sexy than a woman who likes my cock. I pull my wet dick from her hot lips.

“Thank you, honey. I will treat you so, so good so you can ‘cum’ back for more,” and I deeply french kiss her.

“Time for your massage, honey. Let me dry you off.” She stands up and I take in her huge 54DDD tits with big brown saucer nipples. Her tummy feels so soft and she’s absolutely smooth shaven; I look lower and see these thick white thighs. My huge dick throbs as I towel dry my big beauty’s soft, clean skin.

“Come, my princess,” I tell her, leading her by the hand to my bedroom, serenading her with the Native American warrior song “Lakota Sioux” in my native tongue, blessing this woman. She stares at me in awe as she sees the candles and lays on the towels. “Lay on your tummy,” and she rolls over, showing off her huge white ass cheeks. I pour rose oil on my hands and rub them together. I have a lot of energy in my whole body and was told by a medicine man that I’m a natural healer. I rub my sexy plump Peggy’s soft skin , starting at her neck and working my strong, sensual thumbs into her relaxed vertebrae and down her spine, slowly making my way to her huge ass cheeks. I open them to see her tight brown asshole, letting my thumb brush across it then moving down to her shaved, hot innie pussy lips.

“Ooh, David, you’re fucking awesome,” she says, loving the attention and touch of my hands on her body.

“Your lovely, soft, beautiful body is mine tonight, and my friendship is yours forever.” I sing the Zeppelin song softly and kiss her neck, leaving feather-like kisses down her spine as her skin turns to goose bumps.

I open her huge ass cheeks and kiss her naughty, dark asshole. I open it up and smell her clean scent and drool my spit into her ass before plunging my wet tongue deep into her brown-ringed asshole.

“Oh, fuck yes, oh God yes,” shoe moans softly in lust as I suck and nibble on her ring, getting it relaxed for some hot loving.

I lick lower and plunge my tongue up and down her wet, brown pussy lips, flicking my wild tongue across her clit. She is my sexual instrument as she sings with pure orgasmic lust; I use my experienced tongue to play a symphony with her asshole and plump cunt.

I hear a ‘ding’ from the hot stone alarm, telling me the stones are ready for her back. I grab the pipe and toss her some crack. “Smoke baby while I massage you.” I towel off the wet stones, check the temperature by hand and tell her, “Be still. You’ll feel some warm stones on you.”

I place them on her soft neck, down her spine, on her lungs, kidneys, and lower back. I grab the smaller stones and place a pair on her ass cheeks and run more down the back of her legs. I finish the application by sliding the smallest stones between her toes and cover her with a big towel. I fire up a fat joint and blow the smoke on her sexy tits from the side and start to massage her scalp through her long, soft black hair.

“Ooh, David, that feels awesome. No one has ever made me feel this way!”

“I’m happy you like it. You can reward me when we’re done.” I kiss her soft, sexy lips, and my dick is so hard from seeing the pleasure on her face. I pull the stones off her white, soft skin and put them back in the heater, pull off my undies and jump on her oily back and massage her back as my throbbing huge cum leaking cock rests between her ass cheeks. I slide my prick up and down her huge white ass cheeks as I massage her neck and let my hands move down the sides of her super huge tits. I massage the warm oil into her huge nippled tits.

“Oh, David, yes,” she moans, her body responding to every touch I make.

“Take a hit baby, then light up a cigarette for me.”

She takes a huge crack hit as I rub my cum oozing dark mushroom head up and down her shaved, fat cunt. I watch her exhale the large smoke cloud as I push my big prick into her dripping wet cunt. She spasms with high delight. I pull my cum leaking cockhead from her cuntlips and tell her, “Turn over, Peggy.”

She is in a trance I know all too well, my sex magic of the Order of the Golden Dawn is upon her. I grab her pretty face and steal a hot, wet, deep french kiss and ram my tongue down her hot throat before moving down to lick her gigantic tits. I suck hard on her already excited nipples and tell her, “Light up a cigarette, baby.”

She smiles a wide grin, her teeth shining like stars from above. She puts that cig to her sexy, wet cocksucker lips and takes a huge drag and blows the smoke on her huge saucer dark nipples. I lick down her big tummy, leaving a saliva trail and smell her clean sex scent. My huge cock throbs as I find her clit and tease it with my hot, wet, pussy loving tongue.

“You taste so good, Peggy,” I tell her as she puffs on the cigarette, “spread your legs, open that cunt for me.”

She moans and obeys my command, for she is under my spell. I ram my hot, long tongue up her brown, fat cunt and pinch her hot, huge nipples hard. I tongue fuck her wet, cum leaking, clean cunthole as she screams in pleasure.

“Eat my cunt, David, oh yes. I’m your whore, watch me smoke.”

I love hearing this sexy, dirty talk and I tell her, “Talk dirty, be my little smoking slut!”

I lick her wet pussy and tongue fuck her twat wildly. I grab her huge, fat thighs and take her by surprise, pushing her big legs to her ears and exposing her puckered brown ringed asshole. I spit on her naughty, dark asshole and let my tongue rim her as she moans like a whore in heat.

“Fuck yes, David, tongue my asshole. Make my slutty ass yours. Oh God yes!”

I spread her brown anus open, attacking and thrusting my tongue deep into her hot asshole. I tongue fuck her little asshole faster as I push three fingers up her tight, plump cunt.

I hear her moans of approval, “Fist my cunt, fist my cunt like a whore.” I ram my big hand up her cum leaking pussyhole and pull my tongue from her horny ass and replace it with two fingers. “Oh God, David, yes! Don’t stop, treat me like a whore!”

I push three fingers up her ass and my whole hand up her huge, busted open cunt as she starts pissing cum. “I’m cumming,” she screams, “watch me smoke. Fist me, I’m cumming!”

She screams like a fucking slut in orgasmic lust and she puffs on the cigarette as her huge cuntlips flood streams of musky cum onto my fist. I fist her cunt faster, hearing the cum juice noises as she soaks my hand.

I suck on her clit and lick up my fat whore’s beautiful, tasty cump drops as I slam a fourth finger up her ass and she screams out again, “Fist my asshole, Daddy, oh my God, I’m gonna cum again!” I can’t fit my hand up her ass because she’s thrashing on the bed, shaking so much as her orgasm possesses her lovely, plump, curvy body. She cums again as I work both of her hot holes of lust. Her cunt hole pisses cream everywhere as she spasms on my four fingers. I know my whore is in ecstasy as she keeps cumming.

“David, oh yes, it hurts me good. Please Daddy, I’m your whore!” She’s saying the hottest shit so I pull her asshole open with both hands, splaying her wide and looking into her red ass, spitting deep in her ass before licking her loose. I surprise her by ramming my hard, cum leaking cock up her stretched out asshole as she takes the last long drag from her cigarette. She lets the smoke out as I slide all eight and a half inches between her huge white ass cheeks in one swift motion with my fist still fucking her hot cum-drenched pussy.

She screams, “Use my ass, Daddy, make a mess in Daddy’s slutty smoking whore.” She turns the tables on me, unlocking the doors in my own sexual kingdom by using her body as the key.

The cum shoots from my huge, throbbing fat dick deep into her huge, sloppy asshole. “Yes, I’m cumming, oh fuck my slutty bitch I’m cumming. Yes, my hot whore,” I moan as jet after hot jet of thick fertile sperm shoots up her hot asshole. I feel this cum pour directly from my sex soul, and I keep cumming so much, I feel all my hot jizz flood her hot asshole. I keep shooting hot cum until I feel as if she is taking all my power from me through my pisshole.

“Oh Daddy David, I belong to you.” I’m your whore, your smoking slut. Pull it out, put it in my dirty cockloving mouth.”

I hear these words and it fills me with excitement as I pound my big cum shooting prick in her ass and feel more cum boil in my balls. I’m going to multi-orgasm and I yell out, “Oh God, I love your whore ass, my slut. I’m cumming in your ass again. You’re making me cum again! Holy fuck!”

She screams so loud it hurts my ears and my huge prick explodes again, shooting more hot, burning sperm in this whore’s ass.

“Light up another cigarette. You’re gonna lick your mess off my cock.”

She lights up a cig and I’m pulling my dark, cum-drooling fat prick from her cum filled asshole and put it to her lips. “Open your mouth and show me your tongue.”

She opens her mouth and sticks her tongue out and I slide my cum-oozing, still hard cock between her cocksucker lips. I powerfully shove it in her mouth, the way whores enjoy, until she chokes on my ass-flavored fat cock. “Smoke it, slut,” I command her as I pull my wet, clean cock from her smoky hot lips. She puffs on the cig, staring at me with powerful, hot lust and blows the smoke on my hard, wet dick. “Good girl. Now, tongue my ass. Blow smoke on my asshole. Do it, bitch!”

I squat over her hot mouth as she puffs, spreading my ass cheeks wide and sit on her wet, wild tongue. “Tongue fuck my asshole.”

My huge, wet prick rubs her forehead as she struggles for breath. “Tongue fuck it,” I yell, jacking my fat dark cock off as her tongue snakes deep in my ass. “Make your Daddy’s cum whore tongue my asshole, bitch.”

I start to shake with another orgasm. “Open your mouth,” I tell her, pulling my asshole off her hot, wet lips and cum down her hot, wet throat. She gags on my sperm as she gulps down all my hot, thick cum and keeps my cum shooting prick lodged in her cum-filled throat. I feel both powerful and evil, making her choke on my hot jizz and big cock, her eyes growing huge until I see them water up. I let her breathe, pulling my prick from her cocksucker lips and she immediately puffs like mad on the cigarette.

“More Daddy, I love you. Give me more.” I’m thinking this is one sexy, hot bitch and slide my cock down her throat and the hot smoke pours over my now limp dick.

I pull it from her dick loving lips and kiss my new whore’s hot lips, tasting my seed on her mouth and tongue.

“Peggy, I love that nasty talk. You made me cum so good.”

She hands me the crack and pipe, looking at me with the most sexy, wicked smile. “Blow smoke on this,” she says, pointing to her cum-filled mouth; she wants a crack shotgun and we giggle in delight, just like the children of the damned. I put the half gram hit in the pipe, turn up the lighter and blast off, ears ring and I blow the smoke down her cum loving throat. She holds the smoke and fingers her pussy! As I tongue her huge nipples, I put on a smoking fetish porn of two girls smoking each other’s pussies.

“Tomorrow, I’m bringing over my girlfriend Jeanie. She’s a redhead and a whore.”

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