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Double Penetration

First story I’ve ever posted on this site. Hope you all enjoy.


The world is just a boring, ordinary place from my point of view, but I could just be referring to my own boring life when I say that. As I sit in my bed on this early morning I can’t help but believe my life is just all down hill from this point on. Being an eighteen year old young man, fresh out of high school, most would believe that you’re finally free to do whatever you want whenever you want, but the truth is those really were the best times of my life.

I wasn’t the super popular type, but I wasn’t a loser either. I had good friends, none that were all that close but still good nonetheless. When graduation hit, all of us just went our separate ways, never to see each other again. Now I just sit here watching all the kids out my window complain and gripe about having to go to school and wishing it could be over soon, what I wouldn’t give to be back in their shoes and do it all over again.

Look at me, you’d think I were fifty years old the way I’m talking.

“Steven! Are you awake yet?” That’s the sound of my mother calling for me, she’s always really loud in the morning.

I didn’t want to answer her in fear that she would force me to do some stupid chores she had for me, so I ducked right back under the covers, pretending to sleep. However, I continuously seem to forget that my mom is a rather tenacious one when it comes to waking me up.

“I know you’re awake!” she hollered. I did my best to stay quiet, hoping she’d just give up for once. My hopes are quickly dashed when I hear footsteps and the sound of my door flying open. “Steven Thompson, get your lazy ass up!”

“Mom,” I groaned from the covers. “It’s too early to get up.”

“You’re not fourteen anymore!” She growled, trying to tear the covers from me. “Now get up so you can take out the trash, and after that you’re going to do the dishes! Then I want you to yalova escort go out and find yourself a damn job!” She then started to stomp on my sides.

“Can you get your foot off me?” I asked my voice being muffled by the pillow. “You know they call this child abuse!”

“You’re not a child,” she smirked. “Be lucky I’m not doing worse.”

Mom’s really annoying when she acts like this, she’s always had no problems hitting me whenever she felt like it. Of course she never does anything serious, if anything they’re just love taps because I know she’s capable of really hurting me if she wanted to, but that doesn’t make them any less annoying.

She’s got a lot of energy for a woman her age. Don’t get me wrong, she’s not old or anything at all, actually she’s barely in her thirties right now, which is really something considering I’m already eighteen.

“Alright mom,” I give in once her kicks became harder. “Just get the hell off me.”

“Very well,” she finally ended her assault. “Now hop to it, and I’m serious about getting a job this time, seeing as you aren’t going to college, you need to earn some money if you want to stay here.”

“With a crazy old lady that likes to hit me?”

“If you consider twenty-eight old’ then I guess I’m a geezer.”

“Mom, we both know you’re not twenty-eight,” I teased. “Try thirty-eight.”

“Thirty-two, smart ass,” Mom folded her arms. “Now take the trash out and I’ll make you some breakfast.” She left my room and headed toward the kitchen as I slowly got on bed and lazily threw on yesterday’s sweatpants and t-shirt. I yawn slightly and grabbed the trash from my room, her room and the kitchen, heading out the backdoor to dump it in the garbage can.

So yeah, this is pretty much the life of Steven Anthony Thompson. I sleep, do meaningless chores, argue with my mother, and occasionally go unsuccessfully hunting for jobs. edirne escort I can’t help but wonder if this is all my existence will ever be? Won’t anything interesting ever happen?

As I prepare to toss all the trash bags into the can, I notice that someone is already there, tossing their own bags into the can. Now I’m not sure about the legalities of this, but I’m pretty certain no one likes having someone else dump trash into their can, if anything it’s simply rude.

“Hey,” I call out to the person. “You know you shouldn’t be-“

I stopped when the person whirls around in surprise, accidentally knocking over the can and spilling all of the garbage into the lawn. Normally I would be pretty upset at this, but I was too busy staring at the person to care.

It was a girl, most likely around twenty or twenty-one years old. She had pretty brownish colored hair that was about down to her shoulder blades, lime green eyes, a cute little button nose and full lips. As we stared at one another, I took the time to scan over her body and saw that she was wearing a see-through nightgown that allowed me to get a good look at her bra, which was pink with hears around it, and her breasts were above average at least. My eyes continued looking over her entire body, from her smooth flat stomach, to her toned arms, to her creamy white thighs, it wasn’t until she finally spoke that I stopped staring at her.

“U-Um…..” she wanted to say something but appeared embarrassed to do so. “Hello….”

“H-Hi,” I responded. “Uh, my name’s Steven Thompson, I live next door….”

“I-I’m Mia Young, n-nice to meet you.” she spoke softly, not looking me in the eyes.

I was completely captivated by her voice, it was so shy, innocent and warm. I felt my heart begin to pump a bit faster as we continued looking at one another for a few minutes. “I haven’t seen you around before,” I stated. “Are you new?” erzurum escort

She shook her head slight. “I’ve lived here my whole life,” she told me. “I usually don’t come outside often unless I have to.”

“I see, so you live with your sister? No parents?” I asked.

Again she shook her head. “I’ve been living with my sister since…..” She stopped suddenly, signifying that she had probably said too much, so I decided to change the subject.

“So, is your sister around?”

“Not at the moment,” she told me. “She’ll be back in a week or so…maybe.”

“You’re all alone?”

“Pretty much,” she tucked a strand of hair behind her ear, shooting me a small smile before looking back at the ground. “I don’t mind though, it’s just-“

“Yo! Breakfast is ready, come get it before I decided to eat it all!” Mom suddenly called, coming out of the house. She shot me a look then turned to Mia, breaking out into a sly grin. “Hey, who’s the pretty girl? Is she talking to you?” Mom gave her a good up and down look. “Didn’t think you had it in you, biy. I was actually starting to think you were g-”

“Mom, come on now.” I interrupt her before she could say something stupid. She just shrugged at me and strolled back into the house, as I turned back to Mia. “Sorry about her, she’s got some problems that she refuses to iron out.”

“It’s fine,” Mia told me. “But is she really your mother? She looks so young.”

“Yeah, she’s only thirty-two,” I folded my arms. “But she acts fourteen sometimes.”

The two of us silently stood where we were, not wanting to look at one another for longer than a few seconds. Finally Mia made a cleared her throat, breaking the silence.

“I should get back,” she told me softly. “I left the stove on so…”

“Yeah, of course,” I nervously rubbed the back of my head. “So…I’ll see you around?”

All she did was nod her head before hurrying back to her house, she stopped suddenly and gave me one last look, waving at me and then going right into the house. I remained in my one spot for a while, mulling over the fact that I actually talked to a girl after what seemed like ages of girls not even noticing me.

I might have stayed out there all morning had Mom not hollered for me again.

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