My Day Ch. 01

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It was Friday around noon when my wife Tina called me. I was at the office but she said, “Come home as early as you can today! I have a big surprise for you tomorrow, and there are a few things we have to do tonight to get ready.” I wasn’t sure what kind of surprise it would be, but my mind went straight to the gutter. For the rest of the day it was hard for me to even stand up.

We’ve always had a great sex life. We both have a lot of passion for each other and enjoy trying new and different things. We get the most fun out of our sex life as we can. I love her body so much that I just want to lick her from her toes all the way up. I was still working on getting her to let me give her anal, but she had no problem with giving it to me back there. It’s so hot when she takes me with the strap-on. We enjoy playing with other couples, and she’s even cool with me sucking and getting fucked by other guys when we are playing with them. Occasionally, she’ll even give me a night where we can dress up as slutty women. In my experience, a woman that can handle this side of me is such a rare thing that I try not to abuse it.

I managed to get out a little early that day and raced home. Tina was at the door to greet me. She looked so hot wearing 4-inch strappy heals, a short skirt that that went to her mid-thigh, and a sexy top showing off the girls. Tina knows how to get me going, I was ready to pull her to the floor and fuck here right there. She walked me over to the couch and began to explain what she had in store for me.

“I know you work a very boring job that you hate to provide for the family, so this weekend I’ve got some excitement for you. The kids are staying with family, and you get to be Sapphire.” That’s the name I like to go by when I get dressed up. “This afternoon we are going to do a little shopping to get you some new slutty clothes. Then we are going to go out for mani and pedis, and grab a quick bite to eat before coming home to get all pretty.”

At this point I was already thinking that this was going to be an amazing sex filled weekend with Tina. I thought it couldn’t get any better than this, but she kept going. “Tomorrow morning there will be a couple guys coming by and they plan on fucking Sapphire a few times throughout the day, and she will do whatever they want. I have already had them thoroughly checked out so you won’t have to worry about using protection. I know you have always wanted to know how that feels.”

She was right; anytime I’ve done anything with a guy I’ve always played it safe and wanted to know what it was like to not have to do that. “Understand from now until Sunday morning I am in charge, whatever I say goes and the guys coming over understand that as well. I can see you are already getting pretty excited.”

I was rock hard at this point. I couldn’t get much out in the way of words, just “this sounds like it’s gonna be fun.”

“One of the rules you will need to know about right away is that you are not to touch your cock in any pleasurable way. I don’t want you cumming because I want you to be begging to be fucked all day. It’s okay if you end up cumming from being fucked, but not on purpose until I say.”

“I understand,” I told her. I found this very exciting but also wondered how frustrating it would be.

After that we were off to the mall, we picked one a good distance away to make sure we didn’t run into anyone we knew. I always have fun shopping for new outfits with Tina, picking stuff out together and trying them on. I try to be so discreet about it while at the same time she is pushing the limits of what I will do in public. After picking out a few things we were off to the salon for our manis/pedis. Tina got everything done, but I just stuck to getting my toes painted a darker blue. The girls at the shop always look at me a little weird when it’s close to the end of a pedicure and I tell them I need my nails painted. I don’t care much though, because I won’t be there again. Sometimes when doing this the woman seems intrigued or curious, when that happens I always wonder if I should invite her to join Tina and I.

We then went out to dinner and after some food and a couple of drinks I was feeling pretty good. The slight buzz, having a fresh pedicure, and trying on outfits had me feeling very sexy, and horny. Looking at Tina throughout dinner I wanted her more and more. I would have fucked her right there if she would let me. The drive home seemed to take forever.

As soon as we got home we tore into each other, there wasn’t much foreplay before the two of us were lying naked in bed with my cock penetrating deep into her. We fucked for about 10 minutes when she whispered in my ear, “I want you in my ass.” I had a big smile on my face after hearing that. “Just keep fucking my pussy for now,” she said. My cock slowly trusted into her while she reached into the nightstand and pulled out a vibrator about the size of two of my fingers. She lubed it up and began to slowly work it in and out of her ass to get herself ready for my cock. Tina looked Pendik Öğrenci Escort uncomfortable at first but didn’t take long before she was enjoying having a cock in her pussy and a vibrator in her back door. It was a huge turn-on for me as well because I could feel the vibrations on my cock.

Once she started to moan I knew she was ready. I gave her a few last deep thrusts before I pulled out. I then gave a few quick licks to her delicious pussy, and pulled the vibrator out so I could put my cock in her virgin ass. I began to push in very slowly with just the tip of my rock hard cock, and then pulled out. I pushed in again after a few seconds, going a little further. I kept this up giving her short thrusts here and there until I felt her loosen up. Once that happened I sent my cock balls deep in her. I could see the look of pain and pleasure all over her face.

I whispered, “I am all the way in.” My dick couldn’t have been any harder. I held it there for a minute then started to thrust back and forth. “I love the feel of my cock in your ass,” I stated as I began pounding her harder and harder. She started to massage her pussy in earnest. Tina was moaning quite loud at this point, with every breath she let out another loud one. It didn’t take much for her to cum, hell, it didn’t take long for me either. I was dumping my entire load into her as she was screaming and rubbing her clit. I just loved the thought of her having my seed back there and didn’t want to pull out.

After we finished we fell asleep. Tina woke up before I did the next morning and started getting ready for the day. After her shower she came back to the bedroom to wake me up. She gave me a little smack on the ass. “Come on Sapphire, time to get going. You have a big day to get ready for.” After procrastinating for a bit I got moving.

Passing by Tina in the bedroom I grabbed her by the waist and asked with a cocky look on my face, “how’s your ass feeling?”

“Not as bad as I thought it would but I imagine yours is going to be much more sore by tomorrow morning. Now get into the shower!”

“Yes ma’am.”

Getting ready to be Sapphire is such a long but fun process. First thing I always do is give myself an enema to make sure I’m perfectly clean back there. Then it’s onto the shower to scrub myself clean and Nair my legs. It’s such a turn on to look down at my nice smooth legs and perfectly manicured toes, the salon did a really good job on them. Ever since I started doing this I have a much better understanding of all the work women have to go through.

Now it’s on to the fun part, putting on make-up and getting dressed. I was planning on changing outfits a few times throughout the day. First I started out wearing black panties with a pink lacey outline, a red and black mid-thigh plaid skirt, a tight corset to give me a slim waist and curvy hips along with a sparkly black halter top to go over it. I finished it off with a pair of 4-inch strappy black heals that I had custom decorated with Swarovski crystals by a company named Bei Cristalli.

Now it was on to makeup. This is truly an art form that I’m still learning, so I’m always asking Tina for advice and help. I shaved as close as I could, but still have to apply a very thick foundation to cover up the little bit of stubble that can be seen. It’s a little tricky blending the eye liner and eye shadow in, but I’m getting good enough to make it look sexy. The look was really starting to come together. Last was a rich red lipstick, and then I went on to choosing a long, blonde, semi curly wig. I love the feeling of the hair draped over my shoulders and running down my back.

Looking at myself in the mirror once everything was done it was hard to tell that an hour ago I was a man. I must say I looked dam sexy, I looked like I was ready for a good fucking. I went downstairs to get Tina’s approval, and after a few touch ups to my makeup and hair I was good to go.

We sat down to a nice and relaxing breakfast, I thought it was kind of funny eating breakfast while dressed up like I was ready for a night out at a club. We made some small talk and took our time. It was hard to concentrate on the conversion because images from last night and what was to come today kept popping into my head.

It was about 10 am when the first guy showed up. Tina got up to answer the door and let him in. His name was Ryan, and he was about 5’9″, average build, and looked to be in his late 20’s. He wasted no time heading into the living room to meet Sapphire. I stood up to greet him. “Wow Tina, you weren’t kidding! She cleans up well and is looking very hot,” he stated.

“I told you so, she’s my little slut. She’ll do just about anything I tell her to,” Tina said.

“Is that true Sapphire? Prove it,” he challenged.

“Yes sir, what would you like me to do?” I asked.

“Give me a little spin, I want to see if the back is as sexy as the front.” he said.

I did as I was told and put both hands on my hips, turned, and bent over slightly. I Pendik Çıtır Escort then stood back up straight, walked closer to them and did another twirl. He closed the rest of the distance between us and put his hands around my waist and planted a big kiss on my lips. It was nice and made me feel even more feminine. He them brought his hangs up to my shoulders pushing me to my knees bringing me to eye level with his crotch. I took off his belt, and began to unbutton and unzip his pants. I left his pants on, but took out a clean shaven cock that sprang right up. Ryan wouldn’t let me suck his cock right away, he made me focus my attention on his balls first. I started licking them tenderly, it was a huge turn on, my own cock was rock hard under my panties. I started sucking on one ball and soon had both in my mouth. That’s when Ryan stopped me. He sat down on the couch and I crawled toward him. I took his pants off the rest of the way. “Sapphire, there’s a bit of precum on my dick. Clean it up for me.” he commanded.

I was hoping he would say that soon. Wanting to be a good little slut I did as I was told. As I was licking and sucking his cock I noticed Tina out of the corner of my eye snapping a few pictures. I also noticed that she now was wearing a strap-on. She continued to take a few more pics as I sucked. Once she was satisfied with documenting my first cock sucking of the day she got down on her knees behind me, lifted up my skirt, and began lubing me up. After she finger-fucked my ass for a few minutes she took them out and said “You’re taking my cock in that ass first today.” She lined up the tip of the strap-on with my hole and began to push. As usual it hurt a bit at first but she was going slow. Wasn’t long before she was deep in me. Once she could tell I had loosened up she began moving faster and faster. With the extreme amount of pleasure I was getting from Tina fucking me it was hard to concentrate enough to make sure Ryan was getting a good blow job. Still I tried as much as possible, and I’m sure he enjoyed all the moaning I was doing with his cock in my mouth. Already it felt like my cock wanted to explode in my panties.

“It’s time for us to switch, my pussy needs some attention,” Tina said to Ryan. Tina pulled her strap-on out of me and took it off while Ryan was got situated behind me. Tina got the camera again and began taking a lot more pics. Meanwhile, Ryan lined his cock up with my hole and began to push. He eased it in inch by inch, glad I was already loosed up, till he was all the way in me. I love how he felt in me without a condom. He began to pump in and out of me at a steady pace while Tina was still taking pictures and shooting some video. I kept on moaning in pleaseure, it was so hard not to grab my own cock out from under my panites and start jerking it.

Tina sat down on the couch in front of me, spread her legs, and pulled my head in. She tasted so good and was extremely wet. Ryan was still going slow enough that I could time my moans in line with my licks of Tina’s pussy. Ryan began to pick up the pace fucking my ass. I arched my back and pushed back to meet his thrusts. I felt like I was ready to explode I wanted to cum so bad, but even more than that I wanted him to cum. Tina was the first to climax, she pulled my head into her pussy and I was trying to get my tongue into her as far as possible. I didn’t want to stop licking her but after her climax was done she was too sensitive and pushed me off. She sat on the couch watching Ryan fuck me as she came down.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck. I’m so close. Ready for it Sapphire?” Ryan moaned. All I could do was moan in approval. He started fucking me even harder until I could feel his cum squirting into me. After he was done cumming he left his cock in me for a bit moving it slowly to make sure he got every drop of cum out. Ryan pulled out leaving me with an empty feeling and he and Tina got up to get dressed. I was left there on the floor wanting more.

I regained my composure and pulled myself up to the couch. Ryan said “damn Sapphire, you’re a nice fuck. I plan on getting that ass a couple more times today. Now how about you go fix me a drink.”

“Yes sir.” I got up, adjusted my skirt, and went to the kitchen. While I was working on that I could feel some of his cum dripping out of me so once I was done getting Ryan what he wanted I went to the bedroom to change my panties and touch up my makeup.

It was a shortly after 11:30 am when Kevin showed up. I could hear Tina answering the door and some talking but was too far away to make out what they were saying. I walked back into the living room and found everyone in there already. Kevin was a much bigger man around 6’2″ and heavily muscled with arms that looked to be as thick as my neck. He was wearing jeans and a tighter shirt that showed off the size of his chest.

Tina said to me “Sapphire, why don’t you go bring us all out some food and grab a beer for Kevin.”

I returned with a cheese and cracker platter in one hand and Kevin’s beer in the other. Pendik Elit Escort Everyone was sitting on the couch. I placed the platter on the coffee table and was handing Kevin his beer when instead of taking it he took me by the wrist and pulled me down to him. He kept guiding me closer and closer till I was straddling his lap and we were face to face. I could feel the bulge in his pants under me getting bigger. He was running his hands all over my body feeling my smooth legs and my waist. Once he got to my ass he squeezed my cheeks firmly and kissed me at the same time. He continued to make out with me and feel every part of me that was in his reach.

After a couple minutes of passionate kissing I could feel his cock through his jeans was very hard. I didn’t want to make him wait any longer so I lifted off his shirt and tossed it to the side. Running my beautifully painted nails from this neck, down his chest to this belt I started to unbuckle it while I was still on his lap. Without taking his cock out I reached in and started feeling around. Could tell already he was very big and well groomed. I took his cock in my hand and started stroking lightly. I couldn’t wait to see it but I also wanted to tease myself a bit. I kept feeling around grabbing his balls while kissing his neck and then moving my lips further and further down.

When I got to his waist I pulled my hand out of his pants and began working them off him. Kevin was left in just his underwear and it wasn’t doing a very good job at hiding or holding back his member. He lifted up his hips so I could take them off of him quickly and I was staring at a cock at least 9 inches in size. I wrapped my hand around it, lifted it up, and took one big lick from the base up to the tip and then plunged it into my mouth. It was hard to get more than half of it in there.

Tina and Ryan seemed content to just watch me work on Kevin. Of course Tina was there with her camera either taking some video or still pics, wasn’t sure which. She would tell me later on that the guys were cool with that because she wouldn’t get their faces in the shots.

After a few minutes my jaw was beginning to hurt but I tried to keep going the best I could working my tongue around the tip of his cock. That was when I felt someone playing around with my panties, taking my own cock out and go into a mouth. I looked down it was Tina sucking me. It was so hot, if someone had been fucking me at the same time I would have cum in few seconds. That helped encourage me to keep going. I wasn’t sure if Kevin wanted me to suck him till he came so I decided to just going to keep at it till he told me to stop.

At that point I started thinking about how Ryan had cum in me and that most of it was still in there. It got me hoping that I would get it in my mouth this time, I was in heaven being this little cum slut. Soon enough I realized that what was going to happen. I felt Kevin start to tense up and put his hands on my head. I kicked my head bobbing on his cock into overdrive and that’s when I felt the first spurt enter my mouth. Jet after jet of cum was filling my mouth, I tried to keep it all in but I was working so hard I ended up letting some spill out down my chin. As he stopped cuming I slowed down but kept going until he guided me off his cock and Tina had taken her mouth off mine. I still had his load which turned out to be really big in my mouth, I looked up at Kevin so he could see and then swallowed it.

“Holy fuck Sapphire, that was nice. I had been saving that up for days for you.” Kevin said.

“mmmm, you tasted so good. You gave me just what I wanted.”

“well don’t let any go to waist, get that bit off your chin.”

Like a good little slut I did as I was told and used a finger to scoop that in as well. I had never felt so dirty in my life. Tina told me to go touch up my make-up. I stood to adjust my clothes but couldn’t get my cock back into my panties. While I was touching up my make-up again and waiting for my cock to go back down I decided to change into a tight black skirt, silver top, and black high heels with an open toe and see through netting. I got a nice approval from everyone when I went back out.

We all spent the next couple hours hanging out, talking, watching some tv, and having a couple drinks. Sometimes when I would get up from the couch Ryan or Kevin would grab my ass or pull me in for a kiss before I walked out of the room. Even though they had both cum there didn’t seem to be any shortage of lust they had for me. Tina and I worked together to make lunch for all of us.

Toward the end of lunch we were a little buzzed and somehow we got on the topic of cars. Tina brought up the fact that I like Mustangs and had nice one in the garage.

“Oh Sapphire, you gotta show me. I own a couple myself.” Kevin said.

Tina replied, “She would love to, she like showing it off. Sapphire, go get your keys.”

I grabbed the keys and then took Kevin by the hand to lead him to the garage. For some reason I was suddenly very aware of the sound my heels made with every step I took leading out there. We reached the garage and I turned the light on. I got into the drivers side so I could put the top down and give him a better look at the inside as well. He was walking around the car admiring it until he got to the front.

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