Lodger’s Delight

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“Are you sure it’s a good idea?” Lina asked, solemnly smoking a cigarette.

“Why not, love?” Pericles shrugged, his gaze wandering to the small kitchen window looking at the inner courtyard (and consequently at various neighbors’ hanging laundry).

“I don’t know,” she sighed resignedly. “It just feels…”

“Look, Takis and Dimitra already did it. That’s where I got the idea from. They’ve had no problems so far.”

“Exactly,” she snapped her fingers, suddenly her expression altering. “So far; that’s the key word here.”

“Look, Lina,” he said in a heavier voice. “Whether we like it or not, we could use the extra cash, okay? Besides, it’ll only be for a few days at a time; and hell, they’ll be here for tourism, to see the city, what not.

“They’ll only be around to sleep, maybe to eat something. They won’t bother us.”

“I still don’t know…” she sighed and crushed her cigarette in the ashtray.

She got up and did the dishes, rather absentmindedly, as her thoughts automatically wandered to next week, to the lodger they were expecting, to the implications and consequences it could have on their everyday life, as well as the burden he could potentially end up as.

“Lina,” he sighed, “it’s only for a few days; and we’ll be making some much needed extra cash. Besides, the man’s coming here for vacation. He won’t be around the apartment much; hell, he only wants an affordable bed and a roof over his head for his stay.

“Let’s try to be hospitable and make him feel welcome, alright?”

“Fine,” she groaned, without moving her gaze away from the pile of dishes under the soapy water.

* * * *

Renting John’s (their son) old room was a good idea; or so, at least, Lina tried to convince herself, despite her persistent hesitations. A lot of people were doing it, so much she knew with certainty, and there’ve only been a few problems reported; why should the young American archaeology student cause any serious trouble?

He only wants to visit Athens, go to the museums, Acropolis, what not—Lina thought gravely, as her mind refused to follow the TV-show playing on the screen in front of her. I’m just being narrow-minded, convincing myself he’ll be a pestilence, a…what?

She didn’t know and her inner dialogue did not prove at all useful; all she accomplished was further to agitate herself. She had no legitimate reasons to worry; it was all in her mind, her refusal to accept they’d be letting a stranger—whom they knew solely via his online profile—live with them for five days, share a bathroom with them, use their kitchen and their son’s room.

It was, after all, her schedule the stranger would interfere with the most; Pericles worked all day long, coming home late in the evening. Gone for most of the day, often nodding off on the couch while watching TV, he’d hardly notice the presence of a stranger in the house.

It was she that stayed home during the day—three years unemployed and slowly coming to terms with never finding a job again—and, subsequently, it’d be her that would have to be around the stranger. However, she knew Pericles was right; the man would have no interest in staying inside. He’d want to explore the city, he’d be wandering in the streets all day long; why should he be an inconvenience?

Nevertheless, nothing could soothe her worrying mind; maybe, it was simply her wiring that did not let her accept new ideas easily. She couldn’t tell, nor did she really care to figure out the true reasons for her uneasiness.

She got up, got dressed, and headed to the gym; she had finally trimmed down to a nearly flat stomach and toned legs and arms after two years of working out, trying to shred off all the extra weight she had gained in the first year of unemployment, during which she indulged in a thought-numbing binge of cheap TV-shows and junk food.

* * * *

“Jesus!” Pericles exclaimed, when he walked in the apartment, after a hard day’s work, and found it pristine and shiny. “Have you been cleaning all day?”

“Pretty much,” Lina nodded with a pant, her shirt still covered in wet spots.

“Why?” He scratched his growing bald spot, afraid to step into the lavender-smelling living room.

“Our guest’s coming tomorrow, remember?” Lina arched her eyebrow. “Do come in, don’t just stand there!”

“Sorry,” he took off his shoes and jacket carefully and tiptoed his way to the couch, next to Lina. “Why in God’s name did you exhaust yourself like this?”

“Do you want our guest to think we’re slobs? To have him go back home and tell his parents and friends that our home was a pigsty?”

“He’s twenty years old, Lina!” He chuckled. “He probably thinks a vacuum cleaner is something astronauts use!”

“Talking from experience?” She asked with a smile.

“You never saw my apartment, during my college days…if you had,” his lips curled, “I doubt you’d have married me.”

“Uh-huh,” she tried to maintain a solemn face. “And you never thought to mention your slob past before?”

“It’s görükle escort bayan the past, it was not important, it…” he stopped and they both burst into laughter.

“So, how was your day?”

“Same old, same old,” he replied sullenly. “Things keep getting worse, but…so far so good.”

“And I’m sure you’ll be getting that coveted promotion anytime now,” she winked, then climbed on his lap, slowly unbuttoning his shirt.

“Sure hope so,” he moaned, thrusting his hands inside her tight shorts.

She bit his lower lip gently, while staring directly into his eyes lustfully, caressing his chest and shoulders. She felt his relaxed muscles, the fat slowly amassing around his gut…sometimes, she felt disappointed he had failed to maintan his former shape, yet, she knew it was selfish of her to demand he stayed fit with a desk job that often detained him at the office for more than ten hours daily.

Their lips interlocked in a fiery kiss, their tongues fighting one another in a wet, passionate battle; she was breathing heavily, grinding on his crotch, pushing her body hard down against his hardening member.

“I need you,” she moaned in his ear heavily, before going back to kissing and sucking his neck; he helped her out of her t-shirt.

He took her breasts in his hands, her erect nipples in his mouth; she arched her back, moaning loudly into the living room.

She pulled his shirt off, planting wet kisses all over his chest, ignoring the increasing number of grey hair…he laid her down on her back on the couch and yanked her shorts down around her ankles. He kissed her lower stomach, breathing deeply, teasing her over her black panties.

She unbuttoned his pants and rubbed him over his tight boxers, squeezing gently. He pulled both pants and boxers down hurriedly, then lay atop of her once more, both now naked. Her legs crossed around his waist, her arms around his neck; they kissed passionately once more, her tongue in his throat, teasing him.

He went in with one swift move, her wetness overwhelming him; she was warm and tight, like always, and the low humming sounds she produced after every deep thrust turned the heat up even more in his body and mind.

It felt exactly the same as it did for nearly twenty-one years; she pushed him deep in her with her legs, kissing him while he penetrated her slow and deep. Their moans synchronized, their lips remained locked in a stale kiss; they stared into each other’s eyes lovingly.

He increased his pace slightly and a silent sigh escaped her lips; her head banged on the couch’s arm.

“Slower,” she encouraged him, “go slow.”

But, he wouldn’t heed her advice; never had in occasions like this. Suddenly, he exploded inside her; he unloaded deep in her—they’ve both had reached an age where pregnancy was not a fear—and for a few moments remained lying on her, his softened cock slipped out of her pussy, and they shared one last, shortlived kiss.

He went to take a shower, leaving her naked on the couch, unsatisfied. She sat up, put her clothes back on, and patiently waited for her turn to hit the shower.

When she came out, wrapped in a towel, her long, light-brown hair wet and reaching down to her waist, Pericles was too engrossed in the first Eurobasket match even to notice her dropping the towel and sitting naked and dripping wet next to him.

With a sigh she put her nightie on and sat in the kitchen with fresh coffee, a cigarette, and Fanny Hill.

* * * *

The fateful day had finally arrived; Pericles had taken the day off in order to pick up their lodger from the airport. Lina had dressed up, albeit trying to make it seem as if she hadn’t; in high-heel black pumps, skinny-tight jeans, and a dark-green tank top—and wearing her hair in a high ponytail—she was confident she looked both casual and good.

It was all about first impressions—about the everlasting impression she’d leave on their lodger, which he’d take back home and share with his family, friends, and acquaintances. In her mind, she was representing her country, her countrymen, her fellow Greeks and Athenians, and she adamantly refused to slip up and allow the guest any bad memories—his name was Sebastian, she read on his profile and mumbled it to herself a few times.

The key hit the lock and there they both were; first, it was Pericles that walked in and who held the door open welcoming Sebastian to their humble home.

Lina smiled widely; “welcome,” she said in a high-pitched voice, then immediately cleared her throat.

“Hello,” the clearly weary from the flight Sebastian mumbled dropping his bag as soon as Pericles shut the door.

Sebastian glanced about in marvel, appearing reluctant to take any further steps, unless so instructed—it became quite clear to Lina that it was his first time renting someone’s spare bedroom, which quickly let her breathe more easily.

However, she could not help but examine the guest closer; he was altıparmak eskort the same babyfaced man she had seen in the profile, with his medium-long dark hair, bright green eyes, and a single, simple earring. It was his lean, fit physique she hadn’t seen in the profile picture, as well as his tattoo-covered arms and shoulders, the sleeves reaching up to his neck.

She struggled against all her innate prejudices and thus retained her wide, warm smile, while convincing herself to keep any and all comments flooding her mind for after Sebastian was gone.

“Come, let me show you to your room,” Pericles tapped the man on the shoulder and guided him through the narrow hallway.

Lina remained still, scratching her upper arm nervously; she had not expected a tattooed guest, but, she once more made a genuine effort to convince herself not to judge a book by its cover. It was too hard a task, however, and therefore she hurried in the kitchen and began chopping up an onion, hoping that cooking would prove to be a good enough distraction.

“So, what do you think?” Pericles asked, when he walked into the kitchen and shut the door behind him.

“I don’t know,” she shrugged. “You spent time with him in the car.”

“He’s a good kid,” he said apathetically. “Overly excited for being here, but…”

“So, no reason to worry, huh?”

“I told you, no,” he retorted, more emphatically. “What are we eating?”

“Pasta,” she said coldly and threw the fine-chopped onion in the burning pan.

“Make enough for three,” he told her, as he walked out of the kitchen. “We might just as well offer him dinner; it’s his first time abroad.”

“Sure thing,” she sighed deeply, alone in the kitchen.

* * * *

The sound of running water from the bathroom woke her up; she checked the clock: 8.15 am. Pericles had already left for the office, which only meant their guest was up and showering.

Anxiously, she leaped off the bed and changed from her short, semi-transparent nightie to yoga pants and a long t-shirt; she let her hair hang free. She rushed to the kitchen to brew some coffee and place on the table a few simple breakfast choices; it was, after all, all about impressions and she hated that she had allowed herself to sleep in.

“Wow,” Sebastian gasped, taken aback. “I didn’t mean to wake you,” he apologized, “I just…wanted to leave early, to…”

“It’s okay; want some breakfast?” She asked, her gaze fixed on his damp, naked body, only his nether part covered with a towel.

His perfectly shaped six-pack was hidden underneath the dragon tattoo covering the entirety of his torso, reaching up to his neck. Sebastian ran his fingers through his wet hair, while holding on tight to the towel, standing under the doorway visibly reluctant about his next move.

“Want some coffee?” She asked, as she poured herself a cup, still stealing glimpses of his chiseled upper body.

“Um, yes, sure, thanks,” he cleared his throat. “Just…I’m going to get dressed, first. Thanks.”

“Okay,” she gave him a warm smile and watched him hurry to his room.

She sat down and lit a cigarette, after the first sip of hot, black coffee. Her mind was back at ease, as she realized his tattoos did not necessarily indicate someone dangerous; instead, they were merely the fad of a new generation. She reminded herself, quite scornfully, of the decades gone by since she was twenty years old; new generation, new fads, new norms.

Sebastian returned to the kitchen, wearing basketball shorts and a t-shirt two sizes larger. He poured himself a cup of coffee and sat down opposite Lina, smiling.

“I’m sorry for…” he cleared his throat and had a sip of coffee.

“It’s alright,” she reassured him. “We want you to feel at home.”

“Thank you,” he said in a low voice, then spread some butter and jam over a slice of toast. “Don’t feel obliged to make me breakfast, by the way. I’m…it’s lovely, don’t get me wrong, I just…

“Just pretend I’m not even around. I hate to feel like I’m inconveniencing you.”

“It’s your first time, too, huh?”

“Yes,” he chuckled and almost spat out the piece of toast he was chewing.

“So, what’s the program for today?” She leaned back on the chair with a new cigarette.

“Oh, I don’t know,” he said, his eyes suddenly beaming. “Probably, I’ll visit the Acropolis, the new Acropolis museum, the…I think today’s going to be an antiquity’s day; dedicated to monuments and museums.

“There are a lot here in Athens.”

“Indeed,” she nodded, her lips curling in a snake-like shape. “And it’s usually only tourists that visit them…last time I was on Acropolis was when John, our son, was…five?

“Fifteen years ago, in other words.”

“I guess,” he said, while his glance turned inquiring, “when you have them at your feet, you don’t even think about them.”

“True,” she nodded. “What?” She raised her eyebrows.

“I’m sorry, I’m…staring, ain’t I?” nilüfer escort He lowered his gaze and a blush arose in his face. “It’s just…you have a twenty years old son?”

“Yes. He’s living in Germany now, studying law.”

“Wow,” he rubbed the bridge of his nose. “But, I meant…how old were you, when you had him? Ten?”

She laughed warmly. “Thank you very much,” she dragged from her cigarette and offered him a bright smile. “But, no, I was…slightly older than that. I’m forty-nine; to save you from further trying to ask without asking.”

“You sure don’t look like it,” he remarked, his voice breaking.

“Thank you.”

“Um, yes,” he said, suddenly beginning to pat his pockets and look around nervously, “I think I better go. Too much to see, too little time…thank you for the breakfast.”

“Don’t mention it,” she got up too and followed him to the front door. “And, if there’s anything in particular you like for breakfast, feel free to say so.”

“No, toast and jam is…perfect,” his voice came out rusty. “Thank you for the coffee, for…um, yes, I’m gonna take off now.”

“Have fun!” She waved and watched him hurry down the stairs with a faint, confused smile.

She examined her naked body on the bathroom’s mirror; she smiled at the sight, as she pinched her stomach and caught only a tiny piece of gut, which, after a few more months of working out, would also disappear. She was once more slim and toned, her breasts, despite her age, remained firm, and her ass was well-shaped and sturdy.

When the warm water first hit her head and she began washing her body, she remembered Sebastian wearing only a towel, how he hang on to it, and the exposed, tattooed torso…his body reminded her of some of the guys in the gym she sometimes marveled over, while she ran on the treadmill; the muscled guys lifting weights, the guys with the six-packs sprinting shirtless on treadmills, or, punching boxing bags furiously.

Instinctively, her hand reached down to her clit and she began rubbing herself, as she leaned on the shower’s glass wall; she put the showerhead directly on her pussy, increasing the water strength and letting the powerful, warm stream strike her cunt hard.

Eyes shut tight, she was not alone in the shower any longer; a jacked up guy was there with her, his massive, rough hands all over her body, exploring every inch, his thick fingers running along her soft, wet skin tenderly, yet demandingly.

He kissed her softly on the lips, she bit his lower lip, staring straight into his eyes pleadingly, begging for rough sex, for a mind-blowing climax; her legs were spread, he was between them, his thick, erect member slapping her dripping pussy. She was stroking the massive rod, meaningfully smiling at the nameless man towering over her, as she guided him inside her, his shaft splitting her open.

His hand around her neck, his lips touching hers; both moaning and grunting as he thrust hard, driving his meat in and out, deep, slow, and hard. She was completely, wholeheartedly, determinedly his, his balls slapping noisily on her wet pussy, his teeth gently biting her nipples.

She was exploring his muscles with her hands, her fingernails gently scratching his skin; she was moaning heavily in his ear, begging him for more, pleading with him to come together…he fucked her faster, harder, her body slammed against the glass wall of the shower, the water rained down on both of them, their hot bodies wet and dripping, their lips locked in a fiery kiss of sheer intensity…

Lina came hard, crying in sheer pleasure in the shower as she continued to rub herself, drawing few drops of blood from her lower lip. Eventually, she properly washed herself, panting hard, and stepped out of the shower still overwhelmed by the power and duration of her climax.

* * * *

As soon as Pericles came back from work, he threw himself on the couch, cold beer in hand, and turned the TV on; the pre-game show for Greece-Finland was on and therefore he barely acknowledged Lina’s smiling “hello”. He had a sip of beer, put his feet on the coffee table and sighed satisfactorily as he stretced, finally feeling relaxed after yet another hard day’s work.

For a moment, Lina simply stared at him, speechlessly; she opened her mouth a couple of times, wishing to mutter something. In the end, no words came out of her mouth; she simply retired back to the kitchen, where she lit a cigarette and returned to Fanny Hill.

Only at halftime did Pericles came in the kitchen (for another beer) and they exchanged a few pleasantries and chitchat; nevertheless, it only lasted for ten-fifteen minutes, as the third period of the match commenced and Pericles rushed back to the living room faster than he would have, had the apartment been on fire.

She could still hear the announcers describe the game, when the kitchen door opened up; Sebastian walked in, his eyes beaming.

“Hey,” he said with an exhausted, yet exhilarated, smile. “How was your day?”

“Nothing special,” she responded heavily. “You seem to have had a great time.”

“Indeed!” He ejaculated, his voice turning joyful. “It was amazing! All the history, the monuments…just the idea that once upon a time great men walked the same streets I walked today; it’s…mind-blowing!”

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