Dominique Ch. 10

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Author’s Note: It is with great pleasure that I now present the final chapter in the story of dominique. her story has been told, and I know she will live on in the hearts of many. Keep an eye out, I will be commencing a new story soon.

Hmmm. i was disoriented when i woke up, not sure of where i was in the almost pitch blackness. i lifted my head slightly and tried to survey my surroundings through sleepy squinted eyes. i realised this was O/our bedroom and Andrew was sleeping peacefully beside me. i wondered how long i had been sleeping. i felt a bit stiff from being on my stomach and i rolled over. Not a good idea! i sharply sucked in my breath through clenched teeth and lifted my shoulders off the bed. Memories of last night came flooding back… Andrew, Paul, kate, and being pushed to my limits and beyond for the first time. Rolling back onto my stomach and waiting for the pain from my lashing to subside, i lay awake, thinking all kinds of things.

The first thing i thought was: i never want to get lashed like that again.

Once the foggy haze began to lift from my brain, i was able to focus my thoughts, and began thinking about what last night had taught me…

i will be more considered in the things that i say to people and will gladly do exactly what is expected of me. Why i even want to deny myself some of the pleasures i receive when i am good, i don’t know. But certain things *are* expected of me and as my Master’s submissive i will gladly do them, and not begrudgingly. i long to see the pleasure in His eyes that my good behaviour gives Him. Because truthfully, it *is* what drives me. And it *is* why i feel guilty when my behaviour is not as He expects.

i will try to curb the excess thinking i do. Like with Paul. Whatever possessed me to think i could capture the hearts of two Dominant males? my god. One is enough for any red-blooded woman. Two is just downright greedy. The pleasures i receive from Paul should be because they please my Master. Not me. The pleasures i get are secondary.

i tucked my arms up under me with my hands under my chin. In the darkness i watched Andrew sleep. Andrew. my Master. my beloved Master. For i do love Him. i love who He is and how He is. i love all the things He has done for me and the things He will do. i love that in me He saw the makings of someone suited to this Life. i love the rules and the clear cut boundaries. i love that when i please Him, i know it. i know because He smiles His beautiful crooked smile, and He tells me how well i have done. i also love that He cares enough to correct me when i displease Him. Nothing festers. Nothing goes on and on. No snide comments. No secrets. my desire to please Him grows by the day, by the hour and by the minute.

There was just one thing bothering me. i yawned and closed my eyes…

Two nights ago it was…

“I don’t give a fuck.”

It was hard to get comfortable at first… but eventually i fell back to sleep…



I was whispering to her, her face just inches from Mine.


she was fretting in her sleep.

“dominique… wake up…”

I touched her face gently.

“i don’t give a fuck…”

I raised My eyebrows and smiled.

“huh… oh…. oohhh Sir…”

“It’s all right.”

“Oh Sir… please… “

“shhh… let Me take a look.”

I hoisted Myself up into a sitting position beside her. I picked up the light sheet over her and drew it down, folding it at the top of her ass, exposing her back.

I must say I was a little concerned. The almost olive skin of her back was mottled with marks.

“It’s alright pet… nothing that won’t heal in a day or so.”

“i just feel a bit stiff Sir…”

she would be fine. I remembered what a coach of Mine told Me once, “…it’s only pain.” I don’t think he had ever been lashed though. I smiled wryly at the thought.

I touched My fingertips to the places where her perfect skin was untouched by My hand.

What had I done?

dominique stirred like a cat and stretched.

“Mmmm …Your fingers feel nice, my Master.”

I was looking down at the back of her head, and I reached up to draw her hair back over her ear. I leaned down and kissed the edge of that perfect ear, being careful not to touch her back.

“…dominique?” I whispered once more.

“mmmmm yes Master?”

“you were dreaming…”

“i don’t remember Sir…”

“you said something…” I changed My mind, “W/we will talk about it later.”

“Yes Sir.”

“How about I make U/us some breakfast?”

“i would take on an army of heathens for some bacon and eggs Sir!” I could hear the grin in her voice. she would definitely be all right.

“Then bacon and eggs it is. Do you want Me to cover you?”

“Actually, Sir, the cool air feels good.”

“Okay pet, stay there. I’ll bring it up when it’s ready.”

“Thank You Sir.”

I stood and walked toward the door, turning as I reached it. I looked back at My dominique, laying çapa escort quietly, arms tucked under her, black hair aglow under a shaft of the morning sun streaking through the window above the bed.

God, she was so much like rachel…

I sighed softly, turned and walked out, making My way to the kitchen…


i have a tattoo of a scorpion on my ankle. Not very imaginative, considering it is my astrological sign. It was a present i gave myself when i turned eighteen. Something i always wanted. i thought about that tattoo because that is how my back felt. Like i had been tattooed. Forever marked. Forever changed. Sore, and yet pleased. i smiled to myself. i was happy in the strangest way.

i had deserved my punishment. i had received it. i had survived. i could move forward now. A clean slate. A new beginning.

i love my life.

mmmm i could smell bacon and my tummy rumbled. i couldn’t eat like this. i had to sit up. i got up to my hands and knees and sat back on my heels, kneeling, looking out the window. It was a beautiful day and the sun was on my face and chest. i had to stretch. i interlocked my fingers behind my head and pulled back my elbows. i slowly arched my back right to its extremity. The tight skin over my shoulder blades slowly stretched, as did the skin at the top of my ass. mmmmmm it was…. God, so weird. It felt really good. i mean, the pain was there. But i had accepted that. And it wasn’t THAT bad. It was like i was… exercising the pain. Controlling it. It was strangely invigorating. The images of last night flashed before my eyes. Something had changed.

Usually i would be thinking about how incredible it was, the things i had done, or the things that had been done to me. But not today. Today i was closer to my skin. i was happy with myself.

i felt the warmth of the sun on me. i let my head fall back so the sun was on my neck. my hair dangled down and the ends brushed the top of my ass. i combed my fingers through my hair and tossed it back, shaking my head. As i knelt up straight my hair was drawn gently up my back, and it tickled.

i closed my eyes and reached up, grasping my nipples and pinching them firmly, pulling them out from my body and releasing them.


my eyes sprung open. “Am i insane?” i thought to myself and giggled. i fell onto the bed in fits of laughter, thoughts of my sore back lost as i laughed at my own folly.



Andrew stood in the doorway, a silver tray in His hands.

“Um,” i giggled as i struggled back up to my knees, facing Him, “yes Sir?”

“Are you alright?”

“my Master, i am better than ever!” i gushed, sitting back on my heels and beaming.


I like to cook. I enjoy it. It’s methodical and satisfying to create a meal. O/one plans, O/one provides O/oneself with everything necessary, and O/one executes. Simple. Clear cut. If only life were so cut and dried. While filling the kitchen and the rest of the house with the aroma of bacon, eggs, tomato and onions, I reminisced.

rachel loved to cook. If I closed My eyes I could almost see her. Hear her. Prancing about the kitchen, singing to herself. Something about her has never left Me. The ‘what ifs’. What if that tumour had been discovered, or treated earlier. What if I had noticed something… something sooner… something that might have given her a chance…

rachel would have loved dominique. they could have easily been sisters. Similar temperment. Even a similar look about them, though I had always liked a short brunette. I smiled to Myself. I flipped the bacon and resolved to introduce dominique to the rachel I knew and loved. Maybe it would help to explain a few things.

I wiped My hands on the kitchen towel and walked into the den, pulling a photo album from the shelf. I put it under My arm and turned back to the kitchen. It had been a long time since I had looked at pictures of rachel. I had thought I should stop poring over them. So I did. Then along came dominique. Thanks to her, most of My leisure time had been very well spent for quite some time now.

I opened the album on the kitchen bench while I finished the cooking and started tidying up. The picture I opened to was of rachel on her knees pointing up at Me, into the camera. she was fully clothed in a summer dress. It was the day I told her she would be Mine always. she was smiling and laughing. I sighed and closed the album. “It’s time,” I thought to Myself.

The experiences dominique and I have shared have been eye opening at the very least. W/we have explored scenes beyond what rachel and I had. she has amused and excited Me like no other I have been tempted by, and she has pleased Me greatly. Not all the time. she is not perfect. Perfection is highly over-rated anyway. Striving for perfection… well… that’s different. dominique does strive. her desire to please Me is unquestionable. I just wonder what she is thinking right now.

she is probably istanbul escort bayan feeling very sore and sorry for herself, and for her actions. After breakfast I will tend to her back again. Soothe her. I owe her that. I loaded all the food onto one plate and grabbed a fork and napkin and placed it all on a tray and made My way to the bedroom, with one small detour. I grabbed dominique’s collar from the playroom doorknob where Paul had so thoughtfully left it. dominique’s whipping had proved too great a distraction, and replacing My collar around dominique’s neck took a backseat.

I placed her collar on the tray next to O/our breakfast, pleased I had remembered it. I had tiptoed up the last couple of steps and walked silently across the landing. At the door to the bedroom I stood staring at the sight of dominique in a giggling fit after having been thrashed less that eight hours before.

I wondered for a moment what was so amusing, before I got caught up in her revelry.

“Are you alright?”

“my Master, i am better than ever!” she gushed, sitting back on her heels and grinning at Me.

“Well, that is certainly a surprise dominique. And a nice surprise at that. Perhaps with some food you will feel yourself even more.”

“Mmmmm… yes Sir, i am famished!”

“Okay, but there is one formality to take care of before W/we eat.”

“Yes Sir?”

I placed the tray on the bed and picked up dominique’s collar. I smiled and sat beside her on the bed, reaching up and gently placing it around her neck, and closing the clasp.

“Mmmm, perfect… wear it with pride dominique.”

she ran her fingertips over it and blushed.

“i will always be loathe to remove it Sir.”

I leaned into her and kissed her nose.

“C’mon L/let’s eat…”

W/we lay curled around the tray feeding each O/other morsels. Before long dominique had eaten her fill and was laying on her stomach, wiping her mouth with the napkin I had brought. I finished what was left and did the same.

“There is something I want to share with you dominique.”

“Yes Sir?”

“Let Me get rid of this stuff and I will show you.”

“Yes Sir.”

I returned a few minutes later with the album under one arm. Why was I so nervous? I propped up some pillows at the head of the bed and got comfortable with My back against them. dominique got comfortable too, laying beside Me, elbow bent, propping her head up on her hand, eyes wide and wondering.

“What is this Sir?”

“Hush dominique, all will be revealed.”

“Yes Sir.”

For the next half hour or so I recounted the various times and places shown in the photographs. I described the emotions they evoked. The plans. The holidays. What happened. The doctors. The hospitals. The funeral. A half hour turned into an hour as dominique lay her head on My chest and listened to the tale of rachel. How W/we met, how close W/we became and O/our journey into this world. How much I loved her, and love her still.

“Which is why I find it difficult to share sometimes dominique.”

“With respect Sir, You are sharing right now. No earlier nor later than i had the right to expect.” she smiled up at Me.

“It’s just that I find it difficult sometimes… “

“May this girl speak freely please Sir?”

“Hard to turn down a request like that dominique,” I smiled, “of course you can possum.”

“Well Sir, i just wanted You to know that i feel very privileged that You have shared rachel with me… i would never expect You to forget her Sir. my only hope is that You can love me half as much as You did her. i would be a very happy woman if You could Sir.” she beamed at Me.

“I do love you dominique..”

“You do Sir?”

“I love you more than I have cared to admit.”

“Oh Sir…” A tear ran from her eye. “And the other night Sir? When You said ‘I don’t give a fuck’?”

“I had been distracted all day. Coming to terms with how I feel. It was dishonest to say what I did. But it was said in rachel’s honour. I don’t know how better to explain it.”

“i think i understand Sir.”

“you do?”

“You sometimes feel like it should be her here, not me.”

“But that’s not fair.”

“Truth doesn’t need to be fair Sir, it just needs to be the Truth.”

“you are right.”

“my dear Master, as long as You have room for me in Your heart, i will continue to feel secure in my submission to You.”

Now it was Me that was tearing up.

“dominique, I apologise for what I said the other night. It was unfair and a demonstration of a lack of self-control. Even selfish. Something a Dominant is prone to on occasions. But something I usually have better control over. I’m sorry possum.”

“Sir, it just bothered me that’s all. But as an explanation, i think i have been spoiled Sir.”

I smiled at her softly. she wrapped her arm around My middle and snuggled into Me, laying her head once again on My chest.

“And Sir?”

“Yes dominique…”

“i love You too Sir.”


i güngören escort held onto Andrew tightly once i said those words. His hand came down so gently upon my naked back and caressed it. His fingertips traced the edges of the welts.

“Is it bad Sir?”

“Depends what you call bad dominique…”

“Should i look Sir?”

“Only if you want to see…”

“i think i want to see…”

“you are darkly bruised and there are a couple of ‘nicks’ where I broke your skin.”

“It doesn’t sound too bad…”

“your dark skin camouflages it somewhat…”

“i want to see…”

“Then look.”

i got up out of bed and walked furtively toward the full length mirror. It was strange. i felt more nervous about seeing the results than i had about receiving the punishment. i walked over and stood with my back to the mirror, looking at Andrew.

“Go on…”

i smiled at Him, and shook my hair out, putting my hands on my hips.

“You know what?”

“What’s that pet?”

i grinned, one hip cocked.

“i don’t give a fuck!”

Andrew picked up a pillow and threw it at me! It bounced off my chest and onto the floor and another one hit me as I bent over to pick it up! i quickly threw the first pillow back at my Master then gripping the second one tight by the corner i attacked!

i was laughing and laughing as i jumped on Him and started pummeling Him with the pillow. He was trying to tickle me to get me to stop but i just kept on going! i was bapping Him in the head and everywhere i could. i was in fits of laughter and gripping Him around the torso with my thighs. i imagined i was winning but all i knew was i was getting horny!

i tossed the pillow aside and started tickling my Master hard on His sides. Well goodness He started writhing and laughing and fending me off all at once. But i don’t think He was *really* trying! Well, i *know* He wasn’t really trying, because He is about twice my size. i could feel His beautiful cock lengthening and thickening tight against my crotch right through His light blue silk boxers.

God as soon as i noticed that i started grinding my cunt back and forth on it. Mashing my lips up and down trying to get it to hit the spot. I had laid my hands on His muscular chest and could feel His rippling muscles right through His white t-shirt. my fingers went to his nipples and i was firmly scraping over them with my nails. His cock was getting harder and i was making a circular kind of motion with my hips. i could hardly stand it when the mushrooming peach-size head started bumping against my clit on each pass.

By now His hot and rigid cock was wedged well between the lips of my very wet pussy. i grasped His nipples between my fingers and thumbs and gripped them tightly. With closed eyes i arched my back and my mouth opened and i moaned long and deep. i shuddered as a series of tiny orgasms swept through my lower body. my head dropped and i opened my eyes looking down. i could see the wet patch of my juices wildly discolouring His boxers and almost laughed. “Why on earth is this called dry humping?” i thought!

The patch appeared and disappeared and appeared again as i thrust my loins back and forth. my breasts with their hard pointy nipples also obscured my view. Suddenly His hands were on them, gripping my nipples back and pulling me down to kiss Him. i did hungrily as He kept His hold on them. They pulsed on my chest, two hard thickened points of pleasure seemingly directly connected to my clit. i thrust my tongue into His mouth flicking it and stroking it all over His. Then i sucked His tongue into my mouth as i pressed my lips hard against His, and brought my hands up to hold His face.

His fingers released my nipples and i felt myself rush headlong into another small series of orgasms. i felt like i had never been hornier. i pressed my breasts into His chest and moved my body from side to side stimulating my nipples against the fabric of His shirt. His hands reached down and gripped my ass tightly and ground me harder into Him. He was moaning softly and looking me right in the eyes.

“Fuck Me dominique.” He breathed.

“Mmmmmm… yesss…” i replied breathlessly and excited beyond belief. my hand shook as i reached into His boxers and pulled His cock out through the wet silk. God it was hard as steel, hot and throbbing in my hand, and precum dripped from the tip down one side. i slid my hand lightly down to the base and tightened my grip before sliding back upwards slowly, causing a strong stream of precum to pulse out and around the top of my fingers. i loosened my grip and stroked and twisted my hand a little to coat Him before giving a few firm strokes with a tighter grip.

“Fuck it, fuck My cock,” my Master gasped.

i raised myself up on my knees and changed my grip on His cock, bringing the head in contact with the scalding heat and silky slickness of my clasping cunt. i held it tight and swayed my hips, sweeping the head of His cock through my lips and forward, then pressed it against my clit. my body jerked and sent shivers up my spine as i realised how badly i wanted to fuck Him.

my tummy was fluttering and i thought i might cum as He entered me. my head was spinning. my pussy was absolutely flooded, and i could hardly even think. my body was a mess of jangling nerve endings.

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