Daddy’s Cum Dumpster

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Just to give you the background… sometimes what I want with my husband is roses, a candlelit meal, long, luxurious lavish love-making where we concentrate on each other in the moment. Where it’s slow, sensual and spell-binding.

Sometimes, I want to tie him up, break out the riding crop or the flogger, until his skin is warmed and red, before I ride him until he squeals like a stuck pig as his cock can’t handle my cunt around it – but only once he’s satisfied me, of course.

And then there are the times I want him to pound me with his meaty cock, like a wanton whore, being the common fuckslut that I really am, and to use my body as a cum dumpster, shooting his load in whichever holes he happened to fuck me in. On a good day, he’ll fuck me in multiple holes and leave me sweating and exhausted in a puddle of his cum.

This is the story of one of *those* days. Enjoy.

* * * * * *

It’s early Saturday morning, sunrise peeking over the trees and into the bedroom, and my eyes flutter open. He’s lying there next to me, naked, hair slightly ruffled and I just have a dreamy expression that this man is the one I get to spend my life with. He’s cute, supportive, beautifully striking on the days I play with him as a boy-toy, and right now, I want a piece of him. You know which piece I mean, too.

I don’t quite know how it works, which mood I’ll be in or which mood he’ll be in, but it worked out pretty good that both of us are pretty switchy.

I run a hand down his slight chest hair, and further, and I find that he’s rock hard this morning. Must have had a good dream or two!

Running my hand up over his chest again, I quietly whisper, “Good morning, lover,” and he broke into a broad grin.

“Hey beautiful.”

“Someone’s awake this morning.”

“Mm, I had a good dream, you were in it.”

“I was? Were you filling me with that monster cock of yours?” I asked, hopefully.

“As a matter of fact, I was.” His voice lowered, huskier, deeper, throbbing ever so slightly. “I had all kinds of thoughts of what I wanted to do to you.”

“Maybe you’d better come over here and do them.” I paused, “And by them I mean me.”

He didn’t need much encouragement, rolling over to the side of the bed away from me to rummage in the toybox. I slipped my t-shirt off and tossed it to one side.

While he was doing that a very mischievous thought crossed my mind. There’s a flavour of play we don’t do very often but when we do, it can be quite fun to get into the role.

“Hey, daddy,” I began.

There’s a slight pause as this registers. “Well, princess, that’s a little unexpected.”

“Problem, daddy?”

“No, princess, just unexpected.” He rummages some more in the toybox, “Princess, I think you should have your hair as pigtails today.” With that, he hands me a couple of flowery hair-ties.

I smile, “Yes daddy!” It doesn’t take me long to part my long blonde hair into two braids and tie them with the little flows, which gave ‘Daddy’ all the time he needed to find what he planned on playing with.

He turned to me, “Princess, Daddy has some things he needs your help with this morning.” He gestured to his raging hard-on, “You can see that Daddy is pretty tense and needs your help with the tension.”

“Sure thing, daddy! Where do you want to let the tension out?”

He pointed to my cunt. “Just there, Princess. It looks just the right size to help with this. But, I think you might need some help getting ready?”

I wasn’t convinced… I was a bit damp already, more than enough for him to start thrusting into me without it being sore, but he seemed to have ideas, so I was more than happy to let him do his thing. It usually worked out.

“Daddy needs you not to watch what he’s doing, he’s feeling a little bit shy this morning.” Shy, my ass. ‘Daddy’, you just want an excuse to blindfold me to encourage me to just feel you fuck me harder.

“Of course, daddy, I’ll be good and keep my eyes shut for you!”

“I dunno, Princess, would you mind if I made sure?”

“OK, daddy, whatever you think is best.” Kurtköy Türbanlı Escort Oh fuck, yes, blindfold me, you know that is fun for both of us. Sure enough, he gets the white leather blindfold, sits it snugly over my face, buckles it up.

I laid back, blindfold in place, feeling like my skin was tingling slightly with the anticipation. And other parts were tingling more, knowing that very soon now, a long, hard cock was going to fill me up.

I felt the weight shift on the bed, from beside me to around me, as the hot tip of his cock grazed over the tip of my clit. Ungh, he was going to tease me before fucking me… ‘daddy’ just fuck me already. Give me that mighty cock. I’ll worry about cumming after you fuck me sideways.

Instinctively I put my arms up to go around him, and I felt his weight move away… I pouted and made a sad noise. “Daddy?”

“Princess, normally I want hugs but today I just need to relieve this pressure… and I need you not to hold me while I do that.” You can call it that if you want, ‘daddy’ but we both know you’re just looking for an excuse to tie me up before you hammer that cock into me.

“Uh huh, sure, daddy, whatever you need!” It was hard to not sound too enthusiastic.

I felt his weight leave the bed, vaguely hearing his footfalls padding around, before coming back. Hmm, silk rope, that’s not his usual go-to, but no matter. It feels good as he’s tying my wrists together, then tying them to the bed. “Thank you, daddy! Whatever helps you get better!” I’m pretty sure he rolled his eyes at that one.

His weight was back further down the bed, and his cock was teasing my clit again, running the tip of it against my clit and the opening of my slit. Just running it back and forth, using my dampness and his pre-cum as lube.

“Oh daddy, that feels so good.”

“Princess”, he sighs, “this isn’t for fun, this is really awkward and painful and I need to relieve the pressure here.”

“Sorry daddy.” I tried to make it sound sincere, but we both know this is going to be an excuse for him to gag me before he just starts fucking me senseless. “I’ll try to be quiet for you, but it does feel so good!”

“I dunno, Princess, I really need you to be quiet.” Never mind that I’m not going to be quiet with a gag either. I’m not quiet when I’m indulging my fuckslut tendencies.

He hums slightly to himself, seemingly pondering. “Open up, Princess, this will help.”

Oh, he’s gone for the big one, sliding it past my teeth, buckling it a little tighter than he *really* needed. I try to mumble “thank you daddy” through the gag, but it pretty much comes out as “aa oo aay”, and he kisses me on the forehead. “Thank you, Princess, now I think I can do this.”

Oh yes. Now we’re talking. Here I am, blindfolded, gagged, hands tied to the bed and ‘daddy’ about to — ohhhhh, there he goes, he just went straight in sliding his entire cock in, up to his pelvis bone as a first thrust.

All the way in, stretching me all the way in, the warmth of his cock heating me up, tip of his head touching me inside, he’s not normally quite that big. But oh, god, is he thicker than usual as his cock fills me. I can’t help but grunt as that happens.

“There we go, Princess,” he says, sliding himself back out before — fuck — sliding all the way in again. It’s not a delicate thrust, it’s not “rogering me”, it’s not even “fucking me”, they’re inadequate words. This was ‘railing me’. This was ‘impaling me’. This was filling me up to the brim with his cock and the second thrust caused a slight spasm somewhere as I came up to meet him – making it feel even harder and deeper.

And a third time, a slow gentle withdrawal – languorous, I’d call it, my purple prose matching what I’m sure would have been the purpleness of the veins on his cock by now – before a third earthquake shaking thrust. It was like he was actively trying to split me in two.

Oh man. I’d not been railed like this in a while. He was really going for it.

Each time a gentle withdrawal, slow, careful, sensuous, followed by a violent Kurtköy Otele Gelen Escort penetrating thrust, his cock throbbing hard – I could feel it in between my cunt lips. The angle of thrust meant he was throbbing and rubbing against my g-spot each time, and I think that was the point.

After several of these – I don’t know how many – I could feel my own innards throbbing. This was foreplay today, and I wanted to cum due to him fucking me hard – and I think ‘daddy’ sensed it.

“There we go, Princess, Daddy’s a bit less tense now.” Still hard though, judging by the cock in me throbbing away. ‘Daddy’ had been holding out on me, I think.

“I think you’ve been a good girl.” And as he said that, he started pounding me… not the same ‘I’m going to tear you in two’ style he’d been doing up to that point but a more rhythmic thrusting, not trying to probe all the way in with his cock, but enough for it to feel goooooood.

He went at it a bit longer, thrusting, sliding his mighty cock up and down every inch of me, but where he wasn’t thrusting with the energy of the gods, he wasn’t getting my most sensitive area now.

He withdrew entirely and slid off the bed. I couldn’t help but moan where I was shaking, needy as fuck and wanted him to get his cock back inside me where it belonged.

“Princess, I think I need your help in a different way. Can you get on your hands and knees for me?” Oh. Oh this is going to be good.

I tugged at the rope tying me to the bed, found I had a bit of slack there, and I shuffled across, turned round pivoting on my elbows a bit, until I was ass-up, head down.

“Thanks, Princess. Such a good girl.” The good girl thing wasn’t normally part of our game, but I appreciated the compliment. Even if all I’d done here was let him tie me up and then fuck me without fully satisfying me.

I felt his weight on the bed again, behind me, and this time… I felt something cool and damp around my asshole.

I mumble through the gag, as if questioning what’s going on. I know full well, but “daddy’s princess” needed to check.

“Daddy just has to deal with a bit more tension, OK?” I responded with some appreciative noises… I did like his cock in my ass, just not when it was full monster size, that *would* have split me in two I think.

The cool, damp lube mixed with all of the juices covering his cock and it’s not with any difficulty that ‘daddy’s cock slid into my ass.

I threw my head back at his shaft filling me there too and he was waiting for it, because he grabbed the pigtails of my long hair and used them as leverage – not hard, but enough to stimulate me as his hips pushed back and forth and his cock slid in and out of my ass, to various gurgling noises in the back of my throat as this went on.

I gave into the rhythm of his cock sliding into me, stretching me, stimulating me in all the ways we don’t talk about, punctuated by the slap of skin on skin at the peak of his thrust, and his throbbing combined with the subconscious squeezing of my ass hungrily devouring his cock —

One quite hard tug on my ponytails, one deep thrust and I felt him cum shoot out of him, filling my insides, oozing through me with its warmth. I felt a couple of spurts flush through me as ‘daddy’s hips came to a stop. “Good girl,” he said slowly, carefully. “Good girl indeed.”

Carefully sliding himself back, he withdrew entirely, before asking, “Does princess need any stress relief too?”

If I hadn’t been gagged, I might have told him to get that cock back in my cunt and ride me until I came. If I hadn’t been tied up, I might have just pushed him down and ridden him myself, while playing with his nipples with some kind of clamp.

But as it was, ‘daddy’s princess’ could only make enthusiastic positive noises. But it was enough.

“You’ve been a good girl for daddy…” he said, before sliding that hot went cock back inside my cunt and thrusting away.

It wasn’t the epic thrusting of earlier, this was slower, more calculated and every. Thrust. Hit. The. SPOT.

I wasn’t quite Kurtköy Ucuz Escort sure how he was still hard to be honest, but he was, and oh god did it feel good to have that monster meat pressing every inch of my insides.

“Be a good girl for daddy,” he said, playfully slapping my right ass-check. I’m drooling out past the gag now, that long, hard, exquisitely-thrusting cock reaming my cunt for everything it’s worth at this point.

“Cum on, be a good girl.” At least I think he said that. I might have imagined it in between how good his thrusts felt, and what felt like a small bomb was about to go off between my legs.

He pulled on my pigtails one more time and that was it, the throbbing spasming mess in between my legs, all the juices squelching together under his motion and pressure and that bomb went off, and I bucked around and thrashed my body and cried out over and over as the waves of everything crashed through me.

I was dimly aware that with my own spasming and bodily motions, it was squeezing and clenching his cock, milking a second strong load from him. I was dimly aware that he was also slapping my ass while this was going on but truth be told, I was too busy with my brains dribbling out of my head to think too hard about it.

He pulled out, moved off the bed and roughly pulled my one leg so I ended up falling onto my back, cum oozing from both my holes.

“Daddy’s good girl is also Daddy’s cum dumpster today.” I hadn’t quite processed it at the time but I liked the idea very much.

Incredibly, I then heard, “Daddy *still* has some tension to work out. Can you help?”

I wasn’t sure what had happened that ‘daddy’ was still able to be hard, let alone in need of a third ejaculation so quickly, but if it meant he was going to fuck ‘princess’s mouth’, cum down my throat and/or over my face, I was in. I wouldn’t normally be, but today I wanted that.

He unbuckled the gag, I took a deep breath, tried to still the shakiness in my voice – because fuck, that was a pretty epic orgasm I’d just had – and said, “of course, Daddy!”

He put the tip of his cock in front of my lips, letting me taste our juices on it, it’s a heady and intoxicating aroma that is somehow utterly filthy and utterly delicious all at the same time.

And fuck, he’s still hard. What had he possibly eaten?

But I didn’t have time to consider that as I reached up to suck ‘daddy’s’ cock, taking it in my mouth and working over it with my tongue, reaching every little ridge in it, before sliding my head up further to take him into my throat, gagging ever so slightly on deep-throating him. I had practiced this, though, and made some kind of humming noise deep in the back of my throat just to stimulate and vibrate over his cock – and it twitched in response.

He didn’t thrust this time, he let me do all the work, bobbing up and down the length of his shaft, tongue probing warmly and wetly, feeling the tension build again as he wasn’t his full length or hardness.

“Mmmm, such a good girl. Good girls deserve a reward.” I’d argue I already had one, but I wasn’t going to argue with him, and I guess he didn’t want to cum down my throat for some reason?

He clambered onto the bed, reinserted his cock inside my mouth and I carried on sucking, tasting his hardness… and I hooted with surprise as I felt fingers touching my already throbbing clit.

Jesus, he was determined to make me cum again after being pounded like that? I guess “Daddy” thought I was a good girl after all.

Being the very horny, cum-soaked mess I was, it didn’t take long for me to cum again under his fingertips, and as I started bucking and thrashing again, he just casually carried on fingering me… seemingly oblivious to the noises I was making from cumming.

But it got him to cum again, spurting a little into my mouth, before he pulled out and let the rest of it spurt all over me, down my face, down my chest. Multiple spurts of hot white cum streamed over me and ‘Daddy’ sighed.

“Such a good girl.” I felt my wrists being untied, realising that I had something of a mild rope burn from all the twisting and pulling I’d done, but that Daddy had left me, sweating, shaking, covered in cum and cunt juice – mostly cum – and that every part of me felt fulfilled.

I couldn’t love this man, my husband – or ‘dearest Daddy’ if you must – any more than I did in that moment.

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