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Helene lay back on the edge of the bed and let her slave do his ordered task. He had performed admirably, but she had no intention of telling him so. The session had started out as most of them do, with her walking up to him and grabbing his crotch through his pants and squeezing tightly. He gasped and froze in place, his dick stiffening instantly. Helene jerked her thumb at the bathroom and turned away from him. He immediately dropped to his hands and knees and crawled into the bathroom, closing the door by pushing on it with his head.

Helene went into the playroom and laid out the articles she wanted him to wear this time on the king size bed. She quickly heard the shower going and set the timer. She varied the amount of time she let him have, but never more than 7 minutes to get cleaned up. Having observed his method before, she knew he always washed his crotch and asshole first, before she turned off the hot water. Today, she was in an evil mood and only gave him 4 minutes, the shortest amount of time yet. Then she went into the bathroom and turned the hot water on in the sink. He screamed as the shower went ice cold, but had not finished yet and was forced to endure it for a full 2 minutes.

Turning the shower off, he dropped to all fours and crawled out to see his mistress, trembling and shivering. He stopped before her and raised up on his knees, as she inspected his dick. It and his balls were shrunken and tight to his body in an effort to get warm. She examined him with quick professional hands and then squeezed his nuts again. He waited until she removed her hand then dropped onto his face and pulled his butt cheeks apart. Helene licked her finger and shoved it up his ass. This was still new to him, but he took it well and she was determined to break him in no matter what. His back channel clenched at her hand as he fought to relax, but she quickly pulled out and with a toss of her head sent him to the playroom.

He crawled in on all fours; her preferred posture for him and then stood to attire himself. The first item was as always the cock ring. The tight leather strap buckled beneath his deflated dick and shrunken scrotum, and he immediately started to harden. Next came the wrist and ankle cuffs, followed by his leather dog collar, complete with tag and leather leash that he carried in his mouth. There was a new item still on the bed, a piece of black stain material. He picked it up and saw that it was a wrap of some kind. Helen snatched it from his hands and opened it.

“It wraps around your waist, the flap to the back.” She instructed as she fastened it to him. It was like wearing a skirt backwards, but the full panel in the front rubbed his lengthening cock with a sensuous feel. Helene swatted his asscheek and he dropped to all fours again, his leash still in his mouth. The wrap stopped just past the curve of his ass, covering him nicely and the flaps draped across his butt. The feel was electric.

He remained in that position for some time, listening to the shower and her humming. He scurried into the bathroom just as she shut the water off and stepped out of the shower stall. He dropped his leash and started to lick her feet as she dried off above him. He lapped up the water dripping off her as well as he could before she walked away from him and into the playroom. Snapping her fingers, he followed her like the whipped puppy he was about to become.

“Stay.” She barked at him and he froze in the center of the room, waiting görükle escort patiently for her next command. He heard the closet doors open and wondered what his Mistress would do to him this time. The sounds of her rummaging through boxes made him sweat slightly, but it was nothing compared to what would happen to him later. “Here we go.” Helene exclaimed brightly, have found what she wanted. He heard several items being placed on the dresser but still did not turn to look.

“Down on your face, ass in the air.” Helene commanded and he instantly complied, but not quick enough to avoid the sting of the riding crop. It was strangely different through the satin, not as painful as usual, but more electric. Helene flipped the wrap open, and had complete access to his ass and spread cheeks. Now he understood why the flaps were worn in the back. Helene smeared his asshole with a lubricant and he felt the thin ass plug being pushed up his backside. He fought to relax, as he knew she wanted but she did not give him a chance.

Driving it in and out a few times Helene quickly had her slave whimpering in pain and delight as the ass plug tickled his prostate and soon he was rutting back against the intrusion. Helene drove it all the way in and stood up to leave it there. He whined and twisted as though trying to dislodge it, but a had smack on his ass had him still and quiet quickly.

“Now don’t go away while I get ready.” She cooed at him, leaving him ass up and head down on the floor. Helene quickly donned the leather bra with the cut outs for her nipples, the one that was 2 sizes too small. Her breasts felt trapped and overflowed the top of the cups. Next came the leather ankle boots with the 4-inch heels. This was all she could handle and still walk, and she would need to walk. In the shower she checked her bald little pussy and shaved it again, now she applied the cream and quickly brought herself off with her fingers. Her excitement was running a little high and she wanted this to last.

Lastly she picked up her leather panties with the built in dildo and connection for the one in front. Turning the panties inside out she mouthed the thick fake cock and sucked it deep into her throat. As she coated the dildo, she had an idea and went and sat on the bed in front of her kneeling slave.

“Up.” She commanded and he sat up onto his knees, head and eyes still aimed at the floor. “Watch me,” she said and his eyes met hers as she sucked the fake cock back into her mouth. The satin wrap draped across his dick head and every time he twitched it rubbed him again. Helene soon had him squirming in discomfort and she was getting more turned on by the second drooling over the big fake cock. Helene motioned for him to come closer and he crawled to the between her spread legs. She draped the panties over his head and put the locking ring on the front between his teeth so he could hold the dildo on the other side. Leaning back and spreading her legs she grabbed the slippery dildo and fed it to her steaming pussy.

“Fuck me”, she commanded and then lay back on the bed as he pulled the dildo out with his teeth and drove it back in. Helene whined in pleasure as her slave complied with her orders. He drove the rubber cock in and out with great speed and force, his nose banging against her clit drove Helene into a high plain of delight. Helene shuddered repeatedly as he brought her off with the fake cock. She could feel every inch driving without görükle escort bayan pause into her depths and relished in the ecstasy.

She felt her orgasm approaching and hunched up harder on the plastic cock driving in and out of her depths. Helene’s breath was coming in short gasps and grunts and then she shuddered and screamed as the feeling washed over her. She locked her legs around his head as her pussy creamed and squirted cum out onto the face of the slave fucking her. He never slowed his pace, but kept on driving in and out of her until she pitched backward onto the bed and broke contact with the fake cock.

Her slave stayed on his knees and waited for his Mistress to recover, having learned patience the hard way, from the whip. Helene fought to control her breathing as he waited and licked what ever of her juices he could reach with his tongue. Sitting up she pulled the panties of his head roughly. Turning them right way out, she inserted the dildo into her snatch and snugged the panties up tight to her waist.

Helene snatched up the leash and pulled him over to the whipping bench and had him lay over it. Securing his wrists and ankles she picked up the bamboo cane and stepped up behind him. Flipping the wrap away from his as cheeks she proceeded to apply the cane liberally to his exposed flanks.

He squirmed and whined quietly as his Mistress worked up and down his backside. Her cane left sharp red welts on his skin as she applied it to him. Standing directly behind him she repeatedly struck him between his cheeks onto the base of the plug in his asshole and he wailed. Helene struck harder and screamed “Silence.”

He tried as hard as he could, but it was too much, he grunted and groaned at each stroke and rocked on the bench till he shuddered. Helene noticed the spasm and became enraged. He had cum all over the bench with out her permission. The cock ring had not been tight enough and now he was going to pay. She wasn’t about to let him get away with this disobedience.

“Since you came without permission, you obviously need to be milked.” She said sweetly. “I have a new surprise for you.” She reached under him and attached the electric breast pump and then pulled the fucking machine up behind him. Helene ripped the plug from his ass and extended dildo on the machine into his ass and turned it on.

The machine started to drive in and out, twisting occasionally, as the breast pump started to milk his half hard cock. Helene watched him struggling on the machines working him over and picked up the whip. She smiled evilly as she brought it down on his back. This was going to be an interesting evening.

The breast pump pulled unceasingly at his half hard cock, making him whimper as it rubbed the top of the sheath against the sensitive head of his dick. Having just cum, he was still very tender at the dick head, but the machine just keep on pumping. He tried to wiggle away from it, but the bonds were too tight, the machine behind him keep fucking him and his Mistress struck with whip whenever he moved. In spite of himself, the milking machine was getting him hard again and the ass fucking was speeding this up. He started to push back against the machine driving into his ass. The feeling of being fucked this way was new to him and he reveled in the pressure against his prostate.

His mistress sat down in front of him on the bench and pulled his face to her dripping pussy. She had removed bursa escort her panties and was dripping wet from the show he was putting on for her. Lapping eagerly he drove his tongue into her sweet centre and tasted her nectar. She held his face tight to her snatch and struck with the whip at the same time. That was enough to make him cum again. The dildo in his ass worked his prostrate and the milking machine pulled his semen from him in greater quantities. He moaned into her and the vibration sent her into orgasm as well.

Helene groaned and rode out her orgasm as she whipped his back without mercy. When she came down Helene got up and stretched out on the bed and flicked on the TV, leaving him on the bench attached to both machines. “The night is still young, I think we can get at least 3 more loads out of that little dick of yours.” She said smiling at him.

He shuddered and groaned pathetically as the machine continued to suck on his tender penis. Helene looked down at him and grinned. “You are the one who brought this upon yourself.” She said. “Maybe you need more encouragement.”

He shook his head and then groaned again as each machine went to a higher speed. The dildo driving into his ass doubled its speed and the milking machine started to pull even harder. He had no choice, his body responded without his will and his cock started to harden again.

Helene left him on the bench and went to the storage cabinet and saw him flinch as she struck a match. The large red candle caught quickly and she saw the flame dance. Letting it sit for a few minutes Helene returned to her bound slave and inserted a large ring gag. “I may want that tongue again tonight but we can’t have you upsetting the neighbors, now can we?”

He squirmed on the bench and struggled against his bonds, but again to no affect. He screamed as the first drop of wax hit his back. The next hit his already blistered ass, causing him to start moving again. He began to fuck the machine sliding in and out of his ass. The wax fell in random patterns and times on his body. Each burned for a second then cooled and hardened against his skin.

His next orgasm left him panting and drained of all strength, but still the machine’s worked his tired body. Helene had put the candle out and slipped her hand beneath him and attached nipple clamps and ball clamps. This brought on his third orgasm on the machine and he knew that Helene would not be happy until she milked him completely dry.

Helene checked the bottle on the breast machine and noted that it was almost full, but could take a little more. She opted for the velvet glove treatment for the last drop. She removed his gag and slid her breast into his still open mouth. He latched on to the offered nipple and sucked greedily. He rarely got the chance to touch her breasts and even in his exhausted state he wanted all he could get.

Helene felt him tongue her nipple and reached down and undid the cock ring. He convulsed in orgasm for the final time that night. The last shot was thin and watery, barely more than a trickle, but it was just enough to fill the last space in the bottle.

Helene pulled her breast from his still sucking mouth and left him panting on the bench. She turned off both machines and undid the collection bottle from the milking machine. She undid one of his wrists and slapped his ass with her bare hand.

“You have 10 minutes to clean this pit up, get that wax off your body and meet me in bed. I think I have earned a little comfort for all the work I did tonight.” He got himself together as quickly as possible, knowing that he did not have enough time to complete all his tasks. She would punish him again. The thought sent a thrill through his exhausted body.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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