Aiden’s Descent to Snow Warrior

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The wind blew softly through the trees and Leslie knew she should just turn right around and go home but driving north to the site was an endless temptation. It had been three weeks since the last email about the ancient burial mound and then absolutely nothing. Well Leslie might be a research assistant but she wasn’t stupid or lazy. Something wasn’t right and she was going to find out.

The small city outside of the burial site was practically deserted and looked like the scene of a movie, make that a horror movie. Leslie wasn’t deterred though so in she went to the hotel. Checking in she made no mention of working for Northern Croft University but said she was traveling.

The hotel room was remarkably bland and boring with absolutely nothing to recommend it aside from a claw foot tub. The tub was amazing and had a nice selection of bath bombs and sinking into the tub Leslie’s hands drifted down to her pussy where she gently touched herself as the water cooled. Wrapping in a towel and thoroughly relaxed Leslie laid down in the warm bed and feel asleep.

The wind outside howled and had the thick 80s style curtains not blocked the windows Leslie would have seen the glow of two piercing blood red eyes peering into her window.

The next day Leslie ate pancakes and bacon and drove out to the site. The mound had steps leading down into it and then a door with inscriptions carved into it. Leslie couldn’t read the Northern Wind People’s writings but it was an ancient burial mound with very little that could possibly affect her today. Venturing in she turned on her flashlight and began looking around. A large altar with a fire pit and then well the flashlight went out.

Shaking the flashlight and cursing Leslie began edging towards the doorway only to bump into a large cold figure. Turning Leslie saw the red glowing eyes and the smile curving his devastatingly handsome thick lips. Trying to pull away Leslie realized he had her firmly in his arms and was carrying her to the altar. He smiled at her and then blew into her eyes and for a few minutes she couldn’t see and in those terrible minutes he hoisted her up and placed her on the stone altar. Chaining her arms above her head and her feet spread open.

Leslie trembled and began to cry with her eyes glued shut with what felt like ice. Thoughts racing she realized it was a snow warrior and in that instant she began to worry he would drain her dry and take her eyes.

Unable to see she would have been even more worried had she seen what the snow warrior was doing. He lit the ceremonial fire and then leaned down to her and spoke in his ancient language to her. He carefully looked at all the implements first examining the brands and then the other tools. Carefully he sliced her clothes off and then looked down at her large nipples and soft folds. He gently used his fingers to spread her vaginal lips apart and looked at her clitoris which he rubbed until it stood firmly erect. Quietly he selected a cruel dragon shaped iron tool with a thin and fine diamond tip where a tooth should be for piercing flesh embedded in the iron dragon’s mouth. After warming the diamond for the piercing he watched it gleam in the light before turning back to Leslie. Gently between his fingers he rubbed her clitoris and then sucked until Leslie felt the edge of bliss rising in a wave. When her body was utterly excited from his touch he slipped her clit into the dragon’s mouth pushing it down around her flesh and pressed its gaping jaws shut, piercing Leslie’s tenderest part. As pain swept over Leslie when she thought she would orgasm tears streaked down her cheeks.

The snow warrior then placed a ring through her clitoris so that Leslie would be known as a slave to the Snow Warriors. For each slave bore a mark of some kind to mark their service and being spared a terrible death.

“So you would like to serve me and live?” asked the snow warrior with white hair and blood red eyes as he looked at Leslie.

“Yes please. Who are you?” Leslie begged softly still crying from her pierced flesh.

“I am Akar Lord of the Northern Sky taker of blood.” he said looking at Leslie’s weeping flesh.

“But how will I serve you?” Leslie asked thinking at that it was a stupid question.

Smiling he moved his hand down and touched Leslie’s soft breasts and thick nipples.

As she laid on the hard stone she felt suddenly quite foolish.

“My younger brother has three days left before his heart freezes to become a Snow Warrior. On finding a mate his heart would not be frozen and he would not lose the warmth that makes him who he is. Half angel and half demon the demon part rises at age 20 overshadowing who he would have become. A mate can restore the angel half but not entirely. You will be his last before his demon half rises and we will let him determine your fates.”

Swallowing Leslie began to cry as her eyes opened relieved that she somehow still had her eyes. The snow warrior locked feriköy escort a thick silver neck collar around her neck and a chain hooked to the ring in her clitoris. Taking the cuffs off her wrists and freeing her ankles he pulled at the chain till Leslie walked after him. Utterly naked she shivered in the cold not that he noticed.

Drawing her into his arms they slipped into a dark portal that resembled standing water and somehow traveled to another place. The air ripped out of her lungs as they went and the wind chilled her to the bone. Leslie thought she would never be warm again as the ice seemed like it touched everything and colors whirled past her. Finally they hit bone crunching stop and they stood at the entrance to another portal. A village of sorts surrounded the black water portal.

The village was full of small houses and shops that should have been full of people and flowers. Instead it was iced over and coated in snow all over the cement the trees clawing the skies. Akar forced her to walk to a small house and in they went. All remnants of human occupation long gone and filled with all the things the snow warriors deemed important.

A beautiful young man came forward and looked at Akar with a smile on his face. Gentle blue eyes graced his face and soft downy blond hair. He smiled warmly at Akar and asked him “where have you been I’ve only three days left and I wanted to spend them with you while I still feel the warmth of love in my heart.”

Akar grimly looked at his brother and said “I found you one last human and you must at least try one last time.”

“I’ve lost the desire to try I’m becoming resigned to this time but at least tell me her name.”

“I didn’t ask because she is nothing if she is not yours.”Akar answered bemused that his brother would be so naive.

“What then is your name? I am Aiden.”

“My name is Leslie and please find it in your heart to let me go.” Leslie begged with more nerve than before.

“No and you will bear the whip if you attempt to leave.” Akar answered cruelly pulling on the chain he kept in his grasp.

“I will take her with gratitude my brother.” Aiden said as he held his hand out for the chain between Leslie’s legs.

Akar smiled a nasty awful smile and handed the chain to Aiden but turned to Leslie and said “you may find warmth and mercy with my brother today and in the next three days. Yet on his turning you will meet a different fate and punishment will not be far from your flesh.”

Walking out the door Leslie thought quietly thank goodness he was gone. Aiden looked at Leslie with his blue as the sky eyes and his soft blond hair. Slowly he pulled her closer til she stood within his arms and he ran his hands down her spine cupping her full bottom.

“I would free you but they would assume you escaped and you would face a public whipping at the least so I am afraid you must stay with me. My brother clearly desires to see you punished and he likes such things. I would take the ring from you he uses but to do so would insult him if I were not your mate. You may come to my sleep chamber but I warn you the freezing of my heart begins and it is a fearsome change. I will not be the same man I am and have been for all the years of my life thus far.”

So Leslie followed Aiden to his sleep chamber noting his golden armor that he wore and the beautiful smile. His perfect white teeth and blue eyes were utterly striking to her. He gave her some soft white linen to wear it was very much like a white shift but it covered her. There was only one bed and so that night they laid and much to her surprise he did not attempt to touch her in any way.

Yet in the middle of the night Aiden began to thrash in his bed and Leslie with her auburn hair and green eyes could not help but wake up. His body burned with fever and he thrashed in the bed and moaned as if in terrible pain. Looking closer Leslie saw he cried tears of blood red. When he screamed in pain his mouth had drops of blood seeping out and his perfect white teeth two fell out of his mouth.

In its place a sharp black fang slid down into place. Waking up completely Aiden looked at Leslie and worse yet her soft white neck and then holding her in place pulled her into his embrace. Right before he sunk his newly formed fangs into her for her blood.

Much to her surprise Leslie felt a heaviness in her breasts and a warmth between her legs. Gently he laid her on her back and kissed her. A soft and tender kiss that stole her breath away. He gently moved her shift away but realizing his intent Leslie cried out and begged him to stop. Aiden did stop but looked at her and said. “Please it will be so much worse if this continues and if you are my mate. It will mean I am utterly cruel at times and I would spare both of us.”

“No but I want to get to know you first and form a relationship before we have any sexual relationship you won’t respect me gülbağ escort if we proceed.” Leslie begged still very much afraid of what she’d seen.

Walking out the door Aiden went and was gone the entire day having told Leslie not to leave the cottage due to none having claimed her and her status undetermined.

As the sun began to set Aiden returned and a wild party began outside. Pulling the curtains Aiden forbade Leslie from looking outside to the wildness of the dark party. That night they again slept but before going to sleep Aiden asked if they could see if they were to be mates.

“No I don’t think that is a good idea.” Leslie stated thinking to herself surely the worst was over.

Drifting off to sleep Leslie felt warm and safe in Aiden’s arms. In the middle of the night she felt uncomfortably warm and then realized he was burning up again. Turning she saw tears of blood seeping from his eyes and suddenly it hit her…he was indeed transforming into a snow warrior. Jumping up she tried to get away from him but his long arms snaked out and grabbed her. Holding her tight he pulled her close rolling on top of her.

The burning heat and something else in his eyes stopped Leslie from her objections. He slipped his leg between hers and then she felt his thick hard girth. His penis as thick as a baseball bat and nearly as long. He pushed into her warm center and it burnt having him inside of her and her barely able to move his thick girth impaling her so tightly. Mewling Leslie began to rub against him and the ring in her clitoris began to tingle as it began to vibrate. Unable to help herself Leslie pulled him closer and rubbed her breasts against his warm chest. The heat from his body burned into hers a warmth like she’d never known. As he came inside of her she looked up and found herself face to face with a man who had changed in part into a demon. His beautiful blue eyes remained but in his mouth were huge black fangs. Trembling Leslie tried to pull away but he pulled her close and sunk his enormous black fangs straight into her soft tender flesh drinking her blood until she drifted into a haze.

The scent of roses drifted in the air and as Leslie’s mind cleared she realized she was lying in Aiden’s arms in the square of the village. A white velvet blanket covered her and looking up into his beautiful blue sky eyes she felt a warmth spread through her. He held her gently in his arms and his brother stood before them looking at them both.

“You are saved from your demon half emerging completely yet you are still not the man you were. Your fangs have cut through and you no longer can live on food and drink but must take blood to live. How is this so when you have your mate and could have been more of an angel than a demon?” Akar demanded.

“We did not lay together until the second night and thus I was saved the full transformation into darkness.” Aiden admitted.

“Yet you had her in your bed on the first night.” Akar stated his eyes burning holes into Leslie’s flesh.

“True but I did not take that which was not freely given.” Aiden stated holding Leslie more firmly still in his arms.

“So you did not want or she did not accept you?” Akar pressed as the rest of the Snow Warrior Hoard stood behind him glaring at Leslie.

“She did not accept me the first night and yes she is my mate so her punishment is mine to give or to forgive.”

“Forgive?!!!!” roared Akar. “Your heart would be turned to ice and your blood would have ice crystals ripping into your veins. She did not spare you the pain and you would spare her?”

“It is my choice, is it not?” Aiden asked firmly as he stroked his soft mate.

“As the head of this village I order you to sentence her to punishment or if you are blinded by your love for her I will chose for you.” Akar held a huge wooden staff with what to Leslie’s eyes looked like demons carved into wood each having eyes that somehow seemed alive. They were in fact living eyes

Whimpering she clung tighter to Aiden as the snow warriors behind his brother roared in agreement with his brother.

Aiden looked down sadly at her and stroked her soft auburn hair. She meant so much to him and yet they had to live in the village of the snow warriors. It would be difficult to see her punished publicly but in his warm beating heart Aiden knew his brother spoke the truth. The darkness warred with the light and one more warrior saved and redeemed by love to stop the tide of darkness mattered much. She trustingly rubbed her cheek against the hard muscles of his chest.

“Alright my brother you speak the truth. You may punish my mate as you deem fit for the 12 hours that are the night. I can not watch nor will I bear witness of her punishment but I ask that you return her to me in 12 hours. She is my mate and after her punishment will be regarded as such by all. Tonight I do agree she will not obtain her mate status until her kağıthane escort punishment is meted out and you may deem her status until she is returned to me.” Aiden stated as he was looking down at the soft woman gathered in his arms.

Leslie shivered in fear and began to tremble as she heard what Aiden said.

“No please Aiden.” She begged him.

“Don’t shame me with your begging for mercy before my brother and the snow warriors. They will think me weak if I do not abide by our laws.” Aiden harshly whispered in her ear.

“You will be returned to me in 12 hours at the dawn and be my beloved mate. I will keep you safe from that time onward.” He assured her gently.

Firmly Aiden gathered her in his arms and moved towards the center of the village and the pillory with cuffs for arms and legs. Held tightly in his arms he lowered her into the terrible pillory kissing her as he locked her arms in the iron cuffs and then her legs. Tears streamed down Leslie’s face as Aiden removed the white velvet blanket covering her naked body for all to see.

Aiden turned his back on her and turned and walked back to what would become their cottage and it was the loudest noise Leslie had ever heard when he closed the door to his home. She hoped he would relent but watching him turn and walk away and enter his home, watching as he closed the door she felt like she’d been abandoned.

Akar waited until his beloved brother was in his home before turning to mete judgment on Leslie.

“Now you will bear 12 hours of punishment for you condemned my brother Aiden to an eternity of drinking blood, a lifetime and beyond of drinking from the souls of man. Condemned to walk in darkness after his body drinks his weight in blood. You vile ignorant human truly you deserve punishment most severe and if you were not his mate I would set you as a prize during the birthday blood hunt. My brother should not have had to partake in that but now he must suffer an eternal thirst for blood. Tonight your status is village whore and all may partake of you in any fashion they prefer after they pay me by using this leather whip upon your flesh at least 10 times.”

Leslie began to tremble and would have fallen to her knees if her neck and arms weren’t held in place by the pillory. The first snow warrior walked up to the pillory and began touching the ring attached to her clitoris and it began to vibrate. Then picking up the whip he rubbed the whip over her anus and bottom. She barely heard the whistle as the whip flew through the air and burned into her flesh. Over and over again she felt the fire of the whip stinging into her flesh. Just when she thought it would not end she felt a hand stroking her bottom and then what she thought was an ice pick penetrating deep into her tender warmth. It was his thick hard penis but it was about as warm as a block of ice inside of her and her flesh tightened in response to the chill inside of her. When he finally came the cold semen coated her in what felt like burning cold shards of ice. Pulling out he slapped her red punished behind and another snow warrior picked up the whip.

The snow warrior that stood before her was a young man with violet hair and blood red eyes recently turned and the anger in his eyes burned into her. Gingerly he lifted the whip and rubbed it over her tender breasts carefully massaging her nipples til they tightened. Leslie closed her eyes enjoying the feeling of having her nipples massaged. Seeing her relaxed into his touch the snow warrior let the whip fly and the sides of her breasts burned from the pain. Over and over he whipped her on her behind and then he stopped and gently spread her vaginal lips for his icy burning penetration.

Leslie thought she would never survive 10 more hours of punishment but there before her stood Adak and in his hand a large cup of what she thought was wine. Tipping her chin up he forced her to drink the thick red liquid and Leslie’s mind was hazed from pain and pleasure so she willing drank every red drop. As she finished he smiled and said “Enjoying the snow warrior blood my brother sent to give to you so you survive?”

The thick liquid gave her strength and yet within two hours again Leslie felt on the verge of passing out from the pain on her breasts and bottom. The ache between her legs was endless and she wanted so badly to be fucked and brought to pleasure. Yet none of the men that used her let her come with their cold hard penises.

Looking at her soft body Akar smiled and decided to give her more snow warrior blood so she endured the terrible night. Leslie’s head spun as she drank more from the golden encrusted cup Akar forced into her mouth. Her thoughts were muddled and it seemed like she had been in the stocks for ages on end. The pain between her legs and on her thighs seemed to be an endless fire the only warmth her body felt. The cold icy cum between her legs dripped down and her iron will seemed like it was melting as she drank the thick red liquid.

“My brother must truly love you to give so much blood for you. You do know the third time you drink my brother’s blood you will be unable to deny him anything. His to do with what he wishes.” Akar said as he gave her the second cup of his brother’s warm snow warrior blood.

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