A Wonderful Surprise

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It was 10:30 p.m.; I had just crawled into bed and picked up my favorite bedtime book. With a yawn I started chapter 13 and the phone rang. Looking at the caller id my heart began to race as I recognized the number. I quickly answered not daring to keep him waiting. “Hello, Master.” I answered my voice quivering from the unexpected call.

“Hello my slut. Are you alone?” He asked in a voice that caresses my heart and drenches my cunt.

“Yes, Master.” I stuttered as excitement slammed through my body.

“Good, now open the front door.” He ordered.

“Yes, Master!” I said excited at the thought that my one true love stood just outside my door. Still holding the phone in my hand I threw the covers off my body and jumped out of bed. At almost full speed I ran threw my house to the front door. Without looking out the peephole I just unlocked and yanked the door opened. I stood in the open doorway wearing only a white tee shirt that barely covered my ass cheeks that hung out of the black thong that Master loves oh so much.

I stood there looking at the falling snow, feeling my nipples hardening against the thin fabric of my white shirt. But no Master. I felt my heartbreak, my lip quiver and my eyes tear up. I was overwhelmed with sadness as Master has tricked me before is this way.

“Did you check your peephole?” Master’s voice asked and I realized he was still on the phone with me.

I shook my head knowing I hadn’t.

“No you didn’t.” He answered for me stepping into the open doorway. I gasped as my eyes looked at his beautiful face.

“I’m sorry Master.” I whispered not trusting my voice just yet.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk, you know better then that.” He scolded me.

I lowered my head in shame. “I didn’t want to keep you waiting Master.” I said softly.

“You know your safety is the most important thing. Now step aside and let us in.” My head snapped up to search his dangerous eyes. Had he said ‘us’, who was ‘us’. I glanced to the side yet saw nobody, when I looked back to Master’s eyes I saw his arched brow which reminded me that I was keeping him waiting.

Quickly I stepped to the side and watched him step inside the house; behind him stepped another man who I’ve never seen before. I lowered my head to a small bow and he nodded a hello back to me. Once the men where securely inside, I closed the door and offered to take their coats.

Master nodded and they both handed me their coats. I quickly hung them up and returned to my Masters side. He smiled down at me as he leaned down for a kiss. Softly his lips touched mine and his hand knowingly came around my waist scooping me into his strong arms holding me tightly knowing my knees would buckle as they always do.

“I wasn’t expecting you tonight Master. I’m sorry I’m in such a, disarray.” I apologized softly against his mouth.

“Hmm, I like your disarrayed state.” He moaned softly back. His tongue teased and tasted mine then suddenly the kiss was broken and in one swift movement I was turned to Master’s side to face our visitor.

“My sweet slut, this is Dave, a very close friend of mine. Dave, this is my special little whore.” Master introduced us, a chill ran up my spine hearing that I was special to Master.

Dave held out his hand, I took it, keeping my head down showing Master’s friend the same kind of respect I show to my Master.

“Please forgive my night time attire Sir, I was not expecting company tonight.” I said, softly begging as I shyly pulled at the bottom of my tee shirt trying to stretch it down to cover more of my body.

Dave kissed my hand gently, “Do not fret over me, I think you are fine just the way you are.” I blushed.

Master cleared his throat to get my attention. Once my eyes met his he sat on the couch, I gently removed my hand from Dave’s and moved to my Masters feet where I knelt looking up at him adoringly.

Dave chuckled and sat on the other couch. “She is trained wonderfully.” He admired. His encouraging words caused my Master to smile proudly down at me.

I have never felt so proud of myself, and then I had at that moment. My heart filled with joy just knowing I had made my Master that happy even if it was for only a second. Master reached down and gently caressed my hair and the side of my face. I turned my head into the palm of his hand. I craved his touch; I ached for his love.

“Oh my little whore, show our guest what he came to see. Strip.” He ordered.

I blinked slowly but moved into the middle of the room and stood up slowly. I glanced once more at Master to see if he changed his mind. He didn’t.

I slowly grasped the bottom of the tee shirt slide it up to reveal my black thong then up more to show off my soft fleshy stomach, up higher letting my perky 36c breast bounce free, and at last off my head to let it drop to the ground. I glanced at Master as my thumbs curl into the strap of my thong and began pulling it down.

Master shook his head and I stopped instantly. He only had to point to the floor and I Kartal Türbanlı Escort dropped instantly to my knees with my head bowed.

“Wow.” Dave said breathlessly.

My Master chuckled and nodded. “She has become a wonderful slave, but it has taken a lot of training to get her this way.”

I remained silently kneeling; hearing my Master talk so freely about my extensive training caused a blush to color my cheeks. I felt the heat of embarrassment to flood my body, as I knew I was sitting there almost completely naked in front of someone other then my loving, safe Master.

“Is something wrong slut?” Master asked me with concern.

I shook my head slowly from side to side.

“Speak now slut.” He ordered in a gentle voice.

“Nothing Master. Just slightly embarrassed is all.” I answered.

“Sitting naked embarrasses you slut? Why? That is my body to command and control, why does it cause you embarrassment if it doesn’t bother me. I, for one, am very proud of my slut’s body. You need not to be embarrassed, you need nothing but to worry about my happiness.” He instructed. I nodded.

“Yes Master, as you wish.” I answered. I felt more then saw my Master’s smile and nod.

He then turned his attention back to his friend Dave. “Slut, go to our guest and let him see you up close.”

With a nod I crawled as seductively as possible to our guest and kneeled straight upward, keeping my head down. I felt Dave move to sit up a bit, closing the space between us more.

“May I?” He asked. I felt the room temperature drop and knew it was my Master nodding his answer.

I gasped as I felt our guest reach out and gently cup his rather cold hands against my round perky tits. His thumps and forefingers gently twist my hard nipples.

I moaned out as my back arched pushing my breast outward toward his kneading hands. I heard my Master chuckle and I froze.

“Oh my little whore do you like our guest’s touch?” I whimpered as if I had done something wrong. I suddenly felt that this was some sort of test of my faithfulness to my Master or maybe it was a test of my loyalty and obedience. Either way I was afraid to answer. I began to shake.

“Speak slut.” He demanded.

“If it makes you happy Master then yes.” I answered showing him that my only concern was his happiness.

I felt, more then saw, Master stand up and move around behind me. I felt Masters hand wrap up in my hair and pull my head back as far as it would go without to much pain.

I was staring straight up into his eyes; his deep dark pools filled with dangerous thoughts and the knowledge that I feared him as much as I love him. He could say so much with just a look. Tonight I saw love and something else that could be mistaken for worry but I know better then to think such things. I know, love, and trust my Master and he would never allow anything to happen that he doesn’t believe would excite and please me as much as himself.

Master stared into my eyes and I swear he was searching for answers that I didn’t have. He’s hand gently caressed my cheek, as Dave still played with my breast, pulling and tugging slightly rougher on my nipples.

I turned my face into my Masters hand not really caring about anything but him.

Slowly his hand came around to rest on my throat. My body tensed as his hand tightened around my soft succulent neck.

I whimpered and Dave let go of my breast and sat back to watch.

Masters fingers tightened around my throat as I gasped for that last breath I was allowed. “Hands and knees.” Master ordered and I obeyed. Master held my throat, as I moved slowly not wanting him to break his hold on my neck. “Turn around slut. Show our mortified guest that this is what you like.” Master ordered.

I obeyed instantly without hesitation.

Master let go of my throat as I turned to face him but quickly gripped my throat again as I shoved my ass end up in the air offering it up to our guest. Master watched me with a soft smile as I felt a hand cup my hot needy cunt.

“Oh wow, I don’t believe I’ve ever seen any bitch this wet before. Her thong is soaked.” Dave said.

I felt my body shiver with excitement when he called me a bitch.

Master chuckled and nodded. “No lube needed for this bitch.” Master confirmed.

“Not even for her ass?” Dave asked.

Master laughed heartily. “Actually I do use lube for her ass but it is more for safety sake then a necessity. Unless of course she needs a punishment.” He said keeping his eyes on me.

I whimpered out, “Master, I’ve been a good girl.” Fear in my voice and eyes.

Master nodded and touched my cheek. “Yes my slut, tonight you have been a very good girl. So far, and for that reason I am declaring your ass off limits. But just for tonight.”

I smiled up at him knowing he did that for my benefit. We both knew there was a special place in our hearts for such a vital act. Master had been the first to fuck my ass and it was a new act for us, I felt Kartal Otele Gelen Escort uncomfortable with the thought of another man using it for his pleasure. As did Master, I think.

I felt Dave’s fingers caressing the fabric over my cunt. I could feel the heat rising from his hand sending shivers down my spine.

I moaned softly and felt Masters fingers loosened slightly, tight enough to remind me he was there and in control. My legs spread wider as my back arched inward pushing my breast to the floor and my ass higher in the air.

I felt Dave’s finger hook inside the leg of the thong holding it as his knuckle grazed back and forth across my wet slit.

My breathing became faster as I glanced up to Master with a wanting in my eyes. He smile down at me and slowly unbuckled his belt, in one swift experienced movement he pulled his belt and it slipped easily free of his belt loops.

I shivered and licked my lips as I watched him fondle the leather belt with expertise flare. My heart raced as my hips pushed back against Dave’s hand.

“Damn she is loving this.” He said in a horse whisper.

“Yes she is a good whore.” Master said as his eyes held mine. I watched his hands moving over his zipper and pulling out his engorged meat. Not from sight but from experience I sucked his cock into my mouth and down my throat with a hunger that only showed in my eyes, which never left his.

Suddenly Masters hand was wrapped up in my hair, as I loved it to be, and his hips where slamming into my face. My throat completely filled when he rams into me.

My lips and suction tightened as Dave suddenly slammed 2 thick fingers deep into my juicy cunt. “Oh!” I moaned out.

Master’s cock pulled slowly out of my mouth only to then slam back into my throat causing me to gag. My body rocked back and forth to the two men pounding different parts of my insides.

“Hmm you’ve got to feel my cunts mouth! She can suck the chrome off a tailpipe.” Master moaned out as he fucked my mouth with vigor. Suddenly Master pulled my hair tight making me break the amazing suction with a loud ‘plop’. He pulled his cock from my mouth. “Turn.” Master demanded.

I instantly obeyed. I turn to face Dave pulling his erect 7 inches from his pants. I instantly devoured it into my hungry mouth. “Hmm.” I moaned out sending a small vibration down his shaft and to his balls. My head bobbed up and down on his meaty cock as my mouth sucked his cock like trying to suck a thick milkshake through a tiny straw.

He moaned and groaned as he pumped his hips off my couch as he fucked my mouth.

I felt Master behind me pulling my thong off as he started rubbing the head of his cock against my hot wet slit and up between my ass cheeks to circle my throbbing ass hole.

I must admit I wanted nothing more then my Master to slam his massive cock deep into the aching hole but I knew this was just a teasing reminder that he could if he wished but he wouldn’t.

Dave reached out circling his fingers into my hair, which only made me want to suck him deeper. He gently pushed my head down as his cock slid down my throat until I gagged.

Master took that moment to slam his cock between my hot cunt lips and grind his hips deep into my ass cheeks causing my walls to grip his cock tightly.

Both men groaned out at the same time as they fucked my holes.

It was Dave who complained about cumin to soon first.

Master reached out and grabbed my hair and pulled my head back pulling my mouth off of Dave’s cock. “Slow down slut.” He ordered staring into my eyes. “You have to remind her at times. She gets over heated easily.” Master said as if I was nothing more then a toy.

Oh I am!

Slowly I suckled Dave’s cock back into my mouth this time slowing down to his speed. My cunt sucked Masters cock in and out of me as my mouth did the same with Dave’s cock, my tongue teasing the tip of his cock’s head.

He moaned out as his hips bucked up off the couch slamming his cock into the back of my throat, I gagged, Master laughed.

I felt Master’s cock ramming in and out with force enough to rock my body ruthlessly. I felt sheer joy of my Master’s abuse toward my body as he shared me with his friend. I moaned out sending a vibration down Dave’s cock to his balls. Suddenly my head was ripped back off of Dave’s cock as I whimpered wanting more.

Master slammed his cock deep into my throbbing cunt hard enough to cause me to scream out with a mixture of pain and pleasure. “OH GOD YES!” I screamed.

Master pulled his cock from my dripping cunt. His hand still wrapped up in my long hair as he guided me to turn around to face him. I whimpered softly, wanting my holes filled. “I won’t allow cum to enter her body or mouth. Put this on.” Master instructed.

I knew it was a condom but didn’t rightly care at the moment. My cunt ached to be used and abused. I needed relief from this burning desire in me. As we patiently waited for the condom to be slipped on, Master Kartal Ucuz Escort decided he wanted to spank my round pale ass. “You need a bit of color in those cheeks.” He said and picked up his belt.

I began to shake but I nodded knowing there was no use in arguing. It was going to happen either way but I chose how hard and how many lashes I get. I lowered my chest to the ground spreading my legs as wide as they would go then braced myself from my Masters full swinging belt. I yelped out as the first strike hit across both ass cheeks. My body jumped forward from the force of Masters thrashing. Each strike felt like fire blazing hotter and hotter. Each hit, landing in the exact same spot, Master’s specialty. Each welt flaring up stinging my aching ass. Suddenly the belt came up and slapped my hot cunt with force that made me scream out and close my legs.

I knew instantly Master was glaring at me. I could feel the weight of his intense eyes. I shivered not even having to look up.

I heard the growl coming from deep within him and I began to sob uncontrollably. “I’m sorry Master! I’m so sorry. Please forgive me?! It was a natural reaction.” I sobbed out.

“One that you should no longer have.” He scolded me. But Master is a kind, gentle, man when he wishes it. Roughly yanking my hair making me look up and into his eyes. He snarled down at me and my tears sprung from my eyes and rolled down my cheeks instantly.

“We have company tonight but don’t think you can get away with this. It will be dealt with in MANY ways, at another time.” He informed me and I knew that I was in deep trouble but I nodded my understanding and Master nodded his back then roughly guided my mouth back to his standing cock. “Suck.” He ordered.

I obeyed immediately. Sucking him deep into my mouth and down my throat were my tongue played with the head of his cock. I took a deep breath, inhaling his scent as I plunged my mouth down shoving his cock down my throat trying to make amends for my misbehavior.

I felt Dave move closer behind me as Master guided my head up and down on his cock. “Her ass is nice and red and I’m sure it is burning quite a bit right now. Fuck her stinging cunt hard and deep and make sure you squeeze that ass. Keep it red.” Master instructed his friend.

I heard a chuckle as if he would truly enjoy this torture to my cunt and ass.

I whimpered and Masters grip on my hair tightened. “Your not protesting are you whore?” Master asked in a tone of voice that I knew instantly what my answer had better be.

I shook my head with wide innocent eyes straining to look up at Master.

“Good Girl.” Master praised me as he slammed his cock down my throat and held me there for what seemed like forever.

Suddenly I felt Dave’s cock press to my opening and his finger pressed to my tight ass hole. I heard him moan softly as I felt Master tightened his hold on me and I braced myself for the entry. To my dismay Dave slammed both his cock and his finger into the two holes.

My mouth opened in a muffled scream, as Master’s friend took no care in my pleasure as he fucked me hard and deep with both his protruding parts. I screamed over and over as his finger slammed in and out of my precious ass hole. Tears streamed down my face.

Just as my Master bent down to look into my tear filled eyes I felt my ass hole loosen up around Dave’s finger and I was finally able to relax a bit. “Do you wish this to stop?” Master whispered in my ear. I shook my head no as I could feel my orgasm rising from the deep depths of my insides. With a nod Master leaned back up and replaced his cock into my mouth.

The force of Dave’s fucking made my sucking Master’s cock easier for I didn’t have to move on my own much Dave did that for me.

I sucked Masters cock as hard and as deep as I could until I heard both men moaning and their breathing increasing from their pleasure. I could feel Dave’s cock throbbing inside my cunt with every thrust. I screamed out as I felt wave after wave of pleasure flow from my body. I sucked Master deeper and harder into my throat as I felt my orgasm explode. My cunt quivering caused Dave to cum long and hard and my mouth sucking Masters cock like it was a straw, the creamy thick stuff that usually don’t squirt from my Master, did, and gulped it down my throat like the hungry little slut that I am.

When both men were finished, they pulled out of me, Dave went to use the bathroom while I collapsed to the floor with exhaustion.

Master knelt at my head and I forced myself to crawl up into his lap the place where I’d rather be more then anywhere else in the world.

“Did you enjoy that my little slut?” He asked as he stroked my hair.

I moaned softly and nodded.

“Good girl. I am very proud of my good girl tonight.” He said softly with praise and pride.

I felt pride in myself at the moment his words echoed in my ears. “Thank you Master.” I said softly.

“Oh no my dear, You shall thank me in other ways.” He said but before I had a chance to ask more, Dave came out of the bathroom fully clothed and Master stood up and went in.

The silence between Dave and I was unbearable I couldn’t take it any longer. “Did you enjoy yourself Sir?” I asked softly looking up at him. He looked at me and I could see a pain in his eyes.

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