Do it! Ch. 03

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After making it back inside the estate, Deidra suggested we head back to her room, as it was closest, not to mention the fact she had a bit more interesting décor than I had in my room. In addition of course to a much wider variety of novelty’s which she had spoken to me about previously, and which I was rather anxious to see or even try out.

The fact we’d all been getting along together so well over the past few days added to that too. I had found myself becoming more and more comfortable around the two of them. And curious! So far, we had teased, even flirted a little making suggestive lewd comments, though appreciatively perhaps sizing one another up a little during the process. They also had another distinct advantage over me, in that they had both seen the size of my moderately large clit. Something they had both commented on as to wanting a much closer look at, which had aroused me considerably the more I thought about them doing just that.

We soon after reached Deidra’s rooms, as she led both Bella and I into her “Inner chambers” as they were called. Here, her bedroom was, with a bed that was even bigger than my own, nearly touching the walls on both sides, custom made obviously with just enough room to get out of it and walk around. Almost immediately she flipped a switch on the wall, the lighting suddenly changing from a subdued soft glow, to a deep rich red that momentarily took my eyes some time to adjust too. When they did however, I felt an excited, aroused thrill coursing through me at once. Just the lighting itself seemed sexual, naughty…dirty for some reason. And being as horny as I obviously was, it was the last ingredient I needed to overcome any inhibitions I might have been harboring.

“Well? Make yourselves comfortable,” she stated. “Can I fix anyone something to drink?”

“Maybe later on the drink,” I responded back. Taking advantage of the fact I had remained wearing only my robe, now slipping that off and sliding naked on top of her large oversize bed, just as Bella had already done.

“So…have you had…much experience with other women?” Bella asked. Lying close enough to me there on the bed, she’d allowed her hand to reach out, fingers just barely grazing one of my extended nipples as she asked me that.

“To be perfectly honest? No…I really haven’t. I went through a somewhat typical ‘curious-exploratory’ phase in college, but even then…I didn’t do much beyond some mutual petting, toying a little. Though one girl and I did sort of grind against one another until we came,” I said sharing with them, momentarily reliving the experience. I smiled inwardly to myself, it had been pretty nasty-hot at the time. “If my old school-mate Charlene could only see me now!” I thought to myself as Bella continued her gentle, yet very arousing tease of my hard nipple.

“You mean…you never went down on another woman, licked her pussy?” Deidra asked pleasantly surprised at hearing that. As she now slid in bed next to me effectively sandwiching me between the two of them. I laughed.

“No, believe it or not…I never have. Thought about it…plenty of times yes, and wondered what it would feel like, if it felt any different when a woman did it to me, as opposed to a man. But there again…being honest, I never have.” And then I laughed again after saying that. “You probably won’t believe this either. But that thing I did to that woman earlier this evening? When I basically clit-fucked her right there in front of everyone? That was a first for me too!” I told them.

“Well you could have fooled me!” Bella guffawed, almost shrieking hysterically. “Funniest, and horniest damn thing I’ve ever seen too! Daniel had it coming, and I for one was damn glad you took her down a few notches. I’ve been wanting to do something similar to her like that myself, but Master has kept me in check, biding his time. Though I know he’s done so looking for an opportunity to have a face to face with her idiot husband. Now it would appear, you managed to get him one,” Bella said actually looking impressed. “And I know he was grateful for that, which is also why…I think he allowed you to see what you did this evening. That really was a very influential group of people you were with tonight in case you hadn’t already guessed that!”

“I had a pretty good idea that they were. Mavis was it? Saw her earlier in the evening, sporting what had to have been several thousand dollars worth of diamonds on her at the time. And the other couple…the one’s wearing the masks? Though I heard her name, never did hear his…but even with the mask on, he looked vaguely familiar to me.”

“Guess its safe enough to tell you this now…but yeah, that was Senator Jack Evans. What’s funny about that is…he’s the one constantly tossing around religion waving it like a flag, talking about how we’ve gotten away from allowing religion in schools and such. If anybody knew…” she laughed even harder. “Anyway…back to this,” she said now reaching down brushing my pussy ever so slightly, causing a thousand goose-bumps to suddenly flair up all at once.

Bella lying off to one side of me, with Deidra now laying on the other, had both begun Ümraniye Esmer Escort to gently brush their hands and fingertips back and forth up and down my quivering flesh. Bella had also positioned one leg, now bent at the knee, which now almost obscenely, yet quite erotically, displayed herself to me as I looked over. Her pussy only a few inches away from my face now as we lay there head to toe now.

Besides the obvious differences in the size of our respective clits perhaps, hers being just slightly smaller than my own, though I had also seen many in porn films and photos of women who had what I thought were gi’normous clits, far larger than mine. But what I saw laying there looking at her was, her labia were far larger, which she now seemed to take delight in, stretching them out a bit, pulling on them with her fingers.

“Wow,” I found myself saying, not really having meant to, the words suddenly coming out however even before I’d realized it.

Bella giggled, which was strange in a way, as that wasn’t something you very often heard her do, especially when she purposely had her face on. Giggling wasn’t something one would ever consider as being part of her personality, or nature. And yet…here she was, doing just that.

“You have a larger than normal clit, and I have slightly larger than normal pussy lips. I’m thinking, we should each one take the time to enjoy touching, feeling…and perhaps even tasting the differences. What do you think?”

“I think…that sounds like a fine idea!” I said immediately rolling over, my head suddenly between her legs as I straddled her in what would eventually become a somewhat traditional ’69’, though at the moment, neither one of us ventured off into that. Myself, content to take a moment or two, just looking, fondling and playing with her a little. It had been a long time since I’d actually done anything like this, and I wasn’t about to rush it either. I wanted to take my time, let myself become even more aroused than I already was. And even as I did that, Deidra too got into the act, swinging around on the bed, with her own head next to Bella’s the two of them gazing at me with their eyes and fingers as they likewise explored me together.

That in and of itself was damn fucking hot, and I could feel the juices already beginning to pool just inside the opening of my sex. I was actually glad and delighted that neither one of them seemed to be in any big hurry either. Taking delight in their almost too gentle explorations, fingertip touches and probing, almost more ticklish than arousing. But it wasn’t even that so much, as it was hearing them actually talking about me as though I wasn’t even there as they discussed, imagined, and spoke quite obscenely about my very exposed pussy. Hearing that, was really getting me excited, so much so, that I allowed myself to explore even more than I had been, likewise sharing in their almost vulgar, obscene conversation.

“God, look at that little fucker!” Bella said dinging my hard clit with the tip of her finger, flicking it with her nail even, which stung at first…just a little, but then immediately became something far more than that. “Look, if you spread her lips apart like this, it makes it stand out even more. Look closely Deidra, it almost looks like a miniature cock, it even appears to have a nice glands surrounding it, nice little ridge that I’m thinking would enjoy being tongued.” Though I was slightly disappointed when she didn’t do that.

“Ooh, and look at that,” Deidra said, feeling her finger tip as it gently probed me for a moment, parting the folds of my inner core. Look how much sauce she’s producing, so slick, white and pasty. Bet that tastes damn fucking good too!”

I wanted to scream out, “So DO IT!” But I held myself in check, content as well, as I now pinched Bella’s lips between my fingers, now pulling on them…stretching them out fully, letting them go only to capture them and do it again to her.

“Oh yeah, I like that Maringa, keep pulling on them like that…but even harder than you are, and twist them a bit while you do, I really enjoy feeling that.”

I not only did that, but I yanked on them to, almost violently, flapping them about with my hands, yanking, twisting, and stretching them about as far as I dared. Even then, I still wasn’t doing it hard enough to suit her however.

“Harder than that honey,” she purred pleasurably. “Like you were actually trying to tear them off!”


“Yeah…seriously, you hot little cunt, come on…pull on my lips honey, let me feel a little pain here!”

“You know what she’d really enjoy feeling?” Deidra suddenly said sitting up.

“No, what?” I asked looking back, enjoying the rather decadent sight of Bella laying there staring at my cunt, just as I had been doing to hers. Excitedly, Deidra rolled out of the bed, running around the side of the bed across the room where an enormous bookcase filled the entire far wall. She opened one of the closed cabinets, which I now saw contained what had to be hundreds of different sized, colored candles. Taking one, she quickly lit it.

“Wait until you see this,” Ümraniye Eve Gelen Escort she said carrying the now lit candle back to bed with her. “And the really nice thing about this one is…it drips fast, burns fast too…but that makes it even better for doing this,” she added. Bella of course knew what she was about to do, and immediately extricated herself from beneath me, which was somewhat disappointing for me at that moment. I’d been only a few tongue tickles away from actually doing that.

“Hmm, I do love this,” Bella moaned long before Deidra had done anything to her. I of course immediately knew what she was about to do, though I’d never done it or experienced it myself. Always fearful about causing either myself…or someone else harm.

“How do you know…where, how?”

Deidra laughed. “Practice baby…lots and lots of practice!” She grinned, and then stood up on the bed, hovering over Bella’s body as she lay there cupping her own breasts, toying with her amazingly hard thick nipples.

“Start here Deidra,” Bella told her. “And then work your way down so that Maringa can see how to do it. After that, let her give it a try.”


I watched as Deidra held the candle, leaning it over a bit as the hot wax pooled just then rolling off the lip. It dripped. I lay there having moved around once again so as to get a much better look while she did this. The first two splattering drops of hot wax hitting the tip of Bella’s nipple almost perfectly, several others coating the lower half of her puckered areola, clinging to it, quickly hardening. Bella moaned deeply, the pleasured quick burn teasing her aroused flesh.

“Doesn’t that…hurt?” I asked inquisitively.

“Oh yes darling…but in a very, very good way,” Bella moaned again as Deidra tipped the candle once more, hot drippings of wax now coating the upper half of her rather large, dark areolas, as well as splashing and almost fully covering her nipple itself now. “Oh fuck!” She cried out as it did, obviously savoring the intensity of the sensation as the wax quickly cooled, once again hardening, capturing her nipple in a waxy cocoon.

“Here Maringa…you do the other one,” Deidra said holding out the candle to me. I quickly stood, nervously accepting the candle from her as the two of us now stood over Bella. Looking down at her, one breast almost fully saturated with a red crusty caking, looked extremely erotic, and I found myself wondering what it would feel like.

“Right about there yes,” Deidra instructed judging the near perfect height at which I should pour it, only then beginning to as I likewise attempted to aim the first few drops against the point of Bella’s uncovered nipple. She groaned, moaning deeply again as several drops hit, most of which in fact landed against her bare nipple and surrounding areola. I adjusted my aim, moving it over a bit, and succeeded in covering it completely, just as Deidra had done. “Nicely done!” She complimented, taking the candle back. “Now…comes the fun part!”

I knew where she was going, and momentarily found myself surprised, though she quickly answered my unspoken question. “Only one or two drops,” she told me. “Just enough to make it sting good, but not so much that you cover her clit like we did her nipples. Takes too long having to dig it all out for one thing,” she chuckled. “And nothing worse than a waxy-tasting cunt!”

Her aim was perfect, and just as she’d indicated, she only allowed a couple of drops to actually splatter against Bella’s clit, which she had herself revealed even more vulnerably, holding her pussy lips a part with her hands. Once again Bella groaned, even more deeply this time, squirming about on the bed, savoring the intensity of the titillating burn on her exposed tender clit.

“And now…we peel it all off,” Deidra informed me. She then placed a small towel over Bella’s tummy, reaching up and began to lift the now hardened wax off Bella’s breasts and nipples placing it on the towel. “You do the other one,” which I began doing. Exposing the somewhat reddened tender flesh beneath as we slowly stripped away the wax still clinging to her flesh. Even that seemed pleasurable to her as we did so, eventually peeling it all off. I now watched as Deidra began tonguing Bella’s left breast, joining in, doing the same to her right one.

“Oh fuck that feels good!” Bella expelled, her now even more sensitized flesh being teased and caressed by our rapidly flicking tongues as we teased her tits simultaneously. I spent what felt like a lavish amount of time sucking and licking her hard fat nipples, quite enjoying myself as that too hadn’t been something I had much experience in doing before.

“I’ll let you have the honors,” Deidra told me, now pointing with her eyes down between Bella’s legs. A bit more wax lay waiting for us there as well, as I grinned, slithering down her nude form, now staring once again at her openly displayed pussy. There, three or four spots of wax clinging to her lips, as well as a rather large one actually covering most of her almost injured looking clit. I carefully, and gingerly peeled that way, though using my Ümraniye Evi Olan Escort tongue to help in doing so. I felt a thrill course through me as Bella shivered excitedly, her hand coming up to rest itself against the back of my head. With the wax now gone, joining the pile we’d created on her tummy, Deidra removed the towel as I even more comfortably situated myself between her legs.

“Oh yeah Maringa, eat me baby…suck my cunt, lick my pussy!” she now demanded as my tongue for the first time ever, began lapping away at her sopping wet split.


As I lay there enjoying my first pussy ever, licking and sucking her very tender clit, Deidra, not to be left out by any means, crawled around behind me. Seconds later, she had me scoot up slightly, still bent over, still licking, and now fingering Bella’s extremely wet cunt. I had an idea, and was expecting her to momentarily begin doing the same thing to me. But even now she surprised me a bit. Still kneeling behind me as I did, I felt her lips, mouth kissing and biting the flesh of my ass. One finger, and then two splitting my clit in a “V” as she massaged it, teasing it capturing it between her nimble fingers, rolling it around which began driving me nuts. If I thought that was intensely pleasurable, I had as yet an even bigger surprise in store for me.

“Holy shit!” I exclaimed, speaking right into Bella’s cunt as the realization of what Deidra was doing hit me. Never before in my life had I ever been ‘rimmed’ either, and now…here I was. Deidra’s tongue tickling me in a way that I’d actually never really considered before. Sure…I had on some few occasions, double finger-fucked myself, and enjoyed the twice-over sensation of it whenever I had. But to actually have someone now licking, tonguing me there, wasn’t something I had anticipated or certainly expected.

“Like that huh?” Deidra mouthed continuing to finger-fuck me, still spearing my tight little opening with her tongue simultaneously. “Me too,” she added…”So keep that in mind when it’s your turn,” she informed me.

I had latched my lips around Bella’s clit, pulling on it quite severely, not even realizing that I had as Deidra’s tongue dove repeatedly in and out of my ass, her fingers doing things to my clit at this point that I didn’t think possible. I’d already felt the beginnings of an unexpected orgasm begin, which is why perhaps I clamped down on Bella’s clit the way that I had. She giggled once again, feeling me do so, though it had likewise brought a bit of additional intensity to her as my mouth surrounded her hard firm clit, working it forcefully.

“I think you’re gonna make her cum doing that,” Bella told Deidra…which is fucking fine with me, because the way she’s sucking my clit at the moment…she’s gonna make me cum too!”


Ted actually laughed, startling the young Novice kneeling between his legs as she dutifully continued sucking his cock, hands and feet bound together, a black drape completely covering her so that ‘Master’ had no idea which Novice she was. He turned off the monitor in Deidra’s room, pleased with what he had seen and witnessed, adding to his own level of arousal, though now it was time to get back to business.

Standing near the doorway, Belinda, one of the most trusted and senior of the Attendings stood nearby, her face stoic as she stood there watching. Melanie, the young Novice was one of her two charges. Her performance, or lack thereof, would weigh heavily on any favors Master were to show her going forward. Well aware of his impending orgasm, he of course gave no hint of it, letting it happen when it did, gauging the young woman’s response to it seconds later when he began filling her mouth with his semen.

As he had expected, the young Novice whose identity remained a secret to him, continued sucking, draining his cock as she’d been taught to do. In that at least she’d won favor, though her technique and style still needed further improvement. A simple nod of his head towards Belinda brought her over towards him, carrying the collar she held in her hand. A tap on the young girls shoulder beneath the cape caused her to sit up at once, releasing Master’s prick. The moment she did that, Belinda smoothed the cape down fully over her head, securing the collar around her neck on the outside of it before releasing the bonds securing her arms and legs together.

“A bit too tentative, too soft,” he told Belinda, though all in all she had done fairly well. “See to it she spends two hours in the phallic room,” he stated. “Teach her a bit more forceful technique.” The cloaked hidden woman stood, her identity remaining unknown so that Master neither showed her too much favor, or judged her too severely if later running into her. Belinda smiled inwardly however, no one ever went away without additional time in the phallic room, practicing, learning to improve and perfect their techniques. But it was rarer still even then that Master didn’t demand several hours of it during the course of a week. It had been in a sense a great compliment, until Master looked down at himself after the woman stood. There was a line of his spending clinging to the underside of his balls. He frowned, looking up at the Attending. “She missed some,” he said glancing down at himself, his look no longer pleased. “You will see to it she is given additional time in ‘consumption’ “, he told the Attending. “And you as well are to report to Mistress Bella before noon tomorrow!”

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