Chrissy the Slut Prequel Ch. 01

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I am telling the story of Chrissy, a total Slut but one that is more than happy to be a slut. This is a short tale of how Chrissy developed in to the slut she is today. There is a full tale of her current life to follow once it has been edited.

All Characters are entirely fictional and over 18. I will take liberties with what is possible both physically and by using locations which would normally involve being locked up but as I said this is a work of fiction so why stick to all of the rules.

There are undertones of incest but those involved are step brothers and step father so fair game, but if this topic will offend please move on.

I am a total amateur and write purely for fun, I know the majority enjoy these stories and I am re publishing after removing them so you may have seen these before, for those that just wish to complain that there are mistakes in spelling and grammar please move on as well, I realise that I am nowhere near perfect but don’t want to waste someone else’s time by getting them edited, so if you are expecting a professional level or even a good level you probably should read something else.

Chrissy the slut

Chapter one

Chrissy knew she was a slut, she had known since shortly after her 18th birthday. She stood naked in front of her full length mirror, she was 22 and tall for a woman she went 5’10” in bare feet, her heels when she wore them took her over 6ft. She had very firm and shapely C cup breasts with her nipples sat high on top they were a pale pink, long, fat and always hard, her stomach was flat, and her pussy was smooth. Chrissy had gone through laser treatments on several occasions to ensure her smoothness, parting her legs Chrissy reached down and pushed her hips forward, her pussy lips were very fleshy and hung down below her smooth skin, when stimulated they puffed up and looked even more prominent. Chrissy turned and examined her backside looking back over her shoulder, as with her tits her backside had no sag it was firm and very nicely shaped. Turning back once more to face the mirror Chrissy squatted down and with one hand parted her fleshy pussy lips, with the other she began to gently rub her clit, it didn’t take Chrissy long to make herself come, once she had finished She walked over towards her wardrobe.

It was a warm day so Chrissy picked out a skirt and a cropped top, she slid the extremely short skirt up her long legs, she had to wear the skirt low on her hips so that it covered her pussy, it was so narrow only 6″ from waist to hem that she was close to being exposed both above and below the narrow band of material. She then pulled on her cropped top, it was like her skirt very minimal, it hung below her breasts but only just, Chrissy knew that she could tug on the back a little and the front would raise enough to show the lower half of her breasts, it was several sizes too large so that when she lent forwards it hung away from her body and exposed her breasts.

Chrissy had thrown out all of her underwear quite a while ago and so never wore either bra or panties she did own a few bikinis and just like her other clothes they too were very minimal, she pulled on some heels before she brushed her long wavy and thick chestnut hair. Chrissy vary rarely wore makeup as it really wasn’t worth it She had perfect flawless skin, big brown eyes and looked perfect without even trying, she left her room and went to say goodbye to her parents.

Her mum and dad had got used to how Chrissy dressed; they had spent a long time in the past complaining with no effect and had long since given up. The more that they had complained the less she appeared to wear. Chrissy as she often did made sure her back was to her step father when she bent to kiss her mother good bye, she knew all of her outfits well enough that should her dad look over towards her he would now know she wore no panties. She didn’t even look back to see if he had noticed before she left the house and started the short walk towards the bus stop.

Chrissy’s parents lived in a small village on the South East coast of England. She had moved back home recently after splitting up with her last boyfriend, he couldn’t accept her somewhat different lifestyle and after a few weeks of him trying to control her she had left, now single again she planned on having some fun.

As soon as Chrissy had left her parents drive she reached back and with a gentle tug on her shirt raised the front, a large portion of the lower half of her breasts was now exposed, she then rolled over the top of her thin skirt. She looked down and smiled as she added another fold, she now showed off the very beginning of her slit above the skirt a few more millimetres and her clit would peep out.

As she walked past her neighbours house she saw Mr Baines mowing his front lawn, she knew Mr Baines watched her sunbathing from behind his curtains and she had on occasions given him a show in the garden, he was an old man mid-sixties and he had been alone gaziantep escort since his wife had died a few years ago, Chrissy lifted her hand high and waved feeling her shirt rise enough to expose one pink nipple as she did so.

Chrissy approached the old wooden bus shelter, there were two young lads already waiting for the bus they stood smoking to one side of the small hut like structure. They both watched Chrissy as she approached, as she got closer they both realised that they could see things they hadn’t expected to. Lots of skin was being displayed, her long legs topped by a micro mini skirt appeared even longer and as she walked her breasts bounced, the friction between her top and her nipples kept her nipples rigid and they very clearly showed through her thin top.

Chrissy had spent a lot of time practicing what she called her flashing moves and had them off perfectly. Sometimes she liked blatant and sometimes accidental as she had just done to her neighbour. She started with accidental, when she was within about twenty steps of the two guys she slung her handbag over her right shoulder, as she had practiced and all in one move she trapped her top under the strap baring her right breast completely. Chrissy didn’t need to look down to know her whole breast including her now rock hard pale pink nipple was pointing at the two guys, She ignored them completely as she walked past noticing their open mouthed stares out of the corner of her eye. Once she had passed them and they could no longer see her face Chrissy allowed herself a smile

Picking the seat that was directly opposite where they stood Chrissy sat down and lowered her bag into her lap. Feeling the cloth of her top slip down a little but catching on her long hard nipple, it didn’t descend all of the way. Chrissy pulled out her mirrored shades from her bag and slipped them on, she liked that she could watch what effect she was having without anyone knowing if she was looking at them, she looked slightly away from the two guys but made sure she could still watch them.

Chrissy placed her bag next to her and almost laughed at the look of disappointment when her top slipped off her nipple until it again covered her breast. Again using a practiced move Chrissy twisted slightly in search of her mobile phone deep inside her bag, as she twisted her knees parted. She knew she had their full attention now and was being far from subtle her knees were further apart than necessary but she also knew that her pussy was still wet from her earlier masturbation and as her legs parted she knew her pussy lips were also parted, she almost came as she felt a dribble of her own juices run down her slit.

Once the bus had arrived Chrissy stood up smiling as she watched both men adjusting themselves. After she had showed her pass to the bus driver she walked slowly towards the stairs to the top floor, she knew that she would be followed and wanted them close behind her before she climbed the steep stairs to the top deck. Once the two men were close behind her again she started the short climb, pushing her bottom out slightly as she climbed the stairs she knew her wet pussy would be on full display to the two men following behind her.

There were two banks of side facing seats on the empty top deck of the bus Chrissy picked one side and as she expected the two men sat directly opposite. Chrissy put her bag down next to her and slipped off her shades, looking directly at the two men she reached up and pulled her top off over her head. She knew the next stop on the edge of town was about fifteen minutes away so couldn’t take too long, her top now laid on her bag Chrissy stood up the two men speechless just stared. Her skirt was elasticated at the waist and dropped to the floor in a second, Chrissy turned and bent to collect it her pussy inches from the two flushed faces. Once she was sitting back down Chrissy pushed off her heels making herself completely naked she then parted her legs as wide as possible and as she had earlier at home she spread open her pussy before attacking her already swollen clit. She watched the two guys staring at her open pussy, both were rubbing themselves though their trousers now not caring that they were on a public bus.

Chrissy wanted to time this right so she left her clit alone and slipped three fingers into her wet hole, after a few more minutes she began to rub her clit again, as she neared her climax her hips raised off the seat, she squirted as she reached her orgasm. Chrissy smiled as she noticed a wet patch suddenly appear in one guys lap before she quickly dressed. Chrissy pressed the bell and went back down the stairs, at the next stop she left the bus and headed towards a nearby pub.

Chrissy knew she only had a fairly short time here as she wanted to be in a busy pub in the harbour by the time the football game started this afternoon, she didn’t care what the game was just that the pub she had in mind was usually packed with mostly konya escort men. She was also meeting up with her friend Emma on the way for a quick coffee, but Chrissy had a little time to play first, she liked the pub she was now walking into, but hadn’t been here for the duration of her last relationship but today her plan was everything in excess, partly to make up for lost time and partly to rid herself of the memories of her ex.

The pub was close to a lorry park where long distance drivers parked up while waiting for their channel crossings into Europe. It was often busy and often mostly if not all of the customers were men. She had an agreement with the landlord Dave so he knew what she got up to, Chrissy occasionally gave him a treat to ensure he continued to let her behave like she did in his pub.

Chrissy sat up at the bar on one of the high stools; Dave said hi and passed her a beer he didn’t need to ask what she wanted. Chrissy looked around the bar it wasn’t busy only 11 people all male, there were two playing pool. Chrissy picked up her drink and walked over placing a £1 coin on the side of the table, “play the winner” she said before putting her drink on a nearby table and going into the toilets. Once out of sight she added yet another turn over to her skirt and pulled it up a little, she still showed the very top of her pussy slit but now her pussy and the lower curves of her bottom were uncovered. With her skirt now a three inch band Chrissy felt a dribble of juice as she thought about how much she would be showing as she bent over the table.

Chrissy only had to wait a few minutes before the game finished, the winner was an older guy around fifty Chrissy thought, a bit overweight but she didn’t care, she made sure that she was facing the table where the loser was sitting as she squatted down to retrieve the balls so that she could put them up onto the table, he choked on his beer when he saw her bare smooth pussy. With her knees wide apart and her pussy dripping wet he could clearly see her pink interior as her pussy gapped open.

Chrissy flipped a coin and won, she elected to break. Leaning forwards over the table her skirt rose baring her from behind, she heard her opponent gasp as first her pussy and then her puckered arsehole came into view, at the same time her loose top fell away from her body. With a slight raise of her shoulders her top moved enough to expose her hanging breasts from the sides, a view most of the pub now had. As Chrissy grazed her nipples across the green cloth of the pool table she nearly came, the mixture of exposure and her sensitive nipples almost enough to send her over the edge. Chrissy broke potting nothing and stood to the side waiting for her next turn.

Her opponent sank two balls before missing a difficult shot. Chrissy didn’t play to win she played for a different reason, ignoring a fairly easy shot she went for a longer stretch she leant right over the table and stretched as much as possible, Chrissy had stood back from the table edge to make sure she needed to stretch fully. When she knew her rear end was completely exposed and pointed back towards the main bar and again her nipples were gently rubbing on the table top she paused to make sure everyone could appreciate the view before taking her shot.

She was surprised when she actually potted the ball. Chrissy stood back up again feeling her top drop back into place, she looked for the next shot. Chrissy noticed that all of the pubs occupants were now watching the pool game. All of them had moved closer, even Dave the landlord stood behind the bar as close to the pool table as possible, probably with his cock in hand thought Chrissy.

As she moved around the table Chrissy found a difficult shot but she knew that when she bent over the table her backside would be only inches from where her opponent sat sipping his pint, it would also show her tits to the bar side of the table. Chrissy stood as close as possible to where her opponent sat before slowly leaning forwards should feel the thin material of her skirt sliding up over her butt as she bent and she heard another gasp as her pussy emerged from below the hem. She was almost rubbing her pussy in his face as he sat trapped between her and his chair. As she felt a trickle of moisture run down her inner thigh she smiled he was so close he must have seen it. When her pussy was this wet Chrissy knew she opened up like a flower her pussy lips would be slightly swollen and her opening and its pink interior would be very visible.

Shuffling her stance a little pretending to line up the shot while moving her feet wider apart and even further back, she could feel hot breath on her soaking pussy, happy with what she was now showing behind her, a pussy wet and open right in her opponents face. Chrissy next managed to accidentally catch the butt of the pool cue inside her top as if by accident.

When she struck the white ball she simultaneously shoved her wet pussy back in kayseri escort to her opponents face feeling his rough face against her sensitive flesh, while with her cue she pulled her top forward until it was caught in her armpits both breast swung fee and bare for the whole bar to see. For the first time since she arrived she shuddered as she had a small orgasm. She stood carefully and as she hoped her top slipped down but snagged on her nipples which again she didn’t notice, Chrissy had practiced a lot and knew how to move smoothly so that she could keep her top were it was. With most of her breasts now bare her pink nipples throbbed from being so hard, Chrissy had everyone’s sole attention and only a few balls had been sunk.

Chrissy walked over to the bar after her shot, she hadn’t even hit another ball so her opponent had two shots. Her opponent looked quite bemused, as he stood Chrissy noted a fairly obvious bulge in his trousers that hadn’t been there before. Chrissy asked Dave if she was OK to continue playing, he knew his customers and after a quick glance around the pub he knew none were upset and all were waiting for Chrissy to take her next shot.

Dave noticed Chrissy had hardy touched her drink, he always watched because he knew she would often pretend to be drunk even though he knew she hadn’t been drinking. He had once asked her about it, and her reply was I get away with much more when people think I’m drunk.

Chrissy’s opponent potted two balls with one shot, he hadn’t been trying to, and his plan was to prolong this game as long as possible but his next shot he made sure he potted the white giving Chrissy two shots.

With permission to play from the landlord Chrissy went back over to her opponent. With a very convincing drunken slur she asked if he wanted to make the game more interesting. He wasn’t positive this game could possibly get any more interesting but said “sure what do you have in mind?”

Chrissy said “I bet with my next shot I can pot two balls like you did, if I do you buy me a drink”, she hadn’t even looked at the table and had hardly touched the drink she had, but wasn’t planning on even trying to pot anything.

“And if you miss?” Her opponent asked.

“I play the rest of the game naked” Chrissy replied while staying in her drunken mode.

He would have taken the bet anyway but could see that the white ball was tucked behind one of his balls. She would be very lucky to hit a ball of her own let alone pot two, “deal” he said, “and you have two shots by the way” he reminded her.

With the ball where it was Chrissy saw she could do nothing so tried to play sideways. With her tits hanging mostly out of her top and her skirt raised again, she heard men behind moving for a better view. She felt her pussy throb thinking about soon playing naked in a room full of men. She took her shot and hit nothing at all, Chrissy looked up and said “shame no drink for me”. “No clothes either” said her opponent laughing.

I don’t think he or anyone else that had heard the bet actually thought this beautiful woman would strip in a pub and play pool, it was something that may happen in a porno film not in real life.

Chrissy nodded and said “a bets a bet” she was standing directly in front of the man in the small gap between his chair and the pool table. As he was standing up now there was less space than when she had shoved her pussy in his face. Chrissy put her pool cue down and pulled her shirt up and over her head with her breasts now fully exposed her pussy become even wetter. Dropping her top onto a chair she pushed her skirt down past her hips until she felt it slide to the floor. Chrissy stepped out of her skirt and bending from the waist picked it up before placing her top and skirt with her shoulder bag, turning back towards the table she said “two shots for you I think.”

Chrissy had watched herself in the mirror often enough to know how good she looked naked, most of the men in the pub were middle aged lorry drivers and she knew her young firm body would be causing a few cocks to swell.

Chrissy reached up and gently rubbed one nipple then the other, they were rock hard and the sensation made her groan. Chrissy made sure she stood opposite her opponent as he lined up his next shot, her crotch was above the edge of the table so he had a great view as Chrissy dragged one finger up the length of her slit parting her fleshy lips and allowing just the tip of her finger to dip inside her soaking hole as she passed it by.

Chrissy had two shots again, she knew he was trying to keep her at the table and at the moment that suited them both. Chrissy knew she needed to go in about thirty minutes and she needed to cum first, she hadn’t made her mind up how yet but knew she would.

Chrissy adopted a stance that would be fine on a snooker table but was not really needed for pool. She stood on her left leg with her right knee up on the tables edge, as she leant forwards she felt her pussy open up, the men behind she knew could now see into her open pussy, her free tits swung below her as she took her shot. As the game progressed it became clear that neither Chrissy nor her opponent was going to pot anything, Chrissy because she lacked the skills and her opponent because the rest of the pub would have killed him had he ended the game.

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