Anna and Arin: Sheer Submission

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Anna had just settled down on the sofa, the television playing in the background when Arin stepped through the door. He always had a radiant smile on his face when he first saw her and tonight was no different. He sat his things down on the table by the door and plopped down on the floor in front of her. The show they often watched together had just started.

“Hard day?” she asked, slipping her bare foot into his lap.

“A hard week. It seems like forever since we’ve had a quiet night together with nothing pressing to do,” he muttered, placing a soft kiss on her instep before kneading the ball of her foot.

“I see someone has been too busy to shave for several mornings,” she teased, running a finger over the small amount of scruff on his cheek.

“Oh, well not everyone can be as amazingly soft as you all the time,” he said, leaning to playfully rub the scruff against her smooth legs.

Anna couldn’t help but laugh and kick him away. He chuckled, taking her other foot to continue the massage with one eye on the television. They sat for a few minutes watching and enjoying the calm of the night. Arin’s strong hands slowly worked their way up her calf, slipping a little higher every few minutes. Occasionally, he would leave small kisses along his path upward. It was very clear what destination he had in mind. Sometimes she wondered if he would spend the rest of his life between her legs if she let him.

“You COULD be soft all the time, pet. If you wanted to be. If…I wanted you to be,” she said, teasing his cock through his pants with her free foot. He exhaled deeply at the sudden sensation and turned to meet her eyes.

“I guess I could shave more often…I was just in a hurry…grading papers…finals,” he muttered, lifting his hips slightly to move against her foot.

“I meant a different kind of soft. In fact, we could make a night of it,” she said, pulling away from his growing erection to switch off the television. “Do you trust me?”

Arin turned all the way around, his eyes searching hers, and nodded. He didn’t seem to care what he was agreeing to anymore as long as he could do it with her. Ever since the restaurant, there had been a shift somewhere below the surface. Slowly, it was becoming less like the arrangement she had planned. Every time he looked at her like that a part of her wondered if she should let him loose. Yet she found herself pushing forward and wanting more. Always more. She rose from the sofa and glanced down at him with a smile.

“Go sit on the kitchen counter by the sink. I’ll show you how soft you can be,” she said, slipping off into the bedroom to retrieve something special to her.

The straight razor was double-edged with a carbon steel blade. The sturdy boxwood handle was etched by hand. It was one-of-a-kind and still as sharp as the day she received it as a gift. She nestled it back into its leather case and made her way to the kitchen where Arin was sitting as bid. His legs suddenly stopped swinging as he eyed the case in her hand.

“Have you ever had a proper shave?” she asked, laying the case beside him and filling the sink with warm water.

“You mean like from a Barber in the old-fashioned way? No. Never,” he said, shifting on the counter with an interested look on his face.

“It’s delicate work. Particularly when shaving sensitive areas. Have you ever shaved anywhere besides your face?” she asked, grinning at his flushed cheeks when she revealed the shiny blade.

“I did keep my legs shaved one season when I was cycling a lot. For road rash, of course. Um…so you have used that thing before?” he asked.

She smiled, taking his chin between her index finger and thumb to position his face. He seemed to relax a bit when she started to lather the shaving cream across his cheeks. His blue eyes were fixed on hers as his hands reached out to touch her in any way they could manage.

“I know that you can be a good boy and hold very still. After all, you want to be soft for me. Don’t you, Arin?” she whispered, pushing his head back gently and pressing her body into his.

The cool blade glided down his throat, leaving a clean path through the shaving cream. His breathing was growing heavier and his hands left her hips to grip the counter on each side of him. Only one part of him twitched excitedly at her words.

“Yes…if that’s what you want…I’ll be anything for you,” he whispered as she sloshed the cream-covered blade in the sink.

“Even if it’s uncomfortable to do so? Even if it’s…painful?” she asked, looking deep into his eyes.

“Painful? Why would it be painful unless you cut me with that thing?” he chuckled nervously, eyeing the blade in her hand.

“It can be painful to stretch yourself…to slip out of your comfort zone and let yourself go somewhere Ümraniye Escort you’ve never been,” she said, giving him a reassuring smile before continuing with the shave.

Soon every trace of scruff was swimming in the sink. He smiled, slipping his hand over the smooth surface of his wet face and started to scoot off the counter. When she shook her head and pushed him back, the relief on his face quickly retreated.

“We can’t stop at your face, pet. Either you’re all in or you’re not,” she said, glancing down at the tent in his shorts.

Arin drew a deep breath and swallowed hard, slipping off the counter. He wiggled out of his clothes, laying them on the counter and returned to his previous position. His cock stood at attention, twitching with each beat of his heart.

“Think you can maintain that while I do your legs? It will be much easier to shave around a cock when it’s hard,” she breezed, pulling up a kitchen chair to work on his right leg.

“Gawd, Anna…are you trying to scare it away? Just the thought of that thing near my cock frightens me enough as-is.”

“No, pet. It isn’t YOUR cock anymore. It belongs to me, remember? And I can scare it all I like,” she teased, paying close attention to her work.

Arin bit his bottom lip, trying but failing to hide his arousal. He hadn’t quite gotten used to the idea of not owning a part of his body anymore. It always seemed to make him squirm when she reminded him of it.

His legs took longer than she anticipated, but soon they were just as smooth and shiny as hers. She couldn’t help but run her hands over them and imagine how perfect they would look in stockings. Even after months of exploring his body, she didn’t realize what a great pair of legs he had until that moment. When she finally raised her eyes to his he seemed to be trying to read her mind.

“Arms up,” she ordered, standing to continue stripping him of every masculine trace. He did as bid and chuckled to himself. “What’s so funny?” she asked.

“I was just thinking…Samson never had it so good with Delilah. She shaved away his strength. What is it you are taking away?” he asked, smiling over at her and causing her to chuckle in turn.

As she examined his body carefully she considered his question. She certainly didn’t want to take away his strength. Somehow, even on his knees, he seemed to give off a quiet confidence that she had never seen in another man before. A smile breached her lips as she took in the sparse gray hairs near his temples. The truth was: she didn’t want to take anything from him. His strength and experience was part of what appealed to Anna. It wasn’t about taking anything away. All of this was about giving. She was giving him permission to be weak.

There was very little hair on his chest as it was, and the faint patch leading south was just too cute to shave. As she ran the freshly sharpened blade around his throbbing dick he tensed. He bit the inside of his cheek, frozen in place as if at any moment she might slip and cut it off. When she finally finished, she stood back from the counter with a pleased smile, eyeing him up and down. Most of his body was wet and glistening with shaving cream remnants.

“See, doesn’t that feel much better? A whole new pet,” she said, returning to his side with a broad smile. “Now bend over the counter. We only have one more spot to get.”

His eyes glazed over with confusion before finally realizing what it was she was implying. When he deduced that she was speaking about his ass, his face turned bright red. Arin cleared his throat, focusing on the kitchen table instead of Anna’s face that was inches from his. She turned him around slowly and pushed him over the counter, encouraging his legs to spread apart for her.

“I…um…well…okay, I already shaved there the night before last. I thought you might like less hair there when you…” his voice trailed off and a small shiver overtook him. Her finger slid over his smooth entrance with no intention of pushing its way inside.

Anna let his words linger in the air for as long as possible. He had taken the initiative to shave his ass but left the area around his cock as it had been since she claimed it. This seemingly small gesture meant something. This wasn’t just a game they played in the bedroom or a public bathroom. It was something that he carried with him when she wasn’t around. It was real. When she took his hand and led him to the bathroom, her heart was racing.

She ran a hot bath, adding oils and bath salts. The soft light of the living room was the only illumination in the room so she lit a candle that she left on the edge of the tub. When the bath was filled enough she nodded for him to get inside. He must have thought the bath was for her because he just stared Anadolu Yakası Escort for a moment.

“Get in, pet. The water’s just right,” she said, offering a small smile as he hesitantly grasped the edge and eased himself into the water.

“This scent is…um…floral isn’t it?” he asked, shifting in the tub to look into her eyes.

Everything about him seemed uncertain and pliable at that moment. This was Arin stripped bare. He wanted so deeply to give of himself. Someone taking care of him seemed to be a completely foreign concept.

“They’re some of my best oils. They will make your skin so very soft. In case you were wondering, the smell lasts quite a while. Do you like the scent?”

“Um…yes…I mean it’s nice, luxurious even. But I still have trouble understanding why you’d want your man to, well, smell pretty,” he said, blushing.

“First of all, you’re not my man. You’ll never need to be that with me. Second of all, why wouldn’t I want what’s Mine to smell and feel nice?” she asked. Her voice was low and calm as she ran a wet cloth over his back.

She slipped the soapy cloth over his neck and made her way slowly down his smooth chest, sliding lower still. When the rag slipped beneath the surface of the water and grazed his cock he let out a soft whimper that seemed to echo in the quiet bathroom. Her fingers teased relentlessly until his body seemed moments from release. His deep breathing mixed with the steam of the water was making her head just a bit woozy. He wasn’t the only one that was dripping wet.

“When you’ve finished your bath, I’m going to dress you in something very soft and delicate. I’m sure you already know what I’m going to do next,” she whispered, slipping out of her wet shirt and tossing it into the hamper.

“I’m never sure of anything with you, Anna…but I have some idea. I suppose my shaving back there was sort of asking for it,” he muttered, his eyes drinking in the fullness of her breasts.

“Mhmm now we both know how much you like it…how much you want it. No more pretending to be what you’re not,” she said, massaging shampoo into his scalp.

“It’s just so…freeing. Like I could live in this place and never go back. Still, it feels like I’m not doing enough for you. You should be the center of attention. Not me.”

Anna shook her head and rolled her eyes. She was a grown woman. There was no need for her to be the center of attention all the time. She dabbed the dripping water off his forehead before it slid into his eyes. His attention was focused on her as if he might float away at any moment and she was his anchor.

“Now that you mention it, there is something I’d like from you,” she said, standing to slip out of her black lace panties and into the tub with him. “I’d like to teach you how to kiss.”

His eyes lit up at her words and a deep grunt escaped his throat when she slid her ass down his stomach to settle between his legs. It only took a moment for him to wrap her up with his arms and legs.

“Finally? I’ve wanted to for so long…it’s just you said you don’t kiss subs,” he said, his face buried in her hair as he pulled her even closer to him.

Anna wiggled loose and turned to face him, looking into his eyes with an amused smile on her lips. She knew he had been wanting to kiss her since the first night she met him but she still couldn’t manage to break her own rule. Rules were extremely important to a Domme after all. They were binding. Still, the heat of the moment seemed almost too much to bear.

“Who said I’d be teaching you how to kiss ME?” she teased, leaning back against the opposite side of the tub and enjoying the confusion on his face. “I mentioned that I enjoy watching two men together. Didn’t I?”

His eyes widened and it was a long time before he found his voice again. She had time to wash her hair, bathe, and start to drain the tub before he figured out what to say. When he did speak, his words were soft and a lot less nervous than she would have anticipated. She stood to wrap him in a soft pink towel, as he tried to deny he’d ever want to be with a man. One night when he’d had too much wine he had admitted to kissing a roommate in college but the next morning he had shied away from the subject. When she flipped him around his face was almost as pink as the towel around him.

“Close your eyes and shut up. It’s time for a lesson,” she said, running light fingertips over his eyelids and tilting his head just so. “When you kiss you must always remember one thing. You must remember the feeling of this against your skin.”

He smiled softly as she ran a silk robe along his smooth chest, stopping to brush ever so gently against his nipples and then bringing it to his lips. Every touch against his skin seemed to set him on İstanbul Escort fire all over again. By the time she pulled the silk away Arin was panting and harder than she’d ever seen him before. It seemed a struggle to keep his eyes closed.

“Now open your eyes and show me what you think I mean,” she said, pointing at the side of her neck for him to practice on.

Gently, he landed a soft peck on her neck, followed by another slow peck. When she pushed him away and shook her head he tried very hard not to frown. His brows were furrowed with concentration as she continued with her instruction.

“You’re not a bird, Arin. Pecking is not how I want you to kiss.” She took his hand, turning it to expose the soft flesh of his wrist and ever so softly brushed her lips against it. Delicately, she slid her tongue over the skin, teasing with every caress.”Like this. Soft. Gentle. Just like silk.”

He groaned softly, watching her every move. His other hand reached to grip his throbbing cock and Anna could tell he was reaching the point of no return. There was no way this could go on any longer before he got down on his knees and begged for it. His next kiss against her collarbone made every cell in her body tingle. It was perfect. When she handed him one of her pink nighties from her dirty hamper, he didn’t hesitate to put it on. When the words Bedroom and Now left her lips, her pet was bolting out of the room leaving only wet footprints on the floor behind him.


When she finally came into the bedroom she was wearing one of Arin’s dress shirts from the hamper and another man’s boxers. Arin was running his fingertips over his smooth thighs, but he immediately sat up when he saw her standing in the doorway. The shirt was just long enough to hide the flesh-colored strap-on.

“Spread your legs for me like a good girl,” she said, a wicked grin on her face as she approached. Her voice was low and less gentle than it had been in the bathroom.

Arin’s face turned a deep red and his cock twitched beneath the silky nightgown as he opened his legs. He was too far gone to hesitate even after being called a girl.

Anna slipped onto the bed, positioning herself between his open legs and slowly lifted the shirt. A deep exhale of breath left Arin’s mouth as he examined the cock that was much larger than his. Tentatively, he reached out a hand slipping his fingers lightly against the already lubed up member. Anna pushed him back into the bed, forcing his legs to open further. Arin’s head tilted back as the head pressed inside him. His breathing was ragged and his hands tightened around his legs, forcing them to stay open and in the air.

“Oh Anna,” he whispered, panting.

“No. Not Anna tonight. What should a good girl call someone who has their cock inside them, pet?” she asked, grinning at the little whimper as she forced even more inside him.

“I…um…ohhh,” he stuttered, looking into her eyes. “Sir?”

She smirked, nodding once before moving her hips, thrusting deeper inside his tight little hole. He grimaced with each thrust but his body pressed into the invasion, needing more. Anna pressed forward, gripping his legs with firm hands and slowly picking up the pace. His deep grunts slowly gave way to high pitched moans as the word Sir slipped from his lips like honey. She had never heard him make those sounds before.

In turn, her own movements changed. What was gentle and soothing before was now rough and forceful. Digging her knees into the bed, she rammed herself in over and over again, eager for those little whining noises to turn into screams of release. Grunting, she lifted his ass off the bed, fucking him harder than she’d ever dared before. His hands slid over the silk nightie, teasing his hard nipples through the fabric.

When Anna growled the word Cum he exploded, his whole body seized with each tiny squeak that escaped his mouth. After one more thrust, she finally slowed her pace, examining the change in him carefully. Arin was trembling uncontrollably beneath her and gasping for breath, a soft content smile on his lips.

“God. I wish I’d recorded that to watch over and over again,” she said, slipping out of him and collapsing onto the bed beside him. “You make such a perfect girl.”

Arin chuckled, barely able to keep his eyes open. His body was still trembling and her nightie was now covered in his cum. Anna reached to yank the blanket over them, pulling Arin over to rest his head on her chest. As she held him, his breathing slowly returned to normal. Outside she could hear the rain beating against the window. Before she closed her eyes for the night Arin spoke up, his voice piercing the silence of the room.

“You would really want me to be with a man?” he asked, slipping a leg over her and snuggling closer.

Anna smiled, closing her eyes and enjoying the warmth of his body. “I think you would enjoy it,” she said.

“Who needs a man when your Domme can fuck you like that,” he whispered.

They shared one more chuckle before slipping into a deep restful sleep.

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