A Fine Summer’s Day

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“Hi,” the woman called as she walked toward me. “Can I help you?” she asked.

Shading my eyes from the glare of the sun on the water in the pool, I smiled and looked at her shapely body.

“I’m looking for Karen or Rick. The girls in the front office told me they were out here.”

The woman smiled, “I’m Karen and you are from the temp agency,” she knowingly said holding out her hand.

With a smile, I accepted her welcome and handshake. In the back of my mind, I wondering if the job I was applying for would allow me to have a dip in the pool.

“Yes I’m Secret,” I answered while following Karen’s tanned body to the nearest table with an umbrella where we sat down.

“Did the agency tell you what you would be doing? I shook my head. “I was just told to report to this address and ask for you or Rick.”

Karen nodded and looked at me with a slight smile. “Our request was a little different but the agency told us when we called that they had temps for any and all positions.”

Just then a shadow fell across the table and I looked up into the handsome face of a golden tanned God, with no shirt on. I smiled as my eyes caressed his wide rippled chest and zeroed in on his crotch where the huge bulge moved of its own accord.

“Rick this is Secrt. The agency sent her over. What do you think?” Karen asked.

His eyes undressed my body right there. My nipples hardened under his hot gaze. Moisture seeped between my lips. I inhaled trying to calm the sudden heat of arousal.

He smiled, “Why don’t we go inside kütahya escort and put on some tea,” he said.

Karen smiled and nodded gesturing for me to follow.

Once inside the below ground apartment, I placed my over night case on the couch and sat beside it. Karen closed the curtains to the glass sliding door then headed for the kitchen. Rick looked at me from the kitchen door as he quietly spoke with Karen. A moment later he approached and sat in front of me on the sturdy coffee table, reached out and gently grasped my breasts as if to weight them.

“Would you mind taking your shirt off?” he asked.

Aroused as I was by this man, I did not hesitate. With an up and over my head motion, my shirt was off. I laid it across my case.

“Those are nice,” he said. His eyes never moved from my chest. His fingers quickly released my bouncing beauties from their bondage then he leaned forward and took a nipple in his mouth.

I moaned as his hot breath and tongue massaged the nipple to attention. His hand slid up my leg under my skirt to the wetness between my legs. His eyes smiled as I was wearing crotch-less panties.

As his fingers deftly massaged me, he gently pushed me back on the couch. With his free hand, he covered my eyes and I closed them in response. I felt a soft cloth blindfold tied into place. They tied my hands above my head. A kiss on my forehead and a whispered voice told me to relax, I would not be hurt.

I groaned under the seductive manipulation of fingers and tongue as they teased me. malatya escort Fingers plunged deep inside, drawing down the moisture lubricating the hot inside of my pleasure zone. My skirt jacked up around my waist, when they pulled my legs up and opened them wide.

The mouth busy on my nipples disappeared. A weight rocked me on the couch. I felt the head of a maleness touch me. It teased a moment then entered with a steady fluid motion filling my tightness. His basket of life giving fruit gently bounced against me as the steel hard rod worked back and forth inside me.

I could do nothing but let my lover plunge deep inside me. A deep groan brought a smile to my lips. I began to feel the heat rise deep inside of me, matching my partners need for explosion. “I am going to cum,” I said in a half moaning bouncing tone as the pounding increased in pace and depth.

“Oh yeah let it go,” I heard what I thought was Rick’s voice say from the general vicinity of my spread legs. I felt the hot hard rod inside begin to expand and pulse.

Several more deep plunges then the rod slammed into me deep and remained. It began to pulse and shoot it’s hot liquid deep inside my pleasure zone. Another deep moan and I was gone.

My body blew apart at the seams with an eruption that rivaled a volcano. I cried out as the pleasure wave washed over and through my body as my muscles pulsed around the rod that just filled me with liquid pleasure. I felt the wetness drain from me as my lover retreated from the hot, wet depths of my pleasure center.

A manisa escort moment later my legs were released, the weight on the couch disappeared and the bindings on my arms were released. I pulled the soft blindfold off and slowly opened my eyes.

Across the room, Rick stood totally naked, his rod stood straight up stiff, red tipped and dripping.

I looked at Karen, sitting a chair. Her face was wet with a light sheen of sweat. Her head rested on the chair back, eyes closed and her pert nipples stood out against the mound of her breast.

Like a brick to my forehead, I then realized the seductive torture I endured, came from the soft hands of Karen. Her maleness lay wasted limp across her leg.

“Do you mind that it was my wife that pleasured you?” Rick asked me.

I was shocked. “No,” I answered truthfully. “I am surprised that I was not told about this prior to my coming.”

“Would the preset knowledge of my wife’s secret kept you away from our pleasurable afternoon?” Rick asked.

After a moment of thought, I shook my head. “No I would have come anyway if just out of curiosity.”

Looking at Karen, I smiled. “Thank you,” I looked at the she-males body, which was beginning to recuperate from the work out.

Rick stood and approached the couch. “Well now,” he said stroking his leaking maleness, “as that is out of the way, may I have my turn at your hot liquid pleasure center?”

With a smile I leaned back and let him have his way with me. For the rest of that afternoon, I was the play toy for this unique married couple.

While resting between sexual play times, a radio played softly in the background. I listened to the announcer proclaim the day to be, “a fine summers day for what ever plans you have.”

With that, I fully agreed.

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