Father John , Brianna

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Brianna sobbed into the dewy green grass. She hated her mother, her father and her powerful Uncle Angus. They all plotted to ruin her life and not care at all for her feelings. Damn them! She hated them all. She rubbed her eyes and a thought came to her suddenly. She would visit old Father John in the small chapel that lay upon her family’s lands. He would know what to do.

Brianna brushed off her the grass from her skirt and raced along to the old chapel. Brianna smiled as she saw Father John sweeping the stone steps of the small chapel. He was in his mid 50s she surmised with a balding head, a protruding belly and no more than 2 to 3 inches taller than herself.

“Father John!” Brianna’s voice rang out.

“My child. What brings you to us on this pleasant day?”

“I must talk with ye,” she told the older man earnestly.

“Of course, my child.” Father John led her into the cool stone chapel. He watched her settle down in front of him.

Brianna Mc Hugh was a beauty. The youngest daughter of the overlord of the keep of Maidenhead town, she was lovely in the extreme. At 5 feet 3 inches tall, she was slender and slim with her breasts barely showing at all. Since she was but 18 years old, she had not matured with any hips and buttocks, which most men admired. What was most promising and breathtaking was the famous Mc Hugh hair and eyes. All the Mc Hugh women were instantly recognized by their fire bright hair and sky-blue eyes which her sisters and mother had inherited as well.

Father John straightened his monk’s habit as she settled herself. He himself preferred her slim almost boyish frame. He enjoyed being the leading religious figure in the small town of Maidenhead. It kept him close to the families of the town and in particular the young boys and girls of the town. He enjoyed seeing the young boys squirm as he plunged inside their tight asses for the first time and nothing made his cock harder than the sight of a young girl’s virgin blood on it.

Usually it was the dairymaids, blacksmith’s sons, and other lower classes that we the recipient of his attentions. But every once in awhile, an upper class girl would come his way and he would willingly abuse his position to have the sweet taste of the young thing.

“Tell Father John all, my child. I am here to help ye.” He told her soothingly as she pushed back her cloak to settle into her tale.

“Aye, Father.” Her small little titties puckered forth from the cold air in the stone chapel. His cock seemed to bounce forth and he guided his hands over its thickness xslot to hide the movement.

“It is just simply this, Father. My mother and father mean me to marry Herbert Fiztsimmons!” Brianna’s small red mouth stayed open as she said the last word.

Father John almost smiled at her. Herbert Fitzsimmons would enjoy the little redhead indeed. A lusty man it was said he had killed his last wife with his attentions in the marital bed.

“And my child? What is the problem?” He patted her hand lovingly.

“Father John! I am only eighteen years old and Herbert will be 46 years old at Michaelmas!!! He has a son one year older than me!” Brianna wailed to the penitent man.

“My child, your parents have determined ye will marry Herbert. Ye must marry.”

Brianna shook her curls fiercely. “I won’t.” The normally quiet and obedient girl became defiant.

Father John’s eyes narrowed and her grabbed her slim arm in his hand. “Come with me, girl.” He led her deeper into the chapel and down a long corridor. Her cloak flapped behind her as he pulled her into a darkly lit room.

Father John pushed her into the room and locked the door behind him.

“You must be made to see reason, my girl.” He advanced upon the young girl slowly.

Brianna looked down at her feet. “I don’t mean to be ungrateful, Father John. But I don’t love Herbert.”

“Bah!” Cried Father John. “Love! A silly romantic word made to pass the time and make dreary life seem more idyllic.”

Father John’s room was sparsely filled with a small bed with a mattress filled with straw, a roughly hewn table with two chairs and a smaller table with a basin and pitcher.

Father John sat upon the bed and gestured to Brianna.

“Come here my child.”

Brianna came to stand before him.

“Kneel before me child.”

“Must I?”

“Yes, my child. You must be made to see that this path your parents have chosen for you is the right one. As the figure of the church, I will guide you for your parents to make you see.”

Brianna’s eyes remained downcast as she kneeled before the older man.

“Across my knees, my child. Lie across.” Brianna was an obedient girl and did as she was told.

“I do this for your virtue, girl. You must see this.”

“Yes, Father John. I want to be a virtuous girl.”

Father John smiled. “Of course you do. And I will help you see the error of your ways.”

He lifted up her skirts until her small, firm bottom was at his gaze. Her tiny globes tempted and teased him and he firmly xslot Giriş pushed the skirts aside.

He spanked her once harshly his liver-spotted hand coming to rest on her warm bottom.

SLAP! He spanked her again leaving a red welt.

“My child, will you marry Herbert Fitzsimmons?”

“No. Never.” She replied to his question.

SPANK! His hand came down upon her small globes again and as she bounced back he saw her small little slit open to his gaze.

“Please Father John. I am a good girl. I have always obeyed my parents. Ye know I have.” Sobbed the lovely Brianna.

“My child, I know. Ye are a good girl.”

She nodded her head at this.

“I want to teach you to be a good wife also.” Father John continued as he pushed the young thing into a kneeling position before his spread legs.

“I want to be a good wife – just not to Herbert – “

“Shhh.” Father John told her harshly. “No more of that.”

Brianna’s eyes downcast again as he rebuked her.

He moved his brown robe up until it rested around his waist.

“You must learn to please your husband. Fitzsimmons is a lusty man and will be a lusty husband, my girl.”

“Yes Father John.”

“You must learn to take his staff into your body and mouth and please him well.”

“Yes Father John.”

“I want you to practice on me, my child.”

“But Father –Father –“

“I’m the figurehead of the church, my girl. God approves of this.”

Father John’s great staff was a large eight-inch cock that was throbbing and ready for the little girl’s attention.

“Take it into your mouth, child. As if you would a piece of candy. Suck on it slowly and use your tongue.”

“Yes Father John.” The young Brianna took the large cock into her mouth and swirled her tongue around the head of the cock and then down further still.

Father John bucked his hips as the young girl teased and tormented his cock.

“Yes, my child. Yes.” He murmured as his hand touched the firelight hair and he urged her on. She was almost a natural at this – this young little thing he had before him.

Brianna felt her body growing warm and hot as she took the old man’s cock into her mouth. She wanted to be a good wife. Maybe Herbert would treat her well.

“Oh my child. You are so lovely.” Father John moved himself away from her.

Brianna’s eyes flashed downward as Father John spoke to her.

“You are so obedient. You will make a fine wife.” He patted her head.

“Thank you Father John.”

“You are a virgin, xslot Güncel Giriş are you not, my child?” Father John spoke harshly to the young girl.

Brianna flashed him a hurt look. “Of course, Father.”

Father John looked long at her pert, small breasts and rosebud mouth.

“And Colin? The blacksmith’s son?? The one that follows you about as if you were a bitch in heat??!!!” He almost yelled at her.

Brianna almost cried out, “Nay! Never! He is a friend!”

Father John stood up abruptly and flung the young thing down upon the bed.

“A friend!? I must ascertain whether indeed you are or are not a virgin!?” He knew she was a virgin. Colin had followed her around enough but as a blacksmith’s son he would never have been allowed beyond that.

Father John lifted up the young Brianna’s skirts, pushed apart her slim legs and in one quick movement with no words, caresses or kisses thrust his hard cock inside her tight, hot pussy.

“AH!” Brianna cried as her tears spilled over onto her cheeks. Father John rocked his hips against hers roughly and crudely moved her legs to rest around his waist.

“Hold still, girl.” He told her forcefully as he grunted and pushed inside the tight little pussy that was almost heavenly and then he expired inside her shooting all the cream into the little girl’s cunt.

“Fa-father John.” Brianna cried as he hips bucked against him.

Father John pulled himself out of her and smiled as he saw the virgin’s blood dotting his cock.

“Nevermind my dear. Tis but a whore’s trick. On your wedding night, a chicken’s bladder, an artful cry and your husband will never be the wiser.”

Brianna pushed her skirts down. “Yes, Father.”

“Now, I expect to hear no more of this nonsense.”

Brianna’s blue eyes looked downcast as she murmured, “Aye, Father.”

“Your mother, the lovely Morianna, was the same way with her marriage. She loathed to wed your father, but as it happens, I had to show her the correct way of being a wife also.” He chuckled and stroked his cock at the thought.

“Aye, but she was a lovely little piece. I stabbed her too and stained myself with her virgin’s blood and off she went to marry yer father. Alas, I lose them all in the end.” He looked sadly at the young Brianna.

“Now, up you go, no more talk of this and that. And I’ll wed you and Herbert before Michaelmas.” He escorted her out of the room and back into the chapel.

Brianna looked lovely in her wedding dress as she took her vows to love, honor and obey Herbert Fitzsimmons. Herbert Fitzsimmons grinned throughout the wedding not wanting to wait any longer to get his cock wrapped around the little girl’s cunt. Brianna smiled at Herbert not realizing that she was 2 months pregnant with Father John’s baby.

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