A Perfect Match Ch. 02

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Part Four: The Summons

When Jeremy finally received the phone call he had been fervently praying would come he had been sitting in his car parked down the block from Miss Natasha’s apartment for over two hours. She had told him to be available any time after seven so he had gotten there around six just to be sure. It was now after eight and he had begun to be afraid that she wouldn’t need him after all. He really didn’t expect that she would call him to tell him that so he would just have to wait, all night he guessed if need be. He certainly didn’t want to miss any chance of being called back into her service.

For as long as he could remember Jeremy had always felt that women should be placed on a pedestal, to be worshiped and adored. He always tried to treat any woman with whom he had ever tried to have a relationship with that type of deference and respect. But he never had been able to get to first base with anyone. He understood the reason, of course, but he had never been able to do anything about his one obvious shortcoming. After years of discouraging rejections he had just stopped trying.

Initially he had felt guilty and embarrassed about turning to the internet to indulge his fantasies. He never went into chat rooms or tried to contact anyone, but he had slowly discovered web sites that eventually led him to understand what he really was. He was a submissive. He wasn’t a masochist, he learned. He didn’t yearn to be mistreated and certainly not to be beaten or tortured. He just wanted to find someone who needed to be taken care of, to be pampered and served in all ways desired. Romance, he understood, would never be part of this type of relationship, but he had given up on that a long time ago. He could certainly dream however of being accepted and maybe even appreciated. All he would ever ask in return was to be allowed to worship and adore.

Of course he realized that this was an extremely unlikely fantasy to ever become real, especially for someone like him. But he had grown so lonely in his private life that he began contemplating some of the personals that were posted on the web sites he frequented. After a long period of internal debate he finally screwed up his courage and answered one that he thought seemed the most promising. That encounter did not go well, nor did the next one he answered. He wasn’t what they were looking for the women told him at the initial meetings and he suspected, as it had been in the past, that he knew the reason why. It took him several months after these two failures to try once more, and likely his last time.

It was then with surprise and delight, that after Jeremy’s first meeting with Miss Natasha she had ordered him to return again. And then again and again. It wasn’t long before she had him coming to her apartment on a regular basis. It was apparent to Jeremy that Miss Natasha was as much a beginner in this type of situation as he. She was constantly experimenting with different facets of the relationship, expanding on what she liked, and discarding whatever didn’t suit her. That he often didn’t care for some of these experiments had no relevance. What went on between them was always at her direction and whim, and he knew that this was how it had to be. If he sometimes felt she was unnecessarily nasty he would chide himself that who was he to question what was necessary . He only knew that she had finally given some purpose and direction to his personal life and he didn’t want to contemplate, even for a moment, the possibility of losing that.

He felt a great deal of anxiety then when about four months ago, after almost two months of practically daily service, she began calling him over less frequently. She eventually told him that she was in the process of training a new slave, and while that went on she would be needing him less often. His anxiety became fear when he briefly met this new person, Scott, one day when he had been ordered over and Scott was apparently just leaving. He immediately saw that he was at a major competitive disadvantage with Scott. His worst fears were realized when three months ago Miss Natasha informed him that she had decided to have Scott as a permanent live-in slave, and that she would only need Jeremy on occasion from then on.

Jeremy had been devastated. The only possibility for a long term relationship that he had ever had was now apparently gone just as he had ankara2010.com begun believing that he had a chance. Unable to give up all hope he jumped at the opportunity when she called him over twice in the subsequent months. Maybe, he rationalized, if he was even more diligent and ardent in his service she would consider taking him back.

It had been over six weeks since she had last called him, and he finally had begun ro resign himself that she was done with him. Then he received this most recent call. This time however, she had only told him to be nearby and available. He didn’t know what to make of that. Maybe she had become dissatisfied with Scott. Maybe Scott’s one big advantage didn’t offset a deficiency in service that Jeremy had hopefully proven to be more able to provide. It was what he thought about constantly anyway, but tonight it may actually come to pass.

With these high hopes Jeremy hurried to Miss Natasha’s apartment after her summoning had blessedly come. These hopes were immediately dashed when he was met at her door by the sparsely clad Scott, who ushered him into the hallway, then tersely told him to undress and present himself in the livingroom. Without another word Scott then turned and went back to his own duties.

Oh God, what was Scott doing here, Jeremy thought as he began to undress and rapidly fold his clothes to put in the hall closet. He tried his best to stifle his disappointment. Why was Scott here tonight? Did Miss Natasha want to dominate two slaves at one time? He would certainly not enjoy that, and shuddered slightly when he thought of some of the possible implications. In the end he knew it didn’t matter what he thought. He had been summoned to serve, and he would. He had no choice.

Part Five: The Introduction

Meryn had flinched when the doorbell rang not three minutes after Natasha had ended her call. She realized how unsettled she was by the whole situation, and she wished it would just go away. She was even more startled when she saw that it was Scott, undressed as he was, who went to answer the door. Her spirits rose momentarily when not thirty seconds later he emerged alone from the hallway and went back to the kitchen. Maybe this Jeremy had decided to leave when he had found out what it was all about. Her silent hopes went unrealized however when a minute later a new person emerged from the hall.

Like Scott, Jeremy was dressed only in a pair of bright pink satin panties. That was where all comparison ended however. Somewhat shorter, probably about five-eleven, he had a pleasant enough face, Meryn conceded. But what was most striking about him was that he was significantly overweight. No, that was way too mild, Meryn concluded. He was fat. And his ample belly and love handles made the pink panties look markedly more ridiculous on him than they did on Scott. She couldn’t help but cringe.

She was relieved when it didn’t appear that this Jeremy had noticed her look as he hurried over to kneel before Natasha. As Scott had done before he bent down and kissed both of her feet, and then said, “I am thrilled to be summoned to serve you once again Miss Natasha.” With that he knelt up and leaned back.

“Prompt and punctual as always Jeremy” Natasha answered. “That is a good first impression. I’d like you to meet a very dear friend of mine, Miss Meryn. And Jeremy, it is very important to me that you continue to impress tonight.

Turning to look for the first time at Miss Natasha’s guest, Jeremy noted that although plainly dressed, especially as compared to Miss Natasha, she was extremely pretty, even though she seemed tense and uneasy. As he knew was expected he bent down, kissed both of her shoes, and then offered “It is an honor and very great pleasure to be presented to you Miss Meryn.” With that he knelt up and smiled’

Meryn had to admit that he had a very nice smile. It lit up his entire face including his eyes. It induced her to bring forth a small smile in return and nod in acknowledgment even as she was unsure of how to verbally respond.

“Miss Meryn is my guest for dinner tonight” Natasha went on. “We haven’t seen each other for a while and have so much to talk about. As Scott will be very busy as always attending to me, I brought you over tonight Jeremy to attend to Miss Meryn. You will care for her every need tonight as if it was for me.”

Watching Jeremy closely, Meryn thought she saw a flicker of disappointment flash across his face. This was quickly replaced by another of his smiles as he spoke to her again. “It will be a cherished privilege to be able to attend and serve you tonight Miss Meryn.”

Responding to his smile again, and the seeming sincerity of his words, Meryn found some voice this time to respond, “Ah…thank you Jeremy. I’m sure I will…ah…appreciate any of your efforts.” Her reply must have been acceptable because it was met with an even brighter smile.

“Good. Now that we’ve taken care of that” Natasha added, “Jeremy, I believe Scott could use your assistance in finishing up the preparations for dinner. I’m starving.”

“Yes Miss Natasha.” With that Jeremy bent down and kissed Meryn”s shoes again, knelt up and said, “By your leave Miss Meryn…” and remained unmoving.

Meryn belatedly realized that he was waiting for her permission to leave. She looked over to Natasha and saw that she was surprised as well and even slightly annoyed. Well, Natasha had given him to her for the night hadn’t she? Still, she didn’t want him to get into any trouble on her behalf so she hurriedly said, “Yes, of course, go on Jeremy.” With that he bowed his head slightly, rose and went join Scott in the kitchen

“I still don’t know about this Tash.” Meryn said as soon as he was gone.

“I know he’s not much to look at Meri. Now you can see why I got Scott. But he’s very attentive and enthusiastic and will do anything he can to please you. So just relax and take it as it comes tonight. You’ve got nothing to lose, and I really do believe you’re going to enjoy all the pampering you’re going to get tonight.”

What was Meryn going to say. They hadn’t even had dinner yet, and she didn’t want to insult Natasha. Not when she was trying to rekindle their friendship, although given this night’s surprise events she wondered if that was such a good idea. No, Meryn had to admit that in her own very weird way Natasha was trying to help her. So she would just go with the flow for the rest of the night and hope that the evening would end quickly.

A short time later Scott, with Jeremy following, came in to indicate that dinner was ready. He offered his hand to help Natasha up, and Jeremy did the same for Meryn. Natasha then took Meryn by the arm and led her around the corner to the dining area with the slaves following behind. Meryn noted that there were only two place settings at the table, set across from each other. Scott pulled out a chair to seat Natasha at one, as Jeremy did for Meryn at the other. They then went into the kitchen and brought out a plate of salad for each of them, Jeremy serving one to Meryn and Scott placing the other before Natasha. That service done they went to opposite ends of the table and knelt down.

Meryn was so unsettled that she had trouble focusing on Natasha’s conversation about events at work. She ate her salad very quickly, and when finished was surprised when Jeremy arose, approached her, and politely asked if she would like more. She could only nod no, and Natasha then announced that she too was finished with her half eaten salad. Taking their cue the two slaves removed the salad plates and then returned from the kitchen with a platter of sliced steak, sauteed Brussel sprouts, and two baked potatoes. Jeremy then placed some of each on Meryn’s dinner plate, politely asking each time how much she desired, as Scott did with Natasha. They then returned to their kneeling positions at the ends of the table.

“I hope you will forgive me for the rather plain dinner Meri.” Natasha offered “Scott isn’t a very good cook yet, so I thought I would keep it rather simple tonight.”

“Everything has been fine Tash.” Meryn then decided to finally ask the question that had been bothering her throughout the meal.

“What and when do they eat, Tash?”

“Oh, you mean the slaves? Why our leftovers of course. Although looking at Jeremy I think it would be a blessing if we didn’t leave anything tonight.” What a cruel thing to say Meryn thought as she couldn’t help but glance at Jeremy. “But I want to keep Scott healthy, so I always allow him to make a little more that I usually need. So don’t worry Meri, there should be enough for them to pick over while they’re cleaning up”

Meryn’s appetite seemed to decrease after that, and she softly declined each of Jeremy’s polite inquiries of whether she desired more . As the slaves cleared the table, Natasha announced that she had a surprise dessert, which Scott then brought in.

“Tash. Wow. A strawberry rhubarb pie from Grandma’s. You remembered it’s my favorite. When did you have the chance to go get it?” Meryn asked, knowing that Grandma’s was an hour drive outside the city.

“I didn’t. I sent Scott today. I wanted something special for you, and I know how much you like it.”

Feeling somewhat better after a large piece of her favorite pie, Meryn and Natasha retired back to the livingroom while the slaves cleaned up. Natasha wasted no time after they sat down.

“Well, what do you think about all this Meri?”

“Oh I don’t know Tash. I really don’t think it’s for me.” That was really putting it mildly Meryn thought to herself.

“I know he’s somewhat grotesque looking Meri,” That was a way too harsh assessment thought Meryn, although she had to admit that she had always been turned off by fat men, “but he’s well trained, and he’s already broken in, so he’s perfect for you to try it all out with, at your own pace. If you don’t like it, get rid of him. But if you do, and I really think you will if you give it a chance, I’ll help you find someone much better like Scott. They’re out there Meri, believe me. Think of Jeremy as a starter slave.”

Meryn didn’t want to think of anything of the sort. She wanted nothing to do with any of this. She had to let Natasha know.

“Tash, I just can’t. I don’t think it would be right.”

Natasha misunderstood. “Oh, because you think that you’re taking him from me. Nothing of the sort.” And before Meryn could reply Natasha shouted for Jeremy to come in.

Jeremy hurried in from the kitchen, knelt and performed the now familiar obeisance to Natasha, and then knelt back on his knees.

“Jeremy, one of the other reasons I had you come over tonight,” Natasha began without preamble, “was to inform you that I will no longer be requiring your services. Scott has been meeting my needs quite adequately, and I think you can understand why you are no longer necessary.”

Meryn couldn’t help but notice the terrible hurt that registered on Jeremy’s face as he listened to Natasha’s pronouncement.

“But it so happens that Miss Meryn may be looking to take on a slave, and if you’ve impressed her tonight she may consider you on a trial basis.

What was Natasha doing? How could she even think?

Jeremy slowly shifted on his knees to face Meryn. His attempt at a smile could not fully mask the wound he was still feeling.

“It would be a tremendous privilege Miss Meryn if you would allow me the opportunity to be of some service to you.”

Meryn could only blink her eyes as she struggled to find something to say to him. Finally, “Jeremy,” she said softly, “I don’t think so. This is not something I think I want.”

Silence. She couldn’t say any more.

“Of course not.” Natasha interjected. “How unforgivable of me Meri, to expect you to take my leavings. You certainly deserve something better than someone else’s reject. I’ll help you find someone much more suitable.”

Meryn was furious. How could Natasha be like this. She looked at Jeremy, whose head was now bowed, his lips compressed as if he was biting them. No one deserved to be treated like this, and she was not going to allow Natasha to have her become a party to Jeremy’s rejection. Not twice in the same night. Against her better judgement, but in anger she spoke up.

“That won’t be necessary Tash.” Back to Jeremy more softly “What I was trying to say Jeremy is that this is not something I want to discuss tonight.” A pause to consider, then a plunge ahead. “Tomorrow is Saturday. Do you know the coffee shop on the corner of Taylor and Vine Street?” A block from her brownstone.

“No Miss Meryn, but I’m sure I can find it.”

“Good, meet me there tomorrow around eleven, and we can…uh…well talk about this some more.”

“Thank you Miss Meryn. I will certainly be there.”

Meryn nodded, and then to Natasha, “Well Tash, it’s certainly been a most interesting evening. You’ve clearly taken my mind off other matters for the moment, so thank you for that. But I find I’m very tired now. I think it must be the wine, and I think I should be going.

Natasha smiled as she accompanied Meryn to the door and kissed her on the cheek. “Well done Meri”

Don’t bet on it, Meryn thought as she said goodnight.

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