Amanda-Christina’s Misadventures Ch. 01

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Bent Over

Amanda Rivers and Christina Flood were both kindergarten teachers in the Midwest. The girls often ate lunch together and they really enjoyed each other’s company. Amanda and Christina went out to dinner or went shopping with one another, but they were conservative girls that didn’t frequent the local hot spots.

There was a three-day holiday weekend early in the school year and Christina convinced Amanda to take a trip with her. Since the girls were schoolteachers, they didn’t have an overabundance of money, but they wanted to go somewhere that they’d never been before. Neither girl had ever been to Mexico so they got on the Internet and found a very inexpensive package that included airfare and hotel accommodations. The girls weren’t familiar with Los Cufrado, but it had a beach and also claimed to have great restaurants and night clubs. Amanda and Christina agreed that the price was right, so with the click of a computer mouse it became their vacation destination.

Since the girls were going to be far away in Mexico, Amanda suggested that they get a little wild for once in their lives. Christina was hesitant at first, but eventually she agreed and the girls went shopping for clothes that showed a little skin. They purchased a variety of short skirts, see-through dresses, skimpy underwear and barely-there bikinis. It was very uncharacteristic for the pair of kindergarten teachers, but the adventurous duo wanted to experience some excitement while they were still single and young.

After landing in Mexico, the girls had to take a bus to their hotel. The bus driver stood outside and watched as the passengers climbed the steps to board the bus. The driver smiled as Christina got on the bus because her black panties and black bra were clearly visible beneath her light pink dress. Christina was so meek and reserved that she didn’t even notice how intensely the bus driver was staring at her.

Amanda, on the other hand, was well aware of the way that the bus driver was watching her. She could feel the waistband of her skimpy white panties hanging out above her low-riding black miniskirt. Amanda also sensed that a tiny bit of her butt crack was showing as well. However, Amanda vowed to loosen up this weekend so she fought the urge to pull her skirt up. When Amanda looked back, she even caught the bus driver sneaking a peek under her short skirt, but he quickly looked away.

It was very embarrassing for Amanda to have the bus driver checking her out, but Amanda knew she only had herself to blame. After all, she was the one that suggested the girls buy skimpy outfits for the trip. Unfortunately, Amanda wasn’t accustomed to wearing such revealing clothes in public and she was having a little difficulty getting used to men staring at her.

Neither Amanda nor Christina were party girls. They lived at home with their parents while they were in college and there’s never been a video entitled “Kindergarten Teachers Gone Wild.” However, both girls were in their mid-twenties and agreed to only wear the skimpy clothes they specifically bought for this trip. Actually, the girls had no choice because the new revealing clothes was all they brought with them. Therefore, Amanda needed to get used to men gawking at her because she was going to be scantly clad for the rest of the holiday weekend.

There wasn’t much to do during the long bus ride so Amanda found herself gazing at Christina while she read a magazine. Although Amanda felt it was childish, türkçe altyazılı porno she couldn’t help sizing herself up to Christina. Christina was around five-foot-three with dark hair cut just above her shoulders. Amanda was a couple inches shorter than Christina, and Amanda had reddish-brown shoulder-length hair. Christina had a firm body and rather large breasts considering her small stature. Christina also had a very cute face and an innocent charm about her.

As Amanda continued comparing herself to Christina, she concluded that they both had similar features, although Amanda was more petite with medium sized natural breasts. Christina’s melons were slightly bigger than Amanda’s boobs, but Amanda always felt that as short as she was, her breasts didn’t have to be very big to look good. Amanda was proud of the full set of titties she had, which offered a fair amount of cleavage. Besides, Amanda considered herself to have a great butt. Then again, so did Christina!

When they finally arrived in Los Cufrado, the girls got off the bus and Christina declared, “I wore the thinnest dress I own and I’m still hot.”

Amanda said, “I’ve already noticed your thin dress. That’s why I’m hot!”

Amanda blushed because she couldn’t believe she made that statement out loud. Christina giggled and gave Amanda a big hug. She assumed Amanda was just kidding. Sure Amanda liked guys, but she always had more fun teasing the guys than actually sleeping with them. However, Amanda often wondered what the gentle touch of a sweet soft girl would feel like and her fantasies usually focused on Christina.

After getting off the bus, the driver merely opened the cargo bay and dropped everyone’s bags on the sidewalk. Christina immediately bent over to pick up her bag, giving the bus driver a clear view of her deep cleavage revealed under the low neckline of her dress. Amanda had her back to the driver when she picked up her bag. In her bent over position, she could feel the hem of her miniskirt rise up in back, so she was pretty sure the driver got a glimpse of her white panties.

When the girls entered the lobby of the plush hotel, they welcomed the relief that the cool air-conditioning provided from the unseasonably warm weather. Their clothes were actually sticking to them from the long hot bus ride and the girls couldn’t wait to take them off. Christina didn’t want to use the restroom on the bus so she quickly took the key from the front desk and headed for their hotel room.

As soon as they entered the room, Christina declared, “These clothes gotta come off!”

Christina immediately unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor as Amanda watched. Then Christina unhooked her bra and set her titties free. Amanda was very impressed by Christina’s full firm breasts and enjoyed the view of Christina’s precious pink nipples. Christina saw Amanda staring at her and began to blush, but then she teasingly pushed her big melons together.

Christina giggled and asked, “Do you like ’em?”

Amanda replied, “You bet! Bring ’em over here,” but Christina said, “Sorry…still gotta pee.”

Amanda also began disrobing. She pulled down the zipper of her miniskirt and stepped out of it. Next she pulled her white cotton top over her head. As Amanda stood there wearing only her skimpy bra and panty set, she watched Christina try to slide her black panties off while walking towards the bathroom twitter porno at the same time. With Christina’s fingers still in the waistband of her underpants, she suddenly came face to face with a boy exiting the bathroom.

Christina shrieked and the boy mumbled, “Sorry…I’m very sorry.”

Christina demanded, “What are you doing in here?”

The boy replied, “I work here. I was just making sure you had all your towels and toiletries in the bathroom.”

The boy was quite handsome, probably around nineteen years old with jet black hair, a hard body and a great tan. Christina was topless and her panties had already reached mid-thigh when she spotted the boy. He stared in shock at Christina’s magnificent bare breasts and dark hairy triangle. The boy was initially as embarrassed as Christina was, but he couldn’t bring himself to look away from Christina’s nearly naked body.

Amanda had to laugh as she watched Christina stumble into the bathroom. Christina tripped, which caused her panties to bunch up around her knees, thus making it harder for her to get away from the young hotel worker. Christina’s perky round breasts swayed from side to side as she hobbled into the bathroom. Her face was bright red with shame because she was forced to pass right in front of the boy and Christina’s big boobs, soft bush and smooth butt were all on display for the boy to see.

After entering the bathroom, Christina bent forward and pushed her underpants all the way off. She must have thought the hotel worker could no longer see her because of the way Christina was bent over right in front of him. In her bent over position, Christina’s beautiful butt was fully exposed and pointed right at the young hotel worker. He tried to turn away, but Christina’s nude backside was truly a sight to behold.

As the guy examined Christina’s smooth bare ass, he said, “I heard you come in, but I had no idea you were taking your clothes off.”

Amanda thought to herself, “Sure you didn’t!”

At first, Amanda and the boy looked at each other and tried not to laugh as they listened to Christina’s pee gush out. Then his eyes moved up and down Amanda’s petite figure and she felt a wave of embarrassment wash over her body. Amanda suddenly became aware of the fact that she had been caught in just her bra and panties.

Since Amanda’s underpants were not completely see-though, her neatly trimmed auburn bush was hidden from the boy’s eyes. However, Amanda’s bra was rather flimsy and her nice pink nipples were visible through the lacy material. The boy had finished his work in their hotel room, but he made no attempt to leave. Then Amanda realized the boy was waiting for a tip so she turned around and spotted her purse lying on the floor.

Amanda thought to herself, “Oh no, my purse is on the floor and all I have on is my underpants. I’m going to have to bend over right in front of the boy.”

Amanda paused for a moment, then she bit her lower lip and bent over to reach for her purse. She couldn’t help giggling as she bent over because she imagined the view that she was presenting to the boy. Even though he couldn’t see through her panties, they were still high-cut and much of her round butt cheeks were hanging out below. An inch or so of Amanda’s butt crack was showing above the waistband as well.

Exposing her ass to the boy caused Amanda to blush, but she wasn’t finished yet. When Amanda turned around, she was üniversiteli porno still leaning forward as she rummaged through her purse and her titties threatened to spill out of her flimsy bra. The cleavage between Amanda’s breasts was on full display as she handed him the tip. Amanda’s face turned an even deeper shade of red when she looked and saw that the boy was staring down at her barely covered breasts.

As the boy took the money, he said, “Thank you very much and welcome to Los Cufrado. My name is Cortez. Please let me know if you need anything…anything at all!”

Amanda noticed a big bulge in Cortez’s pants as she smiled back. He was five or six years younger than Amanda, but she was impressed by his broad shoulders and well-defined arms. He appeared to be a nice boy, but Amanda had her doubts. Amanda watched him walk down the hallway and decided that during the weekend, she’d try to find out just how nice Cortez really was.

After both girls showered, Christina and Amanda sat on the bed and laughed about the whole Cortez experience. They both agreed that the boy was cute, but Amanda could tell that Christina was still uptight about the episode. Christina explained that she lived a relatively sheltered life and wasn’t accustomed to exposing herself in public.

Amanda said, “You just need to get over it so it doesn’t spoil our weekend. Besides, the boy saw me in my underwear.”

Christina said, “Underwear? So what! He saw my boobs and I didn’t have anything on at all!”

Amanda sarcastically added, “And yet you didn’t make any attempt to cover those big titties of yours.”

Christina responded, “How could I? I had both hands in my panties…which were halfway down my legs! I’ll bet he saw my butt and, well…everything.”

Amanda giggled and said, “I know I did!”

Christina looked at Amanda timidly and said, “You’re not making this any easier.”

Amanda started rubbing her fingers up and down Christina’s back in an effort to comfort her as Amanda said, “You have no reason to feel ashamed. It was an innocent accident. We should just go to bed and forget about it.”

The girls were ready for bed, but they looked around and suddenly noticed that there was only one bed in the room. With no other choice, Amanda and Christina crawled into the queen-sized bed together. Christina, who was wearing a short T-shirt that barely covered her panty-clad ass, smiled as she watched Amanda get comfortable. Amanda had on a slinky pink shoe-string top, which left her flat tummy completely exposed. She also wore a pair of matching silky pink panties that provided less coverage than the top.

As soon as Christina thought Amanda was asleep, Christina slid her hand down between her legs and touched her panties. All that talk about showing their naked bodies to a complete stranger and exposing themselves in public had an overpowering affect on Christina. She couldn’t help pleasuring herself and Christina pushed her little underpants down her smooth legs. Amanda was sure it would have embarrassed Christina if she knew Amanda was watching her, so Amanda kept one eye closed and remained motionless while Christina massaged her pussy.

Christina’s moans were muffled, but there was no hiding Christina’s finger as it plunged deep into her moist pussy. After kicking her panties all the way off, she pulled her short T-shirt up above her beautiful breasts. Christina continued fingering herself and teasing her hard nipples until she reached an explosive orgasm. The whole bed shook when Christina finished herself off, but Amanda continued pretending as if she was asleep. Christina even looked over to make sure Amanda was sleeping, which almost made Amanda laugh. The girls finally went to sleep for real and had a very restful night.

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