Amazing Grace Ch. 13-14

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Getting Settled

Ethan followed me into my house to pack a few things. I shouldn’t have been surprised that he noticed the changes immediately. What was even more surprising was his reaction to them.

I was surveying the contents of my closet and marveling to myself how much easier it was to do so with all of Robert’s clothes gone when Ethan was suddenly behind me. He pressed his chest against my back with a force that caught my attention right away. He shoved the hanging clothes aside, making a clear space in front of me.

“Grab a hold of the bar and don’t let go.”

There was a menacing tone to his voice, a real sense of raw urgency that grabbed me instantly. I didn’t hesitate to do as he instructed.

He reached up and released my bra and moved his hands beneath the fabric to knead my breasts as he uttered gruff words near my ear.

“I’m going to fuck you right here in this closet.”

I released all the breath in my lungs in one huff and then buried my face in my arm.

“You can’t hide that you want it.”

I shook my head even though it was exactly what I wanted.

Ethan unbuttoned my pants to give him enough room to shove his hand into my underwear. “You are such a little liar. Your cunt is fucking soaked already.”

He unzipped my pants and stripped them down my legs along with my panties. He removed them as he slipped off my shoes, then he hoisted my left foot up onto the shoe rack, knocking several pairs of shoes to the floor in the process.

He shoved his fingers inside me and roughly fucked me. I could hear his zipper opening. I realized that he was unfastening his shorts as he worked me. Then he was entering me in one fluid motion. His swollen cock felt enormous. My body was straining to accept his thickness.

Ethan took my hair in his fist. “Let go of the bar and press your hands flat against that wall.”

I did as he asked.

“Lower. Lock your elbows.”

My hands walked down the wall until my back was almost parallel with the floor. Ethan’s steel cock sank deeper inside me and I shuddered.

“You like the way that feels, don’t you, my little slut?”

The walls of my pussy contracted at his words. I hated how it betrayed me like that. I should’ve been humiliated by the way he was fucking me. But I was only filled with a wanton desire at that point.

“I love that you want to be fucked hard. That you come this way.”

Ethan began drilling me slowly as he spoke. I could feel Every. Single. Inch. The angle was unbelievable.

“I love the way your greedy little cunt milks my cock. It’s so much more honest about what it wants than you are.”

He increased the pace and I fought to keep my elbows and knees locked in place. My foot slid along the shoe rack and I heard more shoes tumble onto the floor. My body began to tremble as my climax was approaching.

But just then Ethan slowed his pace. I whined and then quickly bit my lip. I pushed back and arched my back as much as possible to indicate I wanted him to continue.

“I know what you want, but that’s not going to work. Say it, Grace. Beg me for it.”

“Please, Ethan. Don’t stop. I want to come.”

Ethan deepened his stroke but didn’t increase the pace to where I wanted it. “More, Grace. Let me hear the slut in you.”

“Ohhhhh.” Every time he said that, it just drew me that much closer to orgasm. “Please fuck me. Give it to me hard the way I like it. Please.”

“Are you my slut?”

I nodded, “Yes.”

“Say it.”

“I’m your slut. All yours. Please fuck me.”

“Oh, yeah. That’s what I wanted to hear.”

Ethan rammed his hips into me as he held onto my shoulder and continued at a frenetic pace. It was my undoing. I unraveled almost immediately into a wicked climax that just kept rolling over me in one delicious wave after the next.

Ethan growled his release, cursing half sentences about my milking cunt. I positively adored it that he couldn’t contain his climax because of it. It made the playing field with us a little more even, since I couldn’t seem to contain myself, either.

He pulled out of me and I started to drop my foot to the ground as I felt his cum gushing down my inner thigh. His hand was right there to stop me, though.

“No. Stay there. I want to watch my cum leak out of you.”

His voice hadn’t changed. He was still the gruff, dominant man who’d just taken me.

He fingered the wetness on my inner thighs and then ran his slick fingers all around my sex. He moved his fingers up and circled my anus. I instinctively tensed and he responded by rubbing my back. But his fingers kept moving in circles, pressing harder with each round until one of his digits was slipping in just a fraction of an inch.

“I’m not going to take you here right now. But I will. Someday soon.”

There was something about the way he announced it like that. As if I had no choice in the matter. It got me. If he’d have asked me if I wanted to have anal sex my answer would have been, without a doubt, no. But I found myself wanting Pendik escort bayan it. Because he wants it? And then it dawned on me. Because he expects it of me.

There was a difference.

I couldn’t exactly sort out why it made all the difference in the world, but I thought it had something to do with his confidence in me. It gave me strength I wouldn’t have had otherwise.

I blew out my breath and made a conscious effort to relax as he explored me there. His finger was sinking deep inside my anus. It didn’t hurt. It just felt strange. Uncomfortable; but mostly because it felt like I might release my bowels on him. After several minutes of it, that fear began to subside.

He let his finger slip all the way out and then massaged my butt cheek for a moment before his hand came down in a hard slap.

I yelped my surprise.

He swatted me again four more times in rapid succession. Hard.

This time I protested. “Owww…Ethan…”

“Do you want more?”

I shook my head.

“I don’t like whining. If you have an issue with how I handle something, you need to find the words to say it. Whining is something children and dogs do. Understand?”

I nodded my head, “I understand. I’m sorry.”

“I don’t want you to apologize after you’ve been punished. It’s in the past now.”

Ethan directed my raised foot to the floor and lifted me toward him. He pulled off my shirt and bra and discarded them and then pulled me into his arms. His soft cotton tee shirt felt luxurious against my bare breasts.

He rubbed his cheek over the crown of my head as he held me to his chest.

“You were busy last night.”

I nodded.

“It’s an incredible turn on for me knowing that you are serving me even when we’re apart. But I hope there won’t be many more times like that. Pick up my shorts for me.”

He released his grasp on me and I knelt in front of him to lift his shorts. I realized with amusement that he had no underwear and was still standing in the leg holes. I leaned into his thighs to rub my neck against his partially stiff dick as I was pulling his shorts up his legs. I glanced up to his face and caught him grinning.

He took the waistband from my grip and zipped and fastened his shorts.

“Reach into my right pocket.”

I did as he asked and pulled out the only object there. It was a key. The key I’d left on his countertop.

“I want to be clear this time about why I’m giving this to you. I have no secrets from you. I’m not seeing anyone else. I want you in my home and in my life, Grace. Is that something you want, too?”

I didn’t have to think about the answer. My head was nodding even before I could process how I wanted to say it. “Yes, I want that, too.”

“Good. Then no more bullshit about not fitting into my world. This is my world. And I think we fit just fine, don’t you?”

I nodded and smiled up at him.

“Get dressed and packed. Quickly. It’s getting late.”

And just like that it was settled. No dramatic display, no ceremony, no formal words of commitment. He was with me and I was with him.

I gathered my things quickly, not bothering to straighten the mess we’d left in the closet. I thought we might get a kick out of it next time we were there, anyway. Whenever that is. Quite frankly, I didn’t care if I ever stepped foot in that house again. It never felt like home to me, anyway.

Ethan was chewing on something in the kitchen when I approached with an overnight bag that was obviously stuffed with more than one change of clothing.

“I’m starving.”

I nodded, “Me, too. I was going to make you dinner earlier.”

“You were? God, I’m sorry I missed that. Will you make me dinner tomorrow night?”

I nodded.

“John left me a message on my phone. They’re having a few couples over Saturday night. I texted him that we’d be there.”

“Okay. You weren’t even going to check to see if I had plans first?”

Ethan shook his head. “Nope.” He watched me intently to gauge my reaction.

I chuckled and just walked toward him. I knew it was how things were going to be with us going forward. I also knew that if I did have a legitimate scheduling conflict, he would resolve it one way or another. I didn’t have to worry about that.

Ethan held a chip to my lips and I opened my mouth to let him feed me. My stomach grumbled its appreciation loud enough for both of us to hear it.

Ethan chuckled. “Maybe we should stop at Taco Bell on the way home.”

I nodded profusely.

“Come on. Let’s go.”


We crashed in his bed that night, too exhausted to do anything else, and too full from the fast food we gobbled down at his kitchen counter before retiring to the bedroom.

Ethan did make it a point to gently inform me that I was not allowed to wear anything to bed. Ever. No exceptions. I tried to reason with him about a certain time of the month, which was going to be upon us in another few days, but he held his ground.

“I don’t care if I have to change the sheets every day. I’ll buy more Escort Pendik sheets.”

There were some other minor things that we worked out. They weren’t rules, exactly, more like preferences. It was no different than any other couple learning about each other and figuring out how to make living together work. Even though there was never any question as to who set the policies, I never once felt like I was being bullied into them. I even swayed him on a couple of ideas when I had a good argument.

The only difference I could detect with Ethan and I was how much sex we were having. I was literally hot for him all the time. So much different than I’d been with Robert. I almost ruined dinner Friday night because Ethan came home ravenous for sex and neither of us could wait until after we ate.

At my computer screen I read over the last sentence I’d written for the fourth time before just sighing and sitting back in my chair. Ethan looked up from the book he was reading.

“Something wrong?”

“I’m not in the mood to write right now.”

“We already discussed this.”

“I know we did, but you can’t force it.”

“I’m not forcing you to work on your book. Start a journal. A blog. Answer emails.”

“But no surfing or reading books.”

“That’s correct. Not unless the surfing involves research.”

It was still early enough in our relationship to find his gross exercise of control a little cute. I wondered just how cute I was going to think it was in another week. Or a month.

I tapped my fingernails on the keys without pressing any of them. The staccato beat was satisfying to me. I stared at my knuckles and started tapping out the beat of the song in my head. Something made me look up and across the room.

Ethan was staring blankly at me. My fingers instantly stilled. A question popped into my head.

“What am I going to wear tonight?”

Ethan didn’t hesitate to answer. “Something casual. I’ll help you pick something out.”

“What are you wearing?”

“Jeans and a t-shirt.”

“What color shirt?”


“What goes on at these parties?”

“Depends on who is there. Drinking. Talking. Smoking, maybe.”



“Will we be drinking and smoking?”

“I hadn’t planned on it. Is that something you want to do?”

“I like to drink socially.”

Ethan remained silent, not committing to an answer.

“Do people sometimes, you know, play?”


“Do you want to play?”

“I want you to watch how other couples play.”

I sat there in silence for a few moments, staring aimlessly at my screen.

“Do you have any more questions about tonight?”

I shook my head.

“Good. Because that just added fifteen minutes onto your time in that chair.”

“What? That’s not fair.” There’s no way we just talked for fifteen minutes.

“I rounded up.”

My jaw dropped and then my lips formed the word, ‘Oh’. I shifted in my seat and turned my attention to my writing.

A solid two hours later, Ethan stood over me telling me to save my work and back it up because it was time to get ready. I’d gone over my required time by 45 minutes. I wanted to keep going, but Ethan wasn’t giving me the option.


John and Melissa lived in an older house on one of the ‘M’ streets off lower Greenville. It was the house John grew up in. When his parents decided they’d had enough of living in that part of town, they bought a townhouse farther north and let John take over the payments.

Melissa had been living with John for over two years as his sub. They made a cute couple. He called her Mimi and doted on her as if they’d just started dating. It was hard to tell who was really in charge in that relationship. He doled out the orders, but I got the impression she held most of the power.

There were certain protocols in place that I noticed right way. John asked Ethan what we were drinking and then he told Melissa what to bring. The other dominants addressed each other but didn’t make notice of me until Ethan introduced me to them. The way they operated was so natural to them, as if this was the way all couples interacted at gatherings. I felt like I’d stepped into another country.

When we walked into the living room, the other female subs were all sitting on the floor, so naturally I followed suit. I wondered why Ethan hadn’t told me all this before we arrived, but then again, it wasn’t hard to figure out.

Melissa brought me a glass of wine. After she handed it to me, Ethan whispered to me to sip it because it was the last one I was getting that evening. He drank a coke.

I shifted my legs around a few times to find a position that was comfortable. The problem was that I wasn’t used to sitting on the floor in a skirt. It was what Ethan picked out for me to wear. I finally settled between Ethan’s calves, my weight on one hip, with my arm wrapped around his one leg and my legs curled around his other ankle. When at last I stilled, Ethan rested his hand on the back of my neck and gently Pendik Rus Escort stroked me with his fingertips. I guessed that it was his way of reassuring me. I liked it.

Melissa joined us on the floor and started chatting right away. There were actually two conversations going. The louder and deeper discussion between the Doms and the softer, almost whispered talk near ground level.

When Melissa’s boisterous voice got too loud, John would squeeze her shoulder to remind her to keep it down. I was so fascinated by the room dynamic that I wasn’t paying any attention to what was being said. Then a hushed outburst of giggles caught my attention.

One of the subs, Ginger, was relaying something that’d happened at the dungeon the weekend before. From what I could gather, having missed the first part, was that some poor girl tripped and fell into another couple. She’d been trying a new pair of platform boots and went head-first into the lap of a Mistress. Thankfully, the Mistress had a real good sense of humor. Without missing a beat, she held the girl’s head in place and asked who she should thank for the gift.

Melissa was interested in the details of who the people were so while Ginger was trying to remember names, I turned my attention to the other conversation. They were discussing some trade in sports. I didn’t recognize any of the names and couldn’t even tell which sport they were talking about.

It was just like every party I’d ever attended with Robert. All the women gathered in the kitchen to gossip while the men sat around the living room or out on the patio talking sports. Only we were all in the same room. I wrapped my arm tighter around Ethan’s calf. I like this way better.

I was still silently floating from one conversation to the next when I heard Holly’s name mentioned. My full attention turned to Melissa.

“…out on the patio. Naked. Smoking a joint.”

Ginger leaned forward and giggled. “You’re kidding?”

“No. We’ve always known Parker was a nudist, so that part didn’t surprise John.”

“Oh, wow. Wait until Sammy hears this.”


“She’s after Harley. Big time.”

From what I could make out, John had caught Holly at his uncle’s house. It was a relief. Not just because she had moved onto someone else, but because maybe she could settle down like she wanted. A nudist. In the country. Sounds like a match made in heaven.

It was clear that Melissa and Ginger were the sources of gossip around the circle. China, the other sub, didn’t say a word. After a few moments, though, China held out her hand and waved to the other two who immediately quieted so they could eavesdrop on the other conversation.

The topic had changed. The Doms were talking about their plans. For the evening. For all of us.


Ginger & Doc

“I thought as a warm-up, maybe Kimber here could read some of her erotica for us. Mimi has marked one of her favorite chapters. What do you say, Ethan?”

I picked up on John’s queue right away and was smart enough not to look up at Ethan. It wasn’t my decision to make.

“Yeah, she can do that.”

“Great. Mimi baby, go get your book. Do you guys want to stay here or move into the playroom?”

China’s Dom, Deke answered. “This is fine with me.”

Ginger’s Dom nodded his head. I couldn’t see if Ethan responded.

Mimi returned and handed me the book. She nonchalantly set a pen down on the floor next to me and winked. I assumed she wanted me to sign it. It was an odd thought to me. I was hardly a world-class author or anything. I was sitting on the floor of their living room, for God’s sake.

Ethan extended his hand to take my wine glass from me. I was reluctant to hand it over. I took a healthy gulp just before releasing it. Ethan’s low chuckle was barely audible.

John had changed the lighting while Mimi was retrieving the book. The lamp on the table next to Ethan provided the only substantial light source in the room, enabling me to read the text.

I flipped to the chapter that was clearly bookmarked and skimmed over it. It was from my first book so it was one I hadn’t read in awhile. I didn’t choose it for the larger group meetings because it contained a very graphic group sex scene that I just didn’t think I was ready to read out loud.

My mouth felt dry all of a sudden. I twisted my neck toward Ethan and reached my hand toward my wine.

Ethan stroked my arm and gently lowered it. “John, can I get a glass of water?”

John tapped Melissa and she hopped up to fetch a glass. It wasn’t what I had in mind. It was these small things that were the most difficult to adjust to. The larger decisions, like where we go, how we spend our time, weren’t as difficult to surrender. It just felt normal for him to decide those things. In a way, I’d always given those decisions over to whomever I was seeing. But these insignificant choices, like what I eat and drink, where I sit, what I say, were so much more awkward to give up. They’d always been my decisions to make.

Ethan hadn’t made a bad choice yet. In fact, he considered my health in his decisions far more than I had ever done. I was beginning to realize that he respected me more than I did, which was something I’d been spending a lot of time mulling over in my busy brain. I hated what that said about me.

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