Like Son, Like Father: BBC Faggots

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Summary: A straight man discovers the power of BBC.

Note 1: This is a 2019 April Fool’s Day contest story.

Note 2: Thanks to Tex Beethoven, Robert and Wayne for editing.

Like Son, Like Father: Faggots for BBC

It had been a month of my being an Uber driver, making a little extra money to pay my daughter’s college tuition and just in case my son needed anything… although he was certain to be getting some full ride football scholarship offers… and while driving people around I’d already had a few strange encounters, from seeing a college girl blowing a dude in his fifties, a married couple get into a shouting match over his checking out her mom, a drunken girl who masturbated to orgasm, and two chicks making out.

But all that was nothing compared to a recent drive that changed everything.

I picked a kid up from a corner convenience store just a few blocks from my previous drop, and he got into the front seat and told me, as I started to drive, “I got stood up.”

“Sorry to hear that,” I said, looking over at the black teen, and happy to see he lived just a few blocks from my house and this would be my last drop of the night.

“Yeah, and he’d been begging to be my cock sucker for days,” the kid added.

“Oh,” was all I could muster to that TMI.

“Seriously,” he continued, “although it’s not like it’s that hard to find a white cock sucker.”

This one-sided conversation was bizarre, so I just kept driving.

“How about you? Ever sucked cock?” he asked me a moment later.

“I’m married,” I scoffed.

He scoffed right back, “Yeah, like that matters.”

“I’m also straight,” I clarified, wanting to make my unavailability abundantly clear.

“I’ve heard that before,” he said, his tone odd, as if he didn’t think I was straight.

“Trust me,” I said as we pulled up to a red light. “I’m one hundred percent straight.”

“That’s what they all say,” he said, “at first,” as he unexpectedly tugged his sweat pants down and pulled out his dick.

“What are you doing?” I gasped, staring at this teenager’s suddenly appearing dick.

“Testing your declaration about being straight,” he said, as he stroked his cock.

I don’t know if I was more stunned by this kid whipping out his dick, or the sheer massive size of it as it began to grow, but I was definitely staring.

“This is usually all it takes,” he smirked, as he saw me staring.

A honk from behind brought me out of my stunned trance, and I turned my eyes back to the road and drove. I said, “Put that thing away.”

“Naaaa,” he refused, “it needs a chance to breathe.”

“That’s ridiculous,” I said, involuntarily glancing at his cock.

“My cock is so big I can’t even comfortably wear sweats,” he continued, as he slowly stroked his massive cock. I have a six-inch cock, a decent size, but this thing was probably ten inches, and really thick.

“Just put it away,” I repeated, it becoming a distraction to my driving.

“Hey, if you’re straight, it shouldn’t matter,” he shrugged, still stroking it slowly.

“Whatever,” I shrugged, trying to act like I didn’t give a fuck. But the truth was, I was using every ounce of willpower I had not to forget about the road and just stare down at his cock. Even so, I couldn’t resist the odd glance. WTF?

I was so confused. I’d never found a guy attractive, wasn’t attracted to this one; I’d also never been intrigued by a cock and I’d been in plenty of locker rooms, but this one had me flustered.

“I’m sure you’ve witnessed some nudity from passengers before,” he said.

“Yeah, but they were in the backseat,” I admitted, as I pulled up to another red light and sighed.

“Did you watch?” he asked as its magnetic pull had me unable not to look directly at his massive black cock, which was now so big and hard that if he’d wanted to mug me, he could have used it as a bludgeon.

“I definitely listened,” I admitted, realizing I was staring at his cock helplessly… subject to an urge I’d never felt before… an urge I desperately tried to shove away… an urge that confused me… I wanted to stroke his cock… I wanted to suck his cock.

“I bet you took peeks,” he said, continuing to stroke his cock slowly, his own unique version of hypnosis.

“Maybe,” I shrugged, literally unable to tear my eyes away.

Again, a honk alerted me to the light changing and I reluctantly (did I just say reluctantly?) pulled my hungry (as well as hungry?) gaze back to the road.

“Just so you know, it’s okay,” he said.

“What’s okay?” I asked, again using all my willpower to keep my eyes on the road and to resist looking back down at his crotch.

“If you want to touch it,” he said.

“Fah, I don’t,” I said too quickly, and even I didn’t completely believe me.

He chuckled, “Don’t sweat it, you’re just like all the other straight white men who, once the opportunity arises, discover their natural, inborn desire to submit to black cock.”

“That’s ridiculous,” I laughed back, now determined to escort bayan resist the growing temptation inside me and the sudden realization that my cock was rock hard. When did that happen?

“Is it?” he asked.

“Yeah, it is,” I nodded, refusing to look at him or more importantly, down at him.

“I imagine before this encounter, you’d never even considered sucking a cock,” he correctly assessed.

“You got that right,” I said confidently, as… oh, shit!… I rolled up to another red light.

“Most of my eager white cock suckers are middle aged men discovering their calling for the first time,” he described, as if he were some graybeard psychology professor.

“I’m straight,” I repeated, even as my eyes ignored my mental pleas to look straight ahead, and once again I found myself staring down at his cock.

“I don’t doubt it,” he said, surprising me ever so briefly, before adding, “in fact you’re just now discovering you’re an… admittedly straight… cock sucker for big, black cock.”

“That’s ludicrous,” I said, even as I stared at his big, black cock, even as my mind played games with me as I wondered what it would be like to suck it… just once.

As if reading my mind, he offered, “Go ahead, suck it just once, and then you’ll know for sure if you’re really straight.”

“A guy who’s really straight has never sucked a cock even once, so doing that would all by itself make me other than straight,” I pointed out, even as my cock raged in my pants, stuck in an awkward position.

Thankfully, I was again saved by the honk… and I drove on, only a few minutes from his final destination.

“You know, definitions aside, if you don’t suck it at least once, you’ll regret it forever and always wonder what if,” he informed me.

“What if what?” I asked, approaching yet another red light, as if some cock sucking curiosity god were controlling when they changed .

“If you’re a cock sucker,” he said bluntly.

“But only for black cock,” I riposted sarcastically as I came to a stop… at least I thought I was being sarcastic.

He didn’t catch my sarcasm at all as he agreed, “Usually.”

As had become the routine, I halted the car and returned my gaze to his big, black cock.

“How about you just go ahead and stroke it for me?” he asked. “We both know you want to.”

“If I do, will you put it away?”

“If you want me to,” he agreed.

“Fine,” I said, as I reached over and stroked his cock.

Fuck, it was thick.

Fuck, it was big.

Fuck, it was literally throbbing.

“There ya go,” he approved as I slowly stroked it, gazing at it in a daze.

“It’s so hard,” I said from my daze.

“Light changed,” he said.

I turned my eyes back to the road and resumed driving, yet my right hand remained on his cock… as if it had become my shift stick.

“That’s right, keep stroking it,” he approved as I drove.

As I encountered another red light a couple blocks later, he asked, “So tell me. Are you hard?”

“What?” I asked, even though I’d heard him, as I rolled to a stop again.

“Nothing gets a white cock sucker more excited than a big, black cock,” he explained, then added, “so if you’re still soft right now, then you probably are one of the rare white straight men who isn’t tempted by superior black cock.”

My face went red at the realization my cock was as hard as a rock, and that I was still stroking his.

“But your cock isn’t soft at all, it’s raging hard, isn’t it, cock sucker?” he drawled, a smirk crossing his face (at least I assumed it did, but truth be told, I couldn’t break eye contact with the tantalizing cock still in my hand).

Being called a cock sucker should have infuriated me. I mean, I’m a well-built man who could crush this kid to a pulp without even breaking a sweat (I’d been a linebacker in high school and then gotten a full ride scholarship to a Pac-12 university), yet at the moment, he did have me breaking a real sweat.

I didn’t respond, as I was completely captivated by his cock. It was like the first time I’d seen a pair of tits and cupped them in my hand (my Mom’s best friend, but that’s another story).

Again, a honk and he laughed, “You really should pay some attention to the road.”

“You really should put your dick away,” I countered, moving my hand away, as I knew I had to resist this befuddling temptation.

“Do you really want me to?” he asked. “One text, and I’ll have another married straight white cock sucker at my house in ten or fifteen minutes tops, or even some football jock like yourself, who behind the jock exterior is an eager cock sucker. You straight white cock suckers really are a dime a dozen.”

I couldn’t believe what he was saying and yet I couldn’t deny it, either.

I couldn’t even begin to understand the feelings of hunger and lust consuming me… but they were undeniably there.

I glanced back at his cock as I drove, indecision, confusion, lust, embarrassment, all coursing through me like I was in the eye of a storm.

He altıparmak escort bayan repeated his question. “Do you want me to put my big black cock away?”

Even as humiliation coursed through me, I whispered, not something I’m known to do, I’m a rather loud, boisterous person by nature, “No.”


“No,” I said, louder.

“No, what?” he asked, clearly enjoying the power he or his cock had over me.

“No, I don’t want you to put your penis away,” I answered, as I rolled up to yet another red light and reached over and took it back in my hand.

“I’m not five,” he chuckled. “I don’t have a penis, what do I have…” he paused and examined my ID on the dash, “…Barry?”

“Your cock,” I corrected, looking right at it in fascination, like Indiana Jones did when he found the Lost Ark.

“What about it?” he asked, really enjoying humiliating me.

“Please don’t put your big cock away,” I said, as a honk from behind told me that this light too had changed.

“My big black cock,” he corrected me.

As I drove, knowing I’d fallen completely at his whim, my cock raging, my mouth watering, my head spinning, my hand stroking, I agreed, “Yes, your big, fat, black cock.”

“And what do you want to do with this big, fat, black cock?” he asked as if there were some ritualistic recitation he wanted me to guess at until I got it right, as I turned onto the block containing his address.

“Suck it,” I answered, shame and lust fighting for control inside me.

“Suck what?” he asked, pulling me deeper and deeper into his twisted web of submission.

“Suck your big black cock,” I answered, ashamed that he’d made me say it.

“Well, thanks for the offer and the perfect timing,” he smiled, as I rolled to a stop in front of his house.

I wasn’t sure what to do.

Yes, I wanted to suck his cock.

Truthfully, I had never wanted to do anything sexual more in my life, and I’ve had a pretty adventurous sex life, especially in my high school and college years.

But I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do next. With women, I took control. I was the man.

But, here, I had no idea of the protocol of the situation. The only thing I knew for certain was that jock or not, making him my bitch wasn’t on the menu.

Plus, we were in my car in front of his house.

“What are you waiting for?” he asked. “Get sucking.”

“Here?” I asked, as I returned my lustful gaze to his magnificent black cock.

“Unless you want to go in my house,” he said, before adding, “although you may wake my parents.”

“How old are you?” I asked, suddenly petrified I might be committing a crime.

“Eighteen,” he answered. “By a few weeks.”

“Okay,” I said, still not moving, paralyzed by indecision.

“It’s now or never, cock sucker,” he said. “I can have some football player from my school, a married dude like you, or even one of my teachers at my house in ten minutes.”

I was curious how he’d taken charge of so many cock suckers, I imagine just like this, but I nodded and leaned towards the majestic enticing missile, but was restrained by my seatbelt.

Was this a sign from above?

What would my wife think if she found out I’d sucked an eighteen-year-old’s cock?

What would my eighteen-year-old son think?

My twenty-year-old daughter?

He chuckled, “How about you take the seatbelt off? Just a suggestion.”

I chuckled awkwardly, ignoring any signs that I shouldn’t do this, my lust overcoming common sense, “Yeah.”

I did, and I looked around for any late-night strollers, before I crossed the invisible line of my perceived straight manhood, leaned down and took his cock in my mouth.

Fuck, he was thick, spreading my mouth wide open.

To be honest, it was incredibly awkward at first. Here I was in my car with a black teenager’s cock in my mouth. Yet it was also incredibly hot.

“There ya go, cock sucker,” he groaned, “now do what you were born to do.”

That sentence was ridiculous, born to do as if the stork had dropped a cock-sucking-compulsion-pill in my mouth before handing me over to my mother, yet everything about this ride up until now had been ridiculous, and the fact of my having a cock in my mouth was anything but.

I can’t explain it, but a strangely serene feeling washed over me. This felt so natural.

So, I began bobbing. Perhaps bobbing wasn’t the correct description, as I was barely taking more than a couple of inches in (unlike my wife Anna, who could deep throat my six-inch cock with relative ease… although that hadn’t happened a lot in the past few years).

“Good, cock sucker,” he moaned, the term cock sucker suddenly not as offensive as it had been until now. At the moment, that was the exact description of what I was doing.

Unfortunately, in this position I had to struggle to get into any rhythm. It was awkward, my body was somewhat contorted, and the angle was a challenge.

After a couple minutes of my frustrating nilüfer eskort sucking, oddly wanting to do a good job, he said, obviously noticing my struggle, “Let’s go into my backyard.”

“Really?” I asked. “Is that safe?”

“Probably safer than doing this in a car near a streetlight,” he answered.

“Fair enough,” I chuckled awkwardly, the conversation weird, yet pragmatically logical.

“Let’s go, cock sucker,” he ordered, as he pulled his sweats up.

“Can you not call me cock sucker?” I requested, the term so demeaning.

“But you are a cock sucker,” he said, getting out of the car. “I mean, you were just sucking my cock, were you not?”

I also climbed out and followed him into the backyard, feeling this reverse walk of shame (walking towards performing a slutty act) as I had to admit, “I guess so.”

He laughed, “You guess so.” Just after we entered the backyard, having walked down the side of his house and through a chain-link gate, he turned around and ordered, “Knees, cock sucker.”

It was almost completely dark, only the stars and some indirect light from the streetlight allowing me to see anything.

The order was so demeaning, yet it made my cock flinch as I obeyed and dropped down before this kid less than half my age.

“Pull down my pants,” he ordered.

I did, seeing his big hard cock flop out in the faint light.

“Stroke it,” he ordered.

I reached up and took his iron hard shaft back in my hand.

“Tell me what you want, Mr. Parker,” he ordered, using my last name for the first time, which was a strange time to show me respect.

Yet logic was gone, lust was in control of me as I answered, somehow really wanting to impress him, “I want to be your white married straight cock sucker, and suck your massive black fat cock until you either choose to come down my throat or all over my face.”

“That was impressive,” he approved. “I thought you said my theory was ludicrous.”

“I thought that at first,” I said, as I stroked his thick shaft, wanting it back in my mouth, “but obviously I was just a cock sucker in denial.”

“Cup my balls, Mr. Parker,” he ordered. “I have a big load stored in them just for you.”

“It’s so heavy,” I said as I obeyed, cupping his big black ball sac.

“Now suck each ball, cock sucker,” he ordered. “Get my cum nice and ready for you.”

“Yes, sir,” I said mindlessly, not even realizing I’d addressed him as such until he responded.

I moved my mouth to his ball sac and easily found a big ball and sucked it between my lips, something I’d never had done to me, as he laughed, “Sir, that’s a new one.”

Fuck! I thought to myself as I pleasured his balls. I just kept falling deeper and deeper into a submissive persona I hadn’t known existed inside me.

I didn’t reply, instead I found his other ball and sucked that one, too.

“You really are a natural little submissive cock sucker,” he said.

Again I didn’t respond, the humiliation of the words continuing to remind me of my subjected position. A lesser position that oddly felt so natural. On my knees. A cock in my hand. The only thing missing was having the black cock back in my mouth.

“Ready to suck me?” he asked.

“God, yes,” I answered, sounding like the cock slut I now was.

“Beg,” he ordered, as I slid my tongue up his throbbing shaft.

I have no idea why this humiliation was enhancing the situation, but my hard, desperate cock flinched again as I begged, “Please, sir, let me suck your big black cock.”

“Oh, come now, you must be able to do better than that,” he critiqued. “I want you to convince me how much you want it.”

I was way past the point of no return, way past the point of moral integrity or any dignity, so I begged, “Please sir, allow me to worship your big, fat, black cock and turn this straight white man into a submissive cock sucking, cum swallowing faggot.”

“Better,” he said, before adding, “but you do know that faggots also take it in the ass.”

I didn’t even realize I’d used the word faggot until he pointed it out, and I couldn’t believe the words I said next, as I’d never even remotely considered taking it in the ass. But of course I hadn’t remotely considered sucking cock before this fateful fare, and yet here I was. “If you please, I’ll be a two-hole fuck toy faggot for you, sir.”

“Delicious,” he said, clearly amused and I think impressed by my declaration, even though I couldn’t fathom taking that cock in my ass. I’d fucked a few women in the ass in my day (my wife only once, and it didn’t go well) and they barely could take all of my six inches.

“Not as delicious as your big black cock,” I said, sounding like a cock hungry bimbo, which I pretty much was, as I returned it to my mouth.

And I couldn’t explain it, but here I was on my knees with a big black cock in my mouth, and everything felt natural. This just felt like home.

Pathetic I know, but my truth at the moment.

In this position, I also could bob much more easily.

One hand around his shaft (mostly around, it was that fat), I began bobbing, my only regret being I couldn’t really see his beautiful cock as well as I would have liked to.

“That’s it, cock sucker,” he groaned, as I began really bobbing on the monster, taking at least half of his huge dick into my mouth.

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