A Day With My little pt. 03

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I could feel her touch lingering on my skin and her moans echoed in my ears as I searched the shelved for the right brand of oil. Putting the bottle in my basket I moved toward the aisle featuring bulbs and lamps, knowing I needed to replace that burnt out tail light as well. I smiled as her face flashed before my eyes, her head thrown back in ecstasy as she rode my cock to orgasm again and again. Kitten could ride for hours without stopping, no matter how many times she climaxed. Finally I could resist no longer and I had carried her to the shower, bending her over under the water as I fucked her from behind, coaxing one more shivering O from her before painting her inner walls with my own.

She was curled under the covers sleeping when I dressed and left for the auto parts store, breakfast laying forgotten on the kitchen floor. I loved wearing her out to the point of collapse, she always got that serenely peaceful and satisfied look, like everything in her life was perfect. I’d been exploring the D/s lifestyle for a few months before meeting her, but until she showed me true submission, I never fully understood how deep it could go.

My heart filled with pride and possession as I thought of her, knowing that she was mine and that she was perfect. At the same time my well fucked organ seemed to pulse at the mere thought of my devoted little one. Shaking my head I gathered the rest of my parts, paid, and headed back home.

I had already changed the tail light and the brakes, and was just draining the oil when I heard the back door open. Craning my neck from under the car I looked across the long driveway to the back of the house. Kitten was striding across the lawn in a brand new blue bikini that hugged those big breasts perfectly. The bottoms were just as perfect, leaving only a little to the imagination as it hid the delights of her body.

I pulled myself from under the car and started to walk towards her but she shook her head with a smile and said. “Don’t stop Daddy. I just want to lay out for a little while.” With that she spread out sakarya escort a blanket and lay down on her back, her head turned to the side to watch me through her dark sunglasses. She didn’t say another word but when I was finishing up the oil she made quite the show of turning onto her back then reaching around to untie the bikini, letting the strings fall away from her back, her breasts now visible pillowing out at her sides.

I chuckled a little at her and wiped my greasy hands on my already stained and dirty shirt. She didn’t move again as I gathered the hose and a bucket of soapy water, she just lay there with her face towards me, the sun warming her satin skin. I was rinsing my car off with the hose when I looked over and saw her smirking at me. I knew she loved to watch me work, no matter what my current project was. Smirking back I pointed the hose in her direction and loosed a spray of water that fell across her bare back.

Kitten squealed as she rolled away from the spray, her top remaining where it was and her breasts on full display. “Daddy!” she squealed again as her hands rose to cover the delicious mounds on her chest. I just smirked and turned the hose back on my car. When I finished and cleaned up she was back inside so I put everything away and headed towards the door. Finding a large glass of ice water next to the back door I grabbed it and sank into the nearest chair with a sigh. After taking along drink I set the glass down and leaned my head against the back of the chair with my eyes closed. I love working outside on my car but the sun was hot and I was glad to be able to close my eyes for a few minutes and cool down.

She appeared silently, I didn’t know she was there until she had lifted my foot into her lap to untie my shoe. She quietly pulled my shoe and sock off before moving onto the next. I looked down at her to find her staring back up at me with a small smile. She had put on one of my work shirts, buttoned most of the way up but still open enough to reveal that her bikini top had not made it back on when samsun escort she came inside. The swell of those big beautiful breasts looked so appetizing I couldn’t help but lick my lips and stare.

She recaptured my attention by leaning forward and placing a small kiss on my bare leg below the knee, followed by another and another. Her eyes never left mine, except to blink slowly and sensuously up at me. Her fingers found the bottom of my shorts and tugged softly, her eyes silently asking for permission. I nodded, thinking about how good a cold shower would feel after my afternoon in the sun. My shorts slid down my legs, revealing my briefs and the outline of my flaccid member. Once they were off she sat up on her knees and grasped at my tshirt, pulling it up and off my head.

A red tinge began to appear in her cheeks as she worked at peeling down my briefs, and finally I was naked before her, relaxing in my chair as she kneeled between my legs. She looked so beautiful, so perfect that I couldn’t help but reach out and caress her cheek. She didn’t flinch from my still dirty hand but leaned into it, her eyes closing as she relished the touch of her Sir. When her eyes opened again they were locked on mine and burning with a sudden fire.

Her fingers slid slowly up my legs to my still soft member, softly caressing the same tool she had ridden so vigorously only hours before. The plea appeared in her eyes again but she said nothing. “Haven’t you done enough for me today kitten?” I asked softly, again caressing her cheek.

“Please Daddy,” was her only response, her fingers playing with my cock, which had begun to twitch and come to life due to her teasing fingertips. Her lips pressed against my inner thigh as she watched my face awaiting my response to her unspoken request. When I nodded a smile broke across her face, more beautiful than a morning sunrise after a rainy night.

She didn’t say another word as she pulled on my legs, coaxing me towards the edge of the chair. Her mouth descended to my lap and she softly began urfa escort to lick and kiss my slowly swelling organ. It gradually grew thicker and harder in her hand and under her mouth, and when those lips parted and she slid the tip inside to feel the warm wetness of her mouth it grew to full erection. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the sight before me, the most loving cock service I had ever experienced. Her mouth made love to my cock slowly and passionately, her tongue sliding across every inch of my length. At first her eyes had stayed on mine but then they closed as she lost herself in what she was doing.

Despite the loads she had pulled from me earlier in the day I knew that I could never withstand the type of love she was unleashing on my cock. The slow sensual teasing of her mouth had me throbbing in no time. Her lips descended farther and farther down my length until my tip was tickling her throat. When she felt it nearly there, kitten took a deep breath and suddenly I was in her throat completely, her muscles massaging my tip as she kept me there.

Never before had I been so grateful for her lack of gag reflex. I was buried farther in her throat than ever before but she was completely calm, actually using her throat to massage my cock. When she finally pulled away her hand took the place of her mouth, sliding up and down the saliva coated shaft.

“Daddy,” she said softly, her voice a plea. “Will you please cum for me Daddy? Will you please give your little one the honor of receiving your cum?” The plea was real, she wanted me to cum more than she wanted anything else in the world. I felt my body responding to her plea, the cum boiling from my balls and rushing up my shaft.

“Ohhh little one I am cumming!” I managed to groan before I could hold back no longer and the first blast arched away from the tip and fell across her hand and arm. The remaining cum, depleted though it was, was caught by her mouth as she sealed her lips around the tip. I sat there in blissful amazement as she swallowed down her prize and proceeded to clean up any she might have missed.

When my breath returned I caught her gaze and said, “Thank you kitten. That was perfect.”

Her head shook in the way it always does when I’ve said something silly.

“No Daddy,” she whispered softly. “Thank you!”

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