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Will came home from work slightly early one Friday. As he pulled into his driveway, he tightened up his tie and re-buttoned the top button of his business-casual dress T-shirt. He steped out of the car, steped up the front steps, paused, and opened his front door.

His wife, Sandra, was frantically vacuuming the living room rug. The first thing that caught Will’s eye was her black high heels. His eye trailed up her shapely leg to her short, tight pleather skirt, through which he could see the faint outline of her plastic chastity belt. She was wearing a red leather corset which he had picked out for her this morning, and her long red hair was pulled back in a tight ponytail. Around her porcelain neck was a tight leather collar with a metal ring in the front. As Will opened the door, Sandra looked up, eyes wide, like a deer in headlights. As he said her name, she shut off the vaccuum.

There was a scolding tone in his voice. “Sandra,” he said.

“I’m sorry, Sir!” she said, walking quickly up to the door. She kissed him on the lips and took his briefcase.

“You know the rules,” he replied. “You are supposed to be waiting at the door for me when I come in,” he paused, her head lowered. “That’s one check already,” he said.

Head still lowered, Sandra replied, “I’m sorry, Sir. I didn’t hear you pull in. You’re home early today.”

He smiled at her and kissed her back. “Well, it’s Friday and I decided to cut out early. I know it’s your day off, and I wanted to make sure you used that time to do all the things I asked you to.”

“I did, Sir!” she said, smiling.

“We’ll see about that,” he responded, smirking slightly.

The two of them sat down and had tea and made small talk. Will sensed that Sandra was nervous, and wanted to drag it out as long as possible, building up tension. He had asked her to clean the house from top to bottom, and soon he would go ‘inspect’ it. Every failure on her part would result in a checkmark. Every checkmark would result in a worse punishment for her tonight.

Will and Sandra had been married for about a year. Will was 26, and worked at a small up-and-coming web company that had afforded him a good degree of affluence. Sandra was a high school teacher right out of grad-school. She was 24, but was a small girl with a very cute face. She looked barely 21. On her first day of teaching, people mistook her for a student.

Sandra loved kids and had a very innocent way about her. Despite having an intense BDSM relationship with her husband, she came from a very conservative household, and felt very embarassed when she was forced to do dirty things. She barely ever said curse words, and couldn’t bring herself to say unladylike words like “fuck” or “cock”. She was one of those girls that blushed and looked away when exposed to pornography, used cute euphanisms for sex like “Making whoopie”, and never, in the world, would ever audibly fart. But the seemingly clear waters betrayed her depth – Sandra had intense sexual fantasies that she could never bring herself to actually tell anyone, but Will was slowly learning…

“It’s time to Inspect,” he said, putting his tea-cup down on the table with a resolute clunk.

“Yes Sir,” Sandra said, rising from the short stool on her side of the table.

Will wandered through the house, Sandra followed nearby with her hands behind her back. First, Will checked the bathrooms, looking to make sure the toilet had been scrubbed, the sink cleaned, and the floor mopped. Stepping into the shower, he looked at the tiles.

“Here,” he said, pulling out his metal pointer. He extented it and pointed at a section of tile at his eye level, about nine inches above Sandra’s eye level. There was some brown mildew between two tiles. Sandra appologized and Will replied sternly, “That’s another check.”

The kitchen was clean, and the cat was fed. The living room looked fine, except for that Sandra didn’t have time to vaccuum under the couches. She bit her lip and scrunched up her nose as Will tipped the couch back, noting the dust. “Three checks.”

She had also forgotten to water the plants.

“Four checks.”

There was still a load of laundry in the dryer.

“That makes five,” Will said. Sandra’s brow furrowed in worry. “A new record.”

Entering their bedroom, one of the pillows was on the floor next to the bed. Sandra had put it down there while changing the sheets, and had intentionally “forgotten” to put it back. She hadn’t counted on getting five other checks though…

“I’m dissapointed, Sandra. After the last time you got five checks, I thought you said you had learned your lesson. Now you have six checks. I can see I’m going to have to teach you that lesson all over again. This time, I’m going to make it stick.”

“Yes Sir,” she said quietly.

“I know you’re not going to like it, but it’s something we have to do.”

“Yes Sir,” Sandra said again. It felt like she was a little girl again, sitting in the waiting room of the doctor’s office before getting a big shot. The only difference Bostancı Türbanlı Escort was that deep down, she was looking forward to it.

————-Chapter Two——————

Dinner was pasta, served with a homemade red sauce. Sandra was sweating from nervousness, anxious about the punishment she would receive that night. Will was drawing it out, making her wait.

After she had done the dishes, they watched a movie together. Will had selected “The Secretary”, which was a favorite of theirs. Will sat in an armchair while she sat at his feet. Occasionally, he’s reach down and stroke her hair, but didn’t give her any attention other than that. If she tried to nuzzle his arm, or turn away from the movie to talk to him, he’d turn her head back to the movie and push her away. She wanted him so badly…

Sandra wore a plastic chastity belt, a smooth metal bikini. There was a screen in the bottom that she could pee out of, but she’d need it removed if she wanted to do anything else. She had to go to the bathroom pretty badly, but endured it because she knew her Master would be angry if she interrupted during the movie. There was a lock on the side which Will held the key to. When Will was away and she was home alone, she wanted desperately to masturbate, but was unable to touch herself. Instead she lay on her bed or in the bathtub, visualizing all the horrible things she wanted him to do to her, and all the nasty things she wanted to do to him to return the favor. Right now, that chastity belt seemed especially tight and steamy.

The credits of the movie were rolling, and Sandra started to stand up. Will pushed her down by the shoulders and kept her sitting on the floor at his feet. They watched the credits together as Sandra’s heart sped up, pounding hard in her chest. She was equally scared and turned on. Her dirty imagination was running on a treadmill in her head, running faster and faster but not escaping, taking her breath away.

Finally, Will leaned forward. Sandra stayed still, facing the television. She felt his breath on the back of her neck, causing her flesh to ripple into goosebumps. Keeping her eyes forward, she felt one of his fingertips trace from the top of her leather corset up her collarbone, to her neck, to her collar. Will took something out of his pocket and reached around in front. It was a dog leash, which he attached to the metal ring on the front of her collar. Sandra swallowed quietly.

Will stood up, stepped away from Sandra, and gave a short jerk on the leash, motivating her to come towards him. She began to stand up, but was met with a stern “No,” from her master. She crawled on all-fours towards him, and then sat at his feet. Smiling slightly he led her around the house like this, then eventually, upstairs to the bedroom. She crawled behind him up the stairs, eyeing his delicious ass, feeling humiliated by being treated like a dog, but still dripping wet with sexual energy.

Their bedroom was large, lavish, painted with a tasteful blue. It was elegant, lit dimly by a lamp next to a huge four-post bed. In the corner, there was an antique writing chair – a wooden chair with a writing board in front, like one you’d find in an old one-room schoolhouse.

Will led her into the room and ordered her to “Stay.” She kneeled in the center of the room, next to the bed, as Will sat down in the old chair. “Stand up,” he said, and she complied. “Strip,” he commanded.

They had been married for a year, but Sandra still felt embarassed when she had to take her clothes off in front of him. In the rare weeks when they hung-up the dominant-submissive roles, she preferred to make love with the lights out. Despite being a gorgeous girl with beautiful B-cup breasts and a shapely figure, she was always very aware of her body, and generally dressed very conservatively. Working at a high school, being eyed by adolescents with raging hormones, had made her painfully aware of how men would stare at her if given the opportunity. As a result, her work attire was almost Victorian in coverage and conservatism.

Sandra would never leave the house wearing what she was wearing now. Even in the comfort of her own bedroom, she felt self-conscious. She stood there, paralyzed, afraid to move.

“Strip,” Will repeated. Sandra blushed. There was a long silence as Will stared at her. “Strip or I will add another check mark,” he added. Biting her lip, Sandra began to untie the tight corset. Slowly, she peeled it off, lifting it up over her head. Her perky breasts sported hard, pink nipples. She exhaled, finally having escaped from the stiff metal bones inside the corset. Her slender hands unzipped the back of the pleather skirt and she let it fall to the ground. She stepped out of it, leaving her high-heels behind. Underneath the skirt she wore that damn chastity-belt, like plastic underwear, which she was very thankful for at the moment.

Will stood up and stepped next to her, producing a key from his pocket. He freed the lock on the side of the belt, and took Bostancı Otele Gelen Escort it off her. Her breath sped up again as Will put it on the ground near her clothes. All she was wearing now was the collar, with the leash still attached to it.

“Good,” said Will. “We’re ready to begin.”


Will tossed aside Sandra’s clothes and kicked the chastity belt on top of the pile.

“Kneel,” he commanded. Trembling slightly, Sandra complied, dropping to her knees in front of him.

“Spread your legs slightly, and put your arms out in front of you.” As she did this, he explained, “I want you to spread your fingers and put your hands together, palm to palm. I’m going to put a penny between each of your fingers. Five in total, one for each set of fingers. I want you to hold these pennies, and not let any of them drop. If you drop any, there will be dire concequences. Do you understand?”

“Yes Sir,” Sandra breathed, her ass clenching slightly as Will placed a penny between each of her fingers. Her arms were extended in front of her, her elbows touching. Palms together, she held five pennies, each one pressed between two fingers. Will walked behind her, taking off his silk tie. He tied it around her head, blindfolding her.

Will watched her for a moment as she trembled. She was very scared of him, and he was determined to show her exactly why she should be. He picked up a hairbrush that was next to the bed, on the night stand, and paced back over to her. He gave one ass-cheek a sharp Whap, causing Sandra to make a high pitched “eeeek!” sound. Smiling, he spanked the other cheek, leaving an oval shaped red mark on her ivory ass.

In the past, when Will had punished Sandra, he had only given her a few slaps on the ass. Perhaps he would blindfold her and drip some hot wax on her alabaster skin. The pain was never too much, and he rarely tested her limits. Tonight, Will felt she deserved a bit more…

Will got down on the floor on his back and slid between her legs. He smelled her pussy, letting her know that he was down there. She was dripping wet, her pussy feeling overly sensitive since its release from its plastic prison. Sandra’s red bush was neatly trimmed down to a modest triangle over her pussy. Her pussy hadn’t gotten any attention in two days and she hadn’t had an orgasm in perhaps three or four. The tip of Will’s tongue ran up her thigh, paused at her pussy lips, and then gave a quick lick to her steaming clitoris. Sandra moaned at the much needed attention, but it was just a tease. He slipped back out from under her legs and gave her ass a few more smacks with the hairbrush.

Will kneeled behind Sandra and reached around her, cupping her breasts, tweaking her luscious nipples. Her perky breasts were very sensitive, and she let loose another needful moan at his touch. Her hands were shaking a bit, and Will could see that the penny which she held between her two pinkies was about to slip. One of Will’s hands delivered a sharp spank to her ass, then another, then another. His other arm wrapped around her torso, pulling her close to him. She could feel the bulge of his erect member through his business slacks, pressing against her lower back.

Kneeling behind Sandra, Will decided to give her a really hard time. With one hand, Will fondled her breast, squeezing and twisting her nipple. The other hand snaked down to her pussy and began to lightly rub her clitoris in tiny circles. Sandra pushed down, grinding against his hand, moaning loudly as her strength gave out and the penny slipped to the ground.

“Bad girl,” he whispered into her ear, his hot breath giving her more goosebumps.

She whined slightly, “I’m sorry Sir! I couldn’t help it!”

“Shhhh,” he whispered, nibbling on her earlobe. He pulled the blindfold off and forced her to drop the rest of the pennies.

“I bet you have to go to the bathroom right now,” he said to her, turning her head so that she was looking him in the eye.

The chastity belt had been on all day, making it difficult to pee and impossible to defecate. Sandra hadn’t thought about it since the movie, as she’d been concentrating on other things. “Yes Sir, I do,” she replied. “Before we continue, may I use the rest room?”

“No,” he replied. This was unusual – bathroom privelages had never been revoked in the past…

“Please sit down in the chair,” said Will, and Sandra complied, sitting her small ass on the big, cold, wooden school chair. “I’ll be right back,” he concluded as he left the room. Sandra sat still, wondering what he was doing.

A minute later, Will returned with a tall glass of ice water. He put it on the table in front of her. She looked at it, almost incredulously. “Drink it,” commanded her Master as he started the timer function on his wristwatch. He stared at his wrist as his nervous slave took the glass and began to drink it down. She needed two breaks to finish the glass, and when she finished it, she covered her mouth and belched quietly. Bostancı Ucuz Escort Suddenly, her bladder felt full, bursting, painful.

“Please Sir,” she begged, “Please grant me permission to relieve myself!”

“Do you really need to?” asked her master, standing in front of her chair like a school teacher.

“Yes Sir,” she said, almost whining.

“Put on your chastity belt,” he commanded. Whimpering slightly, Sandra stood up and put it back on, clicking closed the lock on the hip. “Now put on a bra,” said Will. She went to her drawer and picked out a revealing, sexy one, hoping to score favor with him. It was one of her few lacy bras – one that he had given to her for their first anniversary. Her pink nipples were clearly visible through it, and it pushed her breasts up, making them seem even fuller and more tempting.

Will took up the leash and led her out of the bedroom. She followed him down the stairs, and to the front door.

“Oh please Sir, no! Please don’t take me outside!


Nervously, Sandra let herself be led out onto the front porch by her tight leather leash. All she was wearing was a plastic chastity belt and a thin, lacy bra. She crawled on all fours, humiliated and embarassed. Sandra didn’t like being naked in front of anyone. Only her husband (and a handful of other past lovers) had seen her naked. Her body was something she took exceptional care of, and was very sensitive about, despite being a voluptuous, gorgeous girl. Now she nervously crawled through her front yard on the end of a short dog-leash.

Sandra and Will didn’t live on a busy street. They lived in the outskirts of the suburbs, a semi-rural area. Their closest neighbors were a full block up the street. At this hour of night, a car would drive by every few minutes. Sandra nervously eyed the road, hoping not to see headlights coming around the corner.

Will was fully clothed, one hand in his pocket, the other on the leash. He led his wife up the street, her crawling closely behind him. If she lagged behind, he gave a sharp tug on the leash, causing her to whimper and catch up. Will walked at a pace a little faster than Sandra could crawl, so she was forced to crawl quickly, occasionally bumping her bare knee on a rock, or putting her hand in damp grass.

It was a balmy summer night, comfortable, and with a cool breeze, but Sandra was sweating. If anyone saw her like this, she would absolutely melt. Despite her humiliation, being led around like a dog had turned her on more than she had expected. Her pussy steamed against the inside of the plastic chastity belt.

Will led her up the street half a block, to a field. He led her to a tree in the center of the field, still plainly visible from the road. “Are you ready to relieve yourself?” he asked.

“Sir,” Sandra stuttered, her face red, “I can’t! I can’t… relieve myself … in public!”

Will smiled. “Then we will sit here until you can.”

Crickets replied, patiently.

Sandra really did have to pee. Her bladder was aching, bursting, but she was just to embarassed to pee in the middle of a field, with her husband watching, where a car could drive by at any second. Every breeze through the grass of the field sounded to Sandra like a car coming up the path. She would just die if anyone saw her here, on a leash, dressed like this. But the longer she waited, the greater the chance that a car would come. And the longer she waited, the more she had to pee.

“I’m ready, Sir,” she whispered, swallowing her pride.

Will bent down and unlocked the chastity belt, taking it off. Sandra’s bare ass was exposed to the moonlight, and the cool breeze. She squatted, getting ready to pee, and fought past a wave of extreme humiliation. No one had ever watched her go to the bathroom before. Now, Will stood over her, holding her leash, and she was going to pee as he watched. Biting her lip and closing her eyes, she let it go, a stream of urine forming a puddle on the ground underneath her. She had never been so embarassed in her entire life.

Finally, Sandra finished peeing. When she opened her eyes, Will’s fly was open and his penis was poking out, hard and erect. He tugged on her leash, drawing her closer. She shook her head at him, whimpering, “No, not here, please!” Will chuckled, giving her leash another sharp tug. Her face red with heat, Sandra crawled up to Will’s cock, and took it in her mouth, her fingers encircling his scrotum and tugging on it softly. Her tongue washed up and down the shaft as she jacked him off with her mouth. Caught up in the eroticism of the moment, the exhibitionism and humiliation, Sandra moaned, her now exposed pussy already dripping wet. She slid Will’s cock deep into her throat, sucking on it for all she was worth. After about a minute of this, Will pushed her away, her lips sliding off his rigid cock, a small string of saliva hanging between the two. Sandra wiped her mouth with the back of her hand.

“You may put your chastity belt on now,” said Will. Sandra had never been so eager to be locked back into that plastic prison. When the lock clicked shut, she breathed a sigh of relief. Her master led her by the collar back to the house. They managed to get back before any cars passed. As the front door clicked shut, Sandra exhaled heavily, finally able to let her guard down a bit.

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