House of Dreams

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The memories seemed to move from her mind and into her fingers as they moved over her body. Images of the room . . . softly lit . . . shadows hiding the pleasures that waited in the dark . . . sounds she could not quite distinguish teasing her ears . . . It was all so real as she remembered the way He had led her down the stairs and into her fantasy. She moved the sheet down so that she could touch her breasts. She slid her fingertips around the sides of them . . . caressing herself lightly . . . then circling her nipples . . . just barely brushing them . . . feeling them stiffen. She thought of how it had felt when all those unseen hands had touched her. She closed her eyes and she could feel them again . . . on her legs . . . on her breasts . . . stroking . . . teasing . . . bringing her such incredible pleasure. She remembered how she had struggled against the restraints and how they had held her secure in their grip. She spread her legs under the sheet and imagined herself on that table again . . . her legs in the stirrups. One hand drifted down across her stomach and rested lightly on her soft mound. She fought the urge to slip it between her legs immediately. Instead, she pictured her arms stretched above her head, as they had been that night . . . while fingers had made their way along her inner thighs . . . moving ever closer . . .

The darkness behind the blindfold had been so complete. It had allowed her to surrender to the pleasure. She had been unable to resist. She could only lie back and let them . . . whoever they had been . . . to touch her as they pleased. Slowly she moved a finger until it touched the edge of her growing wetness. In her mind she was reliving the feel of the tongues licking closer to that spot. When they had touched her there, she had cried out, just as she did now when her finger found the sensitive bud. The sensations had taken her breath away. She had been swept along on a wave of continuous ecstasy that had finally sent her plummeting over the edge. The memory, as much as the fingers moving between her legs, sent her there again and she shuddered as her orgasm washed over her.

She lay for a few moments, catching her breath, reluctant to leave the fantasy. Only the thought of the evening ahead brought her back to reality. She thought about what He had said before He left for work. They had laid side by side after having made love . . . she could feel the remains of His orgasm mingling with hers on her fingers now . . . He had kissed her and told her that there was another party that night and He wanted to take her. The twinkle in His eyes and the slight smile He had when He said it had made her tingle. He had told her that He would be home at 6:00 and that after He had showered and changed they would go. Then He had kissed her again, deeply, and left her alone with her thoughts and fantasies. Not wanting to get up right away she laid there savoring the memories until she had known she would have to cum again before she could do anything else.

Now that she had, she resisted the urge to do it again and got out of the bed and went to the shower. As the warm water cascaded over her body, she realized that her desire had not been satisfied only heightened. She washed herself all over, trying not to get too caught up in the sensations of her soapy hands moving over her breasts and between her legs. With a deliberate effort, she rinsed off and stepped out of the shower. But even the feel of the towel on her warm skin seemed to go right through her. She took a deep breath and determined to get control of herself. She quickly dressed and went out to do some shopping in preparation for the night.

As she drove to the mall, she thought about the previous party again. She had never realized how strong her fantasies of such a night had been before. She had often wondered what it would be like to submit completely to whatever it was that he wanted. But he had never broached the subject and she had not known how to bring it up. Sex between them had always been wonderful, but she had longed for something more and now that she had had a taste of it, her mind seemed to be always full of other possibilities. They had never really spoken of what had happened, though her had taken her that night in a way that thrilled her even now to think about, and their lovemaking since then had been as it was before. But, in her mind, she often returned to that room and what had happened there. Maybe tonight, she thought, and she could not help but squirm a bit in the seat.

Once at the mall, she took her time making her selections. She wanted to find something special to wear . . . something, she hoped, that would match the occasion. She rejected many of the things the saleslady brought to her until she saw the ivory outfit. It was a beautiful dress that buttoned to the neck but was slit high on the side. She chose an ivory lace bra, sheer ivory panties and a pair of thigh high ivory stockings to wear underneath it. It was perfect, she thought. Demure enough to cihangir escort look almost virginal from the waist up, it would also allow for tantalizingly brief glimpses of her legs as she walked. She took her purchases to the counter to pay for them. As she waited, she noticed the man across the store watching her, though he was trying not to be too obvious about it. She saw that he had seen the items she had selected and she imagined that he was picturing her in them. The thought that he was seeing in his mind how they would fit her body brought a warm blush to her cheeks. For instant, their eyes met and she was a bit shocked to see desire there. He smiled approvingly and she blushed again and turned away. But she could feel his eyes still on her and her nipples tingled. She busied herself with completing the transaction, signed the charge receipt and handed it back to the saleslady. As she did so, their fingers touched and she felt a sudden rush. She looked at the woman behind the counter . . . who was strikingly attractive; she realized . . . and thought she saw the same thing in her eyes. The woman met her gaze steadily, and somewhat knowingly, and maintained the contact with her fingers until she pulled her hand away. Disconcerted by all of this, she thanked the woman and quickly left the store.

On the drive home, she thought about what had happened and wondered if she had just imagined it all. Had she reached the point where everyone was a potential sex partner now? Had her fantasies so completely taken over that she felt touches and looks from total strangers as stimuli for her seemingly overheated libido? She did not even know those people in the store, but then she realized suddenly she had not known any of the people at the party either. She had not even been able to see who was touching her and giving her such pleasure that night and she had not cared. All that had mattered was that her fantasy was coming true and she had been the center of attention. She had wondered since then who they had been and if they had experienced pleasure as well at sending her so completely over the edge but she had been so consumed by her own lust, it had seemed secondary at the time. What, she wondered, would it be like to see others experiencing the same kind of passion? Images of bodies moving against one another . . . doing things to each other . . . filled her mind. She had seen movies, of course, but what would it be like to be able to hear real sounds and smell real scents . . . maybe even feel bodies moving against her . . . Oh god, she thought, I need to be in control now. But what if she wasn’t . . . She vigorously shook the images away and concentrated on driving home.

The rest of the day passed rather uneventfully, though, the images continued to haunt the edges of her consciousness. She did various things around the house and tried not to check the clock too frequently. Finally, at 4:30, she decided to start getting ready. She took a long hot bath, though it was more to relax since she had already showered that morning. The water wrapped around her body like a warm cocoon and she dozed for a few minutes until it started to get cold. She then dried off and went to get her new outfit. She slipped the panties on first. They slid silkily up her legs and fit snugly against her mound. She looked in the full-length mirror and could see the dark patch of her hair there between her legs. Next, she put on the stockings, pulling them tight. The bra cups were smooth, there was no seam, and her nipples could clearly be seen through the sheer material. She watched, as they grew hard and pointed and strained against it. She stood for a moment and looked at herself, then realized that her panties were growing moist already. Damn, she thought, she had been wet all day. Quickly, before her mind was distracted once again, she slipped the dress on. It molded itself to her curves as if it had a mind of its own. She buttoned the buttons to the top, then stepped back to survey her appearance. The dress did look demure, in a slightly naughty kind of way, she thought, especially when she turned and saw how high on her thigh the slit was.

Her reverie was broken by the sound of him coming in the house. She met him at the bedroom door and when he saw her he stopped and just stared. She stood, drinking in his gaze and thrilling to the intensity in his eyes as they traveled up and down her body. She could see the desire in them and in the growing bulge in his pants. “You look absolutely stunning,” he said in a thick, almost husky, voice. She beamed in the glow of his praise and kissed him on the cheek . . . she did not trust herself to do any more, she had been so aroused all day that if she did, they would never make it to the party. “Take your shower and I will wait for you downstairs,” she told him and slipped past quickly, deliberately avoiding the bulge, in spite of her desire to touch it.

She waited in the living room and tried not to think about him mecidiyeköy escort in the shower and how much she wanted to be there with him. Soon, she smelled his cologne and looked up to see him coming down the stairs. He was dressed in a pair of black trousers with a black shirt, open at the collar. He smiled and she felt butterflies in her stomach. He was carrying a small bag in one hand. He noticed her looking curiously at it and simply said, “I did a little shopping myself today. Shall we go?” She did not question him, just nodded and they left the house and walked to the car. He held the door open for her and she caught his look when she sat down and the slit in her dress opened to reveal her stockings and just a hint of bare flesh at the top of them.

As they drove through the darkened streets, she thought again of the last time they had come this way. She had no idea what was waiting for her that night and, she realized she did not on this night either. How could anything top that experience, she wondered. He gave nothing away when he looked at her. He just smiled and drove quietly. Before she was aware of it, they were there. Again, he came around and opened her door and watched her legs as she swung them from the car. He held her hand as they walked to the door and she felt the knot of excitement in her stomach grow tighter. The same attractive woman who had greeted them the last time opened the door. She smiled warmly, and somewhat knowingly, and welcomed them in.

She entered the room and was greeted by more smiles and pleasantries. Everything seemed innocent enough, just like last time, but she knew that it wasn’t. These people were at the last party. These were the people who had come downstairs when she was naked and restrained and blindfolded. These were the owners of the mouths and hands that had touched her body and brought her such indescribable pleasure. A warm blush rose to her cheeks and she felt her body responding. Everyone just idly visited, but she would occasionally catch glances and other knowing smiles. She could not shake the slight dizziness she felt. Her knees were shaky and every time she moved, the material of her clothing rubbed the nerves that were just below the surface of her skin.

She watched him moving among the party guests . . . leaning close to hear a bit of conversation . . .smiling . . . touching and being touched ever so slightly. At one point, he was in a small group, but looked over to smile at her. The others in the group did the same and she could not help but feel as if they were talking about her. She returned his smile and quickly turned away . . . afraid that the desire she was feeling would show too obviously on her face. She felt a touch on her elbow and turned to find him standing behind her. He leaned close and kissed her on the neck . . . just below her ear. It seemed an incredibly intimate gesture in a public gathering, but she did not resist. His lips moved to her ear and he whispered, “It’s time, darling.” She looked at him questioningly, but he just smiled and led her through the crowd and into the other room where the stairway was. With a sense of déjà vu, she followed him down the dark stairs, holding his arm for support. At the bottom, he paused and turned on the light.

The soft light pushed back the ink of the darkness and spread through the room. Everything was the same as before. The padded X was against the wall . . . the strange looking harness hung from the ceiling . . . and in the center of the room stood the table with the stirrups. The memories flooded her mind as she looked at it. That was where she had laid. Her legs had been in those stirrups. She could practically feel the restraints again and her wrists and ankles tingled. She was taking deep breaths and leaning against him for support, afraid that she would fall if she did not.

He slipped an arm around her waist and led her across the room. She wondered if he was taking her to the table again, or perhaps the X this time, she had had a few fantasies about it since their last visit. Instead, he stopped and turned her to face him. He looked very intently into her eyes. She said nothing, waiting for his command. “You are very beautiful, my dear,” he said in that same husky voice he had used at the house. “Everyone here thinks so. Did you see the way they were looking at you?” She blushed and nodded. She had noticed the looks from the others. Men and women both had been appraising her since they had arrived. She had imagined that they were remembering the last time they had seen her . . . naked . . . restrained . . . out of control from the things they were doing to her. Again, she wondered if they had been as aroused by her as she had been by them. As if reading her thoughts, he spoke, “Many of them were telling me tonight how exciting it was to see and touch you, but tonight they would like more. So would I.” His words sent chills through her body that touched all of her most intimate places. Her mind was reeling at all kurtuluş escort the possible meanings of “more” when she saw, over his shoulder, other people coming down the stairs. They gathered quietly behind him as if waiting. She was breathing deeply; tiny shocks of anticipation were traveling the length of her body, down her arms to her fingertips, down her legs to her toes, up along her spine, radiating everywhere, causing her nipples to be so hard they were visibly pressing against the material of her dress. She was certain that the wetness below reached down to the top of her stockings by now. She did not know what was about to happen, but, whatever it was, she wanted it.

He leaned forward and without touching her anywhere else, kissed her softly on the lips. It was very light . . . just a brush of lips against lips . . . but she felt as if a fuse had been lit. The heat that had been simmering inside of her all day had caught flame with the spark of his kiss and sweet warmth suffused her body. She closed her eyes and swayed a little, trying to savor the contact that was all too brief. When the kiss ended, she opened her eyes and saw that he had stepped away and two very beautiful women were approaching her. They said nothing, but she could clearly see the lust in their eyes. They stopped in front of her and looked at him. He nodded silently and the two women reached to undo the buttons of her dress. She watched breathlessly as their long, slender fingers easily manipulated each one. Slowly . . . taking their time . . . they opened her dress. She was keenly aware of the coolness of their fingertips against her heated skin each time they touched her. Soon all the buttons were undone. They looked approvingly at the swell of her breasts visible above the bra. One of them held the dress open and the other leaned over and kissed the tops of her breasts. As the lips touched her, she drew in a sharp breath. Then the other woman held her dress open so the first could kiss her as well. She stood perfectly still and did not resist when they each lifted her arms above her head and began to draw the dress up and off of her body. She could feel the rush of air moving like hungry lips across her skin as she was slowly revealed to the group of quiet onlookers.

She felt terribly exposed in spite of the fact that she was still wearing her bra and panties and stockings. But she also knew that her nipples were clearly visible through the sheer material and the dampness between her legs had to be making the dark patch of her hair there stand out like a target. She felt as if the eyes looking at her were actually hands moving over her body. Goose pimples arose on her flesh, each one a raw nerve. The two women who had removed her dress stepped away and two men approached her. She felt a sudden panic. While she knew that men had touched her before . . .probably even these two at the last party . . . she had not been able to see them. A part of her longed for that freeing darkness again, but he made no move to blindfold her as he had before. She realized that that was the way it was going to be this time. She was going to be able to see everything that happened, everything that was to be done to her. The idea frightened and thrilled her at the same time.

The two men stood in front of her. She saw the desire in their eyes just as she had in the women. One of them knelt before her and the other moved to stand behind her. The one on his knees reached to slide the stockings from first one, then the other, of her legs. His fingertips grazed her skin as they pulled the stockings down and she compliantly raised each foot so that he could slip them off. She stood barefoot in just her bra and panties now. She was unable to keep her legs from shaking. The intensity of it all was making her lightheaded. She felt the hands of the man behind her undo the clasps of the bra on her back, then slip the straps from her shoulders. As he was doing this, the other man took the waistband of her panties and began to pull them down. His face was level with the place between her legs and she was certain that he was able to smell her arousal. Hands brushed the sides of her breasts and removed her bra. The panties slid down her legs and fell to the floor at her ankles. She was unable to lift her legs to step out of them until hands gently gripped each ankle and helped her. The hands moved away and she stood completely naked . . . completely exposed . . . completely vulnerable . . . before the lustful eyes that were drinking in the sight of her.

The two women joined the two men and the four of them led her across the room. She willingly let them guide her to the X. They turned her around so that she was facing the group again and secured her to it with the restraints, the women taking care of her arms and the men kneeling and putting her legs in place. When they were finished, they stepped back again and left her there . . . spread-eagled . . . bound to the X . . . . .waiting as if she were some kind of sexual offering. All rational thought left her. She was incapable of it now. She was a blank slate . . . her body an alabaster canvas . . . waiting for the brushes of hands and mouths, and whatever else they might use, to paint their tapestry of pleasure on her. She was virtually drunk with desire.

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