Cab Fucking

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Cab fucking. Toilet fucking. Doorway fucking. Any fucking, as long as it isn’t lying down.

This woman, this girl, she was horny as hell. I got her story in the cab. Her whole story took two fucking minutes. Then I got right inside her. Oh, sorry. Let me slow it a little. Let me describe how I got it in that tight little pussycat.

“My boyfriend’s always asleep when I get home. He gets up so fucking early, he’s always asleep when I get home.”

“So, you never fuck. Like me and the missus. We never fuck, ‘cause she’s never home when I get home.”

“Fucking right. We never fuck. Not that I want to much. With him I mean.”

“Hey I need to stop at a hole in the wall. I only have twenty.”

“Me too. I only have twenty too. Hey is this the right way?” (to cab driver) “HEY is this the right way?”

“We’re avoiding the traffic. Want me to go back onto the main road?.”

“No, but….”

“Ellen, forget the fucking cab driver.” I look at her. She’s staring ahead, thinking of the lonely night ahead with her snoring boyfriend.

“Tell me something. What do you want hatay escort right now? Why are you so pissed off at work? What’s missing?”


“Yeah, but your boyfriend. He makes money.”

“What boyfriend? What money?”

“Okay, okay. Come here. “ I turn her face towards me. It’s a sad face, still pockmarked from some childhood disease. Her upper lip is too small. I plant my lips on it and hold her head so she can’t break free. I push my tongue into her mouth. She smells good. I tickle her tongue with mine. I grab her thigh through the thin cotton of her suit. I squeeze it. I don’t care if she likes it. I know that my not caring turns her on. I get hard. I push her head to one side to expose her neck. I press my teeth against her neck. I smell that perfume. I grab at her hip. She tries to push me away. I ignore her; I’ll let her go when I’m good and ready, not before.

Finally I let her go. I reach down to the button of her pants. I’d checked out the fasteners of her pants in the bar. It’s a habit. I see a woman I like, I check out how to strip her. That saves me time later, in the cab, in the John, or in the doorway, and impresses them, makes me look like a professional.
So I undo the pants button at the side, reach behind the top of her pants, undo the inside button. Then I reach round to her side and unzip the zipper.

“Oh, Joe, don’t…”

I mimic her as I lean across her and push her pants down: “‘Oh, Joe, don’t…’”
It’s pretty dark in the cab. The yellow street-lamps drain us of color. Her panties aren’t black. Red? Blue? I sit back next to her and rest my hand on them and probe her cunt through her panties with a middle finger. We look blindly at the back of the cab driver’s head.
“Do you have your period?”

“Oh, Joe, oh Joe…”

“Answer me. Do you have your period, Ellen?”

“Oh… mmm…Joe… stop…please…”

I unzip my fly and quickly push my underpants down. I haul her onto my lap so she faces the back of the cab. Her legs are long; her knees reach the floor. I push her panties to one side; my cock finds her cunt. She’s wet and open. I grab her waist and press her down.

“Driver, make a left, please.”

The cab wheels to the left suddenly and the centrifugal force heightens the pleasure.
“Oh my god Joe…where are you taking me?”

“Over the speedbumps.” (To the driver) “Don’t slow down on the speedbumps. I like it bumpy.”

At each bump the tip of my cock jerks against the top of her womb. She grabs my shoulders and slumps her head. Her hair gets in my mouth. I blow it away. I fuck her slowly. I hold her ass and move her up, and down, up and down, quickly. She leans onto me and presses her hands against the rear window.

Out of the corner of my eye I see we’re close to where she lives. I open her blouse quickly and lift her brassiere and plant my lips on her little breast. I lick around her nipple. She starts to open and close her legs against my thighs rapidly, like a swimmer warming up. She moves them faster and faster, until they’re almost vibrating. The vibrations travel to my balls and my cock. Now she trembles like she’s possessed. I feel myself cumming.

The cab stops. I cum inside her. As she climaxes she cries out, her voice deep as a man’s.

“Here we are. Thirty quid.”

We both hand him our last twenties. We tell him to keep the change.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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