Maverick Cattle Company Ch. 11

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There are scenes of unprotected sex depicted in his story. In all cases it was between the two main characters, who are in a committed, monogamous relationship and were tested. If you aren’t in the same kind of relationship, then you should always protect yourself and wear a condom.

Mitch and Darrin walked slowly through the cattle barns, feeling very much at home with the long time rural tradition, The Fair. Darrin had managed to escape work for a couple of days and they were having one of those beautiful late March warm spells that sometimes happen in Oklahoma. They’d decided to mix business and pleasure and take a few days to look over new breeding stock for the ranch. Several of the people Mitch knew would have their cattle at the fair and it would give them a time to catch up with what was happening with their friends.

The state fair grounds covered many acres, which meant Darrin and Mitch spent hours going from barn to barn. They stopped to chat with people they knew; even the modern day fair is a social event for most of the people who are there. For the most part it was a very comfortable and enjoyable time for Darrin and Mitch. There were a few furtive stares at them, but most people were at least civil.

Darrin noticed a class of steers being shown while they were walking through, and couldn’t help but sit down and watch. If you were an outsider it didn’t look like much, but Darrin knew that each kid had spent months carefully grooming, training and working with their animal in preparation for this moment. The financial rewards for winning were high, but most of the kids would never see that side of the event. Darrin’s heart went out to the group of kids who were sent from the ring after the top animals were selected. It was plain to anyone paying attention that they were dejected at their loss. Darrin watched the mini-drama unfolding in front of him as the animals were brought out one at a time and displayed for the judge. The dirt ring and the faded silver fence took on a much greater significance as competition, both the positive and negative sides, was personified before him. This was the type of activity that the kids would look back at fondly later in life, and one that taught them how to be a good friend, a generous winner and a graceful loser; all skills that would serve them well. When the judge finally selected a massive red steer as the winner, the young kid showing him broke into a grin that was pure joy.

As the class filed out, Darrin realized that Mitch had wondered off and slipped into into the horse area. Darrin sighed slightly, knowing that Mitch would spend the rest of the afternoon going through the horses and talking with their owners. As fate would have it, that’s exactly how the afternoon progressed. Darrin had to smile as he watched Mitch pressing the flesh and engaging in the traditional 15 minutes of small talk before any attempt was made to discuss business. It certainly wasn’t what was taught in any college business class, but it was the perfect fit for this group of people. Darrin was also very aware of Mitch’s ulterior motive, he wanted to find horses for the boys. Darrin had again drifted off to watch a class, this time miniature horses, and he looked up in time to see Mitch walking over with a huge smile on his face.

“What have you done?” asked Darrin, knowing that look on his husband.

“Hey! Can’t a guy smile without being accused of being up to no good?”

“No! You can’t. Because you’re Coyote,” said Darrin, trying not to laugh at his highly animated husband.

Mitch grinned and then started laughing. “Ok, you have me there. But this is nothing bad, and it might help the two heathens work together.”

“What have you cooked up?” said Darrin with a chuckle.

“Well, Keith reminded me about the BLM horse adoptions. One of them is coming to the city in a few weeks.”

“You’re thinking about getting wild mustangs for those two to train?” said Darrin incredulously.

“Yup, I sure am,” said Mitch with a knowing grin.

“Well hell, I guess life was just getting too routine,” said Darrin with a shake of his head and a slight laugh.

“Yup, kinda what I thought,” said Mitch with a hearty laugh. “Now, there’s one more ranch I want to talk to, and then we’re going out for some decent Mexican food at a place Keith suggested.”

“Sounds good,” said Darrin, “But I’m getting hungry now. How about we grab something from the venders here. Like, funnel cake! “

Mitch laughed at his husband’s rampant sweet tooth and pushed him toward the midway. The spring show didn’t have anything close to the number of food vendors the fall state fair attracted, but there were more than enough to satisfy Darrin’s sugar cravings. Mitch quickly found himself dragged to a cart that was surrounded by the smell of frying dough. Darrin quickly ordered a funnel cake for them to share and walked back to Mitch with a double paper plate holding a huge convolution of thick strands, all under a deep blanket of powdered sugar. Darrin was soon moaning in satisfaction, canlı bahis his goatee coated with sugar.

Mitch laughed and helped Darrin clean his face as they shared the last bite. Darrin tossed the remains in a nearby barrel, and was again scanning the booths. Mitch looked at him and shook his head.

“You can’t seriously be looking for more food!” said Mitch.

“Indian tacos. I really want an Indian taco,” said Darrin with a grin.

Mitch shook his head and trailed behind Darrin as he made a beeline for the next food conquest. Mitch stood back and chuckled as he watched Darrin order his special combination of ingredients for his Indian taco. First the Fry Bread base was covered with a thick layer of seasoned ground beef, then a layer of beans, followed by thick additions of every vegetable the vender had, all topped with a thick dollop of sour cream and hot salsa. Motioning Mitch over to a nearby table, the two where soon feasting on the piled high treat, one Darrin only allowed himself to have a few times a year. On an impulse, Darrin leaned across the table and fed Mitch a particularly delectable bit of the concoction.

“You people should get a room for that crap!”

Darrin and Mitch both froze in place, jarred back into the reality that they were no longer in the safe confines of the ranch. Mitch pressed his hands against the table and slowly stood. Darrin turned, but was unable to see the face of the person who made the comment. But the silhouette alone was very intimidating.

Mitch stood, his fists doubled and muscles tense as he prepared for more than a verbal assault. Darrin struggled to stand when he heard what almost sounded like a giggle from Mitch. Looking up in disbelief, he confirmed that his husband was smiling as he extended open arms to the stranger. Darrin watched as Mitch gave the person a back crushing greeting.

“Damn, Gordy! You could scare the shit out of a guy!” said Mitch.

With that Darrin finally got a clear look, and was shocked to see their friend, Gordy standing next to Mitch. Rushing over, Darrin grabbed Gordy too and repeated Mitch’s greeting.

“What the hell are you doing in Oklahoma City?” asked Mitch, followed by Darrin’s “Where’s Sam and the kids?”

A cloudy of emotion flickered across Gordy’s face, but was so quickly dispelled that Darrin questioned its validity. “I’m here on business. The company flew me in to work with some folks. Sam and the kids are fine. They’re back in Colorado.”

Mitch clasp his arm, “Everything ok, big guy?”

“Oh yeah, never been better. We’re doing great,” said Gordy with a smile.

From there the conversation drifted into the day-to-day dealings with a multitude of topics. Finally the pair convinced Gordy to go with them to eat. The food, conversation and beer relaxed everyone, which Mitch was glad to see for Darrin. It was still early evening when Gordy reluctantly said he had to call it a night.

After dropping Gordy off, the pair did a little sightseeing and eventually headed back to their own hotel. They arrived at their room feeling good about the deals Mitch had brokered during the day, and their evening with Gordy.

Mitch had picked out the room for the night and it was almost a small apartment, with a great deal of attention to the décor of the room. Mitch sat in one of the chairs and started pulling off his boots while Darrin prowled the room. He finished quickly, but by the time he ended his tour, Mitch had stripped and was slowly jacking his cock. Darrin’s eyes met Mitch’s and he could almost feel the smoldering heat coming from

“Strip for me, babe. You wanna give me a private dance tonight?” asked Mitch through a gravely voice.

Without a word, Darrin kicked off his boots and socks and then started swaying to the unheard music, slowly unbuttoning his pants. His cock had already forming a nice bulge in his jock as he slowly slid his pants down his hairy thighs, revealing the solid muscle of his body. Soon they were pooled around his feet and he stepped out of them.

Dressed only in his shirt, Darrin moved to the chair and started gyrating around Mitch, who continued his slow masturbation as he watched. Running his hands down Mitch’s chest, Darrin slowly lowered his bare ass and started rubbing against Mitch’s lap. He sensuously worked over Mitch, doing everything that came to his mind to drive his husband’s desire through the roof.

Mitch smiled as his hands reached out, touching and caressing Darrin as he moved. But each time Mitch reached too far, Darrin would dance away, wanting Mitch’s lust to build past the point of restraint. Soon the tension between the two was palpable and their desire was reaching a climax. Darrin let Mitch catch him, and he was pulled into position between Mitch’s legs. Mitch gripped the back of Darrin’s head and slapped his face with his hard cock, each time leaving strands of precum across Darrin’s reddened face.

Darrin licked his lips, ready for their game to go to the next level. He reached forward, grabbing Mitch’s canlı rulet nuts and started fondling them. Hearing a soft sigh of pleasure from Mitch, he leaned in and sucked Mitch’s balls into his mouth. Running his tongue over their hairy exterior, he was soon working first one and then the other as he switched back and forth between Mitch’s nuts, leaving them coated with spit as he toyed with Mitch’s cock.

With Mitch’s sack dripping spit, he moved lower, opening Mitch’s ass and inhaling the rich, earthy, masculine scent of his husband. Darrin formed his tongue into a lance point, and drove it into the tight folds of Mitch’s ass. Quickly he took charge and was aggressively tongue fucking the hairy ass in front of him.

“Oh yeah, tongue my hot ass! Fuck! Drive that thing inside me, you hot cowboy stud!” said Mitch through the moans of pleasure.

Mitch lifted himself off the chair and grabbed Darrin’s head. Pinning Darrin’s face against his asshole, Mitch was delirious with the amazing sensations. Darrin was almost growling as he attacked the expanding hole in front of him. But Mitch was not satisfied being catcher tonight, he wanted his man and he wanted to take him hard and rough. Letting a last gasp of pleasure leak from his lips, he turned quickly, his hard cock smacking Darrin across the cheek. Mitch leaned down, kissing Darrin’s spit soaked lips hard, enjoying the taste and scents of the combination of his crotch and Darrin.

Mitch pushed Darrin forward and growled at him, “On your hands and knees! I’m going to fuck your sexy tight hole tonight until you beg to cum.”

Darrin smiled and ran his tongue over Mitch hand, enjoying the salty taste, and the slight sign of submission he was giving. With a leer at Mitch, Darrin spun around, spread his legs and presented his jockstrap-framed ass to his lover. The cool breeze over his hot aching hole felt wonderful, and he was ready for a good fucking. This would be the first time in weeks that they’d had enough privacy to cut loose, and Darrin was ready for some hot sex. He was still in a hormone-induced haze when the first drops of cool gel dribbled into his open ass. Darrin lowered his head and sighed at the delicious feeling as the gel was smeared over his puckered hole. Just as Darrin was ready to beg for more, Mitch shoved his thick finger inside his hole, stretching Darrin open for the fucking he was ready to get.

Darrin quickly relaxed under the onslaught and moaned loudly as the waves of pleasure washed over his body. As Mitch slid three fingers in Darrin’s now loosening hole, Darrin dropped his chest to the floor, his body surrendered to his man. His delirium was complete when he felt Mitch take his shirt like the reins of a horse and drive his cock deep inside of Darrin’s gut.

“Oh god yes! Fuck! Pound it babe! Fuck my ass!” squealed Darrin.

Mitch ripped into Darrin, dominating the larger man as he pounded his hole. Darrin’s gasps of pleasure drove Mitch to fuck him even harder. The fact that his husband was still partially clothed was somehow a turn on. Soon Mitch had the wide jockstrap band in both hands and crouched behind Darrin with his cock ramming hard and fast into his hot hole. Darrin had moved past comprehensible speech as the spongy head of Mitch’s rock hard cock rammed into him again and again. Mitch could feel the tightening of Darrin’s ass grip his cock as his body moved toward release. With a maniacal laugh, Mitch rammed even harder, smashing his cock against Darrin’s prostate with shattering velocity. Feeling Darrin’s body suddenly locking in the throes of climax, Mitch buried himself deep inside his husband and relished the sensations.

“Oh, oh oh oh! Fuck!” screamed Darrin as his body seized in the midst of a tremendous ejaculation. His jock was soaked with jet after jet of cum as his abused prostate and full balls pumped out a massive load.

Mitch buried his cock deep inside of Darrin, enjoying the pulsations as the waves of climax rolled over him. Lying across Darrin’s back, he reached around and grabbed Darrin’s nipples and twisted them hard, knowing the final bit of pain and pleasure would drive Darrin into a whole new level of bliss. True to form, Darrin let out a last tremendous shudder as the nipple play did drive him to a new plateau. For Mitch, the trembling man impaled on his cock was all the encouragement he needed to move again.

Squatting behind Darrin, Mitch tightened his grip on the shirt and began slamming into his tight hole. The gasps and moans coming from under him drove Mitch on; his throbbing cock was oh so close, his body trembling with the need for release. As a last wave of pleasure rolled over him, he knew his orgasm was at the brink. Desperately trying to hold back, Mitch drove his dick into Darrin’s receptive hole and stopped, willing his climax to subside.

Mitch’s desperate delaying tactic was an epic failure. The slight twitch of his body, and the teasing sensations of Darrin’s convulsing gut were more stimulation than was needed to drive him over the edge. online rulet With a deep guttural moan, his cock erupted inside Darrin. Pumping out shot after shot of cum, his cock was soon sliding through its own wet slick cum. The orgasm rolled over him again and again as his pleasure reached delicious heights. With the final jolt of pleasure, his cock leaked the last of his juice into Darrin. Mitch’s body trembled and sagged, finally releasing Mitch who dropped across Darrin’s body. He was panting with exertion as his system tried to recover.

“Oh fuck! That was amazing,” said Mitch with a sigh.

Darrin collapsed on the floor, taking his man with him, and groaned. “No shit. Damn that felt good!”

Mitch planted a gentle kiss on the back of Darrin’s neck and then snuggled down against him. Several minutes passed in the dark quiet room. Eventually the rhythmic breathing of sleep could be heard from the couple.

‘Meet me at the DQ’

That was all it had said. Josh wasn’t sure what was going on with Zach, but he was getting more and more remote these last couple of months, until Josh was tired of the drama, and frustrated by all of Zach’s hang-ups. This text message was the latest, and Josh was at the end of his rope. When they had first met, Josh was entranced by the small blond, but the more time they spent together, the more Josh realized they did not need the same things. He tried to push all his conflicting emotions down as he pulled into the parking lot. Josh let his pickup roll to a stop and paused for a few minutes to calm himself, then strolled into the college hangout. He quickly spotted Zach seated in a booth against the back wall. Moving to the booth, he sat down opposite Zach with a look of frustration he was making no attempt to hide.

“Hey Zach, I got your text. What’s up?” asked Josh.

“We need to talk . . . ” began Zach.

Josh leaned back, fairly certain he knew what was happening. Part of him was chuckling, he hadn’t broken up weeks ago to spare Zach’s feelings and now it looked like Zach was dumping him. Another part of him was upset, he didn’t really think the relationship was working, but damnit, he wanted to be the one who broke it off, not the other way around. But mostly, he was ambivalent about it all and just wanted it to end. He realized that Zach was still talking and shifted back into the conversation.

” . . . I really like you, Josh. I love you. But I don’t think we are working out as a couple. There are things you want that I don’t enjoy, and I’m sure there are things I want that you don’t enjoy . . .”

Josh almost smiled, wondering what Zach could possibly want that he hadn’t been willing to do. It had mostly been Josh wanting to explore new things, and Zach being so vanilla that it was unbelievable.

” . . . he’s a really great guy. He’s on the university gymnastics team. About my height, but with huge shoulders . . .”

Wait! What the fuck! There’s another guy? Damnit! This wasn’t going how Josh wanted it to go at all.

“Wait. You’ve been seeing someone else?” asked Josh tensely, trying to remain calm.

“Well, not exactly seeing. He was in my class, and then I saw him at the Gay-Straight Alliance meeting, and we got to talking . . .” Zach started.

“So did you— did you at least have safe sex with him?” Josh snapped.

Zach paused for a minute, and then took a deep breath and continued. “Josh, I wouldn’t do that to you. I haven’t had sex with Christopher. But you have to admit, we haven’t been that great together for months. I actually thought you might be relieved.”

Josh started to snap at Zach again, and realized he was right. They hadn’t been doing well as a couple for quite a while and Josh was tired of the drama. He had enough going on without boyfriend problems. He did like Zach, but they were not meshing as a couple. And he wanted to keep Zach as a friend. Who knows, he might even like this Christopher character and they could hang out together, maybe.

“You’re right, we have been having problems for a while now. And Zach, I’d like for us to still be friends. But give me a little time,” replied Josh.

Zach nodded and then the pair sat quietly for several minutes. Eventually Zach started speaking again.

“You know, I’d never been with anyone before you. You were my first lover. You will always have a special place in my heart.”

Josh smiled and reached across the table and gave Zach’s cheek a final touch. “You are special, Zach. I hope Christopher is the one for you. I really want you to be happy.”

Zach grinned a little and shrugged. “I’m sure most people will think I’m crazy for letting you get away. But I think Chris and I have a shot at being a long term couple.”

Josh gave Zach a smile and then stood, stepped beside him and leaned down, kissing his forehead. “I hope you’re right, Zach. I really do.”

Josh walked out the door and got into his pickup. As he pulled into the street, he was fighting so many warring emotions that he was not sure how to feel. Fortunately the drive to the ranch was without serious event. He parked beside the guys, gathered up his backpack and slowly walked into the house. He was hoping that he could escape to his room with minimal interaction. But, of course they noticed his change in demeanor immediately.

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