Seducing Best Friend’s Daughter

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Our best friends asked us to look after their daughter Tara while they attended an out of town function.

We viewed Tara as another daughter in our home and were more than happy to comply with their request.

Although Tara is a lovely girl she really battles to fit in with the in crowd at school. People in our day would have said she was a nerd. Tara dresses conservatively and isn’t into all the partying that the majority of other girls her age are. To our knowledge Tara had not yet had a boyfriend which was really strange for a young girl about to turn 19.

On the afternoon that Tara arrived my wife called me to remind me that she had book club on that evening. I told her not to worry about it and that I would be home to look after Tara.

I arrived home on the Friday evening to find Tara really upset and crying on the couch. Understandably I was concerned about her and like any father would I sat next to her on the couch and asked what was wrong.

My question only made Tara cry more and she cuddled into me for comfort. I held her close while she explained how she had been rejected by a boy who she had fancied. Apparently on hearing that Tara liked him, he had resorted to mocking her calling her a nerd and saying that he didn’t date nerds. Tara was mortified as this was the first boy she’d ever had a crush on and he had treated her so badly.

I felt really bad for her and held her closely telling her that the boy was the real loser and that she was beautiful. She responded by cuddling in closer and telling me how sweet I was. Tara had a short skirt on and as she cuddled in closer my hand rested in her bare leg. To console her I gently stroked her leg telling her that there would be many more boys and she would find someone that really deserved her. Without realizing it my hand stroked higher up her leg than I had meant it to and found its way under her skirt startling me as it bursa escort brushed her panties. I quickly withdrew my hand down her leg and apologized. Tara said nothing and held me tighter as she cuddled into me while I consoled her.

My hand acted as if it had a will of its own and continued to stroke her leg. All of a sudden I felt myself getting really hard.I couldn’t believe that this young girl was having such an effect on me and I reminded myself that Tara was like another daughter to me.

I promised myself not to let my hand slip back under Tara’s skirt and convinced myself that I would just console her and gently stroke her leg in safe areas.

This carried on for the next 20 minutes while I gently spoke to Tara and consoled her. Tara was slowly but surely calming down. I looked down at Tara and she had her eyes closed and looked like an angel lying on my lap. My stroking hand slid past the hem of her dress and I convinced myself that this was ok and I wouldn’t let it go anywhere near her panties. As I stroked though my hand accidentally moved Tara’s skirt higher up her leg to point where her leg was now fully exposed and I had a clear view of her lovely white panties. I was getting more and more aroused and couldn’t stop looking at her panties. I really tried hard to make myself cover Tara up and get myself out of what had become a very dangerous position, but somehow I already knew that my inner battle was lost.

I looked down at Tara whose eyes were still closed and found my hand creeping higher and higher up her leg.

Her skin felt so smooth and I couldn’t resist as my hand slid into the smooth concave area right below her crotch. I knew I should withdraw my hand, but instead I gently stroked the smooth concave area above her crotch back and forth back and forth. Before I knew it, as I stroked up and down my hand started to graze the underside of her crotch area. bursa escort This happened 5 or 6 times before I felt Tara’s hand on mine gently pushing it away from her panty line but not stopping me from continuing to stroke her leg. I continued to stroke Tara’s leg with her hand on top of my hand and before I knew it, once again my hand was gently brushing her lower crotch through her panties. Each time my hand touched her panties Tara pushed it away again and this went back and forth about 10 more times.

Tara had opened her eyes and was looking at me now as I continued to stroke her leg.She said nothing and started to have a glazed look in her eyes.

I stopped pretending to myself that I was merely consoling Tara and looked at her sexy legs and gorgeous white panties as my hand slid higher again. I noticed that Tara was taking longer and longer to push my hand back down her leg and I let my hand gently linger on her lower pussy area through her panties each time it got there. I noticed a wet spot forming on Tara’s panties as my hand gently rubbed the edge of her panties for longer and longer periods, before Tara pushed it down again.

This time when I brushed her panties Tara opened her mouth and gave out a slight but audible moan. Instead of pushing my hand away she pulled it fully on to her crotch area and held it there. I could resist no longer and gently started massaging her pussy through her panties, making sure I was rubbing her clit in circular motions. Tara shifted in my lap and turned more onto her back parting her legs to make sure I got better access to her burning pussy.

She was watching my hand massage her pussy through her panties. Her eyes were glazed over her mouth slightly open and as she let out small moans that we’re getting louder and louder as I rubbed harder and harder. Her pussy was

starting to gush fluid and her panties were sopping bursa eskort wet. I boldly slipped my hand under her panties now and started rubbing hard on Tara’s naked clit.

“Just enjoy it darling” I said to Tara as I slipped my index finger into her virgin hole. Tara was besides herself with lust and instinctively started pushing her pussy back at my finger, as I started to frig her with purpose.

My free hand unbuttoned Tara’s shirt and undid her bra exposing the most gorgeous pair of little tits I had ever seen in my life. I start rubbing Tara’s erect nipples with one hand, while I finger fucked her wanton pussy with the other hand. I pulled Tara’s panties off and continued to finger her lovely slit, adding a second finger to my into her gorgeous never been touched before pussy. “I want you to cum for me darling,” I said to Tara.

Tara just moaned loudly as she humped my fingers as hard as she could. I bent down and took one of her never been sucked before nipples into my mouth as I put a third finger into her hole. Tara was now beside herself and let out a massive groan “NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN make me cum Peter, make me cum”. I sucked on her nipples and drove my fingers into her with ferocious speed now as her orgasm hit.

Tara was spread on my lap fucking my fingers with all her might as she exploded, “Oh my GOD, oh my GOD im Cumming” she screamed as her orgasm hit.

As her orgasm subsided I look my pants off and pulled Tara into my arms kissing her deeply. Our tongues danced willingly in each other’s mouths as we held each other. My hands were sliding all over her amazing body as I guided her hand to my rock hard cock. “Pull it for me Tara”, I whispered in her ear but to my surprise Tara instead kissed me all down my chest and took me in her mouth.

I couldn’t believe the sight in front of me. There was this gorgeous naked girl bobbing up and down on my cock like it was a lollipop. It was my turn to groan loudly and it didn’t take long before I blew my load down Tara’s amazing throat.

This is the first part of what will be a 4 part series.

Let me know what you think?

The next even kinkier chapter will follow soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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