Ryan Jackson’s Great Stretch Pt. 02

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Ryan Jackson’s great stretch: Chapter 02

Written by: Bi.A.Piggy

Reposted from other sites

Standard Rules and licensing applies.

This story comes from the depths of my mind.

I am not a professional writer just someone who like to put the dirty ideas in his head online for others to enjoy. I don’t care if you don’t like my style. If you don’t like what you’re reading, close the window and read something else.

Happy wanking.


Ryan Jackson’s great stretch. Chapter 2

Ryan woke up the next morning to find Cody’s cock still deep inside him. He felt so full. As he reached down to touch the spot where his ass and Cody’s cock joined he found the area soaking wet. It was then that he realized that while they had fallen asleep face to face, Cody was on his back and Ryan was on top of him, as if he was riding Cody. His movements woke his friend up. Cody groaned, stretched (forcing more cock deep into Ryan) then grabbed his hips and started fucking Ryan hole again.

“Damn dude, I can’t believe you slept all though the night. Your tight ass kept me up all night. I lost count of the number of times I came. I haven’t cum this much … ever.” Cody said, his voice thick and heavy.

Ryan couldn’t believe what he was hearing. His best friend, his room mate had spent the night ass fucking him, while he slept. And that here he was, still fucking him. He also couldn’t believe how hard his cock was nor how good it felt to have that thick cock sliding in and out of his ruined hole.

Cody Ataşehir Escort was quick to cum, his jizm running freely out of Ryan’s sloppy hole. Has he started to come down, he reached around and took hold of Ryan’s stiff member. He quickly milked a small load out of Ryan before dozing off to sleep again.

Ryan lay there on top of his friend. He could feel Cody’s cock start to soften, even though it didn’t leave its new home. Getting up, he felt Cody’s cock finally pop free as a river of cum started to run out of him.

“Oh gross” he cried.

Ryan felt so dirty from getting fucked like a bitch. He wasn’t gay, he was straight. He banged pussy. He needed to get clean and this would all be over. He grabbed his towel, and his bath kit and (like every morning) walked down to the shared shower room. Ryan was so busy trying not to think about the feel of Cody’s thick cock stretching his hole that he didn’t bother to cover himself. Walking into the bath room Ryan froze at the sight of 5 floor mates already in the shower.

“Ryan buddy, you look like you got fucked hard. What the hell man, I thought you were straight.” Called out Kevin. He was a tall blonde boy about 6’5 and ripped.

“I am, things just got out of hand.” Ryan answered as he got under the spray of the water. He decided to share the story of what happened. Has he told his story Ryan didn’t notice that all the boys started getting some cock chub. He was busy cleaning out his over filled ass.

“And so the asshole Kadıköy Escort spent all night raping by ass to the point where, look, I can put my hole fist in and there’s no pain. My ass is ruined.” Ryan said while showing just how much of his own fist he could take.

The group moan slightly at the sight, a shorty by the name of Seth asked to take a look. He spun Ryan around and bent him over as the others got closer to see. Ryan pulled his fist out of his boy hole, as Seth began to finger the outside of his ass with his right hand while slowly rubbing the shaft of his hardening cock. Amazed at the hole in front of him, Seth quickly pushed his fist into Ryan’s boy pussy.

“Oh wow that’s crazy. I’ve never seen any girl … any one take that much. He quickly pulled his fist out with a loud pop. Seth then rapped his fist around his cock head and slid both cock and hand back into the tight gooey boy cunt. Ryan moan loudly at the size of this new invader. He could feel Seth jerking his cock off, inside his ass. Seth wasn’t fucking him, he was masturbating inside his stretched hole. Seth didn’t last long before coating the side walls of his ass. Pulling out the boys could see Ryan’s hole was split open. Cum was coating his ass, and was dripping off his balls. Kevin pushed his way forward and rammed his cock balls deep inside of Ryan.

“Oh dude, your cunt is so gooey and hot.” He moaned as he started fucking Ryan.

The other two boys were brothers named Chris and Roger watched and slowly rubbed Bostancı Escort their cocks. They were twins, with brown hair and while their cocks were only 6 inches long, they were both very thick. As Kevin got close to shooting his load, they started whispering. Chris stepped up as Kevin pulled out and quickly pushed his thick cock head into the wide hole. It was thick enough that he really had to work it in. He then reached under Ryan’s legs and lifted him up, so that Ryan’s ass could slide down onto the thick member. Once his cock was completely in, his brother walked around lifted Ryan’s legs higher. Roger gripped his equally thick cock and aimed it at the boy cunt being filled by his twin.

Ryan quickly figured out what the boy wanted to do. He tried to say no, but the thrusting cock in his pussy prevented him. He watched in horror as a second thick cock forced its way into his cock filled boy cunt. He could feel the head push its way in. Every bump or ridge on the first cock was hit by the second making it jerk about wildly inside him. Very quickly Ryan had two cocks balls deep inside his swollen ass. As they began to fuck him, Ryan moaned and his cock began leaking a stream of clear pre-cum. As Chris’s cock went in Roger’s cock would pull out. It was a short lived rhythm as the twins quickly got close. Soon they were thrusting together, their balls smacking, and with a load groan from both of them, they came at the same time. As the first blast hit Ryan’s prostate, his own cock exploded into the air covering his chest, neck and face.

The twins pulled their cocks free as Ryan sank to the floor of the shower. All six boy couldn’t believe what had just happened. Ryan quickly cleaned off and made his way back to his room. Cody was still sleep on Ryan’s bed, so he took Cody’s and passed out.

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