Rippling Water Ch. 02

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Janice was opening her card case as Bill approached the fence protected property. “Put this into the card reader on the left side of the driveway.” Janice said indicating a post about twenty feet before the gate.

As Bill slipped the card into the reader he asked Janice, “Have I just cooperated in my own kidnapping?”

“But of course,” replied Janice, “I wanted to have you all to myself for two whole days.”

“So you contrived this little trip to the seashore?” Bill said.

“I won’t play that sort of game.” Janice said tartly. “The situation about the storm damage is real. But I decided to take advantage of the opportunity.”

“Thank you for your honesty, Janice.” Bill replied, “I’ve been looking for an opportunity like this myself.”

While they talked the gate had opened and now was closing. Bill was still holding the card so he inserted it into the reader a second time. The gate paused then reversed direction. Bill drove forward and stopped allowing the gate to close behind him. “Where do I park?”

“Around behind the house. There is a two car garage. I’ll get out and trigger the opener from inside the kitchen.”

“After I park shall I bring the bags in?” Bill asked.

“Yes, please. I’ll start the fire to warm up the house.”

“Okay.” Bill said as Janice got out and walked to the kitchen door. Janice unlocked the door and entered the house. Lights came on in the kitchen and the garage door started to rise. Bill pulled into the garage noting that he would have room to raise the tailgate when the door was shut.

Bill shut down the ignition and doused his headlights. After exiting the SUV he walked to the rear scanning for the button to lower the door when he left. Not seeing one Bill raised the tailgate, pulled out the two overnight bags and shut the tailgate. Fingering his pocket Bill enabled the alarm system. Picking up the overnight bags he took them into the house.

While Bill was putting the SUV away Janice entered the living room and approaching the far wall bent down to ignite the fireplace. Through design and innovation the fireplace would have the house comfortably warm in fifteen minutes. Walking to the sliding glass doors Janice read the display to the right of the doors. Smiling she noted that the water in the pool was a comfortable seventy-two degrees. ‘Just right for skinny dipping,’ she thought to herself. Turning around at the sound of a door opening Janice said, “Bill, shall I make us a pot of coffee?”

“Sounds good to me.” Bill replied, “While it’s brewing we can do a preliminary walk-about to see if there is any obvious storm damage. Damn it, I didn’t think to bring in the flashlights.”

“Tsk, Tsk, Shame on you.” Janice said with a giggle, “And the garage is so far away.”

Bill walked to the counter where Janice was preparing the coffee. Trapping Janice between his arms Bill laid several light kisses to the side of her neck. “We left in such a rush that I didn’t have a chance to give you a proper greeting.”

“Allow me to turn around,” Janice said as she felt the tingles course through her body, “and you can rectify that glaring omission.”

Bill stepped back just far enough to let Janice pivot in place. One arm went around Janice’s neck while the other snaked its way around her back. While Bill thoroughly kissed Janice’s lips his arms tightened molding Janice into his body.

When Bill broke the kiss Janice laid her head on Bill’s shoulder. “Wow! That kind of greeting I could get used to.”

“Then I shall endeavor to properly greet you from this point on.”

“Oh, please use discretion. I would feel uncomfortable if you did it in the mayor’s office or at the apartment complex.”

“So noted.” Bill said, “Shall we perform our preliminary investigation for storm damage?” Slipping their coats Bill and Janice went out to the garage. Retrieving two flashlights Bill gave one to Janice indicating that she should lead the way.

“This thing is heavy.” Janice said attempting to make small talk. She was trying to shake off the effects of Bill’s kiss and embrace.

“Oh, these are MAG lights,” Bill said sensing that Janice was in turmoil. “Over the years I have found that quality often times has long term benefits. For instance, I would probably purchase fifteen $3.98 flashlights during the time I have owned these MAG lights.”

Both of them had been scanning for storm damage but neither had seen anything obvious. They had rounded the corner of the house when the stiff breeze was cut off.

“I didn’t realize the wind had such a sting to it.” Janice said, “Damn, that’s not what I wanted to say but it’s a start. Bill, thank you for being patient with me. Your hug and kiss knocked me for a loop. I still haven’t recovered.”

“You’re welcome, Janice.” Bill said with complete sincerity, “Can we continue this in a warmer climate? I’m afraid that I’m feeling the sting a bit too much.”

“Yes, of course.”

Walking quickly around the rest of the house Bill and Janice were soon back in ordu escort the kitchen. They didn’t remove their coats but went immediately to the fireplace. After several minutes they removed their coats which Janice hung in the entry closet.

“Janice would you get the meds bottle from the right breast pocket, please?”

“You’re not — “

“No, I’m not.” Bill said interrupting Janice, “In fact, for the past month I’ve been on a regular schedule.”

“Oh Bill, I’m happy for you.”

“But the VA wasn’t so happy. They wanted to lower the dose. But when they saw the improved motion and reduced inflammation they were forced to leave the dosage at 30mg. They got even though. I now have blood work every six months for liver studies.”

“Good on them and especially good on you.” Janice said handing Bill the meds bottle.

“Would you like a cup of coffee as well.”

“Maybe a shower after the coffee will take away the rest of the chill.”

“That might be a good idea.” Janice said as they walked over to the kitchen. Janice went to turn on the coffee she had prepared prior to their walk about so she could hide the Cheshire cat grin on her face. ‘I couldn’t have come with a better opening for getting that man into the pool’, Janice said to herself.

Sitting at the table Bill took his meds and waited for Janice to return with the coffee. When she brought the coffee Bill said, “Do you come here often enough to get mail?”

“No, I don’t. Why?”

“Well, there is an official looking envelope on the window sill that’s addressed to you at this address.”

Reaching across the table Janice picked up the envelope only to discover another behind it. The official looking one had the return address of the county clerk. Tearing the envelope open Janice pulled out two sheets of paper. One was a letter, the other looked to be on parchment. Scanning the letter Janice dropped it on the table and carefully unfolded the other smoothing it out flat. Picking up the letter again Janice slowly read each word. Dropping the letter again Janice sat there stunned.

“This is too much! There is no way! I’m going to nail those two to the back wall of the garage.” Janice shouted.

“I take it that there is a problem?”

“Ted and Alice gave me this property! Forever and transferable to my heirs. What am I going to do?”

“This may sound stupid but you use it just like you are now.”

“I can’t take this. I haven’t earned it.”

“Looking at the deed I would say that somebody thinks you have. Why not see what the other envelope can shed any light on the situation.”

Janice tore open the other envelope and scanned the single sheet within. “I don’t believe this. Those two have gone absolutely mad.”

Picking up the letter Bill asked, “May I?”

“Go ahead. See if it makes any sense to you.”

After reading the letter Bill slowly put it down.

“Well?” Janice demanded.

“It appears that you are now landed gentry and have the income to maintain the property in pristine condition.”

“Bill, for Pete’s sake. I don’t deserve this. I haven’t earned it or paid for it.”

“I suggest that you take my place in line for a warm shower. Maybe you should make yours a cold shower.”

Stunned Janice just sat there. “Oh Bill, I’m sorry. Here I sit spitting venom all over the place and you with a chill that will get worse even with your meds. Instead of a shower I suggest a warm refreshing swim. Don’t argue, investigate the other side of the sliding glass doors. I’m going to relieve myself, have a good two minute cry and then join you.” Having said her piece Janice got up and went into the master bedroom.

‘Well’, Bill thought to himself, ‘I’ve been given my marching orders so I might as well obey them’.

Standing up Bill walked around the table to the sliding glass doors. Seeing the display he paused to read it. ‘Water Temp – 72°’. Hitting the light switch under the display Bill slid the panel open and stepped into a 30′ by 50′ sun room. The main attraction was a 16′ by 32′ swimming pool.

“I’ll be damned!” Bill said, “That woman laid her plans well but got trumped herself.” As he took the two steps down onto the deck surface Bill started to remove his clothing. Approaching a chaise lounge he sat down and rapidly chucked the remaining items. Taking the steps down into the water Bill felt his body accept its warmth. When he hit bottom Bill glided forward and began a slow measured crawl to the far end. On the back lap he went into a side stroke. There second lap consisted of a back stroke on the down side and a breast stroke on the up side.

Bill was floating quietly when Janice saw him through the glass panel. “Damn that man! Just looking at him makes my blood boil,” Janice said out loud, “Cool your jets before you make an ass of yourself and tell him how you feel.”

Bill didn’t see or hear Janice as she slid the panel open and then close it. Crossing to the chaise Janice dropped the second robe she carried beside rize escort Bill’s clothes. She silently approached the steps leading into the pool. Then with a shrug of her shoulders the garment slid down her arms and threatened to fall in a heap. Janice caught it with one hand. The robe acted as a train but no gown could compete with the beautiful body on display for the man that had barged into her life — body, mind, and soul.

Bill sensed someone was near the pool. Slowly he stood and looked toward the house. The vision he saw made him speak, “Oh my goodness!”

“Don’t toy with me, William Haggen!”

“I’m not! I’m giving voice to an honest feeling. This man is getting used to seeing perfection on two legs when she goes and improves on it.”

“I don’t know whether to spit venom at you or say thank you for the genuine compliment.”

“Come into the pool and let the water soothe you Jan ” — Bill stopped mid-word. No, Janice is your Christian name. The name preferred is Teresa – T E R E S A and the nickname your friends used was Teri – T E R I.”

“Damn you, William Haggen. Stop reading my mail. I Haven’t used those names in years. Have you been snooping?”

“No, I haven’t been snooping. Those names and their spelling were just force fed into my mind.”

Suddenly Bill found Janice in his arms, crying on his shoulder. I’m so sorry, Bill. I think I have one aspect of you figured out and you pull a side slip and come up with information from I don’t know where.”

“Want to tell me about it?”

“Oh hell! William Haggen, I have done something very silly and very stupid.”

“And what is that?”

“I’m gah-gah over you. I feel twenty something when I’m around you. I have no right to screw up your life like that. I see your nude body and it’s difficult to contain the lust that flows through my blood. Our intellects stimulate each other – even when we agree to disagree. My spirit rejoices when we sit in the rockers in your apartment and don’t say a word. I wake up in the middle of the night reaching out for you.”

“Then we shall suffer together.”

Janice’s head snapped up, “What did you just say?”

“Let me rephrase.” Bill began, “I am totally in love with you — body, mind, and soul. Add to the list you started with not calling you with interesting asides because it would have ruined your concentration. There are several more that I could cite. This evening was the first time I greeted you the way I desired. I’ve wanted to do that since the day you showed up to confront me.”

“You didn’t say a word.”

“Not wanting to saddle you with my physical and mental handicaps made it somewhat easier to mask my inner turmoil. You, I think, were having your own battle.”

“You weren’t going to allow me a vote?”

“Were you?”

“Touché! So what are we, I repeat we, going to do about it?”

“When I see Harry again I’m going to say thank you.”

“Just what does that old sea goat have to do with this?”

“When you took a potty break he asked me point blank if my intentions towards you were honorable.”

“Oh he did, did he?”

“You have no beef with Harry. Look at where we are now. We have admitted our love for each other.”

“What is to be done?”

“I am going to do what my body, mind, and soul want me to do.”

“And that is?”

“Love you Teri, if I am permitted to use that name.”

Janice’s body started to shiver and tears rolled down her cheeks. “Damn you and your word pictures.” Circling her arms around Bill’s neck she spoke softly, “I am going to love you as my body, mind, and soul want me to.”

“Then we shall have numerous opportunities to thank our higher power for the miracle granted us.”

“I agree! Take me to bed and make love with me.”

“No, I want to take advantage of the moment. I have never had hot, lusty sex in a swimming pool with you Teri. Then I want us to dry off, take you into your master bedroom and make passionate love with you.”

“Bill, from now on please call me Teri. I like the sound of it as it rolls off your lips.” Just then Teri’s knees gave way.

“Let go and float.” Bill said, “I’ll be here to help you.”

Teri let go. Instinctively she trusted this man who barged into her life brief months ago. Bill’s arm supported her neck. His free hand began a sensual massage of her breasts. That hand slid down over her stomach and cupped her baby smooth pussy. Her hips started to rock as if they had a life of their own.

Teri said to Bill, “Take me to the wall so I can support myself and then fuck me until we both cum.”

“Your command is my wish.” Slowly Bill floated Teri to the wall. After trying out the low ledge she made Bill raise her up so that her arms were on the main lip. “Much better. Now you can suck on my breasts while you fuck my pussy.”

Bill moved to position himself between Teri’s parted thighs. Teri, using her abs, raised her pussy to the correct angle for Bill to easily insert his cock. Taking a half step forward sakarya escort he fed half his length into Teri’s twitching tunnel. Instinctively Teri brought her legs around behind her lover. She wanted all of him and was impatient. Bill understood the movement and taking the last half step impaled himself completely. Flexing his shaft several times he watched Teri’s eyes light up.

“Start slow Bill, I want to feel every inch of you.”

“I like to feel you as well.”

The waltz of the sexes began in earnest. Bill would flex his shaft as he withdrew and Teri would constrict her muscles when Bill would slide back in. Teri also used her legs to drag Bill forward and release the pressure when he withdrew.

Bill felt the change and after withdrawing half-way slammed himself back in. When the tip of his cock made contact with Teri’s cervix Bill’s orgasm crested. “Here it comes Teri.” Bill shouted as his groin crashed against Teri’s pubic mound.

“Oh my God! You sneak!” Teri shrieked as her own orgasm thundered through her, “Where did you learn that trick?”

Bill wanted to push ever further into Teri and Teri tried to pull Bill deeper inside. To say their orgasms were intense would have been an understatement. Teri’s pussy had a vacuum lock on Bill’s cock while Bill had no control over the spurting giant. Each time his shaft contracted more cum forced its way into Teri’s full tunnel. Teri’s pelvis was a blur of circles wanting to receive its share of the bonanza and distribute it to every inch of her pussy.

Bill knew he had finished his orgasm but didn’t want to dismount from his lover. Teri wouldn’t let Bill dismount. Her legs were locked behind Bill’s buttocks. Her own orgasm was much slower in its recession.

“Oh Bill,” Teri said finally regaining her voice, “I have never experienced such as orgasm. You weren’t able to warn me, were you? Don’t answer, I can see that you were just as surprised as I was. You kept cuming and cuming. Oh look!” Teri pointed to the water between them. Rising to the surface of the pool was the physical evidence of the immense orgasm they shared.

Bill was astonished by the intensity and the quantity of his orgasm. In all his years of sexual relations he had never had an orgasm such as this one. What surprised him even more was the fact that he was still hard.

“Teri,” Bill said letting his embarrassment show, “I would have warned you but it happened so quickly I couldn’t. Then there was so much cum that I was shocked.”

“Oh love, don’t be embarrassed. I enjoyed every pulse of your beautiful cock. Besides I have had a personal experience with what a plumber calls ‘water hammer’.”

“Thank you for letting me have the time to regain my balance, Teri.” Bill said softly.

Teri’s eyes went wide with surprise. “My God, you’re still hard and hot.”

Flexing his shaft Bill said, “Want to try a different position?”

With a loud laugh and lewd grin Teri responded, “Let’s go over by the steps and see what happens.”

When Bill dismounted Teri slipped her arms off the pool edge and stood up. Bill took a look at Teri’s arms to see if there were any bruises or scrapes. He didn’t want to injure this beautiful woman standing by his side. As they waded towards the steps Bill reached out and stroked Teri’s buttocks. Teri shivered in response to the caress. Teri planted her feet in front of the bottom step, bent forward, and supported herself on the top step. Bill was directly behind her and using one hand he guided his cock to the entrance of Teri’s pussy. His other hand grasped her hip bone. He surged forward entering Teri with a single, savage thrust.

“Oh yes! You feel so different in this position. My lusty stud is in full command and I think he enjoys it.” Just then Teri’s pussy locked down around the shaft filling her to capacity. She felt thrills going through her body that were new to her. Her breasts moving through the water were stimulated differently. New sensations attacked her pulsating pussy. Teri moved one hand to the top of her pussy and began stroking her clitoris. She went off like a bomb.

Bill felt the change but the water prevented any increase in the speed of his thrusts. Bill’s cock mushroomed inside Teri and his balls were sucked up into his groin. Bill had his second orgasm of the night.

The shouts, groans, and endearments filled the pool enclosure. They slowly decreased in volume as the intensity faded. Bill staggered back from Teri, turned around, and sank down on the top step. Teri somehow found the energy to do the same. Slowly they both regained their breath while bodies calmed down from the tremors.

“Bill,” Teri said, “did you slip a Viagra in when you took your meds?”

“No.” Bill said looking into the water, “It would appear that my open declaration of love has broken a barrier. I for one am enjoying it. Besides it’s no different than the steam rising from the water in front of you.”

Teri looked down into the water between her legs. Laughing she said, “Oh you! Do you feel strong enough to swim a few laps with me?”

They rose from the steps and started a slow lap down the pool. Bill was using a back stroke on the return lap when Teri disappeared under the water. She came up coughing and sputtering.

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